Katy Perry says she and Orlando haven’t decided on a baby name: ‘she’ll tell us’

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In our Zoom talks many of you like to speculate on who the next lockdown breakup will be. (You always have better insight than I do! I get so much out of talking to you and look forward to it every week.) Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have come up several times, probably because Katy kept leaking details of their quarantine fights to People and US. We haven’t heard much from them in the past few weeks except that Orly has a special Lego room so I think they worked it out. I though that Katy must be due any day now, but said in a recent interview that she’s due “in a few weeks.” She also revealed that they haven’t decided on a name yet for their daughter. Katy and Orlando are having a little girl and they made the gender reveal announcement in April.

“We have yet to decide specifically on her name because, I think, we’ve got options and she’ll tell us,” [Perry], 35, said during a Monday interview on Mix 104.1′s Karson & Kennedy. “I’ll look at her and go, ‘Oh yeah yeah, you are her, you are that.’ ”

“He’s really excited for a little girl,” Perry said of her fiancé. “They say that little girls are ‘Daddy’s little girl,’ that’s how it’s gonna be, [so] we’ll see!”

[Perry] is “as excited as [she] can be” about becoming a mom for the first time amid a global pandemic, but admits to feeling “every emotion under the sun” during her pregnancy.

“I’ve been overwhelmed, I’ve been anxious, I’ve been happy, I’ve been overjoyed, I’ve been depressed. I’ve been all of it. The world is just a wild time, and it’s a wild time to bring life into the world.”

“People were already having those kinds of conversations years ago where it was like, ‘Man, the world feels a little uncertain,’ and now it really feels shaky boots,” she added.

Perry, whose new album is out Aug. 14, also said “there are a lot of rules” going into parenthood, and that “you start sacrificing” immediately. “You start becoming a mother, or a parent, once you conceive. Definitely.”

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I know a lot of people wait for their babies to be born and then decide what they’ll be named. Sometimes they have a list of names and feel like the baby helps them pick, which sounds like what Katy and Orlando are doing. We had our son’s name picked out before he was born and it just always seemed to fit. Plus I feel like babies don’t have discernible personalities the first couple of weeks. I don’t remember as that time is a blur to me now. Do you think Katy and Orlando will have a non-stigmatizing name for their baby? I don’t think they’ll choose one that’s Elon Musk and Grimes-level bad, no one can top that poor baby’s name, but they’ll definitely have a unique baby name. Also, I don’t think they’re going to break up now! I think they’ll last about two to three more years. If/when they do break up, they’ll be good co-parents. I’m just speculating! I’m not wishing that on them.

You know she’s going to dress this kid up in some outfits:
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20 Responses to “Katy Perry says she and Orlando haven’t decided on a baby name: ‘she’ll tell us’”

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  1. Erinn says:

    Orlando has a son already with a pretty great name (in my opinion at least). If things go deep into the ‘weird name’ territory, I think it’ll be down to Katy. Dark Horse Bloom or something haha.

  2. Erinn says:

    Edit – sorry, double posted somehow!

  3. Bavarian says:

    Iam going for Daisy.

  4. Seraphina says:

    The child will name herself Gaga.

  5. julia says:

    Ugh. I’m sure the name will be as obnoxious as Katy is.

  6. Case says:

    Not that is is anywhere near the same as naming a child, but I had a running list of pet names for YEARS for when I eventually adopted a cat. I ended up adopting two cats and none of the names I had written down fit them at all. So I can see how with a baby it would be difficult to decide on a name before meeting them.

    I do agree with the poster upthread who suggested Daisy Bloom. Or any flower name to fit that last name — Rose Bloom, Poppy Bloom. It’s just quirky enough for Katy, but still a relatively normal name.

    • Dazed and Confused says:

      Same here!! I had several names for my future cats and when I adopted my most recent kitten, none of them fit. She’s a Tortie and has very clear black and orange markings on her face, so she just screamed “HarleQuinn” – not in the Joker’s girlfriend way, but the actual clown. And she is a classy clown.

  7. LunaSF says:

    When my daughter was born it took a week or so to come up with the name. We didn’t know they sex either and everyone kept telling us we were having a boy. We actually ended up naming her our “boy” name and it fits her well. I think Katy will be a great girl mom and kind of agree with her and Orlando not being together too long. I get that same vibe!

  8. Sammiches says:

    Oh, you do NOT become a mother as soon as you conceive. God, Perry is such an idiot.

    • Hello says:

      I interpreted her comment to mean she made decisions for herself based on what would be best for the child she was carrying – maybe differently from what she would have chosen if that variable wasn’t present. And I don’t see what’s wrong with that statement. If a woman wasn’t choosing to go through with the pregnancy, I’m not sure that the fact she was pregnant would influence her decision making the same way it might for a woman who does choose to have the baby. Based on my experience, I’m a mom to three, and I made both large life-changing and small every day decisions based on my pregnancies.

      • Phuggi says:

        I agree with you. As soon as I got pregnant, I was factoring my baby in my decisions, small and large. I was already anxious and guilty about my own shortcomings–am I eating enough nutrition? Oh god I should really give up these late nights. And on and on and on. I understand her sentiment and agree with her.

  9. TyrantDestroyed says:

    When her grandmother passed I read somewhere that they were considering honoring her memory by naming the baby after her. Pearl Bloom sounds classic and very nice so let’s see.

  10. Cali says:

    She’s still annoys the crap out of me. I want to like her but I just can’t.

    I do agree that Daisy Bloom would be cute. Or Rose or Poppy.

    I still remember the super cool shoes someone had made for Orlando’s son that were the pop art conversation bubble things that said “Kerr Bloom” like “pow” etc. if that makes sense. They were adorable.

  11. Blueskies says:

    I could see them choosing either a flower or candy/sweet name. Sugar just popped into my head…Sugar Pie Bloom, lol.