Bella Hadid ‘had a huge rift’ with Zayn Malik, hates what he did to Gigi

Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid arrive at The Business Of Fashion Celebrates the #BoF500 2018

Over the course of the past week, “sources” close to the Hadid family have been leaving a trail of breadcrumbs, leading to the fact that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik were having much bigger issues long before he verbally and physically abused Yolanda Foster in late September. While no one is saying this, I believe Gigi and Zayn were probably already broken up before the altercation with Yolanda, and I believe there was a reason why Yolanda brought a security guard with her when she went to Gigi’s home. While Gigi’s people continue to make it clear that she believes she can co-parent and share custody with Zayn, it also feels like her family is in protection-mode, and they’re trying to get her out of a really toxic, and perhaps abusive, relationship. Now Us Weekly reports that Bella Hadid also had some significant beef with Zayn.

Family feud. Bella Hadid’s relationship with Zayn Malik is strained amid his drama with her sister Gigi Hadid and mom Yolanda Hadid.

“Bella has had a huge rift with him, as does [her brother] Anwar [Hadid],” a source exclusively reveals in the newest issue of Us Weekly. “They hate what he has done to their sister.”

The 28-year-old musician reportedly got into a physical altercation with Bella’s 57-year-old mother in September. The alleged incident made headlines the following month when Malik responded to a TMZ report claiming he “struck” the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star at the Pennsylvania farm where the 26-year-old model had been living.

Malik has since “become combative” with Gigi’s security team, the insider says, adding that the England native’s “issues” with the staff forced the family to “change two separate guards” recently.

[From Us Weekly]

All of this does not surprise me. Bella has been posting lots of support for Gigi online, and Bella has stayed close to Gigi over the past two years. Bella and Yolanda are apparently staying with Gigi nonstop, helping her and Khai as much as they can. I kind of believe that Bella probably would have seen more than Yolanda, and Bella was probably really freaked out by the increasingly toxic dynamics of her sister’s relationship. And quelle surprise, Zayn has issues with the Hadids’ security. Again, there’s a reason why their security guys are THERE, even when the Hadids are on isolated farms away from the world.

Bella Hadid attends the "Annette" screening and opening ceremony during the 74th annual Cannes Film Festival on July 06, 2021 in Cannes, France.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik surprise the world with their reconciliation on his birthday in NYC

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  1. Woke says:

    What is going to the press with this going to accomplish really ? Only his stans keep defending him. His label dropped him. He got what he deserved in court, his people aren’t badmouthing them. Why can’t they resolve what it is to resolve privately ?

    • Leigh says:

      Silence only benefits the abuser, which is what I think the all the press is alluding to.

      • Woke says:

        I didn’t say that out of concern for Zayn sorry if it came across that way.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        Agreed, and that’s one of the other reasons why it’s alarming when the default response to people discussing misogyny, homophobia, or racial abuse in public spaces is “shut up and just don’t make use of that.”

    • Lizzie says:

      Abusers always want privacy. I think Bella is letting us know that it isn’t just Yolanda who is concerned but rather Gigi’s whole family.

      • minx says:

        Exactly. If you go back to Zayn’s very first statement he mentioned “privacy” over and over. But once there were charges and plea deals, privacy went out the window. And I still see people defending him and trashing Yolanda, people I wouldn’t identify as stans.

      • Sue says:

        @Lizzie – exactly. Isolating their victims is what abusers do.

      • J.Mo says:

        And people with addictions, which I think has always been a factor for him.

    • Sigmund says:

      I mean, I literally saw people on this site not that long ago arguing in the comments that “fault was on both sides” and how awful Yolanda is, so clearly there’s still people who don’t want to see Zayn as an abuser. Staying quiet just allows the fans to continue to blame Yolanda.

      (There are no perfect victims, and abuse is not about the victim. It’s about the abuser, which Zayn is.)

      • Ainsley7 says:

        There can be more than one abuser in a situation. Yolanda is 100% emotionally abusive to her daughters. That doesn’t mean that Zayne is not abusive. Neither person being abusive makes the other person’s abuse ok. I wouldn’t put it past Yolanda to have gone there knowing it would provoke Zayne. That doesn’t mean Zayne gets a pass. It just means that Yolanda isn’t the victim here. Gigi and the baby are the victims and they should get away from the both of them.

      • Maria says:

        And yet Zayn is the one who accepted criminal charges of harassment towards both Yolanda and Gigi. He is the one who has to attend an anger management program. Between what you think of Yolanda from some reality show and his criminal record, the obvious difference is there.
        “Knowing it would provoke him” is victim blaming, a violent person is wrong whether they were “provoked” or not.

      • Christina says:

        I’ve been in Gigi’s situation. Abusers benefit from silence and privacy, but the abused have to follow a legal protocol to get out with their children. Zayn is the child’s legal father. Gigi needs boundaries with him, but the only person who can legally put them there is Gigi through a court of law.

        When families get involved physically, as much as they do it out if love, courts don’t see it that way because of his legal parental rights. Yolanda’s heart can be in the right place. She still has no right to show up at the house unless Gigi sent her there. As far as I know, we don’t know if Gigi sent Yolanda to the house.

        All the Hadids can do is support her through the court process while custody is determined and call the police if he loses it. All you can do is call the police over and over. If you physically engage, you get arrested and your kid is taken away.

        People thought I was rolling over, that I should have pulled my kid out with the police. Why do that to a child if they have to go back for he abusive parent next week? If I’d of stolen her to protect her, I would have ended up in jail and she would have no one to legally save her from our abuser.

        Gigi has to be careful and let her lawyers do their job, and she needs to keep her family chill so that they don’t screw up her court case.

        I feel for Gigi and the Hadids. The situation legally makes terrified families feel helpless.

      • Maria says:

        Zayn was on the phone screaming abuse to Gigi about her not supporting him, if Gigi had not given Yolanda permission to be at the house that was also Gigi’s then that would be clear.
        Gigi has made it clear she’s going to co-parent but the rest of her family is allowed to have reservations about this man.

      • minx says:

        “Knowing it would provoke him?” He’s allowed to be provoked, but no one else is?

      • Emma says:

        “Yolanda isn’t the victim here.” Ainsley, Zayn literally shoved her into a dresser (a fact he does not contest). There is no excuse for such violence. Zayn is so rich and famous he must have at least a dozen people on his payroll including bodyguards of his own. He could easily have staff interact with and manage Yolanda if needed. He had no need to even deal with her personally if that was hard for him.

        There is no excuse for being violent to a 57-year-old woman (the grandmother of his child!).

        You don’t know any of these people so you are unqualified to say Yolanda is emotionally abusive and victimizes her children. Once again, reality tv isn’t reality and it is not the entirety of a relationship.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        Thank you Maria. It’s just awful that there’s still this myth that women go around asking for or plotting to provoke men into bodily harm just to win something. It’s messed up that if she annoyed him in any way at all- whether it was something he legitimately should have been pissed off about, or whether it was something she had every right to say or do and it pissed him off, or he found the tone bitchy, that makes her not a real victim to many people.

    • Cee says:

      Because abusers thrive in privacy and drakness.

      Also – custody of Khai will be an issue and they’re setting the stage for it.

      • Legalese says:

        You have absolutely zero evidence to say “Yolanda is 100% emotionally abusive to her daughters.” What a ridiculous statement.

      • GRUEY says:

        It’s obnoxious that tmz is calling it an “alleged” incident. It’s not alleged. He plead. He was convicted. “Alleged” is language that respects the presumption of innocence before trial. It shouldn’t be used forever to wink at people that maybe it wasn’t so bad or maybe it’s a he said, she said situation.

    • Goldie says:

      I’m not sure why it’s automatically assumed that the Hadids are leaking to media. I’m sure they have, but this is also a case of a young, attractive celebrity couple who had a volatile split. The tabloids are obviously going to talk about it. Most of the articles are vague and don’t really contain much “insider” knowledge.
      TMZ just had a pro-zayn story blaming Yolanda for the incident just yesterday. So it’s not like pro-zayn sources aren’t speaking as well.

      • Myjobistoprincess says:

        I think it’s maybe obvious it’s from her camp. it is in the best interest of the family (and gigi) to leak as much out so that it would make it nearly impossible for those 2 to reconciliate. I would probaly do it too if it was my daughter.

      • Mac says:

        I don’t watch RHW, but the family seems over involved in Gigi’s life. She is an adult who can and should make her own decisions.

      • Tisme says:

        TMZ is misogynistic garbage. Eff them.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Tisme, yes!! I agree wholeheartedly!! Why is TMZ trash still around? They need to be canceled, along with Pratt!!

    • superashes4 says:

      As someone who had a sister who was in a very abusive relationship, I think its natural that once you see the chance to try to push the distance between your sibling and their abuser, you do whatever you think is going to make it harder for them to get back in the relationship.

      Remember, if Gigi was being abused, her family was for the most part powerless to solve this situation for her, beyond trying to just stay in her orbit and provide protection where they could.

      I’m not saying Gigi was being physically abused, but when this happened with my sister, if me and/or my family had the same star power as Gigi’s we 1,000,000% would have been doing exactly the same thing as what Gigi’s family is doing right now in the media (assuming they are doing it).

      • Stefanie says:

        When I was in an abusive relationship I was completely isolated. Because “you don’t talk about your relationship, that’q private”.
        Once I got out I told all my friends. To make sure I was not going back, but also because you want to claim your power back?

      • GRUEY says:

        Let’s not forget that in Zayne’s initiation al statement, before we learned he actually plead, he used a lot of “privacy” and “family matter” language. Everyone who is familiar with abusers’ tricks was seeing red flags allllll over that statement.

      • GRUEY says:

        Ummm initial statement. Why autocorrect goes back in and changes perfectly good words is a mystery to me. Anyway.

    • AnnaKist says:

      I think it’s good that Gigi’s family is rallying around her in a public way. My sister was in a horrendous marriage for 39 years. The silence, privacy and “shame” was his protection. One-day my sister caught him touching their four-year-old granddaughter inappropriately. Her son and daughter-in-law didn’t seem to notice what was happening. She made them aware of what was going on. The abuser was oblivious to other people in the room. They grabbed their daughter and left, but the issue was not only never resolved, but also set off a huge domino effect that would affect every member of our family. His abuse became more violent more often. As I was not close by I asked her three sons to call in frequently to have a coffee with her ,just to let the old man know that he was being watched. They didn’t, they stayed away.

      One night she called me at 9:45 but didn’t say anything – just hung the phone up. I called her back. She was able to tell me that he had threatened to kill her entire family from the oldest one (our mum) to the youngest one (my daughter) before the phone was snatched from her and locked up. I called her local police station to report the threats. They told me she had to make a report before they could do anything. I spent half an hour on the phone pleading with them that she couldn’t make a phone call, that he was abusive, that he had taken the phone away from her, she could not get to the phone and she couldn’t get outside because he’d locked the house and taken the keys. Finally the officer asked if there were any firearms in the house. I told him that he always kept a gun in the house and that I had asked my nephew to have a look to see if there was a gun in the bedroom, as she had reported. He had confirm to me that there was. Finally the police took the threat seriously and dispatched six offices to go to the house. They found the gun and ammunition, along with another gun and various knives in various places – under the seat of his truck, In his shed. They arrested him and that is how she finally got rid of him. Not that the abuse ended – it took years for him to stop tormenting and stalking her, but at least he was now out of the house. And her 3 sons? They blame her for breaking up the family.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Oh, AnnaKist, thank you for telling your story. We need to be more open about these things.

  2. HelloDolly! says:

    When my best friend married an emotionally abusive man, him and I couldn’t be in the same room together. He would literally have to leave the house for a week if I visited. And I MADE my presence known to protect my friend who was clearly working out her issues (she eventually left him). And she stayed with me for some weeks after she left. I could imagine Bella being in protective mode, most definitely.

  3. Courtney B says:

    Gigi and Bella are super close and it’s nice to see she has such support. Yolanda openly preferred Gigi on RHOBH (to the point where blogs were particularly unkind in pointing it out) and there could’ve easily been jealousy and competitiveness there. But that never seems to have affected their relationship. Gigi’s going to need all the love and support she can get.

  4. MrsBump says:

    feel so sorry for Gigi, i hope she gets out of this mess. She already went back to him once and i hope that this time for the sake of her daughter, that she can do a clean break and move on

    • Lena says:

      I think it was more than once she went back to him after a break up. It was a rocky six year on and off love affair and I understand completely how the family wants to close ranks to make sure they won’t get back again.

  5. Willow says:

    Aren’t court documents public? I wonder if this is how this news got out. If they are in court about custody, a reporter could have gone digging for more, found the assault charges in Pennsylvania and then called the Hadids and Zayn for statements. I doubt anyone is behind this leak of one month old news.
    And abusers want to hide what they are doing, it’s easier to make it seem like accusers made it all up, convince your victim to come back to you, cause trouble between family members.

    • minx says:

      Yes, they are public. I mentioned upthread that Zayn’s first statement, before the plea news got out, begged for privacy. He kept calling it a personal family matter, which is what abusers try to keep police away. Once he was charged and pled his cover was blown.

  6. AmelieOriginal says:

    Zayn needs to get ahold of his anger issues, when this first all came out I was unaware of his prior issues because I don’t follow Gigi or Zayn closely. I’m glad they are broken up but he shouldn’t be living in Gigi/Yolanda’s property. I realize he isn’t an American citizen so that also complicates things. I hope Gigi and the baby are okay. Yolanda is also problematic but clearly wants her daughters to be physically safe (also making it clear she did not deserve to be shoved by Zayn, no matter how badly they don’t get along). Just a bad dynamic all around.

  7. lunchcoma says:

    I don’t think we should take Gigi’s statements about coparenting as a sign that she might get back with Zayn. Child custody strongly incentivizes parents to be willing to work together, or at least to claim they’re willing to work together. Making statements to the contrary wouldn’t help Gigi at all.

    Given that there are surely nannies and assistants, that doesn’t have to mean that Gigi and Zayn interact much with each other. Gigi might just be doing the smart thing here.

  8. Lala11_7 says:

    When my sister was in an abusive relationship me & my Mama came to her house like we were Special Forces…I can only IMAGINE the situation that went on at that house…but I AM GLAD that Yolanda came through with that bodyguard!

  9. detritus says:

    Everyone is mad at what Zayn did to Gigi. Not Yolanda. The read here is what he did it Gigi is worse, far worse, than what he did to Yo.

    I’m feeling Kaiser’s read on this 100%. The security guard issues, the family statements, everything.

    If you’ve ever helped someone leave an abuser… this gives me echoes.

  10. Sue says:

    My abusive ex boyfriend used to tell me I wasn’t allowed to talk first when we’d see each other because I wouldn’t know what mood he was in and I might provoke him.

  11. observer says:

    I’d like to add that I’ve been in a long term abusive relationship before and Stockholm syndrome doesn’t have to full blown actually develop but sometimes behaving in a Stockholm-esque manner, can become second nature, or can even legally or practically (as in. for physical or mental safety) be the smartest thing to do in order to actually facilitate extricating yourself from the situation.

    especially if the legal custody of a child is involved, to echoe the comment about why GIGI is talking about “co-parenting”… she may not feel that way at all but it’s the safest thing to ensure her future and her child’s.