Nicki Minaj is expecting her first child with husband Kenneth Petty

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Do you remember the drama around Nicki Minaj’s marriage to Kenneth Petty? Well, there was drama around the whole relationship, especially given that he once took a plea deal on manslaughter and he was convicted of attempted rape. But Nicki became obsessed with him as soon as they started dating in 2018 (they knew each other when they were kids). In the fall of 2019, she announced that she was retiring and planning to marry Petty and have babies with him. She married him in October of last year. And she’s pregnant now.

Nicki posted multiple pics of her bump on her Instagram. The first IG reminded me of Beyonce’s iconic twins announcement in 2017, especially with the way Nicki posed her body. Obviously, Nicki’s IG didn’t include Beyonce’s veil or strange flower arrangement background. Still, it was a visual callback for some reason.

In Page Six’s coverage of her pregnancy announcement, they noted that Petty finally registered as a sex offender in the state of California earlier this year. Yuck. I couldn’t get involved with anyone with that kind of backstory, but Nicki has shown a high tolerance for all kinds of violence, assholery, and perversions. I think this will end in disaster, but I wish her luck with her Petty baby. Incidentally, she has not changed her name to Nicki Petty. But I would assume the babies will have the Petty name.

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And finally, the Virgin Mary by #DavidLaChapelle 🙏

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Photos courtesy of Minaj’s social media.

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  1. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Well, this isn’t at all disturbing on so many levels I can’t actually count them…

  2. babsjohnson says:

    Well, congrats, I guess.

  3. BlueSky says:

    Kaiser, I agree with what you said on Twitter: she doesn’t look that thrilled to be pregnant.

    • Kaiser says:

      right? she looks like she’s going through the motions

    • manda says:

      She does look sort of sad on the inside! Good eye. Maybe not surprising though? Maybe she’s not as happy as she thought she would be. I feel like Nikki has had such a hard time since Cardi B came on the scene, and I want to pull her aside and give her a hug or something. I love Cardi too so I can see why she’s jealous, but Nikki is such a better rapper than Cardi. Cardi is just younger

    • TIFFANY says:

      She does.

      Would not surprise me if he is cheating .

    • Noki says:

      If she doesnt look happy its maybe to due feeling embarrassed about her husbands past,the comments under her posts are relentless. She seems to take a liking to shady people her brother,69 now her hubby.

    • Starkille says:

      Perhaps she’s looking less than thrilled because she’s wondering if she’ll become Bank of Britney Spears to her husband five other children. Maybe it’s hitting home that she’s really tied herself to this guy for life now.

  4. Joanna says:

    What a weird baby photo shoot

  5. Alexandrajane says:

    What is it with these successful, powerful, beautiful women marrying such dead beat men?

    • Christina says:

      A lack of self esteem.

      It took a long time for me to finally love myself enough to understand that I deserved a good partner. The women in entertainment have money and a bit of power, but it’s hard for regular women, and many of us don’t know that praise from a man isn’t necessarily love. I was forced into therapy because of having a child with an abusive partner. I was the responsible one who earned money. He was “devoted” until he had me and he felt he didn’t have to hide who he was anymore. The stalking forced me into therapy. I ended up finding a Black therapist for my child, which was necessary because he blamed all of our problems on his being a Black man, so she wasn’t going to trust a white therapist. There aren’t enough Black therapists.

      I feel for Nicki, and Meghan Thee Stallion, and Cardi. They are smart and talented and can’t trust anybody in the industry or to stand beside them. I feel like Nicki was just lonely, so she settled.

  6. Mia4s says:

    I like to be positive and supportive about any pregnancy announcement…..anyway, I wonder if he is allowed to be alone with the child.

  7. WilliamJoelene says:

    Aw, Im definitely on the outer here on her look but I agree w comments re Mr Petty. I LOVE her style. I think she looks GREAT!!!!!!!! I mean, compare to Katy Perry?!
    Best wishes to her, and if you’re TTC, pg or experiencing loss, to you too.

    • Lavande says:

      Yeah I’d compare it to Katy’s style. (In the past? Not sure shes still doing that but she did for years.) They are both way too intense and not aesthetically pleasing. Hard to look at! Eurk
      I don’t necessarily think NM looks unhappy. I think she usually poses like that, she’s not a big smiler in the photos she shares with the world

  8. Laalaa says:

    For some strange reason, I love the juxtaposition of her bump and her shoes in the first photo!
    I remember my mum’s friend telling me she saw JLo Booty video as empowering and would gladly let her daughter watch It when she’s old enough, but the Anaconda video screams to her that Nicki has some deep deep issues with herself and she hopes her daughter doesn’t see the video ever.
    So… good luck, Nicki!

  9. grabbyhands says:

    “The first IG reminded me of Beyonce’s iconic twins announcement in 2017, especially with the way Nicki posed her body. ”

    Someone on another site said “Make it like Beyonce’s photo shoot, but with Party City” and I can’t get over the accuracy.

    I feel sorry for this kid coming into this world to a woman who married and conceived a kid with a registered sex offender, who gleefully makes records with sex offenders and victim blames the rape survivors of her brother.

  10. S808 says:

    I feel sorry for the kid and I hate she’s tied to this man for life now. Will he even be able to drop he/she/them off at school when it’s time?

  11. Watson says:

    Man. Her childhood must have been all sorts of crazy for her to think marrying and having this guy’s baby is the thing to do.

    Between her husband and her brother…that’s like one too many rapists in the fam.

  12. SomeChick says:

    In the photo with the blue hair she looks like a pregnant Bratz doll.

  13. Stacy Dresden says:

    I know this is beside the point, but that wig is atrocious. I wonder when she will have that “aha!” Moment when she understands why her comments maligning Cardi’s mothering of her child caused Cardi to fly into a rage.

  14. Chimney says:

    Congratulations to Nicki! I think it is cute that she did the first announcement in her signature style. Anyone expecting a subdued shoot from her is being a Debbie downer.

    She looks cute, I do think her expression looks a little apprehensive but maybe she’s nervous? She’s a first time mom after all.

  15. Charfromdarock says:

    Am I terrible person if I hope she dumps his behind and seeks solo custody?

    I hope she and the baby are safe and happy.

    I want to believe that people can change but his history is terrible. I wouldn’t want a sec offender (registered or not) around my child let alone to have a child with one.

  16. Valiantly Varnished says:

    So her husband is out of jail now? He had been sent back to jail for violating his probation for not registering. Im assuming so since she’s pregnant. That’s the only reason he registered in CA. To avoid being sent back to prison-again. I can’t imagine picking someone like that as the father of my child. But Nicki has a thing for criminals and problematic men.

  17. Joy says:

    She tries to excuse his behavior as well. Bad choices all around.

  18. Lucy says:

    Babies with this Petty guy, songs with Tekashi 6ix9ine…well, aren’t they total catches, am I right?

  19. Linda says:

    Some people shouldn’t be parents. She’s a hardass and not very nice.

  20. CherryL says:

    Why would she have a baby with a registered sex offender? She’s so successful and chooses someone like that? Why?