Bre Tiesi, expecting a baby with Nick Cannon, says they’ve been ‘on and off for years’

Bre Tiesi is a 30-year-old model who is expecting her first baby with Nick Cannon. As we know, this will be Nick’s eighth baby. His first, however, after publicly announcing he was attempting to remain celibate until the end of the year (hint: he did not make it). Octavio (not his real name) Cannon is a boy, we know this because of the gender reveal the couple had a few months back. Now, Bre is revealing a little more about her and Nick’s relationship, which is that they’ve been together for almost a decade. Only, it’s been an off and on thing. Mm-kay.

Bre Tiesi isn’t afraid to do her own thing.

The 30-year-old model said as much in her first interview since announcing that she’s expecting a baby with Nick Cannon, telling E! News’ Daily Pop that while “some people have their idea of conventional relationships and certain things,” she and Nick still “have a beautiful relationship [where] everything is so supportive and positive.”

In fact, Bre described their near-decade-long dynamic as almost perfect. They haven’t exclusively dated for that long—Bre said she’s had other partners and even got married at one point—but when it comes to Nick, “I’ve always come back.”

“Him and I have had our on-and-off for years,” Bre added. “And I just respect and love who he is so much as a person, that when I thought about, ‘Do I want my son to be this person? Look at your characteristics, look at your personality, look at how you treat people…’ That’s what is so much more important to me than anything. And he treats me amazing, so that’s all I look at.”

For now, Bre said she’s concentrating on “my family [and] my relationship,” but she could see all of Nick’s children coming “together” as adults.

As for Mariah, Brittany and Abby, “I feel like everybody is focused on their own family and their own situation,” Bre explained, “and we’re all very supportive and just respect that. Like, ‘That’s your family, this is ours and [if] you need anything, we’re here.'”

[From E! News via Just Jared]

I’m all for folks doing their own thing in relationships. I swore I’d never get married, I’d have kids on my own and men would never be more than a hobby (oops.) So if this is how Bre sees her and Nick working out then I wish them the best. But I think Nick has an agenda with the way he’s procreating and I’m not sure he’s even admitted it to himself yet. Which will make parenting with him difficult at some point. We know he refuses to support the children’s mothers if they start seeing other men, which Bre just admitted she’s been doing for a decade. And her feelings about the other mothers is very nice, but reality might be much harsher when Bre actually is in a bind. I’m not saying the other moms aren’t generous women, just that, as Bre said, there are times they’ll need to be focused on their own family. I think Nick wants to be a good parent and I hope he is. But when he speaks of having kids, he talks around the subject a lot, like “there are a lot of people I could have impregnated” and “then life happens” when speaking about condoms. Other than consequences for his children’s mothers, he rarely discusses responsibility or long-term.

But Bre sounds like she knows what she wants, and she obviously knows who Nick is, having known him for as long as she has. So she knows that she’s taking on this child mainly by herself. And that’s fine. I’ll be curious to see how “beautiful” her relationship with Nick is when they’re off again and she starts dating another man, though.

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  1. terra says:


  2. Normades says:

    JFC can’t this man just get a vasectomy already!!! Urgh so gross. And sure, Kim Kardishain Jan.

    • Princess peach says:

      Hopefully once that make birth control hits the market one if bus friends can be sure to put some in his coffee every day.

  3. Princess Peach says:

    Well, this is a woman who married Jonny Manziel. So I doubt she fully grasps the toxicity of this situation. I think given all of the sexist and problematic things that Nick has said it’s going to be a very hard road for these women and children.

    • Lucy says:

      Right, and her divorce to him just became final in November 2021, which is a bit yikes. To be fair, I think they filed right before covid.

      I wish her luck.

  4. Arizona says:

    so basically he’s maintaining, what, four separate families? I think it’s sad that the kids have a bunch of siblings and it doesn’t sound like there’s any attempt to unify them. it’s pretty unlikely to me that they’ll become close as adults.

  5. Normades says:

    I HATE gender reveal parties and watching that video of their over the top party made me feel a bit ragey.

    • Roo says:

      Come sit by me. We can rage and be snarky together. I’m so glad I had my children well before these reveals became a thing.

      Also, I felt a bit sad at the small turnout for her shower.

  6. Willow says:

    When someone is trying to sell ‘happy, happy, joy, joy, every thing is perfect ‘ that hard, my BS radar goes into overdrive. There probably is competition for Nick’s attention and jealously among the ladies. And he loves it. Those kids are caught in the middle.

    • DrFt says:

      At this point baby showers have become a substitute for weddings.
      Btw, even a blind woman would see that Nick cannon is as uninterested by this whole gender reveal thing as could be. This man id irresponsable anf messy.
      As for my BS radar it’s telling methat he’s creating a living human organ bank in the case he might need it.

    • LarkspurLM says:

      right? Look at his body language in the last photo. Hands in pockets, she is on him, not a mutual thing. Yikes

  7. FancyPants says:

    He had multiple people pregnant in those years, a few of them simultaneously. You were never “on,” sweetie, you were convenient at the moment.

    • VoominVava says:

      exactly! I don’t understand why people aren’t more upset about this dirty guy and his harem of baby mamas. It’s disgusting to me, and so misogynistic. And still he has tons of fans who are upset his show wasn’t renewed. I bet Mariah Carey has so many regrets that this is the guy she decided to have kids with. (Nothing against her beautiful children)

  8. minx says:

    “Do I want my son to be this person?” Nope, you don’t.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Yes! What is it with these women that are willing to have a child with a partner that must share the fraction of their time in raising a child together? This man doesn’t have enough time in the day to give each child a decent a father figure to look up to or to offer a strong and healthy childhood. No of this looks good in any angle but her trying to sell it as otherwise tells us what we already thought!

  9. GrnieWnie says:

    OOookay, let’s just unpack this a little without passing judgment.

    She is having a baby with him because he is rich. Not because he’s a great partner, because they’re off-and-on so at the very least, he is not reliable. She’s a model, which isn’t a stable career, and he’s wealthy. I don’t doubt that they’re friendly and like each other and all that, but this clearly isn’t a love story for the ages.

    So maybe she thinks he’d be a good dad, and she goes for it. But don’t tell me that him being a good dad is something that is entirely divorced from him being very wealthy and therefore able “to provide.” At the very least, his dad attention is going to be very divided.

    Which brings me to my point: women occupy this weird position in society where on the one hand, we want all the options to provide for ourselves. And then on the other, there are still so many women who outsource their financial security to men. I personally think this is a trap that women fall into, and it’s one that requires compromises you don’t have to make when you can provide for yourself. I don’t judge her for it as this world is unfair and women face many challenges when it comes to earning as much as men, but it’s always a bit disheartening to see how prevalent this trap still is among women.

    We all know that his little families will get along for as long as he provides for them all. But if resources are limited? Competition is inevitable, and it’ll get a lot nastier. That’s a given!

  10. Luna17 says:

    All these women say the same thing about how they are so happy in this messy, unconventional arrangement and it’s so fake. Girl, just tell the truth that you want that paycheck to keep up your fillers and nice clothes for your “Instagram Model” career which you know is going away. You’re an influencer in her 30s who blends in with a million other pretty faces and has a short shelf life and this baby gives you 18 years of child support. Please stop the dumb, enlightened crap. It’s fing Nick Cannon for fucks sake, not someone smart.

  11. L4Frimaire says:

    This sounds like some cult or self proclaimed prophet agenda. Why all these women want to have kids with this weird guy is beyond my comprehension.

  12. Veronica S. says:

    LOL, look, I know it takes two to tango, but these women are so dumb to me. The dude is wealthy, sure, but is he that wealthy that you’re getting that much split between eight kids? At some point, you will get screwed over and find yourself in the same position as most single mothers in the world with Kodak dads, doing all of the work with fewer rewards. It’s just inane. Some women really are just stupid and careless when it comes to bringing children into the world, as much as they men they sleep with.

  13. Eggbert says:

    Oh dear

  14. Tracy says:

    She’s beautiful! Reminds me of when I was pregnant and how those first four or five months you just look so radiant and if you were thin before, now your curves are on fire. I remember feeling so lovely and everywhere I went everyone fell over themselves opening doors for me.

    As for the on and off thing, a lot of women save some guy for backup in case of turning 30 without finding someone. I know a few women who did that LOL!!