Aaron Rodgers takes ‘full responsibility’ for his ‘misleading’ Covid comments

Green Bay Packers v. Washington Redskins

The NFL has fined the Green Bay Packers $300,000 following Aaron Rodgers’ positive Covid status and his public lies about being Covid “immunized,” The Packers were penalized for failing to follow the NFL’s Covid protocols, especially the mask protocols (Rodgers wandered around unmasked a lot), the quarantine protocols (Rodgers went to a Halloween party) and the misinformation protocols (Rodgers actively spread vaccine misinformation). The protocols were agreed on by the players’ union and the NFL, and basically the teams are on the honor code to adhere to the protocols. Let’s be real though, $300K in fines is not a big deal to a rich football team. It would have been more appropriate to simply suspend Rodgers. But he’s white, so of course that’s not what happened. It does look like the Packers – and probably the NFL – did speak to Rodgers and they made him go back to the Pat McAfee Show to faux-apologize for his deranged comments last week.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers reappeared on “The Pat McAfee Show” Tuesday and took “full responsibility” for his comments last week about his vaccination status and being “in the crosshairs of the woke mob right now” over his vaccination status.

“I shared an opinion that’s polarizing… I get it. And I misled some people about my status, which I take full responsibility of, those comments. I made some comments that people might have felt were misleading. And to anybody who felt misled by those comments, I take full responsibility for those comments. But in the end, I have to stay true to who I am and what I’m about. I stand behind the things that I said… I understand that this issue, in general, is very charging to a lot of people because we are talking about public health. I totally respect that. I made a decision that was in the best interest based on consulting with my doctors. And I understand that not everybody is going to understand that necessarily. But I respect everybody’s opinion.”

[From CNN & The Guardian]

What a douchebag. “I’m sorry you were offended,” basically. Or rather: I take full responsibility for pissing you off with my deranged comments, which I stand by. Shocked that he didn’t mention something about how he feels like he’s “being crucified” over this.

Meanwhile, QAaron’s fiancee Shailene Woodley decided to stop sunning her vadge long enough to go off on “the media” for claiming that Rodgers broke his quarantine. I’m pretty convinced that Shailene is unvaccinated too at this point.

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Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instagram.

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  1. Rapunzel says:

    This is basically “I’m sorry you all are the woke mob and don’t agree with my belief that Joe Rogan knows better than the CDC.”

    F–k him.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “I made some comments that people might have felt were misleading.”

      you LIED, Qaaron. LIED. people felt your words were misleading BECAUSE THEY WERE DELIBERATELY MISLEADING.

      and he’s not taking responsibility! taking responsibility would be ADMITTING THAT HE LIED. he did the opposite of that.

      and…AGAIN…since he doesn’t seem to get it. it’s not about your “opinion” on vaccines. it’s because you lied and put others at risk. he’s awful.

    • josephine says:

      Exactly. He made very, very clear that he takes responsibility for nothing, that he’s the victim. The NFL has even stated that Aaron never talked to an NFL doctor, so he apparently lied about that as well. But there are no consequences for him because he played the furious white male victim card that his ilk is known for. So fragile, so toxic. Funny that I used to think he was a stud – now I know he’s just a whiny, soft loser.

      • AMA1977 says:

        I’m not piling on, truly, and I know we all have different opinions of what is sexy/attractive, but…this guy???? In all of the recent pics I’ve seen, he looks like an unwashed caveman. And last week sometime (after we all found out he’s a liar) I just happened to catch an episode of “The Office” where he guests as a judge on a singing competition show that Andy participates in, and while he was all cleaned up and in a suit (and probably 5-7 years younger?) he was still exceedingly average.

        Maybe it’s the knowledge that he’s a lying, science-denying a$$hole that made my lady bits go all Sahara Desert, but even before this most recent debacle, I knew he was a petulant, whiny, prickly diva and there is NOTHING less attractive. He’s super-gross now, though. Ew.

      • josephine says:

        @ AMA1977: just to be clear, I meant “stud” as in tough. I thought he was a great athlete with super focus. He was known for rarely missing a game. I never thought he was handsome or cute, but I admired his toughness as a competitor and athlete. Now I just see giant baby. His interviews make him seem so weak, so without character, and so darn soft and self-pitying. That self-pity thing is an incredible turn off. It’s a great reminder that drive and focus on the field does not make you a man (or woman). I put him in the same category as Trump — whenever I hear that name, my mind just goes to grown man in diaper throwing a fit.

      • AMAyson1977 says:

        @Josephine, I misunderstood. I thought you meant in the “Chippendale’s dancer” sense of the word. 😉 He is definitely not tough, he’s a whiny little brat who is mad that he got caught, not sorry he did something wrong. Tiresome and contemptible. The NFL should hav suspended him at a minimum for deliberately misrepresenting his vaccination status and potentially exposing innocent people to a deadly virus.

  2. Rare0217 says:

    He keeps auditioning for the role of the victim while overlooking the fact that he purposefully misled and endangered people in the middle of a pandemic. I don’t think he should be allowed to play again.

    • khaveman says:

      Consciously broke the rules of his employer, Green Bay/NFL. Put others and their families at risk. Should be canned.

  3. Coco says:

    Yes, Aaron. We know you made the decision that was in “your best interest”. But then you lied.

    While I think everyone should get vaccinated, I don’t really care that he didn’t. I care that he lied and broke rules that were intended to keep other people safe from anti-vaxers. He could’ve just followed the rules but rules don’t apply to rich, white, jerks. Should’ve been suspended to make it impactful.

    • Swack says:

      The lying pisses me off everytime! Admit you LIED instead of admitting you mislead people. Grow some balls!

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Swack, in addition to growing some balls, he should also consider growing up and being a man. Aarons comments did not constitute an apology, it’s everything BUT an apology! Packers should fire his ass and then he will possibly understand that your continued lying and placing everyone around you, and their loved ones, in jeopardy of losing their lives are grounds for canceling his employment. If the NFL and the Packers allow him to maintain his employment, he will see that his actions and the seriousness of his lies weren’t that bad. It sends Aaron the message that his unacceptable behaviour has NO consequences!!

  4. Merricat says:

    Does he think this makes him look better? Lol. It doesn’t.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      seriously. this is not an apology. this is a double down.

      “sorry you were so stupid to believe me when I lied to you, but I stand by those lies”

  5. AlpineWitch says:

    Just commenting that S. Woodley always rubbed me off the wrong way somehow (Pseudo Dr Quinn?? Thanks Celebitches!! 🤣). Now I know why. And the 2 of them deserve each other. Also… looking forward to seeing Miles Teller disappear from movies too….

    • Snazzy says:

      honestly me too. I can’t stand her, so as soon as he got together with her, I was like “ok, he must be just as idiotic as she is”. Sadly, this is the case

    • Le Nugget says:

      Even before COVID, there were very unflattering stories about Miles Teller going around…. I think he will be disappearing pretty soon

  6. luna says:

    Don’t these people understand that at least 90% of people are now vaccinated? How stupid can you be to think that you won’t get backlash for an issue like this? Only other possibility is that he thinks people at large are vaccinated against their will, and he’s being an alpha by not getting it. Which makes him even more stupid.

    • ncboudicca says:

      “at least 90% of people are now vaccinated” – I wish I lived wherever you live, because that’s definitely not true where I live.

      • Rapunzel says:

        My county in CA is hovering around 40 percent. Definitely not 90.

      • ncboudicca says:

        My county in NC is at 57% (which is actually decent in comparison to the other red counties in my state) but we’ve been hovering there for months – the only way it’ll go up is if the OSHA vaccine mandate sticks. I’ve got my fingers crossed…

      • Jen says:

        In New South Wales, Australia, we just reached 90%. Australia as a whole is at 80%

      • Eugh says:

        You need 90% of the ENTIRE population to stop delta too (not just eligible). I doubt anyone will make those figures

    • Chicken Tetrazzini says:

      In Wisconsin I’m in the highest vaccinated county and we’re at 75% for total population vaccination. Brown county, where the Packers play is only at 60% (70% for adults) – which is much, much better than I thought for that region to be honest. But 90%?!? damn, you’re lucky

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        Are you in Bayfield Co? I’m in Brown and I am so pissed off at all the maskless faces I see… I mean, I’m sick of masking too, who isn’t? But the thought of making someone else sick is too distressing to go without. Getting my booster next month!

    • fluffybunny says:

      The latest number I saw last night said 70% of adults are vaccinated.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Where? Not in the US, we are very far from reaching a measly 60%, which is such a disgusting and unforgivable response to the coronavirus. There are millions of people begging for any of the approved vaccines and Americans just sh*ts on the other countries who are dying at a rapid rate.

    • 2lazy4username says:

      where did you get that stat? illinois is at 61%, and the majoirty of that is in Cook County (Chicagoland).

  7. jferber says:

    That was not an apology. It’s Aaron being forced to go on a show and it’s an unapologetic word salad that pisses me off a lot. His “doctor” was Joe Rogan, a 5’3″ former wrestler(?) who told him about the horse de-wormer. No real doctor ever told him NOT to get the vaccine to avoid COVID. HE IS STILL LYING. He should be fined personally AND ejected from his team.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      And it’s implied slander (is that a thing? maybe at this point I’ll stick with libel since it’s in print) when he says his decision had anything to do with following a doctor’s advice.

  8. Emma says:

    Can’t say he’s sorry, just “take full responsibility.” That’s nothing. He’s not going to face any real consequences. This should forever stand next to how Colin Kaepernick was ostracized for simply kneeling down.

    • Lemons says:

      I never want to hear another reverse racism or white racism comment because this is essentially a perfect example of how white people are protected even when they are doing wrong while someone standing up for human rights for minorities is ostracized and banned from his profession.

  9. Seraphina says:

    Half ass apology.
    And he should not be a QB. He endangered the lives of his teammates. That is the bottom line. The same teammates who protect him on the field. What a douche.

  10. jferber says:

    Yes, Emma, the Colin Kaepernick comparison is spot-on and I know a lot of people have been making it.

  11. workdog says:

    Interesting that he actually risked lives with his actions but no doubt will play again. Colin K? Not so much.

    F’d up for sure.

  12. TIFFANY says:

    I don’t think it was the league that did it.

    I think his agent called and told him not only is a trade not gonna happen, but his Q rating after retirement is in the toilet as well. He wants to be on TV after football, in any capacity.

    • Seraphina says:

      I agree with you except for one detail – the league’s attorneys and PR machine know this is not a good look. People are making Kaepernick comparisons. They know how ugly it could get if some type of damage control is not done – no matter how sorry his apology (hahaha play on words). MHO, they are plugging a leaking damn with a band aide. And the players should take a stand.

    • molly says:

      It’s always amusing to me to see the PR strings being pulled on something like this. Rodgers was clearly doing and saying his own thing right out the gate. (That first McAfee interview was BONKERS.) Someone, either the league, the Packers, or his own people, have stepped in and forced him to attempt some damage control. Real money is getting thrown around, and as much as I now loathe him, he makes a lot of it for a lot of people.

    • lucy2 says:

      It does make the league look bad, but I bet you’re right – his team is looking at millions of dollars in commercials and broadcasting jobs going down the drain because he’s an idiot.
      Clearly someone applied some pressure to do some sort of “apology” but you can tell he doesn’t mean a word, it’s a non-apology, and he’s still full of BS.

  13. Daisyfly says:

    Dr. Quim*, Anti-medicine Woman didn’t just go off on critics of her idiot fiancée. She also insulted and attacked an innocent man because he was the subject of photos confused for being those of said idiot fiancée. He had nothing to do with the photos, but that didn’t stop her from going all in on him.

    *if she’s gonna advocate for sunning her cooch as some kind of pseudo gynecologist, she gets the reference.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      ‘Dr. Quim*’

      Assuming this was about the vag sunning… I am dying over this one, thanks for the laugh!
      I haven’t heard that slang for…well, forever.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        Clearly I hadn’t read the entire comment before I posted bc I was laughing so hard!!

  14. jferber says:

    Let’s start a TV ban on Rodgers so he never gets to be a game show host or whatever the fuck else he wants to be. Who ever really pined to be a game show host? He is an idiot for that alone. I never want to see his face again and certainly not on TV.

  15. Bookie says:

    He’s the worst.

  16. Katie says:

    “Taking responsibility” isn’t really the same thing as apologizing (“I’m sorry” or “I apologize”) in my book. Especially when it isn’t abundantly clear he doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

  17. Lynne says:

    Same spin different day.

  18. Super Fan says:

    Oh, the “I’m sorry you felt that way” non-apology of a toxic narcissist? Oh sure, bro, we’re all square now.

  19. AmelieOriginal says:

    He never said he was actually sorry or that he apologized. Just that he took “full responsibility” for sharing his polarizing opinion that may have “misled” some people. He didn’t “mislead some people,” he misled everyone. Deceive, lie, misinformed, call it what it is Aaron. This wasn’t an apology, more of a “I said what I said.”

  20. Jenny says:

    Weird the NFL didn’t request to see his vaccination records? Or his team? Should be standard by now..

    • Veronika says:


    • TIFFANY says:

      He didn’t have any to show. He refused to get vaccinated and put in a appeal per the union. He was then categorized as unvaccinated per the guidelines that at put in place per the league and union. He refused to follow those guidelines, that he as a union member voted on, and this is where we are.

      He lied. He put others at risk. He should be fired.

  21. JRenee says:

    Whomever is his public relations person is definitely not reading the room…dead energy here

  22. PaperclipNumber99 says:

    Not to defend other unvaxxed football players (bc I def think they’re dopes that SHOULD BE VAXXED or not play at all), but word is that many of them are taking the rules very seriously and even masking in situations it’s not required. If he thinks he’s somehow lining up with or backing them up, his ass is dead wrong. PS He and his GF are ASSES.

  23. Dee says:

    I cry BS! If he was truly sorry, he wouldn’t be ragging on the media and “the woke mob”. He, and Shailene, are canceled.

  24. elfie says:

    So “staying true to what I am” means lying about yourself. That’s about what I expected from this stupid arrogant douchebag.

  25. Mia4s says:

    What’s with Shailene basically insulting that random guy’s car in her post? OK dear, we understand Qaaron would never drive a car like that, it’s for the poors.

    She’s kind of dumb and unlikable isn’t she? And I’m getting the sense a lot of the whole “earth mother” act was just another way to feel superior, not based in genuine love.

    • Viva says:

      I was also already annoyed by her comments but insulting a random guy just because his car wasn’t as expensive as the one QAaron drives is really, really low!

    • E says:

      Mia4s and Viva exactly! She was being so unnecessarily mean and pretentious to some poor stranger. At the end of the day Dr. Quim and Qaaron are just insecure jerks, which makes them perfect targets for anti-science propaganda and conspiracies: “I know more than scientists, I know the truth, I’m so smart and special unlike the rest of you sheep.” So sad and pathetic. It would actually be funny if it weren’t so harmful and deadly.

  26. Renee says:

    I GUARANTEE Shailene is not vaccinated…GUARANTEED! Also, for her to go off on a random guy the media photographed and wrongly identified as Rodgers is so wrong. She insulted this complete stranger left and right. She’s a moron!

    Also, Rodgers is a bigger moron!

  27. Lady D says:

    That’s it? A lousy $14K fine for a douche who’s going to make $21.5m this year alone?

    • Moo says:

      Another team member got busted too and was fined the same amount. I don’t think the other guy makes the same as the lying idiot, so it’s apparently the same amount for everyone.

  28. sassafras says:

    Is Joe Rogan one of Aaron’s doctors now?

    Didn’t realize Fear Factor Podcast U offered medical degrees.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      anytime Qaaron has a broken bone, a concussion, a torn ligament…hell, even a hangnail…he should go to Dr. Rogan. no more medical doctors for him.

  29. KL says:

    This idiot has immediate, direct access to the best doctors in the world.

    He’s probably got a brain full of CTE, but of course he and Joe Rogan know better than they do when it comes to vaccines.

    I just can’t.

  30. jbyrdku says:

    Of course she’s unvaccinated, and am I the only one semi-shocked by her utterly stupid decision to wink-wink, reference is d-size. What a moron.

  31. thaisajs says:

    Who are these “doctors” that he has spoken to? Are these real medical professionals? Going to need to see some credentials before I believe it.

  32. Agreatreckoning says:

    He really fumbled taking responsibility. Rodgers should probably take up tennis with that backhanded apology.

  33. Valerie says:

    And what does that mean? That he can be held accountable for his actions? Doubt it. This is an empty statement.

  34. French Hen says:

    Geez, I hate this. I was such a Packer’s fan and now this. This guy would not know what the word sincere means if someone smacked him over the head with it. This is the new normal and I hate it. I don’t like the entire population to act like a jerk and then when you get called out, just say oh, well, sorry. Sorry does not erase your very questionable and shady character. It’s not gonna get you anywhere, but I guess in the NFL, a simple gesture like this absolves him of his BS. We’ve all seen what you’re about now and we won’t forget. Plus, do something with that hair. It’s gross.

  35. Julia K says:

    shailene is vaccinated. Read that she is working on a film where the cast is required to be vaccinated.

  36. jferber says:

    SO Aaron was fined about $14,300 or $14,700 for breaking COVID protocol and attending a party unmasked. Hell, that’s equivalent of me being fined 10 cents. Yeah, hurt him in the pocketbook! FIne him chump change. A disgrace!