Phil Collins’ grifting ex, Orienne Cevey, could be on Real Housewives of Miami

Talk about rewarding bad behavior. According to Page Six, Phil Collins’ house-stealing ex, Orienne Cevey, could be on a revived Real Housewives of Miami. Orienne, you may remember, was awarded the largest divorce settlement in Britain’s history. It all made for very salacious gossip, only to be outdone by their scandalous second bustup, which is currently happening. Phil and Orienne reconciled, but didn’t remarry and were living together in Miami. Last summer, Orienne left for Vegas and got remarried to her lover, Thomas Bates. Perhaps you noticed I never mentioned that Phil and Orienne spilt because they hadn’t! And to make matters worse, Orienne and Thomas took possession of Phil’s Miami mansion and refused to leave, claiming he promised half of it to her (he didn’t). So she married another man while still living with Phil and then stole his house – no, wait, I see it now. This is perfect Housewife fodder.

The “Real Housewives of Miami” could be heading back to TV.

A source tells Page Six that Bravo is “revisiting” the series and is in “preliminary conversations for a potential return,” to the Florida hotspot.

The show initially ran just three seasons, from 2011-2013 and included cast members Larsa Pippen and Lisa Hochstein.

According to the source, the reboot could include some former cast members, as well as Phil Collins’ ex Orianne Cevey — who has been going through a long series of legal proceedings with the pop icon over his multimillion-dollar Miami manse.

Sources said that the cast of the reboot could also include singer Paulina Rubio.

Back in November, Andy Cohen revealed on the “Everything Iconic” podcast that he was trying to get NBCUniversal — which owns Bravo — to pick up a new season of the show for the NBC streaming service Peacock.

[From Page Six via DListed]

I feel like I need to go on record saying that I am wholly opposed to anyone receiving a lucrative TV deal because they acted like an @$$hole. In Orienne’s case, she’s playing a high end grift because she probably blew through her divorce cash and can’t seem to make her own money. Phil is by no means any form of saint, but he did not cheat this time and he was publicly humiliated when Orienne started showing up with her boytoy at parties. Plus, there are kids involved. Not young kids, but one of their sons is still technically a minor and has already had to watch his mother embarrass herself in the media. Now he’ll have to watch her antics on RHOM as well.

That said, Mieka at DListed makes a good point – Miami is about to inherit a whole host of potential cast members so messy, Andy’s probably already referring to them as the Dream Team. Larsa Pippen may come back, and she attracts drama like cat hair to dark pants. I’m not familiar with Paulina Rubio, but her Wiki page reads like a Bravo bio so she’ll fit in.

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  1. Sofia in TX says:

    Paulina Rubio is very famous in Mexico. She is perhaps the equivalent of Christina Aguilera, or maybe more well-known, but without the vocal skills.

    • Gennessee says:

      She is also one of the biggest pills in the history of mankind. I met her a few times in the late 90s when she was sll “La Chica Dorada” (The Golden Girl). What. A. Snot. Hugely unpleasant then and shes only gotten worse.

      She’ll fit right in.

  2. Julie says:

    I struggle with stories like this. I mean how could he not know he married a full on narcissist? Hers isnt the hidden kind. Shes shallow and superficial, very self entitled and experiences no shame. These are all traits that would have been immediately apparent and yet he was drawn to her even after her record breaking divorce..He must have similar values.

  3. Ines says:

    I’m obsessed with this whole mess, I’m not going to lie. And her Instagram, OMG check it out, so thirsty! Also what’s she’s done to her face, I can’t believe she’s only 46… and she used to be such a beautiful woman once.

    • ChloeCat says:

      46??? If she’s 46 I’ll eat my hat! She is so tacky. What’s that saying, it costs a lot of money to look that cheap? That picture of her buying a Bentley in that long leather dress is absolutely ridiculous. How could one even drive a car while wearing that?

  4. Sof says:

    I don’t listen to Paulina’s music but she was really fun to watch in interviews, she brings a sort of chaotic energy that is hard to explain.
    I don’t know how she is doing right now, but people were concerned about her: there was that weird livestream where she seems to be snorting c*ke and rumors of bankruptcy.