Did Angelina Jolie’s lawyers try to serve Brad Pitt during the SAG Awards?

In February of this year, Brad Pitt waited until Angelina Jolie was out of town to drop a lawsuit on her. Actually, it was a tad more complicated than that – Jolie took the kids to Cambodia, and soon after she and the kids arrived, Pitt’s team blanketed the media with the news that he was suing her, but it didn’t even appear like he had actually filed any of the papers at that time. By June, he finally got his paperwork in order and he’s absolutely suing her now. The lawsuit is over Angelina’s (lawful) sale of her half of Miraval. Brad is truly more upset about Angelina dissolving their business partnership than he was about custody of the children, but that’s a story for another time. In any case, I’m not 100% clear when various legal papers were served and to whom and the exact timeline of all of this. But I’ll say this: this Page Six story sounds like utter bullsh-t. Page Six’s sources claim that Angelina’s lawyers sent a process server to the SAG Awards in the hope of serving Brad?

Lawyers for Angelina Jolie were so desperate to serve Brad Pitt with a subpoena as part of the bitter tangle of lawsuits over the exes’ French winery that they stationed process servers at the glitziest events in Hollywood in hopes of catching him off guard, Page Six has learned.

We’re told they even sent a guy to confront the “Fight Club” star with the documents at the 2022 SAG Awards in February, and insiders say they likely would have tried again at the Oscars but Pitt’s lawyers called off the chase before Hollywood’s biggest night rolled around.

Sources say that servers had been having a hard time trying to hand Pitt the papers — which makes it a legal requirement for someone to respond to a court — and were hoping he would show up at the SAG Awards as a previous winner (for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” in 2020) even though he was not nominated this year. Sadly for them, he did not.

Jolie’s lawyers were trying to subpoena Pitt to hand over records and correspondence related to the Château Miraval winery. The former couple, who broke up in September 2016, are locked in a complex battle over ownership of the business after Jolie, 47, sold her shares in it to a subsidiary of the massive liquor firm Stoli. Pitt, 58, has claimed that Jolie was not entitled to sell her shares without offering him the right of refusal, and now they are battling over whether she can demand the paperwork that she has asked for.

[From Page Six]

This year’s SAG Awards were on February 27th, so it would have been more than three weeks after Pitt made a big, sleazy show of “suing” Angelina while she was out of town. It’s possible Angelina’s lawyers were already concerned, at that time, about Pitt’s record-keeping and they wanted to serve him with a subpoena immediately. I don’t know though – it seems like a dumb plan from the lawyers and process servers though, to try to catch him at the SAGs, especially since he wasn’t listed as one of the presenters. Like, Angelina knows where Brad lives. He could have been served at his house (although it’s possible he was dodging the process server).

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  1. K says:

    Well we saw this with Olivia Wilde so…but I just don’t see AJ going for this.

  2. Coco says:

    I call BS this supposedly happened back in February and we’re only hearing about it now after he lost his lawsuit. Not once did Pitt ever mention this in his poor me evil Angelina interviews

    When this happened to Olivia Wilde it was in the media immediately not 5 months later.

    This seems like another smear campaign from Brads team. Page six is one of his go to outlets.

    • Ivy says:

      Yes its utter BS. Nouvel/ the new partners asked for the discovery back in January and he was served in late January. I said in the last post about them, how peculiar his narrative change has been since Nouvel won.

  3. Chanteloup says:

    He’s so gross.

    That’s all my brain can process right now

  4. Lady D says:

    So ten years from now, this pathetic excuse for a human being and father will still be pulling this crap. His kids will range in age from 24-33 and he will still be trying to slag their mother, because that’s his life now.

  5. Ceej says:

    So his PR is paying page six to run negative Angie stories and his positive ones? When did the media become solely harnessed to do the bidding of men who hate women?

  6. AC says:

    Again, it’s Nouvelle (Tenute De Mondo/Stoli) serving papers to him. They conveniently leave that out. Like the folks above said, she knows where he lives and despite of people thinking that she’s the evil (per Pitt), I think she would never stoop that low. Is this press for Bullet Train? I hope it goes straight to NetFlix!

  7. ThatsNotOkay says:

    This is all lies. They’re trying to make it like Angelina is as tactless (and calculating) as whomever on Jason Sudekis’s team is who served Olivia Wilde at an industry event. They’re trying to muddy the stories and paint her with the same brush since they saw how the public reacted negatively to the other service attempt. Brad’s team is so stupid and transparent. Zero respect left for him or his team. None.

  8. Houlihan says:

    The narrative makes no sense. They have kids together. They live in the same area of LA. He supposedly sees his kids regularly. If it were Angelina trying to serve him, she absolutely knows how and when and where to make that happen. Her lawyers have been doing it for 6 years, ffs. And, unlike Brad’s lawyers, her lawyers aren’t part of the LA superstar stunt brigade. They cater to clientele looking for discretion, not PR shenanigans. She dumped her first divorce attorney for someone outside Hollywood who wouldn’t run to TMZ or pull stunts constantly, and her business attorneys are the same.

    And yet they still want everyone to believe that Brad is the brilliant businessman and Angelina was the villainous little wife with no business sense who somehow bewitched the court into approving an illegal sale becayse she’s a big, dumb, meanie? Like she’s clearly not the one who can’t handle her business, Bradley.

    • lulu says:

      Nouvel was serving him papers for discovery not Angelina. Angelina sold Nouvel last year.

  9. AD says:

    Brad Pitt the biggest liar of all for his image, the whole truth will come out soon! Stoli/ Nouvelle will sort his never ending lies!

  10. LMK says:

    Brad Pitt still laying defence to his court case against Nouvel and them suing him, and Brad Pitt still gaslighting Angelina Jolie by lying again about her serving him papers, yet the same tabloids posting this very well know that’s a lie, because they themselves have posted the opposite, it wax and still is Brad Pitt whose serving papers and suing Angelina. This scorned earth manchild just doesn’t know when to stop being an abusive pos to the mother of his kid’s, just because she dared to divorce him and put her children’s wellbeing before everyone.