Tori Spelling says she didn’t get a nose job and that it’s just contouring


As we’ve discussed, Tori Spelling has switched up her look. Primarily her face, although she seems to be sporting a lot more hair than usual as well. The change in her appearance has caught everyone’s attention. Fortunately for us, Tori is not side-stepping the conversation. While on Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live, Jeff asked Tori why she looked so different. According to Tori, it’s just make-up and a new beauty treatment using exosomes. The question is, do we believe this is really just good contouring?

Makeup can do wonders, according to Tori Spelling.

During her appearance on Thursday’s episode of Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum, 48, opened up about her new glam routine when host Jeff Lewis commented on an “insane picture” Spelling had posted to her Instagram last week.

According to Lewis, the photo — which showed Spelling wearing matching denim jumpsuits with hairstylist Laura Rugetti — sparked speculations from plastic surgeons that the star had cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance.

“You do look great,” Lewis told Spelling, before asking the actress, “What is it? Why do you look so good?”

“First of all, I have an amazing makeup artist now. Her name is Hailey Hoff and, with contour, she does makeup like no one else,” Spelling replied. “I look completely different. I look like I’ve had a nose job and it’s straight now.”

Spelling also noted that her new glow might also be due to a skin care treatment she and Lewis recently tried during a trip to Carson City, Nevada

“It could be the exosomes too,” she said, saying that some people have commented that her skin “looks flawless” in a recent selfie she took with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

“So maybe I’m looking younger,” Spelling added. “They said I looked Snooki’s age. She’s 33. I’m like, ‘I’ll take that.”

[From People via DListed]

I don’t think Tori’s had a new nose job. She’s been honest in the past about both her nose and boob jobs so why deny it now? Her eyes look the most different to me. That could be just makeup, but recent video makes it look like she’s using injectables at least. I also think her cheeks are heavily redesigned by a makeup brush. I’ve seen makeup tutorials in which the person looks completely different at the end so it is possible Hailey Hoff is repainting Tori every morning. And some recent IG shots look more Tori-like than others. But there is a certain refreshed look to her photos, they’re being aided by something. However, there are two things very clear from Tori’s IG. The first is that she must invest a lot of time to recreate her look every day. Each photo has so many people tagged: hair, nails, makeup, etc. The second is that Tori obviously feels fabulous and I can’t fault anyone for that.

In our last story, I felt the bigger news was the reappearance of Tori’s wayward husband, Dean McDermott. We have no idea what is going on with them, but we’d heard they were all but done. Then Dean showed up at the chili cook off with the family and won a bunch of stuffed animals (ironic, given he complains about living with Tori’s animals). But in Tori’s latest spon-con, she’s hawking customized pumpkins. In the photos, there’s one of The McDermott Family surrounded by individual pumpkins for every family member except Dean. I guess Dean didn’t win the right stuffed animal at the carnival.




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  1. Size Does Matter says:

    Is it me or is her upper lip so plumped in that pic with the two buns that it actually makes a shadow?

    • Jessica says:

      I made a comment on Facebook about her money troubles on some thread. I linked an article because the person had no idea she’s ever been in trouble with money (not sure how)? The next day Facebook tagged my comment and said it went against their community standards. Ha. I totally felt she was being a Kardashian and having all of the negative comments removed because there was nothing mean or untrue in what I posted….she just didn’t want an article about her money problems linked on her new makeover posts. Lol.

  2. Erin says:

    I would say the new look is heavily aided by photoshop. She must have poached one of the Kardashian-Jenner employees. In videos she looks more similar to her old self.

  3. Jezz says:

    How hard is it to photoshop your shoulders!? The contrast between her newborn-baby face and her freckly ole shoulders is comical.
    But I don’t want to laugh. She makes me sad, how much she’s always hated her natural face and body.

  4. Lauren says:

    Contouring. Sure.

  5. Jaded1 says:

    I saw that Dean is now a regular on a new TV show (“Pretty Hard Cases”). So I’m wondering how that will play into all of this.

  6. Peet33 says:

    I hope every member of her glam squad knows they are never ever EVER getting paid for all that work they put it 😂. I mean at this point Tori is so well known for giving people the shaft then why even bother?

  7. Tootsie McJingle says:

    How can she afford to get her hair, makeup, etc. done every day? Do spon-cons really pay that much?

  8. iconoclast59 says:

    “But in Tori’s latest spon-con, she’s hocking customized pumpkins.”

    Hecate, sorry to be pedantic, but I believe you mean she’s *hawking* (selling) customized pumpkins. “Hocking” would mean she’s taking them to a pawn shop for cash, though given her well-publicized financial troubles, it’s certainly a possibility! 😁

    • Hecate says:

      I do! Thank you. My tired brain kept trying to say she was “shucking” pumpkins and I knew that wasn’t right. I appreciate it, I’ll make the change.

  9. Lola says:

    “… she seems to be sporting a lot more hair than usual” LOL LOL

  10. lolalola3 says:

    It makes me sad that any women want to look like that. It’s gross. It’s cartoonish. And it looks really painful and expensive. Isn’t she and her family still really in debt??

  11. SarahCS says:

    Her boobs just look so weird and uncomfortable in the top pic. I’m not even starting on her face/makeup/photoshop.

  12. Lorelei says:

    JFC, she’s unrecognizable!!

  13. teehee says:

    Thats why these people all look the same. A ton of drawn faces using shadowing. They all apply it the same way to narrow their noses, give fake cheeks etc. You can even SEE its a metric crap tonne of makeup on her face in the closeup.

    How…. how can you stand it for more than the time it takes to apply– which is too long

    • Abby says:

      I’m always like, how the eff does it stay in place and not look congealed after awhile, no matter how much primer they use? I’m a mom too and I can’t imagine THAT much makeup not eventually sliding down my face with all the running around I do. Not to mention I’d feel like my pores were dying a slow, clogged death.

  14. Abby says:

    I just watched her and Jeff on an episode of Lisa Vanderpump’s “Overserved” and she looked heavier. Some of this might be weight loss and the facetune app. She was very open about all sorts of things on that episode (sleeping with Dean the first night she met him and when they were both marreid), her hoarding problem, and she and Jeff talked about their nose jobs, etc. To me she does look very different, but I just don’t see her hiding it, either. It could be a fresh botox on a thinner version of herself.

  15. grabbyhands says:

    Looks like she’s still shooting for the cable porn starlet look.

    As ever, the only people I feel sorry for in this mess are her kids – it can’t be easy to be hostage to such an insipid, selfish narcissist. Well, two, counting their father. At least the Kardashian/Jenner spawn will have easy access to a fortune when their time for therapy arrives. The Spelling kids will have to pin their hopes that grandma sets money aside for them when she dies and that she’s smart enough to make sure their parents can’t touch it.

    • olliesmom says:

      Yeah, sure. Make up will do all that.

      I’m always wondering about her kids too. What in the world do they make of all of this? They are all old enough to notice things and have an opinion. Kids at school might say things to them too.

  16. Charlotte says:

    She even uses that same BS excuses as Khloe Kardashian…

  17. Margo says:

    Poor Tori looks horrible. I feel sorry for her kids. What an example she sets for them. It pains me to see someone who has had every advantage imaginable in life – health, wealth, talent, family, friends – squander it all. She is a living, breathing never-ending pit of self-absorption. All those dollars and no sense.

  18. jferber says:

    How sick is it that I’d rather talk about Tori Spelling any day of the week than have a serious political discussion about this country? Do more, Tori. Save our sanity with your beauty antics.