Mandy Moore on canceling her tour while pregnant: I felt like a shell of myself

Mandy Moore is expecting her second son with husband Taylor Goldsmith. Their first child, Gus, is 1 ½. Mandy worked on her show This Is Us right up until the end of that pregnancy. And if you remember, she had a pretty difficult start to her pregnancy with Gus, with severe food aversions and being sick all day long. I bring this up because Mandy didn’t know she was pregnant with #2 when she planned her tour to promote her album In Real Life. It was her first tour in 15 years and obviously, her first tour after becoming a mom. When she learned she was pregnant, she figured she’d worked through the first pregnancy so how hard could a tour be? So, so much harder. Juggling a toddler on a tour bus while pregnant during a rigorous tour schedule proved too much. On June 30th, Mandy made the difficult decision to cancel her remaining dates. Although it crushed her to do so, she was making the decision for her health and the health of her baby. And her OB couldn’t have been happier.

Mandy Moore had a plan: Following the series finale of “This Is Us,” she would hit the road to promote her new album, “In Real Life.”

“I didn’t know I was pregnant when we planned the tour,” Moore, 38, told TODAY Parents.
But the actor, who shares 17-month-old son, Augustus “Gus,” with her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, figured she could “power through.” After all, she was still filming scenes for “This Is Us” while in her third trimester with Gus.

“As it turns out, being on a set is worlds away from being on a tour bus,” Moore revealed. “It was like trying to sleep on a wooden rollercoaster. Gus would be standing up in his Pack N’ Play while the bus was shaking — and I was like, ‘No, no, no. We can’t do this anymore.’”
Moore and her band were running on just a few hours sleep.

“I was scared I was going to adversely affect my [unborn] baby and his growth,” she said.
On June 30, the star, who will welcome her second child, a boy, in October, announced that she was canceling her remaining show dates to focus on her health. Moore said she was heartbroken.

“I foolishly thought ‘if I did it before, I can do it again,’” Moore explained. “But every pregnancy is different. This time, I was caring for a toddler. I was walking around feeling like an absolute shell of myself.”

Moore said she felt as if she was letting everyone down — including herself. The singer, who is known for her pop albums in the ‘90s, hadn’t toured in 15 years. Performing in front of a live audience again was electrifying.

“I’d been looking forward to this for a decade and half,” Moore shared. “But ultimately, nothing trumps your health, and the health of your baby.”

Moore said her OB-GYN was very relieved that she decided to come home.

“She was like, “I know you’re a tough cookie like me, but you’re just gonna rest now, OK?’”

[From TODAY]

I understand why Mandy went ahead with the tour even after she found out she was pregnant. She was so looking forward to touring again and she had worked through the first. But yeah, TV sets and album tours are apples and oranges. A lot of celebs choose TV because of the regularity of the schedule. I could not imagine the chaos of trying to swing performing across country with my family in tow while I was gestating. My gawd, it sounds exhausting. I’m also glad Mandy chose her health over her obligation. I know she feels bad and will make it up to everyone who missed her this time around. A true fan will understand why she had to cancel too. You can’t risk that level of exhaustion while pregnant. You shouldn’t risk it any time, but especially not when you have a life depending on you.

Mandy also told TODAY that her on-screen daughter Chrissy Metz was at her last concert in Nashville and that really meant a lot to her. Apparently, Mandy and Chrissy have formed quite a bond. It sounds like everyone on that show did, which is sweet given the subject matter. Speaking of This Is Us, they were generally ignored by the Emmys this year. Both Chrissy and Mandy commented on the snub by saying the Emmys kind of blew it with the show’s best season yet. I stopped watching it in season one, was the final season the best?

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  1. Christine says:

    the finale was a bit of a let down for me. This was definitely the best season for Mandy. She nailed it. They did a great job portraying Alzheimer’s. Like, So so good. Mandy Moore deserved a nod. As for the tour. I don’t think anyone could hold this against her. I have 3 kids. There is no way I could have done it! I wish them well. Their son is so cute !

  2. Britney says:

    Why did she have to go and freeze her face like that? I didn’t even recognize her with all that botox/filler. She was such a naturally beautiful woman. Sad.

    • saidit says:

      I’m not sure she has. I happened to catch her tour about 10 days before she called off the rest of the dates. It was an outdoor festival so at one point I walked by a huge screen of her performing, one of those super large concert screens, and the shot was zoomed in so close on her face that it took up the entirety of the screen and she either hasn’t had work done, or has had subtle, nice work done. Nothing frozen. Face full of emotion, light sweat (summer concert mid-performance), expression… For what it’s worth.

      So glad I caught her show and her opening performer, AHI.

      • Sarahndipity says:

        I was lucky enough to see her at the beginning of her tour, and she was phenomenal. So sweet, genuine, and electric. I too remember thinking how natural she looked. I wish her the best <3

  3. jferber says:

    Love the pic of them all matching in purple.

  4. Fleur says:

    I wish she’d do something different with her eyebrows instead of the dark heavy slashes : /