Countess Sophie: Prince Philip’s death ‘left a giant-sized hole in our lives’

Duke of Edinburgh death

Remember when the Duchess of Cambridge repeatedly exploited the murder of Sarah Everard to make herself look like a “royal revolutionary”? That was completely reprehensible and it felt like a brave new world of how low royal PR would sink. I bring this up because I’ve noticed something very curious about the Earl and Countess of Wessex: they’re rebranding themselves on the back of Prince Philip’s death. They’re using Philip’s death to remind people that they exist, to remind people of how close they are to the Queen, and to try to force Prince Charles to keep them around whenever the Queen passes. It’s *really* obvious. There was Edward & Sophie’s joint interview with the Telegraph (the infamous “Oprah who?” interview), there was Edward’s interview with CNN, and now Sophie is chatting with BBC Radio 5. She spoke at length about Philip, his funeral and her grief and… it’s like she and Edward are doing a Grief Tour, honestly. Some highlights:

Losing Philip: His death “left a giant-sized hole in our lives. I think unfortunately the pandemic has slightly skewed things, inasmuch as it’s hard to spend as much time with the Queen as we would like to. We’ve been trying to, but of course it’s still not that easy. I think the whole grieving process is probably likely for us to take a lot longer.”

Covid is still messing things up: “Of course, the normal way of things isn’t normal yet, so we’re not necessarily doing the things that we would normally have done with him. It may be the same for many other families out there. Because if you’re not living with somebody, 24/7, the immediate loss isn’t necessarily felt in the same way, as if somebody was in the house with you all the time. So if they were normally at a slight distance, living down the road, whether it be 15 minutes, or 1,500 miles, it’s only when you would do the normal things that you would have done with them, and you suddenly realize that they are not there, that you really start to have an ‘Oh my goodness’ moment.”

Taking that photo of Philip & the Queen in Scotland: “We were lucky enough to go to Scotland for half-term, and I don’t know if you remember the photograph that I took,” she said. Pausing to collect herself amid the emotion of recalling the moment, Sophie said she was pregnant with Louise when she took the picture. “Just to be there, in that place, was an ‘Oh my God’ moment,” she said, her voice cracking as she fought back tears. “Um, so I think they’ll come and go, but you have to let them come, and let them go.”

She’s still worked up: “But just talking to you now, it’s a bit of an ‘Oh my goodness’ moment, which you don’t necessarily expect, and you don’t expect them to come. And I had the same when I lost my mother. You know, I’d be fine, absolutely fine, fine, fine. And then something happened, or you’d hear a piece of music, or you’d do something, and suddenly you would, you know, get taken off at the knees. So there’ll be lots of moments like that. But it’s good to remember.”

[From People]

She then proceeded to tell a long-winded story about how her daughter, Lady Louise, has taken up carriage-driving, which was one of Philip’s hobbies, and how Philip encouraged Louise and all of that. Like, I think the grief is real. I think she’s mourning. But I also think the Wessexes believe this is their moment to go on some kind of national press tour to talk about Philip and talk about how close they are to the Queen and, you know, remind people that they exist. They’re definitely making a play here. And she has some sort of thing with “oh my God moments” or “oh my goodness moments.” Someone tell her about Oprah Who coining the phrase “aha-moment” please.

Some photos of the Countess of Wessex at Royal Ascot this week:

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  1. Becks1 says:

    So, I think she’s saying a lot of very valid things about grief, especially about how you may not always notice until you do something you always did with that person. And i think in that regards this is “good” for the royals – a way to connect with countless others who have lost loved ones over the last 14 months.

    But this is still definitely the Sophie and Edward tour and it’s interesting. Maybe there is more talk of cutting them off behind the scenes than we realize? Remember two weeks or so ago, there was a weird story about Charles cutting off Eugenie and we were all like… there anything to cut off though? Maybe it was the right church, wrong pew. “Slimming down” is being discussed again but not in regards to Eugenie.

    • Cecilia says:

      Honestly i think that is exactly what is going on here.

    • L84Tea says:

      I cannot imagine living my life day to day wondering if my income was going to be pulled out from under me like a rug at any given moment. That’s not a way to live. While I don’t feel very sorry for them, as they live in a huge estate and wear designer clothes and enjoy all the other perks royal life offers, it’s kind of crazy to think that they are constantly worrying about whether or not it will all evaporate.

    • Nomegusta says:

      Aren’t they set to inherit Philip’s titles? I know salty Sophie has been itching to be a duchess.

      Maybe all of this, ‘we’re so sad’, bit is just so it doesn’t look like they are being grabby and greedy when really they both want the title change over. It’d look bad if they were doing anything short of wailing in the street.

      I don’t doubt Edward’s grief or his family’s sadness over the death. But let’s be real, people who rush out every three Mississippis to tell the world about their mourning clearly have an agenda.

      • L84Tea says:

        I guess I don’t know enough about it. If and when they inherit the title, does anything else come with it? Are they set to inherit a trust or something?

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @L84Tea – No. There is no trust or estate with the Edinburgh Dukedom.

      • L84Tea says:

        @BTB, Wow, so they’re just hungry for the sake of the titles. Brits are their titles…(shaking my head)

      • Gillysirl says:

        So why didn’t Edward/Sophie get a dukedom when they got married?

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        The DoE title is currently with Charles, TQ is still technically the Duchess of Edinburgh. It will pass to Edward when TQ passes and Chuck becomes King.

        The title has to revert back to the ‘crown’ before it can be bestowed on Edward.

        IIRC it was announced when the Wessex’s got married that they would eventually get the DoE titles.

      • Christine says:

        Isn’t she technically the dowager duchess, and why in the hell do I know that?

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      You should have led with your first paragraph.

  2. Jmj says:

    I’m sure they thought they were super clever with that Oprah who bit. Except they clearly planned it out ahead of time and waited for the opportunity to use their super clever response, which belies the entire idea that they are indifferent. And I used to like them the best. But that was truly pathetic.

    • L84Tea says:

      It’s really amazing. I used to like Sophie so much–to me it always seemed like she just worked and kept a low profile and was pleasant. I look at her entirely different now. I see nothing but a brown-nosing, thirsty, two-faced witch.

      • Ginger says:

        Same. I used to think she was harmless but I see she is a nasty mean girl. She is using her father in laws death for clout. How horrible.

      • Merricat says:

        Yes. The infamous Commonwealth service really did in Sophie for me.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “I look at her entirely different now.”

        I look at all of them entirely differently now.

      • L84Tea says:

        @BTB, sadly, me too. All of them. But Sophie really disappointed me.

      • minx says:

        Whatever charisma is, Edward and Sophie are the opposite.

      • Christine says:

        Same, she’s been a far bigger disappointment to me than Kate, who I never thought of as remotely useful in the first place.

    • Lorelei says:

      @JMJ, I was always sort of neutral about them — they were just…there. We didn’t see or hear from them very often, and it was fine. Sophie seemed to be purposely keeping a low profile; she never came across as very thirsty, imo.

      Now, I actively dislike them. It started the day Sophie was such a raging bitch to Meghan in front of the entire world at the Commonwealth Service. So now, the more they’re out there giving interviews, the more I roll my eyes and keep scrolling.

      And it’s strange to act as if they need to be worried about money; they’re incredibly wealthy no matter what, and the Queen will make sure they’re set for life. They won’t lose their home or anything. So it seems as if it all comes down to the titles?

      I can’t be the only one who feels this way. I wonder how badly this plan of theirs is backfiring.

  3. EnormousCoat says:

    When their ultimate goal is to be kept around after TQ passes, it is hard to see anything else – including grief – as genuine. This comes off as crass & I hate that, because we do need to have conversations about grief and how we process grief. I believe that she is grieving, but it is cheapened by their strategy for relevance. But idk how you are both an institution and a family, how that’s balanced. It always seems like institution wins out, so I guess that’s the balance.

  4. Cecilia says:

    They are definitely trying to launch the “wessex” brand so to say. Careful kate, somebody is gunning for your crown.

    I find all these interviews and media appearances very suspicious. Sorry.

    • equality says:

      I thought it was especially funny that she highlighted a picture she took of the Queen and Philip. Wonder if that was a reminder to Kate that family photography didn’t originate with her.

      • Cecilia says:

        Maybe a reminder to kate that sophie is the queens favorite? Because i will say it again, kate (the cambs in general) really aren’t that well liked in the family. At least thats the impression i get.

  5. SaySo says:

    Do worry ma’am, from what I hear, Duchess Kate is the cure-all for every situation, feeling, lie, and scandal that the RF experiences ( creates).

  6. Amy Bee says:

    If I’m not mistakened, Sophie and her husband were the first ones to do an interview after Philip died. So they’re definitely using his death for self promotion. Andrew tried it too but the public revolted.

    • Alexandria says:

      The first person was Andrew followed by Kate.

      Don’t worry Sophie, Kate is the family rock now. All of you lot can cry on her shoulders.

      • Amy Bee says:

        Nah Kate never spoke publicly about Philip’s death. As I remember it Sophie, Andrew and Edward attended the same church service and they spoke to media after. So she and her husband were among the first to speak to the public.

    • Alexandria says:

      She certainly didn’t speak but that arranged stare into the camera, trying to chat with Harry, and of course those embiggening articles of her being the next Phillip betray her.

      • Amy Bee says:

        Oh yes she made sure she was front and center on the day of the funeral

      • Harper says:

        Phillip’s funeral was just another social event on Kate’s calendar. Expensive outfit, fancy updo, heavy makeup, obvious jewelry, and knowing where the camera is at all times.

  7. Jan says:

    Sophie really is marketing her family.
    Philip was in poor health for years, in and out of the hospital getting one procedure after another, some of the surgeries he had done, the NHS would not have done on people his age, but since he was royal.
    Philip was 99, most likely in constant pain, sorry he didn’t hold on longer to continue teaching carriage rides.
    Maybe that is why Philip spent most of her later life with his companion, he probably had enough drama dealing with his family and wanted peace and quiet at his cottage.

    • atorontogal says:

      This exactly! It boggles the mind how they go on about the giant hole left from his passing – as if they all got together on the regular. They are not and have never been a normal family, so why are they trying to promote this bs line?

      • SurelyNot says:

        eh, we have no idea how they spend 90% of their time. We really have no idea how often they move among the gigantic properties and how long they stay unless random helicopter or vehicle gets noticed.

        I remember being surprised when Mike spoke of the family WhatsApp and the messages when Meghan was pregnant with Archie and thinking well yea, I keep forgetting they are actually a family.

      • Chaine says:

        Her children are still fairly young and it was their grandfather. I’ve definitely seen pix of Lady Louise and Phillip carriage driving together. So I do believe there is genuine grief, whether it’s because she personally misses Phillip or it is more grief for her children losing a grandparent.

  8. Lizzie says:

    Sophie who?

    • LaraW” says:

      Lol. I clicked on this article because I wanted to see wtf was going on with the feathers on her head. The hat did not disappoint. It looks like they took a piece of cardboard, glued feathers on it, and called it a day.

    • myjobistoprincess says:

      LOL that,s exactly what I wrote on an IG post about her. but I erased becuase th post was about children.

    • Lizzie says:

      the ratio of people asking ‘Oprah who?’ compared to ‘Sophie who?’ is a 1:1,000,000.
      She’s just not relevant.
      Also she is really attractive but her outfits do her no favors.

  9. Linda says:

    I’m trying to be compassionate here.. but the “poor” guy was 99 years old. He had a full life, a privileged life.. how long can they milk his death? It’s improper at this point I feel

    • Nikki* says:

      Maybe I’m a hard hearted realist, but one of my pet peeves is when people refer to the passing of a very old person as a tragedy. They’ve been blessed to reach so many years, and their loved ones have been blessed to cherish them so long. But yes, we all must die, and that’s part of life. Having said all that, of course people will grieve their loss.

      • iconoclast59 says:

        @Nikki*, I’m right there with you. My mom was 86 when she died, dependent on oxygen, taking tons of meds, and in and out of the hospital. She flat-out said, “I’ve lived a full life. I’m ready to go.” It’s been several years, and I still miss her, but I’m glad her life wasn’t dragged out at the end — she would’ve been absolutely miserable.

      • Betsy says:

        I agree with you. It’s not that the loss of a loved one is ever easy, but the loss of someone who led a long, fulfilling life and died a good death isn’t a tragedy.

      • Christine says:

        I am completely in agreement. A 99 year old man who died peacefully in his own bed, surrounded by family, with every single one of his mental faculties intact? That’s a miracle, Philip had a really long, privileged life. After watching Alzheimer’s completely take my Grandpa, at 87, I wish he had broken all of our hearts by dying suddenly at 65, he would have been so much happier.

  10. Sofia says:

    I think Sophie’s grief is genuine. She’s ambitious and has always wanted to be First Lady of the firm but that doesn’t mean she’s not hurting.

    Her and Edward are due to be the next Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh when the queen dies so I can see why they’re sending out Sophie and Edward. But I also think some of it is trying to raise their own profile so they don’t get kicked out of the “slim monarchy”. Hence why the kissing up of the Cambridges by Sophie at CW day because eventually William will hold the purse strings.

    • JT says:

      Shouldn’t she be kissing up to Charles though? He’s the one who will probably be doing the slimming down and going by how he’s treating his own son, it’s going to be pretty ruthless when he gets the crown. Besides, William won’t be in charge for another 15-25 years, she’ll be at least 76. If there is no excitement surrounding her now, there certainly won’t be any when she’s that old. It’s a little early to be trying to get on William’s good side.

      With that being said, the Windsors have a huge generational problem. They are all old and even though they have the Keens, they do not connect to the young people, the ones who will potentially support the monarchy in the future. I saw a poll the said H&M are the most popular with millennials and Gen Z in the UK. W&K only have the old people on their side and Sofiesta certainly is not going to help reach the youths. They really need to re-strategize.

      • Cecilia says:

        I think they are trying to re-strategize with the keens new youtube channel. The thing is, the Cambridges really missed their window to be relatable to the young. There was all this excitement and frenzy after they got married. And instead of using that to their advantage being out and about, championing causes like mental health and climate change, they were in norfolk enjoying that country life. Now, they are almost 40, the good looks have faded. And william is becoming the tory poster boy. Its simply not going to happen.

      • Sofia says:

        She doesn’t because Charles can probably see right through it OR he’s made up his mind and nothing will change OR he’s said to them both that they can be kept on, especially as the Sussexes have left. It doesn’t matter when William will be King, the point is he will be (unless the monarchy is abolished and I don’t see that happening tbh) and if the Wessex live till their 70/80s/90s, they’ll most likely see it happen and will want to get money even if they’re 70+ just like Anne and the queen’s cousins.

        I don’t deny she’s never really going to be “it” but the lifestyle her and Edward are accustomed to is expensive and that means kissing up to the future purse string holders no matter how long it takes for them to get to the throne.

      • JT says:

        @Sofia What I’m wondering is, what if Charles does boot them when he becomes king? Does that mean they’ll be reinstated when William ascends? What will they do for the 20 years between Charles and William? I don’t know, the plan to suck up to William seems a bit shortsighted and old Baldimort isn’t known to be generous either. He’ll have the Wessexes tap dancing harder than Charles, because William is very much a “kiss the ring” kind of guy. I feel that they will constantly have to prove their loyalty to him. He seems very Trumpian. I just think they would be better served with finding a plan b, rather than kissing the Keens ass.

      • Sofia says:

        @JT I don’t know what the plan is until William ascends hence why I’ve suggested that Charles has said to them that they can stay on because they don’t have the Sussexes anymore. Or they’ll become like the other aristos and open up their house and make money through that. But they want the lifestyle and if that means doing whatever William wants then so be it.

      • SomeChick says:

        William has a good side?! first I’ve heard of it.

      • Carmen-JamRock says:

        Theyre all counting on Charles’ reign being the shortest in BRF history……perhaps even shorter than Edward VIII’s (which was 326 days).

    • SurelyNot says:

      Do we know what these two ‘get’ now in the way of public funding. I know when M&H dropped the letter it said they received about 5% from the public grant and the rest was presumably through Chuck.

      Chuck isn’t paying for Sophie’s clothes or anything like that — I guess they live on the grounds at KP and that isn’t likely to change no matter who is the Monarch. My point is, they aren’t working Royals (or are they?) so I don’t know what they stand to gain or lose when TQ croaks.

      We need Nota.

      • Sofia says:

        They are working royals. I don’t know what their finances are like but they get the Sovereign Grant and (I’m assuming) the Duchy of Lancaster money. That probably tides them over. And that 5% of Sovereign Grant that the Sussexes used could have been for them (and the Cambridges/Charles and Camilla) and may not be the arrangement the rest of the family has.

        And they don’t live in London, they live in Bagshot Park at Windsor. There’s a lease on it that they’ve paid (using Edward’s inheritance I believe)

  11. ABritGuest says:

    what she said about experiencing this grief during these weird covid times was v relatable the comment on Philip leaving a hole in the family was very similar to what Harry said re Diana but she won’t be told to shut up despite this being like the 3rd interview since April on the topic.

    I do think the firm were cynical in using Philip’s passing for image rehab & promotion. We saw Andrew’s church interview which was blatantly part of an attempt to get back in the public eye & now the Wessexes are out there.

    Also in the interview she talks about the very important topic of rape being used as a weapon of war and how the assailants should be held accountable. Just ironic in light of her brother in law hiding behind his mother’s skirt

  12. Christa says:

    Honestly, who else does the Palace have to send out to generate positive PR for the Royal Family? It seems like they can handle themselves in front of the camera, sound relatable (whether or not they are is another question) and it’s a better headline for the RF than the feuding brothers storyline.

    I suppose Charles and Camilla are the other options besides the Cambridges, but if there is fear that Andrew’s daughters are too messy to be given a public role, then the options are pretty limited.

    • equality says:

      I don’t think at this point Eugenie or Beatrice would be willing. Beatrice has her rich man and is supposedly looking at buying her own property. In the meantime they have reportedly been living with his mother. Edo will eventually inherit property in Italy also. After seeing how Harry got treated for years, why would Bea or Eugenie be willing to join up?

      • SurelyNot says:

        and the media have always been awful to both girls, now with them having children I agree with you, why would they want in the middle of this mess.

  13. Calibration says:

    Look, I’ve lost both my parents and parents in law, all of whom I was very close to. But honestly, those welling up with emotions bit seems put on. The dude was 99. We all know Sophie and Ed had to make good at being working royals or they’d been kinda broke. She spent years being the queens best dil and Louise took up phils fav sport. We get it! You’re relevant or you don’t have an income to support your designer wardrobe and the 50 room whatever house that no one ever mentions.

    She’s also sucking up to the Cambridges and mean girling meghan. We see you, Sophie. No matter how hard you tried, you’re no Diana

  14. D says:

    Did you see the article in Vanity Fair, I think it went up last weekend. Not Katie Nicholl. Talk about a PR push for these two.

  15. Kateeee says:

    I believe the pitch is Wessex is the new Sussex. All the feelings and humanity, none of the racism talk. Now with extra whiteness! Just pitiful. But I don’t think this is jockeying for Charles to keep them in the fold–that ship would have sailed ages ago. This to me is an effort to monetize their royal status and raise their profile. Gotta keep that money coming in once mother dies and you’re cut off.

    Or maybe it’s signaling to Charles that they have stories to spill and are happy to take them public if the money stops. Just the shade of ruthless I would expect from such an entitled bunch.

    • JT says:

      @Kateee This is something. They know their futures are uncertain, so they are trying to build up name recognition so they can cash in in those royal connections. And I’m sure nobody will be screeching about it like they do with the Sussexes, even though H&M are fully independent. So are using Prince Philip’s passing and H&M for clout to get more visibility. I think this theory is probable. I was wondering up thread what their endgame is. This might be it. Interesting.

  16. Lili says:

    i’m not surprised they are using Philps death to spring board these 2 into the limelight, there was a piece a few months back about sophie being the new Meghan becuase she was doing some charity work in a kitchen during the pandemic. So they are jumping off with the death and how they feel then there will be more about their charities and stuff in the future. at least they have a couple of brain cells to rub together and maybe a bit more relatable to a certain demographic. i dont know if it will hold sway with ethnic minorites in the

    • Calibration says:

      Sophie was trumpeted as the new Diana when they married. She even styled herself on Diana, hair, clothes etc. That failed. So now she’s new meghan?

  17. Harper says:

    The bland Countess is exactly what the British people said they wanted, so I hope they enjoy her. Charles may be okay with pushing Sophie forward as Kate is a total verbal embarrassment, and Ann probably told Chuckie she wasn’t going to do more publicity and he should f-off. I am interested to see if Sophie suddenly undergoes a What Not To Wear style makeover and tries to reposition herself fashion-wise. Perhaps style lessons from Penny, who probably needs a project now that Phillip is gone?

  18. Lisa B says:

    The interviewer asks Sophie “Are you ok?” It’s not lost on me that Meghan said nobody asked her if she was ok when she was pregnant and being attacked mercilessly by the UK media (and we later found out she was depressed and suicidal). Imagine the media criticism if Meghan did this interview and cried like Sophie did.

  19. Merricat says:

    Lol. The Wessexes are two bowls of oatmeal with a side of curdled cream for Sophie. I really don’t care how important she was to old Phillip, and neither does anyone but the 60+ crowd.
    Having said that, grief is grief is grief. Everybody has a different way through it.

  20. Catherine says:

    I don’t blame the Wessex for the PR Grief Tour. This IMO was clearly orchestrated by the BRF and they’re playing their role. I don’t don’t the genuineness of their grief but these specific interviews are obviously being done because they thought they could capitalize off of Prince Philips death. The first interviews clearly one of the goals was to shade the Sussexes. After getting dragged, they appear to have learned their lesson and stayed away from any specific Sussex convo even though the interviewer asked directly. This is also the second interview with the BBC. Hmm. Could that be payback for the Sussex smear from last week.

  21. Erica says:

    I’ve lost 10 family members in the last 8 years. 2 of them were my grandparents, 6 months apart. They were old and lived good lives. But you know what? It comforted me a bit but I also was VERY sad and depressed, especially because my grandpa was so unexpected. Grandma suffered for a long time so it should have been a relief but I had already lost so many people. I understand there aren’t many royal fans on this site but acting like their grief isn’t valid is gross to me. I don’t care that he was 99 years old. He was their family. Same with me losing my grandparents who were in their 90’s. My step-dad was young when he died but he suffered for years from cancer before he died. Does that make my grief less valid because it should have been a relief?

    • Calibration says:

      What truly gross is the royal family allowing the extreme bullying of pregnant woman to the point of suicidal thoughts.
      I’m a bit older than Sophie,
      I lost my parents and inlaws within 2 years and my brother a year after. And 5 other close relatives within 2 years. If Sophie was truly grief stricken, sshe wouldn’t be doing the grief tour of getting her name in the media. We all understand grief, tthis ain’t it. Using P’s death to promote themselves, Is cool with you?

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      You deliberately misrepresented the theme of the discussions on this particular thread regarding SoFiesta just so you could vent at what you consider to be an anti-BRF vein running thru the comments.

      FYI all the comments acknowledge and show respect for the RFs’ grief over Phillip’s death – some being more sentimental than others. But right along with that is the disdain for SoFiesta’s obvious brown-nosing and positioning. And its blatantly obvious that Phillip’s death is a convenient vehicle for driving her agenda of positioning herself/her family for the change in hierarchy that everyone is preparing for. Charles is already suspected of being the regent. Betty’s death is expected within the next 5-8 years……not a long time in BRF world. So SoFiesta’s campaign is not unexpected, its just so nakedly ambitious and she’s being held in contempt.

  22. Who ARE these people? says:

    “When you live three palaces away, and you can’t just run into them in the below-stairs kitchen…”

  23. TabithaD says:

    Obviously this is part of some huge publicity drive. Maybe they’ve employed some new PR managers too?
    Unfortunately for the Wessexes, some of us remember the Sophie and Edward scandals of yesteryear. Sophie recorded blabbing Royal secrets to all and sundry when she was still running her own PR company. Edward’s forays into the theatrical world and his TV company which sought endlessly to capitalise on his family connections, to the extent that the family complained about it. (And, incidentally, he was desperate to break his TV company into the US market – it must sting him to see how H+M are doing). There was also that infamous “It’s a Royal Knockout” fiasco, which was Edward’s brainchild – it was a PR disaster and did the Royal Family no favours at all.
    And then they live in Bagshot Park which is obscenely huge, even by BRF standards.
    They’ve got a nerve, that’s all I’m saying.

    • ennie says:

      I actually think better of Edward. I think he may be secretly proud of Harry.
      He may have wanted his business to go the way Harry’s has, but he couldn’t make it. Harry did what the Wessexes tried to do. Meg is a huge asset, I think Sophie’s hustle damaged the title they had achieved, so they went back to the fold.
      Everyone thought Harry would do as Edward did, but Meg had endured way more that Sophie had.

  24. another lily says:

    Charles is running the show now and the Wessexes plus Princess Anne are part of his team. They’ve all been at Ascot together, for 3 days in a row, along with Anne’s children. No sign of the Queen or the Cambridges yet. If the Wessexes are now getting more media attention it’s because this is part of Charles’ media strategy.

  25. Tursitops says:

    Cock head to side when posing for photo? Check.
    Make sure Edward is cocked in same direction, same angle?
    Cant see if Louise has the mandatory family pose right, but hoping that she got her brains from my side of the family and so can manage this simplest of tasks.
    Now, what about the other one..?

  26. Beech says:

    Would Edward expect to see an inheritance from Phillip and/or Elizabeth?

  27. Red Weather Tiger says:

    Sophie SuckUp rides again.

  28. L4frimaire says:

    These two are so obvious. Also, she looks like she’s starting to copy Maxima from Netherlands style, but not in a good way. I definitely think of a giant sized hole whenever I see this thirsty twosome. Give that gal a jug of water.

  29. The Recluse says:

    I’m getting a Shakespearean vibe from all these public comments. Sooooo…which one is Sophie? Is she Goneril or Regan? And does that make Harry and Meghan the equivalent of Cordelia?

  30. TeamMeg says:

    Perhaps balancing a lilac-feathered tray on her head will help to fill the hole.

  31. Curious says:

    did any of these people even visited phillip after he retired and was staying at that cottage with his companion. ?its not like he was having breakfast and dinner with them every day . i read that Peter visited him a lot . phillip was close to his oldest grandchild..

  32. Lizzie says:

    Sophie’s outfit reminds me of when Kim K had to wear that hideous dress in Order to go to the Met Ball. I think keen said Sophie can only go if she wears this hideous outfit and hat with feathers.

  33. ElleE says:

    I don’t begrudge these two anything. It is their country and fair play to them.

    Now, do I, as an American, dislike them because of their low-brow, ganging -up on my fellow countrywoman (in public, can one imagine what goes on in private?) Meghan Markle and their racist attempt to elevate themselves by diminishing a black American woman so powerful that she is known globally by only her first name? Why, yes. I dislike them very much, thank you, good day.