There are a lot of rumors about Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston hanging out in LA

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I tweeted this last night so I might as well write about it! If you follow Deuxmoi on Instagram, they post a lot of blind items, random celebrity sightings and gossip theories. There’s apparently a theory that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are spending time together lately, as she films the second season of The Morning Show. Brad is – allegedly!!! – filming Bullet Train on a studio set close to TMS’s set. I mean, Brad is for-real filming Bullet Train right now and Jennifer is for-real filming The Morning Show right now. But I don’t know if those two sets are close together, or close enough where Brad could just drop by her trailer constantly. But that’s the theory going around Deuxmoi.

At this time last year, Jennifer was helping Brad Pitt campaign for his ultimately successful Oscar campaign. Brad won every major Supporting Actor award for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Jennifer was around several of those award shows because she was nominated for The Morning Show. They “acted flirty” and he went to her Christmas party and they made sure to tease their fans with the possibility of a reunion. It’s been months since they finally stopped with the vintage uncoolness. My point? I think they’re still friendly enough to help each other out within the industry. And Jennifer is absolutely the kind of woman who would “take him back.” But are they actually happening? I don’t know.

Also, Deuxmoi posted this (which I guess was from Aniston’s IG Stories) and some people think that’s Brad in the background. Hm.

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  1. Snuffles says:

    I hope they are just friends. They founded the very successful production company Plan B Entertainment together and might still enjoy working together on occasion.

    Don’t take him back Jen! I truly think they are better off as just friends and business partners.

    • NYStateofMind says:

      I don’t think she owns any of Plan B. Remember reading that she got out prior to the divorce etc. They’re just friends. This kind of nonsense will happen every time they say hello to each other. Let it go people.

    • SKF says:

      I think friends. Maybe they occasionally even indulge in ex sex? Why not? Ex sex can be great. No strings attached – you already know you don’t want to be in a relationship with that person again; but there’s some lingering affection and residual love there that makes it nice. Plus you know each other well and know what you each like. In their case, it could be super convenient. They know neither of them would leak it or try to use them. They can tease us all and get great press, so their thing on the side in secret, have a bit of fun and meet their needs whilst living their own independent lives. I cannot see them getting back together for real though. That would be a terrible decision from her!

      • Joan Rivers says:

        I think she’s simple and he’s complex, way more complex.

        Probably smarter too. More intellectual.

        Actually, he’s a little like Prince Charles — both into architecture, the planet. Chas’s royalty is like BP’s looks, a gift. They’re both surrounded by shallow people but they think a little about things.

        She’s not Diana but a comparison could be made there too.

  2. Sierra says:

    Lol these two really are pathetic and stuck in 2000 🙄

    • Oy_Hey says:

      Jenn is such a pick me
      With that said if this is all Brad Pitt could muster after the scandals with Neri Oxman, Alia Shawkat, and Nico Mary that tells you exectly who his PR team is. Like all of the anti-Angie stuff I see on the web is by the same sort of folks: women of a certain age trying to relive the year 2000 instead of moving forward. Basically Jenn in a nutshell which explains this whole mess.

    • Joan Rivers says:

      You call THEM “pathetic” — how about people who actually speculate about this? Aren’t YOU the pathetic one?

      They’re just doing this charade for the money and fame, but you do it voluntarily.

  3. Esmeralda says:

    Even Aniston – who I don’t especially like – does not deserve the mess that is BP these days. Run, Jen, run. A “reboot” would only help him, and not her.

    • lanne says:

      Going back to him will “justify” all the “poor Jen” stories we all have been bombarded with for years, and will be seen as “proof” that a woman really isn’t anything without a man, and that Brad Pitt is the epitome of the manliest man who ever manned. Yuck.

  4. EllieK says:

    A reminder that there are always rumors about them hanging out and they have confirmed that they are still friends.

  5. Xantha says:

    Stories like this just makes me think we will never be free as a people.

    No seriously how hasn’t the well dried up on speculation of these two together?!

    • L84Tea says:

      It really is funny. Children have been born and are now old enough to drive in the timespan that this has been speculated over!

      • Xantha says:

        Right?! A whole ass generation has grown up without knowing them as a power couple. As one poster noted they’ve been apart longer than they were together. I really thought we could start the new decade without more about these two together but alas I dreamed too big. *Cue melodramatic sigh*

    • Myra says:

      They are well in their 50s. His oldest kid is in college. He has six children with another woman and people are treating this like it’s a true love story.

  6. Valerie says:

    Am I missing something? Why are people so invested in their relationship to the point of obsession? They haven’t dated in years. I think they’ve been apart longer than they were ever together. I never saw them as a power couple in the 90s, even though they were very much regarded as one by the press. I just don’t get the obsession with this.

    • Luna says:

      You should be very young if you don’t get the hype. Jen-Brad-Angie was the biggest gossip story maybe ever

      • megs283 says:

        Eh. It was the biggest gossip story in…2004.

      • sara says:

        I’m not very young and I don’t give a crap about their relationship. Brad Pitt is an awful person who smeared Jennifer, continues to smear Angelina, assaulted his own child, has sunbstance abuse issues, and refuses to be seen by his older children. He’s disgusting and no woman should be with him:

      • Valerie says:

        I’m 32, so no, not that young. I was never into Friends or a fan of anyone involved in this little thing, except maybe Angelina for a short while. Why it was such a big story and one that persisted and endured was always a mystery to me and still is. They’re fairly bland people and subpar talents, imo. It’s not like the Debbie Reynolds-Elizabeth Taylor-Eddie Fisher affair!

      • Ang says:

        It was the biggest gossip story of a generation! Please don’t try and diminish what you weren’t even alive to witness!

      • GuestwithCat says:

        I’m 54. Kind of young for Debbie/Eddie/Liz but that was so big it was talked about well into my generation. Jen/Brad/Angie can’t touch that. 😆

      • Fabiola says:

        I’m 40 and I can’t think of a bigger couple than Jen and brad.

      • Ann says:

        I watched “Friends” in the 90s and liked it, but I had babies then so I didn’t have time to follow it or obsess over Jen and Brad. I never really got the hype about him, he’s very good looking and a pretty good actor and all that but idk, he doesn’t do it for me. Jen was great as Rachel and she’s good in The Morning Show too. She seems like a nice enough person I guess, so I felt badly for her when he left her and was a jerk about it to boot. As to whether they are getting back together, I kind of hope not because I think he’s a bit of a sleaze and the whole Brangelina saga was really off-putting to me. Adoption is wonderful but it’s like they collected children.

        That said, I did love him in “A River Runs Through It.”

    • Becks1 says:

      I remember exactly where I was when I heard they were divorcing (even though I knew it was coming, someone had told me MONTHS before about his affair with Angelina, like before anyone else was ever talking about it, it was the only time I’ve been privy to a bit of Hollywood gossip that turned out to be true).

      Anyway so yeah it was a big deal and the circumstances of the split just made it bigger – one of the biggest stars in Hollywood breaks up with television’s sweetheart just as she is supposed to be making her big post-Friends career moves, and not only that, but he leaves her for ANGELINA JOLIE and then you factor in all the gross talk about Jen’s uterus – yeah, it was a huge story.

      I am not sure why it is still a huge story at this point though. I disagree strongly with Kaiser that “jen is absolutely the kind of woman who would take him back” and I think they have both moved on much more than the tabloids pretend. They make no secrets of still being friends but I really think that’s about it.

      • Valerie says:

        I don’t know anything about them as people, so it’s hard to say whether she is the type to take him back or not. I’ve long had the impression that they’ve moved on but remained friends, which is fine. That happens all the time. I just don’t know what it is about them specifically that enchants people, lol, even those factors. The scandal of it all, I guess.

      • TattsNotForMe says:

        Becks1, Arnon Milchan, big-time producer and producer on Mr and Mrs S, pretty much confirmed this timeline of Jen&Brad breakup in a book about his life (Titled Confidential or something).

        This story would break the internet. As a couple they just had massive appeal for the mainstream.

    • Valerie says:

      @Ang: If that’s for me, I was very much alive at the time, lol. I don’t see how my lack of investment in two people that I’ve never met or found interesting as actors is a diminishment of anything. It doesn’t change the fact that it happened. After all this time, why should what they do matter, especially if they remained friends? This is making a mountain out of a molehill, imo.

    • Valerie says:

      @GuestwithCat: In a way, I can see how this could be regarded the same way, with people talking about it for decades after. But all three of them had personalities, lol, and there was a fair bit of direct back and forth between them in the press. And this particular story feels like a non-issue when they’ve been friends for so long.

    • K-Peace says:

      They’ve been apart MUCH longer than they were together. They were only married for 5 years, and they split 16 years ago. (Wow, hard to believe it was THAT long ago!)

  7. Golly Gee says:

    Which awards are they up for 2021?

  8. Ann says:

    I don’t think Jen would take him back. He has a bunch of kids now with a woman she doesn’t want anything to do with. She has also made it clear she doesn’t want children. Maybe I am wrong because I don’t usually read stories about either of them, but I see this as a friends with business benefits situation vs anything remotely romantic.

    • L84Tea says:

      I’m sure they are friends, but I also think they’re both happily using one another and milking this.

      • Persephone says:

        I agree with this. I don’t think she wants him back. She seems ok with being with literally every other man.

      • Darla says:

        With literally every other man? Aniston is with “literally every other man”? Really?

  9. Ferdinand says:

    I mean, with covid restrictions on set, I hardly doubt he just pops up to her trailer or visits her while filming on regular basis.

    Of course they’re both A listers and can get away with anything. They might be seeing each other on the side, but I doubt on set.

  10. Mireille says:

    Don’t care for either of these two, but my understanding is they’ve been friends for years even after the break-up, so this isn’t news and they never really hid that fact. Hyping their friendship is more to do with feeding the tab rags and social media buzz than anything else. At this point, it’s whatever. Say what you will about them just to set off a frenzy among their fanbase.

  11. B says:

    Total bunk, IMO. Anyone with an agenda can submit anything to Deuxmoi.

  12. LaurenMichelle says:

    I loved Brad and Jen together. Brad ran off with Angie and that marriage imploded too. If B and Jen are friends, that’s cool, not gonna judge. Jen is very forgiving, and also realizes that Brad is a major power player in Hollywood.

    • Lady D says:

      Don’t you wonder what someone who is very forgiving sees in someone who’s so viciously unforgiving his only goal is the destruction/smearing of every single ex, including her, he’s ever had? Maybe she thinks she can change him?

  13. EliseM says:

    Deumoi has a post from someone who works on the morning show and debunked the guy in the pictures as being an assistant who watches Jen’s dog. He has a Covid sticker on and said only members of the crew get those. SO…………..there it is.

    • tcbc says:

      Yep. This is probably the truth.

      Aniston is in the Justin Bateman/Jimmy Kimmel crew, and though none of those guys have a problem with Pitt, they’re not close to him, either. She’s more likely to be around her other ex, Theroux.

      Weird how everyone immediately jumps to Aniston as the source of these kinds of rumors when it’s most likely Pitt. Aniston’s show is a critical success, she was nominated for an Emmy last year, and she’s “in” with a very influential group of people. She doesn’t need the PR. Whereas Pitt’s stature has taken more hits due to the Angelina situation. (Though professionally, he’s also doing well. He’s never had a problem with that.)

      This story is likely Pitt’s team’s response to Angelina’s Vogue cover.

      • TattsNotForMe says:

        They have a lot of mutual friends, like Adam Sandler, etc. She’s a supernetworker and probably helped or is still helping him get back into the networking stuff.

      • Ann says:

        tc, but after one of the awards show where they smiled at each other, it was Jen that posted on her insta the white dress and shoes by the bathtub, teasing her fans that the night might have continued with her and Brad. I thought that was pretty thirsty PR IMO.

      • TattsNotForMe says:

        Wait, so a woman posting a pic of her previous-night’s dress and the award she won by the bathtub is hinting that, @Ann? Don’t see the logic.

        It was a before (her lying flat in the car before SAG) and after (by the bathtub where she took off the dress) IG post, the significance being when she was free of the dress (probably jumped into the tub for a relaxation soak).

        There’s literally no reference to a guy. If she wanted to hint she got laid the night before, it’d be by the bed.

    • jade says:

      Actually its Chris McMillan, based on the watch that he is wearing. You can check the watch from his post on his IG. No big deal, not Brad Pitt at

  14. lucy2 says:

    It’s funny, I read that whole thing differently – I think he was desperate for good publicity, she was at a career high, and he tried to use her around awards time – feeding into the rumors and putting on a big show backstage in front of cameras. As soon as he won his statues, all that disappeared again. I think he’s just a user.

    • Persephone says:

      Now *this* theory I can get behind.

    • L84Tea says:

      I’ve been saying for years that Brad is a user and that he reminds me of a dude in high school who only wants to date the most popular girl. His record with Gwen, Jen, and Angie shows he definitely had a thing for “it” girls. And when I say “it”, I mean when they were all at the height of their popularity.

    • Becks1 says:

      That’s exactly how I read the situation – I do think they are friends, but I think all the awards show gossip last year was more about Brad than Jen – I think it helped him way more than it helped her.

    • josephine says:

      Sadly, though, men don’t seem to need good publicity. I know everyone would like to think that his domestic situation somehow detracts from his star power, but I honestly don’t think that it does at all.

  15. Lunasf17 says:

    I feel like the Angelina drama wasn’t as messy as the press made it to be. I remember they went to Mexico as a couple and were looking friendly and apparently broke the news to their close friends that they were splitting up and then he went back to Angelina or something like that (I think Brad had a shirt that said trash or something like that and kept circulating the photos.)It’s was odd but I think everyone was on the same page and they all milked the drama for the tabloids. Jen doesn’t want kids but Brads kids are older and probably aren’t even around that much so I don’t think that’s a huge factor. I kind of see them getting back together.

  16. Jules says:

    So ridiculous! Why is anyone rooting for them to get back together?

  17. Shari says:

    Brad is filming. And from what Jamie King said they are all in a bubble. We know that Brad and Jennifer are on good terms. Nice to see that with adults. Obviously, if they wanted to be back together it would have happened. It hasn’t. How great would it be to just let to adult be an adult and be friendly after marriage and divorce.

  18. Mel says:

    I hope JA doesn’t entertain BP other than as a friend… but this talk sure has driven leather jeggins Justin underground. Who talks about him now – no one. Haha.

  19. Blues says:

    Just like the sun comes up whenever Angie us in the news big Someone, or both ones, leak gossip to vere attention.
    Fact is there was millions made by everyone involved in this 3 way scandal. Including the rags so this is why we still get these faux stories and creepy photos where she wants people to guess who’s in the photos. She is playing the ignorant fan base too. Just like she milked the poor Jen role for years. Just like Pitt used her last year. I will add they are both sad and manipulative. Yet people speak bad about Jolie. Whom I believe is the wiser and more mature adult among the three.
    And lastly it’s 2021 can we not get an update on a reunion every month?

  20. Jilly. says:

    I don’t care about the gossip for I truly believe everyone moved on. But to say Jennifer is that type of woman…… harsh, gross and not needed.

    • mander says:


    • Blues says:

      Sorry to inform you Jen is that type of woman. Sadly she isn’t the only one. Women scorned act a way because of hurt and in her case publicly hurt.
      Her friends act the same way I think they influence her actions. The company she kept with the like of Handler and Etheridge echoed her feelings she even thought it was cute to laugh at jokes about the kids.
      I think she is the poster child for that. This is what she became and Angie was hated by every woman whose husband had did them dirty. Facts
      It’s ok. And if Jen lives in this bubble where she thinks Angie is jealous or cares she has a friendship with a man she is fighting in court then I feel sorry Aniston. Clearly Angie moved on five years ago and Pitt is still stuck on getting even with her for leaving his problematic azz.

    • Michelle says:

      She very much is that woman!!! She follows those snarky instagrams that hate on jolie but fawn over her & pitt’s pathetic PR games. She has one of the most powerful agents & publicist in the biz. Why do you think she’s friends with everyone in the industry? It’s all CAA contrived.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        Exactly. She is that type of woman and there’s so much evidence that shows you throughout the years she is that type of woman.

  21. Adream says:

    They’re either hangin’ or bangin’… either way they’re two consenting adults who can do what they want.

  22. Katie says:

    they are like a bad food craving for me – I want it but it’s not good for anybody

  23. Hello kitty says:

    Yes by all means return to the man who cheated on you, left you, embarrassed you, married his mistress (I am an Angie fan so no shade but she was his mistress), fathered children with said mistress, got dumped by said mistress for being abusive and/or an alcoholic or both, and is probably the reason you never became a mother, etc. etc. etc.

    • tempest prognosticator says:

      Don’t forget- the man who talked about how freaking bored he was in that relationship.

    • Juniper says:

      He was totally abusive to Jen. I have on good authority that she was a nervous wreck because he would dog on her appearance, among other things.

      • Mediawatcher says:

        I don’t believe this. She had that verbal criticism from her mother and no way would she have put up with that from Pitt or anyone else. She was the (gentle, nice) alpha in the relationship; he likes to be the beta. It would have slipped out in her interviews if true, and before someone says she’d have been too embarrassed to talk about it, look up how she called out Kimberly Stewart (a very plain, homely person) when she said Jen was homely.

  24. GuestwithCat says:

    She has regular communication with Justin, too and they seem to still be verbally affectionate with each other. She even invited that douche John Mayer to her birthday. She just tends to keep the same people around her, male or female. I think she’s huge on networking. And as much as I like her work, I think she probably enjoys on a petty level being on good terms with Brad because it’s seen by the public as an eff you to “the home-wrecker”. Whatever. Who cares. Let them at it. Angelina doesn’t care.

    • TattsNotForMe says:

      I quite like Jen but I agree with you 100%. I think she’s quietly satisfied with the Brad reconnect and the fact the public is on their side. Blame her much? She said herself she felt humiliated after the breakup. Good karma ensured she’s done the best out of the three.

  25. Eugh says:

    She’s a way bigger person than I am. The Angelina issue aside, he said she was boring, the reason why he needed to smoke weed constantly and uses her for positive PR like at that awards show

  26. Mina_Esq says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Aniston can do better.

  27. Maria says:

    I think the only person who cares about this still is Brad, not Angelina or Jennifer.

  28. Lively says:

    Few ppl in deux moi wrote in and debunked this anyways. However, how are Jen fans excited about these 2 getting back together. I’m I the only one who remembers how much trash pitt talked about Jen. Practically blamed his pathetic existence and, unsatisfactory life in early 2000s on her. Are her fans Brain dead.
    I don’t like even like Jen, yet don’t wish her on this Deadbeat douchebag.

  29. forgotuser12 says:

    for brad to be friends or even friendly with someone who harassed his kids and mother of his kids for so many years says a lot about his character. angie did say he only cares about his image. also you guys know that they are under the same agency (the same agency who silenced harvey w. victims then came out with the fraudulent times up “movement” to make it seem like they actually care about victims. give me a break) anyway it’s no wonder he still doesn’t have any significant custody. he should be trying to get along with the mother of his kids, the same kids that he was crying on tv about wanting so bad. one more thing, what happened to her divorce with justin t???? oh right another stunt relationship…that’s all hollywood is about smoke and mirrors

    • Maria says:

      I’m not a follower of either of these women, but I’m having trouble finding where Jennifer harassed Angelina or her kids – feel free to correct me.
      Brad is the one who harassed them. He hit Maddox and plants stories about the rest of them (and about everything else).

      • TattsNotForMe says:

        Don’t worry, Maria, it’s just that same poster posting the same stuff about CAA, Mandler, Jennifer Aniston and PR games, etc., over and over and over and over and over again over so many years.

      • Lily P says:

        I think it’s all based on the circle of women surrounding JA – namely Etheridge and Handler being “bitchy” with the latter bringing the Jolie-Pitt children into the conversation. I may be mistaken but I remember CHandler being accused of making racist jokes about the eldest Jolie-Pitt child. So I guess it’s the company she keeps that raises questions.

        (I am not saying she controls what her friends say, nor am I accusing her of doing so!)

      • forgotuser12 says:

        True that’s what Brad did. However, maybe harassed was not the correct word to use, maybe stalk is better. Aniston, her publicist and circles of “friends” have attacked angelina and her kids (even making racist “jokes”) she used chelsea handler as a mouth piece for years and i’m sorry but if your so called friends are racist like chelsea handler is, so are you. jen also laughed at a drawing of angie being shot before she came on as a guest on her show. she continually used her big time publicist to fabricate the “poor jen” narrative which help her greatly. he’s also known for planting and denying stories. Now she follows an angie hate account on insta. that’s all i have in mind now but aniston is not innocent imo

      • forgotuser12 says:

        in reply to TattsNotForMe:
        Sorry but that’s not me. (I believe i only commented once before this article lol) I started following angie/the triangle after the divorce but jen’s playbook is well known and it’s not talked about enough imo

      • Maria says:

        I mean, I’m researching it right now..I see Handler posted and said a lot of garbage, but I’m also seeing a lot of stories about how Aniston once she married Theroux was getting tired of that and asked her to stop?
        Handler is a self-admitted hot mess too.
        Aniston seems to be friendly with everyone (well, barring Angelina, lol), for good or ill, so the “company you keep” thing could go both ways.
        Even in 2008 Aniston tried to laugh off everyone painting her as this sad victim.
        I was in high school when this split happened and I followed it more or less for years but stopped in grad school since it’s just that, a nonstory.

        As far as PR goes…doesn’t every publicist plant and deny stories, or do something similar? Lol.
        Aniston is extremely overrated in my view and I don’t care for either her or Pitt really, but I think pretending that she’s still diabolically obsessed with this episode only adds fuel to what Brad wants, the perception that women are still preoccupied with him and that he’s faultless.
        I think 99 percent of the stories about the children are planted by Brad and no one else.
        And I think this story is planted by Brad too.
        I went through her IG follows and don’t see a hate account?

      • forgotuser12 says:

        Those were just some examples of the top of my head that i remembered but i don’t think she’s obsessed, however being friends with someone who makes racially charged insults at children is shady. you’re right that it’s all brad planting these stories just don’t see why she would go along with his stunts. but he’s teflon so no one will really call him out. and i think the account was not angie specific so i can’t remember the name but when i first saw it the angie posts were attacking her spreading false information and of course never giving brad any fault.
        and i spent way too much time commenting on this lol

      • Jules says:

        Aniston said something snarky in an interview a while ago… it was a sarcastic comment about her babysitting the jolie-pitt kids when they were younger. Can’t remember much more but it got a lot of press at the time because she sounded like sour grapes and it was pretty inappropriate.

  30. Tiffany says:

    Why don’t they just want this woman to enjoy being single?

  31. Lily P says:

    So the day after AJ’s British Vogue is revealed this rumour magically appears on DeuxMoi (which is essentially a JA fan club)?

    Pull the other one – this is purposeful and spiteful PR

    • Sidewithkids says:

      This is what they both do. Just boring regurgitate stuff. Same thing will happen after Angie’s movies Those Who Wish Me Dead and Eternals come out this year. They hang on to everything she does and promotes off of her. Esp JA. They have not moved on. They are stuck in a 90s bubble. Lol.

      Angie has tho. You don’t see her thinking about either one or after they do something she doesn’t immediately come out w/ news. She does her.

    • jade says:

      Yes you are right Lily P, DeuxMoi is very obvious an Aniston and also Brad Pitt fan. I bet, there are a lot of negative blinds about aniston but does not publish it.

  32. Daphne says:

    He doesn’t deserve her. Jen please run far far away from that troubled narcissist

  33. Ann says:

    This again! They sure like to stir things up for PR. Personally, don’t I think Jen’s exactly “straight”, and Jen and Courtenay have been loved up for quite some time. Good for them.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Ann from Vancouver” from the Daily Mail comment section has found a new home to regurgitate the same lines in every story about JA.

  34. Lowrider says:

    Two mid 50 years olds acting like pre-teens. I wish they would reunite already, the back and forth is embarrassing.

  35. Lissdogmom02 says:

    Good lord, she’s foolish if she does but I can see it. Completely superficial but the picture of her Courtney Cox & Lisa Kudrow, Lisa is the only one with a moveable face, the other 2 look otherworldly almost it’s weird.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think JA wants him back. She probably gets a small kick out of the way his life imploded (his fault) and is throwing him a bone so she doesn’t look bitter. I don’t think they hang out often. She has a really tight group. They don’t seem to have a problem with BP but they aren’t that close with him either.

  37. shanaynay says:


  38. LOL says:

    Funny how these roumors onlybrear their ugly heads when Angelina Jolie is in the news for her works. Got even the timing of their planted bigger from CAA is obviously done after Angelina Jolie’s Vogue interview with Vougue didn’t even hit the stands, just Vougue announcing the covers. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt can work doubly hard to insert their ugly selfs on to Angelina Jolie , but it makes them look pathetic and needy. No one cares about the has been as husband and as wife from decades ago planting stories .. I just wish They stop hitching a ride on Angelina Jolie’s sucess and life. Seriously it’s beyond pathetic that they are openly trolling Angelina to get a reaction. And again Angelina ignored them she remained radio scilent. Good on her I just wish these two stalkers Aniston and Pitt would just stop

  39. LOL says:

    Who is buying into this CAA planted B.S. I mean seriously what are people so stupid not to see these two are playing the game to keep relevant . If he hadnt been with Angelina and married someone else and had kids I very much doubt the constant baggage of Jennifer Aniston would had gottin that much importance. Seriously this women had more relatsjionsjips and hot married and yet it’s all about Brad Pitt and her thirst for his image.

  40. elle says:

    Nobody’s going to say anything about Brad looking like the Man in the Moon? Hello, chin implant.