‘Royal sources’ are still briefing against Duchess Meghan, re: her Mail lawsuit

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Does the royal family understand the depth of clownery coming out of Kensington Palace these days? Prince William and Kate’s short-sightedness, vindictiveness and pettiness will be the end of the monarchy. That’s been my biggest takeaway from the appeal hearing for the Duchess of Sussex’s successful lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday: Jason Knauf, William and Kate clearly have not thought this through. Their aim was to smear Meghan and help the Mail – that’s why Jason Knauf was authorized to break his NDA and provide an incomplete account of Meghan. This has opened up a can of worms and (to mix metaphors) there’s no way of unringing that bell.

At the moment, the Cambridges (and perhaps the whole Windsor clan) believe that they’re closely controlling the message about Meghan in this saga. Which is why “royal sources” ran to Roya Nikkah at the Sunday Times for this article. According to those royal sources, Meghan’s appeal is going poorly and she should have known better, because she was warned about all of this. Nevermind that Meghan literally won the summary judgment and one of the Cambridges’ longest-serving senior aides went to the Mail to trash Meghan and help the Mail’s appeal!! Some highlights from this insane Times story:

On Meghan’s Finding Freedom apology: Harry and Meghan previously denied any collaboration with the authors of Finding Freedom but a source said “a lot more” could emerge on “what was briefed for the book” if the case proceeds.

The Windsors are frustrated: The royal family is frustrated by the fallout from the case and Meghan’s decision, backed by Harry, to take legal action. A royal source said: “There is frustration all the way to the top, because a lot of people told them that it was unwise to proceed with the case. Now you have been found out. They [the royal family] will think they should never have taken it to court.”

How dare the Sussexes go with outside lawyers: One of the royal family’s most trusted lawyers, Gerrard Tyrrell, and several senior Sussex aides attempted to dissuade them. A royal source said: “Before Harry and Meghan pulled the trigger, we wanted to walk them through what it would look like if it went all the way and face up to that.” The advice fell on deaf ears and the couple turned to Schillings, a firm known for its aggressive tactics on behalf of celebrity clients.

Charles wants people to know he didn’t “berate” anyone: Sources close to Charles said he was unlikely to give family members specific advice on handling the media, suggesting he would be “sympathetic to the issue, but not didactic about the solution”.

On the whole Finding Freedom debacle: A palace aide said: “Perhaps this gives them the understanding of why the royals don’t like to get into court cases. It’s not like this wasn’t going to happen. There is no gleeful dancing about it, nobody is wearing the “told you so” T-shirt, they are family members, but in the long run this is probably why you don’t want to get involved.”

This is the endgame, to make Meghan sound like a liar who lied about everything: Another royal source said: “If you can’t trust the witness evidence of a member of the royal family, if that unravels, then you’re b*****ed. To anyone who follows their story closely, it’s obvious that if she didn’t tell the whole story in court, and got caught out, of course it casts doubt on anything she has said. A lot of us who follow it closely know a lot of what she said to Oprah [Winfrey] wasn’t true.”

[From The Sunday Times]

Again, because it’s absolutely worth emphasizing: Meghan won the summary judgment back in February. She WON. The only reason why the royals are now gloating about how terrible this is for bad-decision-maker Meghan is because Jason Knauf – who is STILL EMPLOYED BY THE ROYALS – decided to trash his former boss and break his own contractual NDA. You can’t argue that Meghan should have known that “it would all come out” when you’re the people releasing the (highly selective) information about her!

Daily Mirror


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  1. Scorpion says:

    Meghan’s barrister made a request for all the emails and texts held by KP and JK to be released.

    This should be interested. I’ve got the popcorn and Hennessy ready 😂🤣

    • Andrew's Nemesis says:

      I’ll join you in the popcorn, but crack the champagne open with the discovery findings…. I predict a whole hen-house worth of eggs raining down on the RF. And not before time, the loathsome group of lying bullies.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        And please tell me when the Royals are NOT briefing against Meghan? When, 2010? Probably back then….

        The are such a pathetic bunch! Every single one of them.

    • MarcelMarcel says:

      I love Hennessy and popcorn so can I sit with you? I’ll bring some beautiful mezcal for Tommy’s margaritas, fancy cheese, crackers, chocolate almonds and home made cake.

      I did wonder if this short sighted and vindictive plan would backfire. Because in the leaked messages Meghan just came across an organised person going through an intensely stressful time. So by having Knauf leak private messages it opens the floodgates for all the other correspondence. Like did Meghan email and ask for therapy when she was struggling with suicidal ideation? Did Harry message whoever made that comment about the colour of their unborn baby? Did Charles berate Harry and/or Meghan via email about Thomas when the Sussexes got married? Did Meghan send a thank you text after Kate apologised with a note and a bouquet of flowers?
      Literally none of this is any of my business. But Jason Knauf twisted benign messages from Meghan and in doing so, made sure *all* the correspondence could be considered legal evidence. I suspect the full context of any these exchanges will not be flattering for the Windsors.

    • Chloe says:

      Did she really? That makes me incredibly happy!

    • Becks1 says:

      Oooh here we go. KP definitely overplayed their hand here.

      • Annie says:

        It’s impossible that William & Jason would have gotten the green light to go ahead w/this little stunt from their legal team.They MUST have done an end run around the attorneys & went to the DM by themselves. In which case, I would guess Charles is possibly more enraged than he’s ever been in his life.

        Also, I didn’t know anything about Schillings so I looked at their website last night, & OH MY GOD it looks like it was tailor-made for the Sussexes. It aligns with them so perfectly & they are up front about how aggressive they are. Courtiers must have been fainting dead away left and right when they first learned who H&M had hired.


      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Annie, that’s an impressive law firm!! They have the ability to work worldwide and apparently have people that have the IT skills, police/military and the investigative skills as well. They chose very well in their pursuit of legal representation!!

    • Izzy says:

      Welp, now we know why they all look so dour. Their great plots just backfired spectacularly and they must know how incriminating the rest of it will be for them. And if they don’t turn it over, Meghan and Harry said they have receipts, so they probably still have their own evidence, which they are now free to give because hey, the RF opened the door.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Scorpion, good!!! Now we can get all of the details that JK has done behind her back, as I am certain that he is quite a dull bulb. He will certainly include some damning evidence in his mess of loading all of his correspondence. He isn’t bright and he certainly isn’t handsome so I don’t know what his husband sees in him. Yuck….

      BTW, JK they stopped slicking their hair back in the ‘50’s, so I think you can step into this century. Any time….

  2. Layla says:

    Surely where JK is going to next (if he even is going that is -Charles right hand man (whatever his name is. I don’t remember the names of racists) was “fired” three times and each time he stayed.) would be concerned about the fact that this guy broke his NDA. Companies take those things seriously right? I mean if I was hiring this snake, I wouldn’t trust him as far as a I could throw him

    • Andrew's Nemesis says:

      He’ll probably end up working for Jared and Ivanka. His particular brand of oleaginous sycophancy should please the Trump narcissists.

    • Deputy Dot says:

      Good point about next job. Only someone with the same low morals as Willileaks and Mumbles would hire him.

      Isn’t he supposed to be leaving at the end of the year anyway? I thought his husband was being transferred overseas by the Foreign Office.

    • Isabellla says:

      Discretion is key to being a personal assistant. He can’t be trusted by anyone now.

      Meghan was clearly told that their communication was confidential. Otherwise, she never would’ve put it in writing. It’s too bad she felt that she had to consult with him about the letter.

      I have never thought her and Harry cooperating with Finding Freedom was a big deal. The royals are always feeding things to writers. Look at Charles and Diana. William is too boring.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Isabellla, including the fact that it was at the insistence of JK for them to work with Scobie and Durand. So I don’t understand the issue here. So she forgot! It’s been 2 years since that conversation took place! She has had a lot on her plate since then as well, so I don’t know why it would be a surprise that it slipped her mind. You would think they were discussing the Cuban missile crisis!

    • Jaded says:

      I bet my next old age security payment that JK continues to work behind the scenes with William in some kind of unofficial quid pro quo situation. He’s not giving up a position with the FFK unless he’s made to walk the plank. However his giant hubris is getting in the way of his mediocre talents, and William continues to support him and the anti-Meghan briefings any way he can. He thinks he’s this major rainmaker but mark my words, this is going to turn into a massive sh*t show when all, or even part of the back-stabbing, subterfuge and lying is revealed.

  3. blackfemmebot says:

    Methinks the royals are well aware that their racist treatment of Meghan was seen for what it was by the rest of the world and they’re using this appeal to attempt to discredit her so they can act like their abuse of her wasn’t racist but them just getting a bad feeling about her. I’ve already seen some publications (nothing notable yet) pointing out that yes, Jason does still work for the Cambridges. It’s only a matter of time until more people start asking more questions.

    Also, does Jason breaking his NDA not set a dangerous precedent for the royal family going forward? M is being smeared and abused no doubt about that but if one of the working royals was involved in a privacy case wouldn’t the ‘public interest’ argument the Mail is making now make more sense when applied to Charles or Kate or anyone? If Jason gets to break his NDA against a former member of the royal family under the guise of there being a reasonable expectation of privacy things being published, then surely all the royals who are actually public figures are in danger?

    • Miranda says:

      I mean, I guess it would *technically* be true to say that they “had a bad feeling about her”, just as it’s *technically* true that the Civil War was about “states’ rights”. If you just don’t finish your thought, no one will be any the wiser!

      Racism by omission is never as subtle as its proponents seem to think.

      • Christine says:

        Well said.

      • Isabellla says:

        “There was just something about her I just didn’t like” is the kind of thing that racists do say. We are hearing a version of that from the royals and their nasty sources.

        We’ve also discovered that the royals hated that Meghan was American. Doesn’t go over well in the U.S. W&K will be asked about that if they ever show up.

      • Annie says:

        Isabella lots of them including Tominey used the phrase “niggling feeling” when asked for a specific reason they disliked her. They couldn’t put their fingers on it but they had a “niggling feeling” that she was a scheming, manipulative liar, and I don’t think that word choice was unintentional.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yes, this sets a really bad precedent for the other royals going forward, which is why its so stupid of KP and Jason to be going down this route.

      But, I think its worth pointing out again that I do not think Jason “broke” his NDA. I think he released these emails and texts with the full authorization and permission of William.

      • Nic919 says:

        Do we know for sure they have NDAs? I don’t see the BRF as being particularly on top of current employment laws and so many former courtiers leaked information during the Diana years that I wonder if they bothered.

        That said if they do have them then it’s clear Knauf was given consent to disclose all of this voluntarily. They are too blind to see that the emails do not help the DM but only confirm Meghan’s desire for privacy while trying to manage a father who was interacting with tabloids (and Jason himself)

      • Becks1 says:

        @nic – no, we don’t know that, and considering all the leaking that happens, its possible that they don’t. I wonder if the royal family thinks “staying in our good graces” is enough of a NDA?

      • Isabellla says:

        I hope this comes out in discovery. “I think he released these emails and texts with the full authorization and permission of William.”

        Somebody had to give it the go-ahead. If it’s William, then why?

        I bet you this is why he distracts with the bullying claims.

  4. Noki says:

    What i dont understand is HOW on earth is the Daily Mail allowed to keep reporting a play by play of the MoS case when they are affiliated. I dont understand English law but surely this shouldnt be allowed.

  5. ModeratelyWealthy says:

    Do they realize the only thing holding Harry is the Queen being alive? The Queen is sick…the moment she dies and this lawsuit is ended, Harry will have NO OBLIGATION to hold their dirty secrets.

    Harry, who is holding a very, very heavy pen.

    Let them enjoy their ” victory” if you can call that. Vanity Fair was not duped, Twiter threads are open for who wants to read the whole exchange, the Judge was not trumped and ordered them to be released, even Newsweek had some shade throwing at them.

    They continue to have who they had before, which is the trolls, the RR, the Alt Right and White Supramacists of America…they gained no real ground and they are poking Harry with their short sticks…

    • Andrew's Nemesis says:

      Meghan is the steady, responsible, supportive one; when Harry gets his dander up, he goes full C13th knight. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he burnt it all down – and his narcissistic brother and Wiglets certainly have it coming.

      • Katherine says:

        100% everyone loves to paint this manipulative impulsive Meghan and poor innocent naive Harry. It’s not too difficult to see the real dynamic. I believe yes she was hurt and even angered by this whole mess, but she strikes me as pretty measured and inner peace. HE’S the one that lost his shit when his wife and babies were threatened. Like it’s very clear it’s barely controlled rage over the situation (thinking of body language in Oprah interview etc)

      • Isabellla says:

        The real dynamic was apparent in the Oprah interview. It was delicious when Harry went full-throttle on the family.

      • Annie says:

        Andrewsnemesis I don’t know if I’ve ever wanted anything more in my life than for Harry to run completely out of f*cks and let it ALL OUT

        Snuffles ITA about the two versions and obviously agree with you that they are pushing him toward the latter. However I also wouldn’t mind if Harry takes the high road and goes with the first, but someone “leaks” the other.

    • Snuffles says:

      I’m 100% convinced that Harry has two versions of his book locked and loaded. One version where he pulls his punches on the royal family if the Queen is still alive when his book is released. And one where he goes scorched earth on everyone if the Queen is dead by the time it comes out. And it’s looking more and more like the latter.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think there are two versions as well, and i do think the queen’s health plays a role in which he wants to go with, but I also think the royal family’s behavior plays a big role too. I think every time they attack Meghan like this the scales tilt more and more towards releasing the scorched earth version.

      • Snuffles says:


        I’m sure that is coming into play as well. But, I think ultimately, Harry doesn’t want to be accused of “killing the Queen” with his revelations. Because I guarantee you, they would not hesitate to off her during the book release and claim it was the stress caused by his book.

      • Moderatelywealthy says:

        @SNUFFLES…. I assume Harry has internalized that a lot is “his fault” as the royal scapegoat, so he truly dies not want to say it all while his grabdy is alive ..
        On the other hand, it us not like the RR will not play this card at all” TQ is in I’ll health and Harry just put a dagger in her heart- he should have waited untill XYZ”

        Meghan was full on “protect Harry at all costs ” mode on the email…I am sure Harry is feeling the weight his family put on her shoulders…he truly wanted to give his father another chance and William space. Now I am sure what he wants is to both to go to hell and is regretting ever had allowed himself on the line of fire fir those two.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Snuffles like they tried to blame Phillip’s hospitalization and death on the Oprah interview…..

      • Snuffles says:

        @ Moderatelywealthy

        I agree that Harry internalized a lot growing up, but I think intensive therapy, a new perspective now that he has a family to protect and a few years outside of the machine is probably enough to free him from blaming himself.

    • PrincessK says:

      This is why Harry got a three volume part deal. I suspect that the first one that comes out next year will not be too controversial but the subsequent two may appear after the Queen passes. Harry definitely holds all the cards, which is why for the life of me I cannot understand why Knauf was allowed to give evidence against Meghan. Knauf is definitely getting something big from the Fail, and it could be that the Fail who has been backing the Cambridges to the hilt in a deal to manipulate positive public opinion in their favour has said it is pay back time. The Cambridges are going to pay a heavy price for getting into bed with the Fail.
      I also predict that the Fail, which is really running out of things to bash Meghan with, will soon build up and encourage the divisions between Clarence House and KP.

  6. Merricat says:

    Burn it down, Harry.

    • Jodi says:

      this!~ at this point, i’d release everything i had.

    • Over it says:

      I wonder if Oprah wants to tape a part 2 as a thanksgiving special. Meghan and Harry, Happy Holidays Mother- F————-ers

      • Athena says:

        I hope Meghan has a sit down with a journalist After the case is done and say her peace. Maybe 60 Minutes in the US or a special with Anderson Cooper.

    • Bren says:

      My thoughts exactly. They f-cked with his mother and now they’re doing the same to his wife. He keeps warning them but they won’t listen to him and take heed.

  7. Alexandria says:

    I wonder what would happen if the minorities in the UK organised a large scale protest against this blatant bullying.

    • Concern Fae says:

      It would be taken as proof that the pasty ones were right about “those” people all along.

    • luna says:

      Minorities in the UK couldn’t care less about royal intrigues, and they will never embrace Meghan because she married into f-ing royalty.

      • Merricat says:

        Meghan was readily embraced by the Commonwealth nations.

      • PrincessK says:

        That is partly true but you must understand that black owned TV, media, publishing etc is very weak in the UK. Also the black community here are only just really finding their voice. The BLM protests last year were a real awakening and the demands have not gone away. In the 60s, 70s and 80s black protesters came out but quickly fizzled away but not this time. However, Harry and Meghan still hold sway in areas with large black populations. Charles can visit places like Brixton because of the good work of the Princes Trust but I don’t think William or Kate could visit a heavily black populated area, or visit a black commonwealth country right now. William is trying to curry favour with black sports people but not with much success.

        I am still expecting Harry and Meghan at some point to do an event in the UK focused in a black area. One of Meghan’s last engagements was at a school and the reaction was sensational. But I do wish the black population would support Meghan more actively, but do remember blacks here still have that British reserve, which Americans don’t have.

  8. Jodes says:

    Well, for one it is not MM’s appeal as she won round 1. And number two a door has been opened by the appellant that will cause monstrous damage to the RF and the appellant themselves.

    Stategic thinking is not a strong point at KP/MOS methinks.

    • PrincessK says:

      They are totally daft.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      I’m still of the thinking that ANL/MoS (and the RF) don’t want to win the appeal. Listening to the hearing, their lawyers just didn’t sound good. At one point, Caldecott said to the judge, “If I were a judge I’d want to know the background (I believe) of…”. It seemed odd to me unless that’s normal. Plus their lawyers seemed really disorganized.imo

      If the royal source was so confident in the ‘a lot of us who follow it closely know a lot of what she said to Oprah wasn’t true’, why are they still unwilling to put their name to it with all their confidence. Would they be that willing to say in a court knowing Meghan has receipts? Why she said and not they? Harry was more harsh to the Firm and British media than Meghan.

      The MoS is the tabloid that ran the staged photos of Toxic Tom(taken by Jeff Rayner-one of the names mentioned by TT in the pulled Sunrise interview). The Daily Mail is the tabloid that “broke” the story of the staged photos. As if their sister publication didn’t know it all along. The “invisible contract” hard at work.

      Meghan is living her life sleeping peacefully under a tree also doing good things and it doesn’t matter who the RF/RR’s want to paint her out be. She didn’t allow them to make her forget who she is in the end.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Exactly @Agreatreckoning!

        Oh what a dangerous web KP weaved when first they practiced to deceive, and to smear Meghan, The Duchess of Success!

  9. Snuffles says:

    I have a slightly different take on why the emails and texts are being released. The Daily Mail has Kensington Palace by the balls and demanded they be given more Meghan material to write about or they will leak all of the Cambridge’s dirt. They’re absolutely FURIOUS that the lost the original trial AND that they completely lost access to the Sussex’s. With every event that the Sussex’s do that they don’t get access or exclusives to, their rage grows. They have demanded that Kensington Palace pay up for secrets kept and give them more material.

    Of course this is a slippery slope for the royal family and KP in particular are too short sighted to see it. It’s going to blow up in their faces. It’s already doing so because Meghan’s lawyers are already getting the full text exchange’s released and will continue to do so. And Jason Knauf might find himself in personal legal hot water from providing edited versions to the court to manipulate the judge.

    • LaraW" says:

      Eh, it’s not uncommon to excerpt documents that best support your case. However, usually those excerpts are from documents which, if cited in full, would still support your argument. This was short-sighted on Jason’s part. Maybe he (mistakenly) believed that because Meghan didn’t have access to the texts/emails, she wouldn’t be able to provide appropriate context and didn’t anticipate that she could demand that the texts and emails be produced in full. In which case… who the f-ck is his counsel? Standard practice in discovery is to produce complete email chains with all attachments and complete texts covering a certain time period: sometimes people have to submit their phones to be completely imaged, then attorneys review the texts that are responsive to the discovery request and produce them.

      • Snuffles says:

        Thanks for the clarification.

      • Fortuona says:

        Janina Gavankar say the have all the details of this down . She went on televison to do so in March

      • Snuffles says:


        Yeah, my first thought was, how does KP know or not of Meghan took screenshots of every text exchange. I mean, her guard was clearly already up. I believe at some point after the Dad stuff went down, she started documenting EVERYTHING.

      • Jaded says:

        @Snuffles – knowing how detail-oriented and careful Meghan is I’m sure she has a suitcase or three full of print-outs and screen shots to back this up. KP, Jason and William have f*cked up SO BADLY, I’m ecstatic about how this is going to play out. Pass me the champagne bottle dahling!

      • LynnInTX says:

        @Jaded I agree, especially after the RF started deleting her messages. I have regular backups of my messages saved in 2 different places, and take screenshots of text messages of particular importance – and those are saved in 2 places as well. And I’m just a regular peon, not someone battling a media war waged on multiple fronts. I’m practically buzzing with anticipation over it ALL getting released.

      • smlstrs says:

        @LynnInTX – Can I ask for recommendations re back up / synching? (Trying to get severed from being involved in a family trust that’s in the hands of a narcissistic family member & thinking it can’t hurt to have records saved in at least triplicate!)

      • Annie says:

        Jason most definitely didn’t know who he was dealing with if he thought that 6-month auto-delete thing was going to work. I have no doubt that Meghan has numerous copies, both electronic and hard copies, of screenshots of absolutely positively everything, and has them stored in all different places in various locations in case they try to hack her or something even worse, and that trusted friends have permission to release it all should Meghan have an unfortunate “accident.” I feel sick even typing that but you can’t rule anything out when it comes to this family.

        No way KP can outsmart her when it comes to something like this, and I don’t even think that all of the courts and their staffs combined, plus the RF’s lawyers could. She didn’t leave the UK without receipts for every single thing.

        Was it ever confirmed is all of the RF members had the auto-delete things on their phones for “security,” or just Meghan?

      • LynnInTX says:

        @smlstrs I have SMS Backup and Restore for my text messages. It works great for my android phone. I export the backup file weekly and save it in the cloud (dropbox) and on an external hard drive. Same places for the screenshots. For mail, I’ll forward really important emails to another account, save them in the cloud and on the external drive. Takes less than 10 minutes a week to keep the important things backed up and duplicated. I go through everything about 3 times a year to delete anything I no longer need and organize the rest. That takes the better part of a day for me, but it would take less time if I did it more often.

        Good luck to you!

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      I agree that the DM is furious with KP. And I think when this whole thing started (publishing the letter), Jason was assuring W&K that he could “handle” Meghan. And Jason, as the spokesman for W&K, was also assuring the DM that there would be no pushback when they published the letter. And if there *was* pushback, Jason would provide evidence to discredit Meghan, up to & including having planted the seeds of bullying allegations.

      But all of that falls apart when Harry & Meghan free themselves from the institution & hire their own lawyers. And the DM is mad because they were assured those things would never happen.

      • Snuffles says:

        Totally agree. I’m sure KP was telling the Daily Mail they would have it all under control. That’s why they were trying to get Meghan to use the royal lawyers because their lawyers would have tried to convince Meghan it wasn’t worth it. They probably did and that’s why Meghan and Harry got their own council.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think this is why the palace is so mad about this lawsuit – not because “its not done” or whatever, but because Jason assured the Mail that there would be no pushback and then Meghan filed a lawsuit and that sent KP into a panic. I don’t think Charles would have said “thats a bad idea” considering he has sued himself over something similar and won. But KP would have been in a tizzy if they had already assured the Mail that there would be no issues with this.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, the tin foil in my tiara was thinking this yesterday. There’s no reason why the RF should be involved in the MoS appeal at all – no reason for them to lift the NDA or to inject their opinions through “royal sources.” Something else is going on.

    • PrincessK says:

      @Snuffles…you are spot on.

  10. Polo says:

    This is how you know the Palace is run by idiots. The arrogance in thinking that this was some sort of win when it actually showed not only how kind Meghan was in all her exchanges but also the pain and time she took to make sure it didn’t leak. It also reVealed the truth about a few stories that were written lies about her. These people think only short term and because they have the press on their side they really feel invisible.
    But again Meghan proved her case and from how her and Harry operate they have nothing to hide. Harry said that clearly a few times in the Dax Shepard and The Me you can’t see interview.
    The palace is the one here with everything to lose. It’s like they are trying to convince themselves and everyone else. Lol

  11. Mich says:

    Harry and Meghan were asked point blank by Oprah why they had agreed to speak out. The answer was because of the palace(s) actively briefing against them. If that stopped, Harry and Meghan would stop. I knew the dips at KP were too stupid and arrogant to heed the warning.

    I would imagine that a BIG line has been crossed with Harry. Especially because JK – presumably with Williams approval – essentially lied by selectively releasing communications to put his thumb on the scale for the MOS. Did they think that wouldn’t go unchallenged? Did they realize the degree to which they were opening themselves up by releasing those comms in the first place?

  12. Ella says:

    I’m confused about why/how Jason was able to break his NDA in the first place to do this?? Can someone explain?

    • Snuffles says:

      Probably because Kensington Palace gave him permission to do so.

      • mae says:

        Snuffles is probably right. I guess the NDA was signed with Kensington, not Harry and Meghan themselves.

      • Becks1 says:

        Exactly. LaraW had some examples of questions that could come up re: his NDA if this goes to trial in the post from yesterday, and they were not very pretty (in terms of how the answers would reflect on the Cambridges.)

    • Lionel says:

      But do we know for a fact that he broke his NDA? Or that he even had one?

      I mean, I’m sure NDAs are standard for Royal employ. But we also know that it’s amateur hour over at KP. I can see them forgetting to have him sign one, or had him sign some ancient document that hasn’t been changed since the days of George VI. (So could there be loopholes for, say, digital communication or other unanticipated situations ?)

      I’m not a lawyer and recognize that this is unlikely, and I also suspect that JK was directed to do this which I assume would invalidate any NDA, but still, it seems like we’re all talking about the repercussions of a document that we don’t know for sure exists or what it says.

      • Nic919 says:

        Jason has been a weasel from day one so he’s released this information with consent from William. NDA or not, he wouldn’t go against William. And if he did go without consent we would have heard about it from the RR by now. This is done fully with consent from William and indirectly Charles.

  13. Che says:

    The appeal gave the public an inside view of Meghan’s brief time with the royals and the optics favored Meghan. The emails don’t show a narcissist,bully,or a woman trying to control a man for material gain. Meghan was determined to work,support her husband,and start a new life on good footing. Her new country allowed a smear campaign to destroy a wonderful asset that was ready to shine. None of this 10 years to find work.

    • Lavinia says:

      agree, but I have to say I was SHOCKED by how many commenters I saw that are based in the US and went with the same headlines as the Brit ones: Meghan lied, Meghan perjured herself etc. This is not landing with a lot of people, as they truly only skim what the headlines say and most of them trash Meghan. It truly blew me away to see that. So in a way, they ARE winning this war right now. I just know that Meghan is way smarter than them and plays the long game.

      • Snuffles says:

        They aren’t winning shit. At best they are preaching to the choir. To the people who were inclined to hate Meghan no matter what she did. Most people with critical thinking skills see through the bullshit.

      • Eurydice says:

        Meghan doesn’t have to play a long game – the judge will do it for her.

      • Janice Hill says:

        I think the Team Meghan or Team KP divide pretty much mirrors the liberal/conservative divide in the US. On social media, it can be hard on people who aren’t 100% on one side or the other.

  14. Amy Bee says:

    I saw a clip of Roya on British TV spouting this nonsense about they shouldn’t have gone to court in the first place, pretending as if Meghan didn’t win a case and wasn’t vindicated. The Royal Family made a poor decision allowing Knauf to testify for MoS.

    • Sure says:

      I guess Roya wants the media to have the right to publish private correspondence without the hassle of having to get the author’s consent. Would she be happy to see her correspondence with KP published in a rival rag?

  15. ABritGuest says:

    Meghan’s case is very similar to one that Charles won against the daily Mail & she obtained the summary judgement pretty comprehensively. So issue isn’t a point of law- the queens lawyers would only have advised her not to pursue the case because the firm would be exposed or it could negatively impact its relationship with the daily Mail.

    Someone allowed Jason to volunteer info for the appeal so they can’t blame that on Meghan. Of course this whole mess could have been avoided if they had just been cool with Harry’s choice of wife.

    I think what’s been revealed actually supports what was said on Oprah. Seeing how Meghan was super polite & deferring to advice from Jason doesn’t really line up with idea that she wouldnt take advice, was a bully or duchess difficult as palace sources claim. Perpetuating falsehoods as Meghan said.

    Meghan spoke about choosing a tiara with the queen giving her 5 to choose from and queen saying one she chose suited her best. This lines up with the audio Harry & Meghan did for the wedding exhibition. Jason doesn’t seem to challenge that version so why were the press claiming a diva tantrum happened over a emerald tiara & why didn’t Jason shut that down? I believe that was one of the stories KP gave no comment on so example of Meghan not being protected. My guess is Jason was the source who said there were no tears at the wedding rehearsal in order to protect Kate. So example of lying to protect other members of the family.

    The idea they wanted Meghan to confront her father in Mexico when he was surrounded by press & Harry was getting harangued for not getting thomas to shut up, doesn’t really make them seem like a super supportive family. Plus im sure they could have used their leverage with the media if they really wanted to stop all of Thomas’ interviews.

    • Nic919 says:

      It is crazy they would have an issue with Meghan suing over the release of a personal letter with a fact scenario similar to what happened to Charles. She was not going after the BRF but the tabloid media and so why would the BRF have a problem with that? Does the DM have something on the rest of them that makes a lawsuit by Meghan on a previously decided issue a problem?

      The invisible contract mentioned by Harry really makes you wonder what is really going on here.

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        They didn’t want her suing over the letter, because they’re very well aware that JK was working with Meghan’s dirtbag of a father behind her back. That’s what the DM had (and has) on them. She might not have been going after family, but they knew that by going after the media, they were open to exposure.

  16. WithTheAmerican says:

    The released emails I saw on Twitter show her apologizing for sending an email at a certain time when JK was in a different time zone and then he apologized for not responding immediately citing jet lag.

    So, sounds like he’s the one complaining about her emails being sent at off times lol. And yet in reality, she was writing someone on a different continent who worked.for.her. Or rather was supposed to work for her.

  17. WithTheAmerican says:

    Also, they warned MM not to sue because suing opens the doors and she’s gonna get hers? But also, they’re going to maybe sue Netflix.

    Hahahaha I cannot with these people. So entitled.

  18. Harper says:

    The royals want the headlines that Meghan lies. Therefore, any of her damning statements about what the royals did to her are not to be believed. This is part of the Princess Pinocchio strategy and clearly stated by this royal source in The Times article. Meghan makes an abrupt u-turn regarding Finding Freedom. Meghan apologizes to the court. Meghan perjures herself and admits she did collaborate. Meghan forgets to inform the court that she cooperated. Meghan knew letter would be leaked and wrote it for public consumption.

    Most of the public sees headlines only and doesn’t dig deeper. It is William’s only option at this point and now he’s sunk so deep with the Mail. Supposedly, whatever the press has on a senior royal is ‘eye-blistering” so Meghan has to be flogged for clicks in exchange for keeping royal secrets.

    • smlstrs says:

      “… so Meghan has to be flogged for clicks in exchange for keeping royal secrets. ”

      I don’t know why I didn’t put this together before but yes – they’re demanding that TOB somehow “replace” the clicks that the media would get if they published HIS scandals.

      Those Facebook reveals about tracking engagement?

      Everyone does that.


      Former journalist here, and now I’m having flashbacks to all the pitch meetings I sat in where they started w the click reviews for the previous weeks’ pieces… It’s insane and demoralizing how much this fuels SO MUCH of what’s happening behind the scenes in journalism (see also US politics coverage, etc.).

      TOB can hand over info till the cows come home, they’ll never be done with him, and can still drop receipts on him at the end of the day – no matter what he gives them and what he agrees to, at some point, unless their business models change completely overnight, they’ll go after those clicks and blow his cover.

  19. Myra says:

    Quite a few stories have been debunked since the case started but the media keeps on moving the goalposts instead of admitting they were wrong. They have not once queried why palace aides felt emboldened to brief against Meghan so frequently and with such malicious lies. I wish we could have an article on a list of urban legends about Meghan Markle that we now know are false.

  20. Beach Dreams says:

    I think KP might be panicking right now. Sure, they were able to push another lie about Meghan and FF through the media, but the emails and texts are out there now and paint a very different picture…for a lot of things. Also, more people are pointing out the fact that Jason’s still happily employed by the Cambridges. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that photo of Kate grinning and shoving that container of bugs in Jason’s face on Twitter the past week. Things are dicier for these idiots than they intended; I think that’s at least partially why Kate’s been looking rather…tight at the recent Remembrance events.

    • Annie says:

      Beachdreams if they were smart enough to know how badly they’d screwed themselves, they would be panicking, but idk if they’ve realized yet what they’ve done. How this opened a Pandora’s box that they DO NOT want open. William looked smug and happy in some of the photos from yesterday, I think he’s too short-sighted, vindictive and dim to have thought through the repercussions.

      I wonder how long it will take before we start to see some of the real fallout from this. It cannot come quickly enough.

  21. Over it says:

    Would the Windsors and they hound dogs go f themselves already. It’s time for Meghan and Harry to pull the pin all the way out. These people are making me angry and I am not even involved. I support you Meghan

  22. Lady Digby says:

    As it says in the Bible by your acts you shall be known. JK is currently employed by the Crown yet has publicly sided with MoS in their case against Meghan and in doing so shared privileged and confidential email, texts and briefing documents. Yet he has NOT been suspended from his post or put on gardening leave. This indicates he can act with impunity because he was merely obeying orders.
    I feel very sad for both Meghan and Harry to have been completely betrayed by both families except for mom. They are in love and thriving in America. Hopefully they will win the Appeal and if so I would suggest neither of them should return to the UK except for private visits. Yes this is a real mess but at least they know the full extent of the betrayal and it is time to cut ties with all betrayers.

  23. mariahlee says:

    It must have been sobering for Earthshot to be the flop that is was. Attacking Meghan is all they have left atp to make themselves look better.

    • L4frimaire says:

      But it doesn’t actually make them look better. Someone on Twitter put out the number of royal Google searches and Meghan is by far the most searched, followed by a distant 2nd by Harry. William was way down on the list, below the Queen, his wife, Charles and Anne, and Sofiesta was dead last. This is not elevating William and he is nothing but negative vibes and resentment. Getting Meghan and Harry is the only thing he really cares about and it shows. It’s obvious the Sussexes just want to move on, but William is still reliving 2018/2019 every day.

    • Annie says:

      Speaking of Earthshot, I listened to part of this last night, not the entire thing so idk what they said later, but a good point was made about Earthshot toward the beginning. I like the hosts of this one a lot. They see and call out every single bit of the bs discussed here.


  24. Consie Wright says:

    I wish Meghan and Harry takes it to trial and put all these lying, manipulative, jealous and hateful bastards on the stand including JK, Bulliam, Chuck, Waity Kaity et al. Go out with guns blazing if you must. The Sussexes friends say they have the emails so start rolling them out.

  25. Wadsworth the Butler says:

    Portraying Meghan as a liar is a very misguided strategy. The total number of direct conversations Meghan has had with her in-laws is probably in the low double digits. She only lived in the UK for 18 months, and rarely socialized with anyone in the family other than Eugenie and Jack. Harry is the one who can bury them. He grew up in that family. It was Harry, not Meghan, who revealed the racist conversations about skin tone. And he’s the one writing the book.

  26. ElleE says:

    So, the palace briefs the media that Gerrard Tyrrell (ranked #1defamation / reputation management in 2022 by Chambers! Ha) reviewed the claim and advised the Sussex aides to not pursue the case? Who waived atty-client privilege in order for this legal advice to be shared with the media?

    Well, SOMEONE is going to need a good defamation lawyer as Meghan won her case, and the defamatory statements keep coming.

    • Nic919 says:

      Wow I missed that. Pretty sure Tyrrell wouldn’t have authorized that at all. Lawyers have an obligation to keep consultations private which is a pretty standard ethical obligation.

  27. L4frimaire says:

    Maybe I’m slow or something but what do these recent emails have to do with the actual substance of the appeal? It’s seems like it was just an attempt to smear Meghan, to me it seems that Knauf unnecessarily inserted himself in this case and more was revealed than intended. Unless KP wanted to formally issue a suit against Meghan or join the Mail’s suit, this seems like this was a way to use the courts to get petty revenge. I’m not even sure what exactly is supposed to be making Meghan look bad, other than she seemed to be under a lot of pressure and she stressed she wrote everything to Knauf in confidence. Even the White House has leaks so writing something and hoping it won’t be leaked, when you work for a leaking entity like the BRF, is not the same as giving permission to publish the letter. She couldn’t control her dad and that text clearly shows that. I guess I don’t get the point of what Knauf and the Cambridge’s are doing. They could just move on from this case since it doesn’t involve them, but they decided to insert themselves in it. Like the Lainey article says, the judges are seeing a lot more than we are and they need to focus on the actual appeal.

  28. Islandgirl says:

    Given that this article is the Times and Roya I think this is Charles doing damage control. Welcome to your life as King Charles.
    They let William make this stupid move of allowing JK to make a statement. Now it is not only blowing up in his face but also impacting on them, so Charles has to say something.
    So, he ignores the fact that the impetus for all this information coming out is JK’s statement. Can’t push back on that so they go back to blaming Meghan.
    Interesting point though….the fact that they are saying that any information given to Oprah is suspect might have also been one of the motivations behind this. However the entire emails and messages, in my opinion, do not reflect badly on Meghan. She was polite throughout. No sign of bullying and ordering. In fact she was seeking feedback and advice.
    Anyone who wants to approach this entire situation without bias will see who and what the BRF are. Only people who read only headlines will fall for this.

  29. Joan says:

    The royal family is not viewed with the same reverence that they may have enjoyed in the past. I saw some awful comments when it was announced that the Queen would not be attending the Remembrance Services. If they do not forget this “revenge “ on H&M, they may destroy themselves as well. They need to let them go and focus strictly on what they are meant to represent to the British people.

    • Lulu says:

      It is not so much a revenge mission but rather an ongoing campaign to discredit her for the rest of her life so that all of her other past and future accusations against them are automatically assumed to be suspect by the public. Meghan and Harry lifted the lid on so much of this institution and family’s hideousness so right now the so called royals are in a fight for survival. In their minds, they only survive this by making the golden couple out to be liars.

  30. PrincessK says:

    A senior Daily Fail editor who is very anti Meghan and must be involved in the long standing editorial policy to destroy the Sussexes let it slip on TV that the fact that Knauf is testifying against Meghan is going to really increase the division between Harry and William. This is almost proof from a Daily Fail employee that William gave authorisation to Knauf to go ahead.

    • Tessa says:

      William’s behavior towards his brother is just offensive IMO to say the least. There are stans who put up the Fab Three photos (so called) and go on about how Great it was for Harry then. So much delusions.

  31. LynnInTX says:

    What on earth could the media (DM, in particular) have on the royals that would get them to let Jason Knauf out of his (presumed) NDA in exchange for keeping it hush hush? That is one of the dumbest moves I think I’ve seen yet. It not only opens the door for ALL the conversations/emails/messages to be put into public between Jason and the Sussexes; but, it gives a plausible reason for the public (and press) to demand ANDREW’S aides release all communications when HIS trial comes – presuming he doesn’t settle before then. Every single ‘defense’ I could come up with, also applies to Prince Rapist. He’s no longer a working royal, it would (in the public’s eye anyway) be ‘in defense of’ the royal’s version of events, it would also be a civil trial like Meghan’s…

    Let’s all get real – whatever the press has on the royals (the Cambridges most likely), it has to be far, far more than cheating. At this point, I honestly think the public would go “yeah, and?” about that revelation. It would be about as surprising as a story about a sportsball star cheating. So what else is there? Embezzlement? Fraud of a different type? What’s horribly egregiously unethical or immoral but not illegal? It has to be worse than the “pay-for-play” scandals, because we’ve all seen multiple ones erupt and go nowhere in the press. And if they are covering up something downright illegal, can the media who knew about it and deliberately hushed it up get charged with anything?

    • Bird says:

      @lynnintx. I agree -a cheating scandal would be no big deal. I think there’s something nefarious going on with royal foundation and Jason is CEO. He would have all the receipts. I don’t think he is going anywhere. Also M&H pretty quickly removed themselves from the foundation and it could have been due to TOB trying to get his hands on Harry’s charities but……. Would love to know what’s going on.

  32. aquarius64 says:

    Too many of these clowns are popping the champagne corks too quickly. They think it’s a wrap for Meghan because of her omission. The judges are still deliberating and thanks to this idiot Jason the Crown doesn’t look good here. The judges will have to go through everything with a fine tooth comb.

    My call: a win for Meghan based on the case in chief. The original ruling stands. The omission has to be addressed and it may be a slap on the wrist because it was over info that had no place in the trial (FF).

    Toxic Tom – judges will uphold ruling that Bad Dad should have sued People. If there were any justice the sperm donor is held liable for breach of privacy and copyright. He sent the letter to the Fail for publication and he colluded with the editors as to what parts are printed, leaving the bad stuff about him out. (He admitted it at the previous trial.) The letter should be published in full, no redaction.

    Jason the Jackal – if the judges take Meghan to task for her omission, Jason takes a hit for revealing parts of the texts. These texts, as I see it, are work product of KP that shouldn’t out in the open unless subpoenaed or official release given most likely by William. If the judges rules Jason violated revealing of secrets he may be in more legal jeopardy. KP will throw Jason under the bus, saying he went rogue and never got an official sign off to go public with the emails. Jason would be leaving scorer that expected.

    • Bex says:

      The omission was addressed when she acknowledge it and explained it to the courts that the conversations about the book/Omid/Carolyn with Jason were part of Jason’s job as communications director for both households. Basically, his job was to answer inquiries from the press. As well, if you look at the full emails, Jason broached Omid’s book with them first and advised them to answer the questions in order to not get more negative press. He’s the one who seemingly initiated the conversations about the book with H&M. They replied to Jason’s requests. So, again, I (and likely the judges) can see what’s at play here. The judge accepted her explanation. The Times claiming she could face perjury charges is a lie and The Times know it. They just don’t expect the casual reader to know it. The point is to get out the single narrative “Meghan lied”, when in reality? Jason framed the emails one way, using partial statement (just like the DM did with Meghan’s letter to he dad) and that was discredited by the release of the entire email exchanges and text messages.

      As well, Jason has his own “omissions” when he submitted partial conversations in his statement to the court. This was rectified by Meghan’s lawyers requested the entirety of the exchanges (which bolster’s Meghan’s stance regarding her intent of wanting the letter to remain private).