Princess Beatrice & Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi are expecting their first child together

Official Wedding Photos of Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that the York princesses feel a bit competitive with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I enjoy petty aggressions, so I’m into it. Meghan told people she was pregnant (with Archie) at Princess Eugenie’s wedding, and then Meghan’s current pregnancy was announced just after Eugenie gave birth to August in February, only we didn’t know the baby’s name yet and it was yet another “Meghan steals Eugenie’s thunder” thing. So here we are, on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s third wedding anniversary and… Princess Beatrice announces her first pregnancy.

Princess Beatrice married Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi last July, in a small “pandemic wedding” with only their parents, the Queen and Prince Philip and a handful of other friends and family members. They married in Windsor and Beatrice wore a vintage dress belonging to the Queen. It was pretty interesting, but in retrospect, I bet Beatrice was happy that her grandfather could attend her wedding. So… that was ten months ago. And if they’re already announcing her pregnancy, she’s probably three or four months along. So they didn’t really wait that long to start trying!

Bea is 32 years old – 33 in August. Edo is 38 years old, and he’s already father to Wolfie, his son with his ex-fiancee Dara Huang. I’m happy for them. I’m kind of hoping for a girl for them since he’s already got a son, plus I just think Beatrice would love to have a daughter.

Prince Jean-Christophe Napoléon and Olympia d'Arco-Zinneberg are married

Prince Jean-Christophe Napoléon and Olympia d'Arco-Zinneberg are married

Photos courtesy of Buckingham Palace, Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Aaliyah says:

    Congratulations to the couple! I have a feeling the Sussexes and them have a mutual agreement on annoucements for some reason? Maybe it’s competition, but not that necessary considering they have a good relationship and the Sussexes are global celebrities. 🙂

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I agree as it was apparent that Meghan was pregnant at Beatrice’s wedding, as I could see it a mike away with her little bump. I am certain that Meghan didn’t steal anything from their wedding as it’s just an opportunity for the royal rats to cause a stir and slam Meghan! So now I have read the memo in their pregnancy. But yes, Meghan and Harry are probably thrilled for them as they genuinely care, unlike the rest of the royal twits of petty and incandescent with rage.

      • aftershocks says:

        I’m sure you mean Meghan was pregnant at Eugenie’s wedding. 🙂 I think the media over-exaggerated the stuff about M&H overshadowing Eugenie’s wedding. I would bet that many core family members knew about Meghan’s pregnancy before Eug’s wedding day, including Eugenie & Jack. Plus, the decision was largely made by KP staffers at the time to make the announcement on the day M&H arrived in Australia for first leg of their South Pacific tour. The other part of this is that M&H appear to be on very good terms with Eugenie & Jack. It’s been reported that Harry has always been close to Eugenie, and the situation with Eugenie & Jack living at Frogmore Cottage seems to bear out the truth of H’s & E’s closeness.

        I’m not sure that Harry is as close to Beatrice, but they probably are on decent terms with each other. In a number of ways both Eugenie and Beatrice have seemed to follow Meghan’s lead (i.e., in terms of photo stylings for engagement and baby announcements; plus Eugenie definitely took some cues from Meghan’s wedding decorations, etc., as did distant cousin Lady
        Gabriella Windsor for her wedding at St. George’s Chapel). Of course, that’s not news, since so many of the royals continue to learn from and to copy style and approach of M&H in many ways. None of Harry’s royal relations will ever admit to it. 😉

        There’s going to be a lot of overlap with this group of young cousins of similar ages getting married, having babies, living life in large-scale public view. 🙂

  2. Snuffles says:

    It’s a 3rd anniversary, there is nothing to usurp.

    Congratulations to the couple!

    • swirlmamad says:

      Exactly this. I would not think twice about this at all if I were Harry and Meghan (as in stepping on their day — I guarantee they could care less; probably happy bc it gives the “experts” something else to focus on for a few minutes) nor if I were Beatrice and Edo (why should someone’s *3rd* anniversary preclude me from sharing important life news?).

    • PrincessK says:

      Exactly, nothing here at all. No problem at all. It is always going to be one anniversary or something.

    • AMA1977 says:

      Exactly, people are allowed to get engaged, get married, have babies, get promoted at work, and celebrate their significant life events (generally live their lives) without worrying about “stealing the thunder” or “overshadowing” the significant life events of other people. Secure people can be happy for someone else’s good news without worrying about how it negatively affects them.

      Side note, I can barely remember my siblings’ wedding anniversaries, let alone those of my cousins.

  3. milliemollie says:

    I don’t think people outside the UK care about the York princesses.
    But congrats, I guess.

    • Katherine says:

      Do people inside the UK care about the York princesses? New baby is great though, genuinely happy for them.

    • SurelyNot says:

      Clearly since articles about them generate a great deal of commentary and here we are bright and early getting on with it!

      Congrats to the couple, I didn’t think it would be long so there could be cousins and play dates.

  4. Becks1 says:

    Congratulations to them! The timing is making me laugh mainly bc the anti-Sussex stans have been so up in arms over every Sussex announcement being timed to “steal thunder” from the Yorks and this is ON their anniversary and you know none of the usual suspects will say boo, lol. (I don’t think the Sussexes care.)

    anyway, I’m not surprised they are expecting so soon, especially once Eugenie got pregnant – the cousins will be close in age, and the baby will be close-ish to Wolfie (i.e. close enough to have more of a sibling relationship than if there were a huge gage gap.)

    And looking back its nice that Philip was able to attend her wedding.

  5. Calibration says:

    Congratulations! It’s a wonderful time.

    I wish the other non working royal could be addressed as respectfully, is all.

  6. Lizzie says:

    I’m guessing Meghan and Harry are nothing but delighted at the news. They do not expect a full day of media devotion to their anniversary unlike the rest of the rf.

    • harla says:

      I agree Lizzie that the Sussex’s are delighted by this news and don’t think twice about it being announced on their anniversary. I imagine that this anniversary will be spent much like last year, low key and quiet with just Archie, maybe Doria and possibly a few close friends. Given what we know from the Oprah interview, this might not be the anniversary date that they actually celebrate, they might have celebrated several days ago.

  7. Lemons says:

    I was wondering when they would make a baby announcement! This is good news, and I’m happy for them 🙂

  8. Cecilia says:

    I mean congrats to them but we all know that if the roles were reversed the royalists would be screaming murder

  9. Erica says:

    Awww this is sweet. I love their wedding photos, they seem like a cute couple. Congrats to them!

  10. Krista says:

    It’s a 3rd Anniversary so it’s not a big deal I think. Though I’m probably in the group of people who doesn’t make a big deal out of an anniversary- been with hubby since a teen but we waiting until we were in our late 20’s to marry.
    But I know there is a group of people who make a big deal of every anniversary- the type that also celebrated 6 months dating kinda people lol. I can kinda see Harry and Meghan falling somewhere in between the two.

    • VS says:

      I highly doubt H&M care…..honestly, it is H&M trending today. They have a huge army of fans who do not joke. It is only royalists who care about BS like no news should be announced on birthdays or wedding anniversaries. No wonder the rf does not do anything at all….so many days to avoid…. LOL

      As soon as I saw their names, I knew it was going to be baby #1 What else is there for them to do?

      Anyway huge congrats to them! wish them a peaceful pregnancy….

    • L84Tea says:

      My anniversary was on Monday, and we were both like “meh” about it. Not a big milestone year, so no big deal. I made pork chops and we watched ‘The Office’ reruns on tv, so whoopi.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      One of my sisters and her husband celebrate the anniversary of their first date every year, and the date they got engaged. Like just celebrating your anniversary isn’t enough? They also give their dog birthday parties, and buy him matching sweaters with them for “family photos”. I just roll my eyes and think “whatever” quite a lot with them, lol.

      • Ines says:

        Wow, you sound like fun. It’s not like they’re asking for gifts from you for all those occasions, so why so judgy? The “family photos” with the dog wearing a matching jumper sound adorable. What this last year has taught me, is that nothing is certain.. celebrate while you can, because for all you know, it might be the last time.

  11. Jais says:

    Hmm who runs the royal family insta? Could be they’ve known that Bea is pregnant and someone in the palace decided to release the info today. A petty courtier? Or was it released by Bea somewhere else and I just didn’t see?

    • Cecilia says:

      It was no coincidence that this news was released today lol. I don’t know if the york sisters are actually that competitive or that is was indeed a petty courtier. (Im betting on the latter). But it was done on purpose

      • Becks1 says:

        It definitely isn’t a coincidence which is why its so funny. the Sussexes don’t care, they don’t need or EXPECT (that being key I think) that the media will devote a whole day to remembering their wedding three years ago (and probably prefer the media just leave them alone today), and in general even if someplace like People did have a whole “remember when” ready to go for their wedding, its not like they’re going to say “omg Beatrice is pregnant now we must focus on her for the next 6 months!”

        My money is also on this being from a petty courtier which just makes it…..both sad and funny. It’s something the royals can’t seem to understand – people can be happy about two things at once. Beatrice is pregnant, congratulations to them. Harry and Meghan are celebrating 3 years, congrats to them. But you know that someone was being petty over at BP.

      • swirlmamad says:

        @Becks1 the hilariously pathetic part is if this was on the part of a petty courtier, the couple in their crosshairs SIMPLY DO NOT CARE. Nothing better to do than ignore ’em — that’ll get them in the gut more than anything else.

      • Nic919 says:

        I think it’s a courtier too because the story about them looking to buy in the Cotswolds on the weekend was heavily hinting that she was pregnant. So I am sure it was known and someone running the royal family Twitter account decided today was the day to announce it.

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      @Jais……I think this is more than likely. Sept/Oct is “the autumn” rt? So she has 4-5 months to go. BP couldve announced it during the 10th anniv loopaloopa. But they didnt. They waited for THIS day. No one can convince me tht it wasnt an opp to “overshadow” the Sussexes because there is no other opp for the petty courtiers to try to one-up the Sussexes because they always complain abt H&M “overshadowing” while breathing.

      • VS says:

        The only thing that can overshadow the Sussexes is the queen dying….I wish her many more years!

        The Sussexes do not care…..the rf can do their stuffs; the world continues to function on birthdays or anniversaries….it is only royalists who care about nonsense like that!

      • Jais says:

        Yeah I kind of imagine Bea, Eugenie, Meg, and Harry just kind of laughing like well courtiers gotta court.

    • Myjobistoprincess says:

      Definitely a petty courtier or orders from the top. The Yorks were never petty to me and I think they would prefer things to remain lowkey. If they wanted loud, they could have been loud years earlier. Some people are mounting up friends and close cousins against each other and is building shade so that we dont make it a habit of highlighting other’s wedding anniversaries…

      And the Sussex dont care, and the Sussex are happy for Beatrice

      • Nic919 says:

        Knowing that Eugenie was still in touch with Harry and Meghan despite the tiara story and the alleged pregnancy announcement at the wedding, it certainly looks as though those stories were from courtiers , like Knauf, instead of the York sisters.

  12. Merricat says:

    I don’t think the Sussexes are mad about this in the least.

  13. harla says:

    Congratulations to the happy couple and Wolfie!!

  14. TheOriginalMia says:

    Congratulations to them! Here’s hoping for a relaxing, healthy pregnancy.

  15. Sofia says:

    Congrats to them both! Honestly the Sussexes so not care but it’ll be interesting to see if the same people who got up in arms about Meghan stealing Eugenie’s thunder will also be up in arms about the announcement being today.

    And yes I also think it might be a girl!

  16. Phoenix says:

    Doesn’t the queen know that there is a special order to make such announcements? Lol
    With that being said I don’t think that there is a special order to make announcements. But Meghan got the heat for hers and she was dragged. I am waiting for Beatrice’s dragging but I have the feeling it’s going to be a looong wait 😉

  17. ABritGuest says:

    Congrats to Beatrice and Eddo. Wishing her a happy and healthy pregnancy.

    Why do you keep saying that Harry& Meghan announced their pregnancy at Eugenie’s wedding when it was said that the family had been informed & the wedding was first time to congratulate in person. Mike Tindall also said people knew in advance via group chat.

    Whilst I do think given the animosity a courtier is likely being petty announcing today, it’s always said there’s no obligation for Sussexes to schedule events or announcements around the other family members now which works both ways. Charles & Camilla are in NI and Kate is doing an engagement so shows there doesn’t have to be a meltdown when there’s multiple RF events or news at the same time. So hope the energy is kept

    • Becks1 says:

      There never was a meltdown when multiple family members were doing events the same days – Camilla and Charles work more days than not (at least during the royals “working months” lol) and Anne, edward, sophie etc always work regularly and events always overlap. The meltdown was when Harry and Meghan worked. It’s just more obvious as time goes on.

      ETA and remember they’re still melting down! Remember the hissy fit last week bc Harry’s podcast “overshadowed” Will and Kate’s archery??

      • Merricat says:

        Lol, mere breathing by Harry and Meghan overshadows Will and Kate’s archery.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Yes, agree that I don’t like the incorrect narrative that M&H announced the pregnancy with Archie at E’s wedding, and I don’t get why that keeps getting pushed even here. It’s been confirmed numerous times that the family knew beforehand — and if no one had seen them before then of COURSE they would be talking about it amongst themselves at the wedding. You’re not banned from speaking about anything except the happy couple at a wedding, and it’s not like Harry or Meghan grabbed the mic at the reception and made an announcement.

      • Nic919 says:

        Plus Meghan looked pregnant and couldn’t hide it at that point. I don’t know what people were expecting her to do. And no official announcement came until a few days after because they couldn’t keep it secret for the tour due to the Zika virus travel restrictions.

  18. Ginger says:

    Congratulations to the couple!

    Mike Tindall himself said that the family knew of Meghan expecting before Eugenie’s wedding and they congratulated them at the wedding in person. I’m going to believe him over the tabloids.

    • Sid says:

      Same. Meghan’s vibe to me is very “Miss Manners” in a good way. I have a hard time believing she and Harry would roll up to the wedding of one of the family members who had apparently been the most welcoming to her and just be like “we’re having a baby bitches!” Tindall’s comments make the most sense.

      Congrats to Beatrice and her husband!

  19. Catherine says:

    I don’t think the Sussexes care. I do think the royal family timed the announcement so that it might possibly get attached to any story about the Sussex anniversary. Some American networks will do the hears some royal news approach. Otherwise most of the media just isn’t interested in the York girls. If they were they had plenty of time to pay attention to them before Meghan came along. Remember they both a various times lived in the 🇺🇸; and still nobody was clamoring for them. That’s why it bothers me when the Sussexes are included in any sort of they’re competing storyline. They generate a level of interest that the others didn’t. When you have an audience that others don’t you’re not competing with the others when you do something. They are trying to compete with or clout chase the Sussexes.

  20. DMG says:

    Assuming that they are on good terms, maybe it was planned as a way to keep the BM focused on the Yorks and not the Sussexes, giving them a BM free anniversary. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  21. Amy Bee says:

    When the announcement was made the Sussexes would have been asleep. So it’s not a big deal and unlike the rest of family I think they’re fine with other people having the spotlight. It’s about the work for them.

  22. Amelie says:

    Have they no shame? Talk about attention seeking!!! They should have waited until Friday!

    (just kidding. This is wonderful news)

  23. Lee says:

    Congratulations to the couple. Hope they enjoy the coming arrival. The timing of the announcement shows a calculated pettiness that underscores why the Sussex family left. Its really quite sad good news had to be shared with speculation as to whether the announcement date was payback for something done years earlier. Sad.

  24. Cece says:

    Why does Beatrice get styled as HRH even though she’s not a full-time royal and supports herself working in business doing something, yet the Sussexes had to agree to not use HRH to get out of dodge? I mean, Harry is much closer to the throne than Beatrice (even unborn Baby Sussex is closer than she is).

    • Hell Nah! says:

      Just another example of the hypocrisy running through the palace halls. This announcement could have been made yesterday, tomorrow, next week, last week. Today’s date was chosen very purposely (no doubt by the evil, snidely courtiers) to ‘hit back’ at all the ‘overshadowing’ H & M have been getting up to lately.

      Whatever. Congrats to both couples.

  25. Harper says:

    Congratulations to Bea and the Mozz! I’m rooting for her to be happy. And yes, it’s no big deal to announce on the Sussex wedding anniversary but the Rota and the Royals are always screaming at H&M for overshadowing the Still Left in Britain Royals so the hypocrisy is glaring. There have been a few pap pics lately of Bea and Edo and I never noticed that she looked preggers.

  26. IMARA219 says:

    I love her wedding day photos. My only gripe is that I wish the dress was a smidgen longer. Congrats to them!

    • PrincessK says:

      The dress belonged to the Queen who is quite short.

      • ennie says:

        but the designer/seamstress added that long hem thing, she could’ve done i differently. Anyway, she looks good in it. Congrats to them and to the Sussexes.

      • IMARA219 says:

        I knew it belonged to the Queen but they chopped & screwed the dress to make it her wedding dress. I never even considered the Queen’s height in that mix though, so maybe that length is what she had to work with… a good point.

      • Curious says:

        according to what i read. both the queen and Bea is 5 feet 4 inches. of course now that he queen is old her height is very tiny.. the Queen was a few inches taller than her mother. the queen with her 5’4 was rather tall compared to princess Margaret that was 5’1 and her mother was 5’2 and queen Victoria was only 5 feet. a very small woman. must hurt these people neck looking up when people was talking to them . but i guess added inches to their shoes made them look taller. without shoes they all very short people.

  27. SurelyNot says:

    Congrats! Not relevant but I do love the color of that coat and the tones of the dress and hat with it, the black shoes are a choice, but since it’s springy and overcast today I am wanting that coat.

  28. February-Pisces says:

    Congratulations bea and edo! Also I absolutely love the name Wolfie.

    I don’t think it’s a big deal they are announcing on Meghan and harrys anniversary, the Sussex’s are not petty unlike some other royals. I wonder if the trolls are accusing Meghan of plotting to upstage Beatrice’s baby announcement by getting married 3 years ago? Lol.

  29. Over it says:

    Congrats to them.
    I personally hate her dress, it’s hideous. Don’t care if it’s vintage. It should stay where it was, in the past

  30. Amelie says:

    Her wedding look was really quite beautiful. At the time I didn’t know what to make of it but I really do like it now, minus the sleeves. I get they were added for modesty purposes but without them I think it would have been fine. Bea’s wedding wasn’t televised and there were, what, 15 people there? Seems a bit silly to go through all that trouble to add those balloon like sleeves.

    Anyways congrats to them! I didn’t even realize today was the Sussexes’ wedding anniversary and they 100% don’t care about the fact Bea’s pregnancy was announced today. Maybe some petty person in one of the palaces does but by tomorrow nobody will care about Bea’s pregnancy until she gives birth. It’s the kind of thing that falls off people’s radars almost right away. Congrats to Bea and Edo, hopefully Wolfie is looking forward to having a sibling.

    • Sid says:

      I think the sleeves were likely a nod towards traditional modesty for royal brides. You know, the whole “shoulders shouldn’t be bare in church” thing. I don’t think I’ve seen any royal bride who had fully bare shoulders during her church wedding.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        I think the “shoulders shouldn’t be bare in church” applies to most churches, not just to the royals. I’ve been to many Catholic weddings, and none of the brides had exposed shoulders. Short or cap sleeves, or a cape or bolero, but never bare shoulders outright.

  31. TigerMcQueen says:

    Since the “H&M announced their pregnancy at Eugenie’s wedding” was baloney spread by the courtiers, I’m guessing the timing of this announcement is also on some courtier who thinks they’re waaaaay smarter than they actually are.

    I don’t think H&M or the York sisters give a flying Eff about the timing or stepping on the others’ toes given the (still) close relationship Harry and his cousins have.

    Now, the York sisters’ hats at the Keen wedding? THAT was totally on purpose. (And I personally think Bea’s hat was meant to resemble a toilet seat.)

  32. Murphy says:

    I don’t think Eugenie and Bea feel a rivalry with Harry, they feel a rivalry with the firm-working blood princesses they thought they were going to be.

  33. Cee says:

    Happy news, although with this family you never know. Hopefully Prince Phillip learned the news. She was already pregnant at his funeral so the fact they included spouses must have been a real comfort to her.

  34. Athena says:

    I think Andrew is the one who wanted the announcement made today.
    The UK is 8 hours ahead of LA so I doubt this announcement has any impact on the Sussexes anniversary

    • lee says:

      I doubt Andrew has that kind of pull now or that any low level courier has the nerve to do this. We all know the Sussex family is out of royal favor but couldn’t they consider Beatrice and let her have a day of happiness to herself alone? So now the story is no longer about Bea but payback for an alleged slight over two years ago involving Meghan. Its just so revealing about the royal unfamily and its not a pretty picture.

    • L4frimaire says:

      It’s nice to give them their little spotlight of joy, and they moved fairly quick in getting pregnant. I don’t think it’s that big a deal they announce it today and the Sussexes are celebrating their anniversary privately in the States anyway. I actually don’t like when the royals say announcements about the Sussexes like Archie’s birthday since it stirs the trolls and the “ but I thought they wanted privacy” police. I almost forgot my anniversary this year, I guess the pandemic has thrown off my sense of time a lot. Anyway, congrats to them.

  35. Ann says:

    Happy news. They make a cute couple. I’m not surprised they started trying so soon. It’s not like she’s 22, and she and her sister seem close so it will be nice for their kids to be close in age. And I am guessing they will want more than one, based on nothing more than intuition and the fact that she’s not an only child?

  36. Doulton says:

    2021 is a bumper crop of babies: Eugenie, Zara, Meghan, and Bea!

    I remember in 1964 the births of James Ogilvy, Prince Edward, Lady Helen Windsor, and Lady Sarah Chatto were discussed excitedly. They would be life-long friends, family, and allies, the thinking went.

  37. MsIam says:

    Congrats to them. I hope they get the chance at happiness that was not afforded to others.

  38. L4frimaire says:

    Congrats to them and don’t mind they chose to announce today. Lots of royal babies this year, which is ironic since there was a drop in births overall due to the pandemic.

  39. NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

    I’m super happy for the family. I hope Bea has an easy pregnancy.

    I don’t want to sound any alarms but I do worry for her. Even though I have no doubt Bea has top notch doctors on her case, her and Eugie’s health hasn’t always been the greatest.

  40. aquarius64 says:

    Congrats to Bea and Edo. But at the end of the day when H & M’s baby is born the news cycle will blowp

  41. Kkat says:

    I think this is a grey suit trying to cause trouble.

    I don’t think M&H would care, but this could have been announced yesterday or tomorrow

    • Curious says:

      well the courtiers are like the group of men that help the queen make decisions. when they don’t agree with the queen, she is overruled. i see the courtiers as a jury in a court case. it seem similar to the lords and such in parliament ,that helps the monarch to stay in their position.

  42. JRenee says:

    Congratulations to them.
    Hopefully their parents will remain muted!

  43. Curious says:

    Bea and her sister as far as i have read have never been catty girls /women. they went on with their lives. the few headlines, was silly one was about how they dress.the hats they wore. and the more serious headline about Bea is after being with a guy for 10 yrs he still walked off and marry another woman shortly after. so william thing was since he dated for a long time, it proves love will last. william didn’t love Catherine ,she was just the only woman who was willing to marry him. for Bea she was duped. other than that those sisters lead a very good and proper life.

  44. Athena says:

    I have wondered why the York sisters specifically Eugenie have never denied through “a friend” that they had no issues with Meghan’s baby announcement. It’s similar to the Kate made Meghan cry story. If the story is false why not deny it. Instead two years later, it’s still driving the narrative.

    • Curious says:

      they can’t. cause they will be spending the rest of their lives making statements . hence why many celebrities, including the royal family can’t spend their time denying what the press says. but in this case, since Meghan mental heath was going to a dark place. all of them should have said something. but i guess many couldn’t do it cause of rules. glad that Zara husband cleared things up by saying they all knew Meghan was pregnant. very rare they all meet up. so for Eugenie wedding they all congratulated Harry/Meghan.