Rege-Jean Page to star in Netflix heist thriller by Noah Hawley & Russo Brothers

Since’s Rege-Jean Page breakout role in Bridgerton last winter, all eyes have been on him. There were calls for him to be the first Black James Bond. Married middle-aged thotianas were getting their husbands to cast him in their movies. Rege was busy this summer working on The Gray Man and Dungeons and Dragons, both of which have wrapped filming. Rege was at the Emmys a couple of weeks ago, with a woman as his date. A lot of Rege’s fans got their panties in bunch (I wasn’t one of them), but the woman was revealed as a friend and his Mortal Engines costar, Menik Gooneratne. While he hasn’t yet been offered the role of Bond it has been announced that Rege will be starring in a heist thriller for Netflix. The flick will be produced by Noah Hawley’s 26 Keys production company and the Russo brothers are also attached. Below are a few more details via People:

Hawley will also produce via his 26 Keys production company, in partnership with AGBO’s Joe and Anthony Russo and Mike Larocca, the outlets reported.

“AGBO was originally founded to allow us to collaborate with artists we greatly respect and admire,” Larocca said in a statement to both outlets. “We are very happy to continue to fulfill that pledge by supporting this new film from Noah Hawley and Regé-Jean Page.”

This will be Page’s second time working with the Russo brothers, after they directed him in Chris Evans’ and Ryan Gosling’s upcoming film The Gray Man.

[From People]

I am here for more Rege-Jean. I need to keep my inner middle-aged thotiana happy and she likes Rege-Jean. I am already looking forward to his upcoming films. Especially the Gray Man because it will have some of my other favorite stars in it like Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling. I am also a sucker for a good heist flick or series. I went crazy over the Netflix series Lupin. While we don’t know much about this project, Netflix had me at Russo brothers and heist. I have been following Rege’s career since The Roots remake. I loved him as Chicken George and I am excited that Bridgerton has catapulted him to the main stage. Rege is a brilliant actor and smart because he is definitely capitalizing on his new found fame. I normally get burnt out on a celebrity who seems to be everywhere, but honayyy I ain’t there yet with Rege. I need more of him and he needs to be everywhere. I am glad that he seems to have found a home with the Russo brothers and am sure they will keep Rege busy. I haven’t watched much of Noah Hawley’s stuff except the FX show Legion and I really liked it. I am sure that the Hawley x Russo combo is going to be fire and I cannot wait for this film.

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  1. Ninks says:

    I wonder does taking Menik Gooneratne to the Emmys mean he’s finished with his Ukipper girlfriend?

    • ccsays says:

      He was going out with a ukipper??! Bleurgh 🤢

      • YIPEE says:

        That’s his personal business and nobody knows her current views. She dated at least 2 black brothers before Rege, and did loads of charity work in black and poor communities. Didn’t she say she voted for them when she was 18? UKIP was a Brexit party and you have no idea how many migrants and minorities here in the UK supported them. Jeremy Corbyn himself wanted Brexit despite being far left.

        By the way Twitter brought me here as I was searching for Rege’s news after seeing his latest announcement. All the very best brother.
        He is so versatile it’s like watching a completely different person in each role I have seen so far. Roots and SNL being my favourites. Bridgerton was way too limited for his talent and I am glad he is moving into blockbusters surrounded by A-listers.
        This guy is everywhere in Europe right now; our magazines advertising a watch, on banners and TV for Audi; BBC children stories alongside Tom Hardy and others; man, good for him!

  2. Becks1 says:

    Good for him! Strike while the iron is hot and all that. I’m excited to see his next movies. I would love for him to be Bond but I guess time will tell on that one.

  3. HandforthParish says:

    I don’t think he’s been *everywhere*.
    He was huge when Bridgerton came out but then hunkered down and started working pretty soon afterwards.
    I feel he’s been relatively discreet in his appearances since.

    • Courtney B says:

      Yeah, I don’t get that. He did SNL, the Gray Man (which has been pretty tightly under wraps) and is filming Dungeons and Dragons. That’s it. I think he may seem everywhere because his name was on so many lips and Bridgerton was such a talked about show. So no press for his two movies yet even.

  4. Courtney B says:

    I hadn’t watched Bridgerton because I’d read all the books for more than a decade and the production was so different. You form an idea in your head over the years of who will look like what and basically nobody did including pretty much every Bridgerton sibling. The plot was vastly different too. (And they kept a really problematic point— like if you’re going to change anything…) But then I saw RJP on SNL and Hoy Cats! Charming, charismatic, he can sing. He did better than most first time hosts. So I decided to just approach Bridgerton like it wasn’t the Bridgerton I’d spent all those years reading and picturing and just approach it’s a fun, pseudo Regency romp. You can definitely see why he was the breakout.
    The Russos must’ve had a really good experience with him. They love to work with familiar faces, mostly from the MCU as that’s where they were mostly busy during the last decade. They produced Extraction with Chris Hemsworth (which was directed by their long time stunt coordinator), Cherry with Tom Holland, the (underrated imo) 12 Bridges with Chadwick Boseman (😢😢) , Gray Man with Chris Evans (they did 6 of his MCU movies), Deadly Class (with Benedict Wong) and an upcoming movie with Zoe Saldana and it’s written by the writers of those same movies, and so on. Reminds me a bit of the old Hollywood studios where they had a in-house group of writers, actors, production people. many Community actors (where they got their start) had cameos in the Cap/Avengers movies. (It’s where Yvette Nicole brown developed her massive love for Chris Evans—she’s coming for Lizzo . Lol) They’ve got some interesting projects lined up.

  5. Green Desert says:

    Oya – your use of “middle-aged thotiana”, twice, has me dying. :D :D

    RJ is so hot, and also very talented. I still think of him on SNL last season and chuckle. I’m excited to see him in more stuff!

  6. Minnieder says:

    He is totally hot!! I can’t watch Bridgerton without him 🙁