Rumor has it that Olivia Wilde really was ‘unpresent’ during DWD filming

As we discussed over the weekend, Vulture posted an interesting piece of gossip on Friday, when Don’t Worry Darling had already opened. Vulture’s anonymous sources claimed that some of the tabloid reporting about the production drama was true, especially about a falling out between Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde. There was a “blowout argument” and a “screaming match” between Pugh and Wilde in January 2021, and it was all about how “Olivia and Harry would just disappear.” Sources also claimed that the fallout between Pugh and Wilde was so bad that then-Warner Bros executive Toby Emmerich had to step in as mediator.

All of that felt “truthy” to me, especially the part about Warner Bros executives being well aware that this film was shambolic behind-the-scenes, which goes a long way towards explaining why executives signed off on Florence Pugh doing next to nothing to promote the film. As for the blowout argument, well… following Vulture’s dishy reporting, “40 crew members” issued a statement defending Olivia, saying that there was no screaming match or blowout anything between Wilde and any member of the crew or cast. Yeah, sure. Absolutely no one believes that. In LaineyGossip’s coverage of this saga, Sarah (from Cinesnark) discussed how HER sources actually back up Vulture’s reporting and then some (these are just highlights):

Here’s what I can tell you after talking to two on-set members of production, and one person with knowledge of the production back at the studio. There was, indeed, a “loud” disagreement between Pugh and Wilde on set late into production. And Wilde would, indeed, “disappear” from set, aligning with times when no one could locate Harry Styles. One person described Wilde as “unpresent”. One social media rumor has it that Pugh “directed” much of the film, but this is not true. A director does more than yell “action” and “cut”, a LOT of their work is preparatory.

But it is believed to be the major source of Pugh’s ire that Wilde would be “unpresent”, and Pugh, already stressed, would grow tired of waiting and ask that they just start filming without Wilde. Everyone has their pages, they know what scene they’re shooting, Libatique and the first assistant director would know the shots Wilde wants, so they would proceed without Wilde, who would then breeze in and “take over” without acknowledging Pugh keeping them on track. Chris Pine apparently backed Pugh every time she asked to simply start without Wilde. Reportedly, Pine is firmly Team Miss Flo, factor that into Phantom Spitgate however you may.

I have no sense that Pugh cared particularly about Wilde and Styles disappearing together, but she did care about staying on schedule and not wasting time, and Wilde was held as unprofessional by many people on set for her vanishing act and then never acknowledging those instances when Pugh’s insistence was the only reason the whole day wasn’t wasted. It wasn’t so much that anyone cared she was (allegedly) having an affair, it’s that the affair was apparently bleeding onto set and affecting everyone else’s workday. THAT was the problem.

I have to believe there is yet more fire behind all this smoke, because an actor like Pugh, on the rise and ambitious, wouldn’t, essentially, throw away a major release like Darling unless there was a BIG reason to do so. Having a shouting match on set hardly qualifies, that happens WAY more than the general public knows, and no one panics over it. But whatever worse thing may exist, no one is talking. The feeling is that this one got away from Wilde, and that maybe she’ll learn from the whole experience (and that maybe without the distraction of Harry Styles, she’ll be more focused next time), and that Pugh will be fine either way. One thing is crystal clear, EVERYONE liked Florence Pugh, and by the end of production, respected her for enduring an increasingly difficult relationship with her director to turn in a fine performance. As the studio flak made clear, Florence abandoned the film’s press, but she never abandoned the production.

[From LaineyGossip]

I think it’s interesting that sources acknowledge that there was a big, loud argument AND that Olivia would disappear with Harry in the middle of the work day but that stuff wasn’t THE big falling out between Pugh and Wilde. Whatever happened, it happened long before Shia LaBeouf dropped the receipts. Chronologically, Olivia told Shia “I think this might be a bit of a wake-up call for Miss Flo” before Wilde and Pugh’s fallout, but Pugh likely heard that message when we all did, in August of this year. If that’s the way Wilde was speaking about Miss Flo before the production even began, I think we can safely say that Wilde was probably dripping with sanctimonious assholery every single day of that production.

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  1. Kirsten says:

    She’s said that she originally was going to play Florence’s role, but decided that she was too old for the part. I wonder if that decision actually came from the studio and some of her feelings toward Florence stem from that change.

    • ML says:

      I had always seen this as discontentment on FP’s part, since she tried out and was accepted to play Bunny’s part in the movie. Perhaps you’re right about OW resenting not being able to play Alice?

    • Lux says:

      I don’t think it’s purely because she’s too old; OW-helmed vehicles don’t sell seats/garner eyeballs. The studio knows that she as an actress, has no pull whatsoever. I remember my husband started watching a straight-to-streaming movie in which OW is an assassin or something and we were both bored of her overacting/lack of screen presence. Literally every time OW says she auditioned for something and was rejected, I 100% stood by the production’s choice (Margot Robbie was the PERFECT Naomi!).

      Similarly, Florence Pugh was the perfect choice for DWD and probably one of the main reasons the project was green-lighted. As much as the film disturbed me, I loved Midsommer and have been wanting to rewatch again, largely due to FP’s magnificent acting.

  2. Susan says:

    I know my comment is problematic, but I just CANT with Olivia Wilde. She’s always rubbed me the wrong way, you know when you get vibes off someone and you just can’t help it, you don’t like them?? That is me with her, really since the first time I saw her on the OC. Everything I have read about this situation reiterates that. She strikes me as a faux feminist faux friend. Try hard. Ugh. So yeah, I buy it all. And yes, I think MUCH less of Harry Styles after this debacle.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Susan, I have never cared for her either and I never knew why. OW is a sanctimonious bitch as Kaiser so eloquently stated. OW has her head so far up her own ass that when she sneezes it comes out of her vagina.

      By OW’s own words, if the movie is as flop it’s due to the director. Well guess what baby, this mess is ALL on you!!!! DWD is getting scathing reviews and IF she comes to Warner Brothers for another movie to finance, I want to see them escort her off of the lot.

      • Zaftig&Kitty says:

        I agree with everything you posted, BOTHSIDESNOW. No notes!

        Also, I snorted when I read the sneezing out of vagina part I snorted on the bus and now no one will look at me. Ha!

    • Lightpurple says:

      I always had the same view but couldn’t figure out why I didn’t like her until she made the comment that you aren’t a woman until you have had a baby. Then what the Hell am I, Olivia, since I can’t have a baby due to chemotherapy? That sealed it for me. I can’t stand her. (Always had the same sense about Jason Sudeikas too. Thought they deserved each other.)

      Had dinner at a friend’s house this weekend and conversation turned to what movies were coming out that people wanted to see. One of the other guests went to high school with Olivia. She said she will never watch anything she’s involved with and, since she couldn’t say anything nice, she wouldn’t say anything more than that.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I’ve said this before but I’ve disliked her since I saw her on House. I don’t even remember her on the OC, but she just came off as SO SMUG (for no reason!) when I saw her on House and I took an immediate dislike to her.

      I really think that she thinks her sh*t don’t stink, as the saying goes.

      • Giddy says:

        Smug is the perfect word for her! She has always seemed smug, but I think that has increased due to her pride in her relationship with Harry.

    • Lucy says:

      I’ve always put her in the same category as John Mulaney’s Girlfriend. She is verrrrrrry Cool Girl ™ to me.

    • Christina says:

      @Susan, I used to like her, but I completely agree that your instinct was right about OW.

    • Doobeedoobeedoo… says:

      I thought Olivia was just a beard leveraging his fame for her own pathetic need.

      She’s like a hollow shell with some pretty slapped over the mean.

    • Rita White says:


    • Ashley says:

      Same. Haven’t liked her since the OC. I remember she had some mini interview before her kiss aired and she came off as obnoxious considering she was in the OC for all of 5 minutes and as the token lesbian kiss to boot. Since then I’ve hated her on sight. She still comes off as obnoxious 20 years later. When people should have grown up, Olivia stays the same. I hope this ends her career. She’s been famous as a nothingburger for way too long. How she took an opportunity like this and squandered it to sleep with Harry Styles boggles my mind and makes all women look bad. A male director can do that, a female director can’t. Thanks for the two steps back for all women Olivia. All because you couldn’t not cheat on your baby daddy with a young pop star. *eyeroll*

  3. magdalena says:

    It’s the equivalent of you’re somewhere with this couple and they cannot stop making out in your company and you thinking “why I’m wasting time on these assholes”
    You will roll your eyes in their company forever.

  4. girl_ninja says:

    Well, Wilde wanted to be the boss and with that comes responsibility. She’s such an egomaniac and it’s all catching up to her.

  5. Becks1 says:

    It’s clear that whatever happened was bad enough that Pugh didn’t want to do press for the film (which says a lot in itself) and that the studio backed her up on that decision, and that Pine has backed her up. That’s more than just one fight, or even more than Wilde being late all the time.

    I can’t wait to watch the movie about the making of this movie lol.

    • SAS says:

      I’d settle for Florence’s most indiscreet friend spilling some beans at this point!

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Well when WB has to send someone out to location due to the unprofessional antics of the director, that in of itself isn’t a great look. OW should have never cast Harry nor anyone she was fucking as apparently she can’t do everything at the same time, direct, act and pull out a reasonable film.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yeah, it tells you something when the STUDIO is okay with Florence peacing out on promotion. You know it must be really bad than just rolling out for a roll in the hay midshoot a lot.

  6. CommentingBunny says:

    Ugh, so unprofessional. I wonder if she’s so condescending with her Miss Flo needing a reality check because Flo is who Wilde pretends to be. Talented, hard working and professional.

  7. Miss Owlsyn says:

    What really snaps my buttons is that Olivia set herself up as a proto-feminist, girl power, “no assholes on my set” director and we NEED that. We genuinely need good female leadership behind the camera getting the amount of press Olivia garners because she is very camera-ready. But then she got dickmatized or had a mid-life crisis and turned out to be as bad as the men we complain about, just with boobs and better hair.

    I think everyone was rooting for Olivia to join the ranks of truly great modern directors and I am just so pranced off that she squandered all of that goodwill.

    • Saba says:

      So true. Olivia just sounds like an abusive narcissist now. They always do that double speak… ‘no assholes on my set’ actually means THEY are the asshole and ‘no one question my authority’ 🙁

    • Concern Fae says:

      I think some of this is also OW really buying into the girl boss schtick and pushing it hard. Unfortunately, she kept on about it even after everyone realized how problematic the whole concept was, which made people realize that she kinda personified the issue with using choice feminism to cover for your own shitty behavior.

  8. Lady Baden-Baden says:

    Really uncomfortable over the Olivia Wilde pile-on. Things may have got out of hand on set but the salacious, misogynistic reporting (where are all the take-downs of David O Russell’s on-set bullying?!) and the toxic awfulness from Styles “fans” desperate to break them up muddies the waters for me….

    • LooseSeal says:

      Seconded! Even if the onslaught of rumors and innuendo are all true, seems like she was kind of a shady a**hole, but these daily report-outs on what a jerk she is feels way over-the-top. This isn’t accountability. At this point it’s tearing a woman down for sport.

    • Merricat says:

      Agreed. I also find it hard to believe that ambitious OW slagged off her directing duties for a roll around with Harry. Maybe during their lunch break, lol.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        But you have to see that much of this was brought on by OW herself. OW trying to marginalize Pugh with “Miss Flo”, the conversations with Shia about him actually quitting and not being fired. To which when OW is speaking to him in which she will get Pugh “under control” for him to join the film. Or the fact that WB sent an executive to the filming set due to the ongoing issues at hand.

        There were some underhanded things going on and it wasn’t Pugh or Pine.

        *I don’t think it was under control but it was in that same mindset.

      • Merricat says:

        I think she mishandled her power, probably. But I think the reaction to her is over the top and particularly cruel, predicated on things like leaving Jason, dating Harry, and not knowing how to talk to actors, which is more of a minefield than you may think. I do think if she was that unprofessional as a director, it would have shown up in her earlier projects.
        I’m not invested in this at all. but like the OP, I am disturbed by any pile-on that is based on rumor and innuendo.

      • Roxy says:

        My issue is that people are judging the movie based on her actions rather than the actual movie itself. So many people can separate the art from the artist when it comes to men but they can’t do the same when it comes to women. Idk just feels like men can do anything and get rewarded for it but women have to jump through hoops

        I believe the rumours about her behaviour and I think it’s unacceptable. I just wished people would treat women and men equally. Either it’s unacceptable or it’s something that you can look past. Not it’s unacceptable for women and forgivable for men.

    • Katie says:

      The full article touches on that. It’s worth a read.

    • mia girl says:

      @Lady Baden Baden – In this case, I personally don’t think it’s a pile on. It’s commentary on timely entertainment gossip that hasn’t died down mostly because Olivia Wilde played her PR wrong, mislead, continued to fan flames, got called on it with receipts, very famous people are involved professionally and personally and the movie just opened to good BO but bad reviews. That’s a recipe for continued discussion. 🤷🏼‍♀️

      As others like @Cava24 have pointed out on other threads, there are a bunch of female directors with movies out now or premiering soon with no drama, backlash or gossip. Just this morning I was reading tons of accolades for the new film from writer/director Charlotte Wells (I really want to see it!!)

      Also, there have been David O Russell take downs on CB. Here are a few.

    • tolly says:

      I’ve said this before, but a big reason why the David O. Russell pile-on isn’t happening is because, so far, he hasn’t given reporters anything new to work with. Maybe the studio PR folks are sitting on him, or maybe he just knows that he isn’t too pretty for a speeding ticket.

      • mia girl says:

        He deserves to get a ton of shit thrown his way. He’s gross. He’s an abuser. But ultimately, he’s getting a pass from industry because his films make a ton of money relative to budget and win studios & actors all the awards.

        American Hustle had a $40 million production budget and grossed $251 million. Silver Linings Playbook made $236 million on a production budget of $21 million.

    • jenn12 says:

      Are you also uncomfortable with the fact that she cut pretty much all the scenes of the TWO African-American actors and didn’t even have them for pictures on the red carpet? I notice that hasn’t even been brought up in all the coverage on OW on this site.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        I just heard about that this morning. That’s a big deal IMO. On top of everything else, there’s the wonder why those two roles were cut.

    • Case says:

      It’s honestly horrifying how excited people get when they’re given carte blanche to be misogynistic.

      I don’t have a problem with people calling OW out for saying weird things or acting unprofessionally. I do have a problem with the enthusiastic and unending pile-on — people acting willfully ignorant as to how her job was to manage personalities, including Shia in the beginning, and that perhaps she’s not a raging sociopath but just someone trying to get her movie made by handling actors’ issues. People acting like she should lose her career over this BTS drama, as though it is anywhere close the the horrific abuse so many working directors and actors have carried out, is ridiculous. Sick of it, genuinely.

      • tolly says:

        The gossip entertainment value is in how BADLY she managed her actors, and then how BADLY she managed the predictable fallout while promoting the movie. It’s juicy, messy and harmless. Wilde is trying to make this an unfair attack on female directors, as if she’s the only one standing against those awful men. Gina Prince-Bythewood landed the #1 movie a week earlier, with no comparable drama.

    • Mel says:

      Meh.. David O. Russell is a trash human and everyone knows that, his behavior doesn’t negate her reaping the consequences of her behavior. She was unprofessional, she is responsible for that. Perhaps she will learn to do better, but stop letting women slide for doing awful things. We are humans, we mess up too and giving us a hall pass to do so is the equivalent of treating us like children. NOPE.

    • Vanessa says:

      This such peaked white Feminist talking point don’t blame the white woman who behave badly let’s blame the men it’s all their fault . Olivia has been a asshole for years for saying stuff like woman aren’t woman until they have kids to her taking over booksmart from another woman to her cutting scenes of the only two black actors on don’t worry darling . The actor only found out her scene were cut when she pay to see her movie . But go off how it’s so unfair to called Olivia behavior in society it’s only woman of color who have to accept responsibility for their behavior but white woman can’t be judge or get criticized for their behavior.

    • HeatherC says:

      David O Russell can be terrible and Olivia Wilde can be terrible. It’s not an either or.

      (I myself am not a Harry stan. I’m a metal head and I couldn’t name one song of his or his former band if you threatened my kid…so please don’t! 😉)

      • sunny says:

        This. OW clearly committed a toxic environment on set and it resulted in terrible experience for many people. She deserved to get called out. Yes, there is a degree of glee people are taking in her being called out that is clearly sexist but the idea her horrific beahviour should be tolerated because we do with certain male directors is insane?

        And frankly every male director she is being compared to in these threads is wildly more successful than she is. OW, has directed 2 movies to date- one of which was critically successful but not a commercial success. Makes her a different case than David O Russell, Woody Allen, or even Darren Aronofsky. Hollywood will put up with terrible bs when someone is sufficiently talented.

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        @Heather, I know Watermelon Sugar!

    • Melissa says:

      I hate that it’s tainting what is, to me, an awesome film. I loved it!

    • Lucy says:

      Both things can be true – she’s getting a lot of attention (much of it brought on by her inability to STFU) for her behavior AND that similar antics by male directors need to be called out and handled appropriately.

    • The Recluse says:

      Well, there is that story told a long time ago about George Clooney letting David O Russell have it and have it good about the way he was treating people. George never tolerated bullies.

    • LilacMaven says:

      Well, I’m uncomfortable with the people using men’s behavior to excuse her lack of professionalism. Feminism isn’t meant to be about giving women permission to emulate the worst behavior of men.

      Florence Pugh is immunocompromised. Olivia knew that. Every additional minute Florence was forced to waste on set while Olivia and Harry “disappeared” was an extra minute of risk/exposure for Florence health-wise. I would’ve been pissed off, too, in Florence’s place.

  9. Barbara says:

    Midsommar is one of my favorite movies so I was already Team Pugh. It sucks that Wilde is so unprofessional (and it’s long been said Harry Styles is a terrible actor so other than banging him, I don’t know what she wanted him for).

    • Miss Owlsyn says:

      I am wondering what Marvel is going to do with Harry Styles if his acting genuinely just isn’t there quite yet. Maybe his role will be smaller than planned?

      • Kirsten says:

        What’s he doing for Marvel?

      • Miss Owlsyn says:

        He was in the stinger scene for Eternals, which implied that he was going to be in future films, as Eros.

      • Kirsten says:

        lol, I’ve seen that movie and must’ve totally blocked that out, if that says anything about how much he stands out in film

      • HeatherC says:

        Kirsten, his one scene was in the post credits, it’s easy to act okay when you have five lines, but he may yet be recast or his role whittled down due to lack of ability. Marvel movies are mainly popcorn movies, yes, but they usually ALSO have pretty stacked talented casts.

      • The Recluse says:

        The best thing about that post credits clip with Styles is…..Patton Oswalt performing as his sidekick.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I thought he was decent in Dunkirk but he’s getting scathing reviews for his acting here.

      maybe “scared brat” (as he played in Dunkirk) is all he’s capable of.

    • Mel says:

      Harry Styles is a white hot pop star. Every time one comes up they try to turn that appeal into box office. See Madonna( can’t act), Beyonce ( DREADFUL actress), Frank Sinatra ( could act), etc.

  10. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Sounds like Olivia got a big head and thought she could do no wrong because it was “her” production. Maybe she was a bad director in terms of not directing her actors well or giving them notes that actually improved their performances. Maybe she really was wasting people’s time. It’s one thing if the star does it, but the director?! That’s actually really unheard of and, yes, will get the director fired, eventually. (See Bryan Singer) Stars can get away with it to a point, but having said reputation will eventually result in your being unable to book a job, whether you’re the star or especially the director.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      Olivia has gotten leeway as an attractive white woman with a successful first film. I think she mistook that leeway for permission to behave the way white male directors have been allowed to do. That’s…not Hollywood. And having a director be late or absent even a few times sounds insane to me, regardless of the reason. An affair with a cast member just makes it a great gossip story.

      Critically, the film is not doing well. The negative stories around the movie are getting way more attention than the film, which must exasperate the studio folks. Unless the movie does *really* well financially, her reputation as a director will be in trouble. It doesn’t have to be fair–show business often isn’t.

  11. TheOriginalMia says:

    Team Florence all the way. There’s nothing more irritating than being ready to do your job and someone else is slacking off. I mean…if truly doesn’t matter if a male director was doing the same thing, it would still be wrong, unprofessional and gossip worthy. I mean…Olivia had a job to do, instead she’s screwing Harry in their trailers. It’s very unprofessional. I mean these aren’t teenagers experiencing sex for the first time. There’s no excuse for getting that caught up in each other that all reason just flies out the door. Olivia treated her job and actors like shit because she felt entitled to their time. Just because she’s this up and coming female director doesn’t mean she gets a pass. Grow tf up and do your job and don’t give industry insiders reason to slag your ass.

    • Jais says:

      Been working on film sets for the past year and my eyes are very open to just how much waiting there is. Long hours and long days. Have said this before, but any director, male or female, that regularly goes missing while an entire crew just sits around, knowing that this is going to delay everything else that’s on that day’s schedule. Is just not cool. Like Pugh and Pine, I’d be saying to the first AD please can we just start shooting. No one wants to sit there and wait. There’s enough waiting on sets as it is. Any director that does that should be called out for being an asshole, unless the delay is for a genuine reason. The insinuation here is that Harry was missing at the same time. So what? she hanging out with HS while the entire crew and actors are sitting there waiting to shoot. IF that’s what happened, I’d be annoyed as fuck. If a male director did that, I’d be annoyed as fuck. It’s not cool or respectful. If that’s how it went down.

  12. L says:

    I never really cared for/about Florence, but after this sh!tshow I have a huge respect and admiration for her. She did her job. She did show up for at least the most important film festival. (in my unprofessional opinion) And she’s kept quiet throughout and just let OW run free. And after reading this article and if it’s true I just love her even more lmao. Wasn’t this movie also filmed around the time covid was at its peak? (Or around covid?) Or am I misremembering? Who would want to drag out the time during all of that.. Just film and get done with it. Love Chris Pine too!

    • Cava 24 says:

      The film was shot Oct 2020 to Feb 2021 so very much during COVID. it was shut down twice for two weeks each time because people on set tested positive for COVID. The original shooting budget, according to articles
      published when Olivia sold the project to New Line, was $20m. It grew to $35m during production. I am sure that if Florence helped keep things on track, New Line/WB was grateful.

    • Maureen says:

      @L, I believe the story. Sarah is INSANELY connected within the industry. She doesn’t write if she doesn’t have correct sourcing. Dollars to donuts, she knows exactly what happened between OW and Miss Flo, but she isn’t telling. She was eminently fair to OW in the piece too. She clearly states that her sources do NOT want to see OW lose her career over this, rather she lost her way and deserves another chance. That says, to me, that she was probably fine during pre production, which is the bulk of the director’s work.

      Anyone can lose focus and anyone can get caught up in a love affair, no matter your age. I’ve seen people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond just lose themselves after meeting someone. Lust doesn’t die just because you’re no longer in the spring of youth.

  13. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    All of that and the movie is Just OK. Not campy, not a shambolic mess, not great. Just OK. The movie would have been a lot better without Harry Styles. Can people stop hiring him to act? Please?

    What is so not okay is this small production to roll camera without the director. Huge epics like Star Wars have concurrent shoots where the director is only at the primary location, but for this $30M movie? Not a good look, Olivia.

  14. Lens says:

    I think her ‘hopefully this will be a wake up call to Miss Flo’ showed a certain condensation that Flo felt from her from the start and then her being ‘unpresent’ when shots were set up and the actors went ahead and started scenes without her would be enough to get the leading lady upset enough to not want to be around her. I know that’s serious -the director is captain of the ship and she was too dickmitized to show up to work? But I think this is the extent of what was upsetting Flo and I think the pile on is bleeding on to the reviews. From what I hear it’s middling like most movies but certain reviewers are being harsher than need be because of animosity to Olivia. It’s a good thing Olivia has already lined up several jobs before all this hit the fan.

  15. Aly says:

    If all of this is true, then that explains the energy Chris Pine, Gemma Chan and Nick Kroll had towards Florence. They seemed like they genuinely adored her. Chris has known Olivia for more than 15 years, him being firmly Team Flo hints at how badly Olivia messed up on the set of DWD.

  16. Cava 24 says:

    I am not an OW fan, just look at all the other threads, I go chapter and verse about why she sucks but Chris Pine was done filming DWD and in London filming “All the Old Knives” by mid December which wasn’t late in filming. But I totally could see Olivia getting distracted, Harry was huge at the time and their relationship has boosted her name recognition and brand. Also he’s cute and has supernumerary nipples which you don’t see everywhere.

  17. Jen says:

    So much Olivia Wilde bashing here. And why? You’d think a site where people understand the dangers of this kind of mean-spirited focus on a woman would just give it a rest. Things Maybe went sideways on the set. So what? Move on.

    • Cava 24 says:

      There seems to a pattern of people turning up to do “whatabout” isms and sort of muddy the waters about what is under discussion with Olivia though. And this dates back awhile, people claim the public performance where she slagged off her sex life with her ex was a private event for the Vagina Monologues and it was not and that is easily fact checked, for example. I think part of the reason people are still commenting is that this situation, and a lot of other situations she gets herself in seem to get glossed over by other commentators.

    • Lucy says:

      Why? Read the recent articles and comment threads. Many folks have articulated very well why. It isn’t as simplistic as you suggest.

  18. Plums says:

    This whole bts trainwreck is at least a fun Hollywood gossip distraction, but honestly I remember thinking this movie looked super intriguing when I first watched the trailer so more than anything I’m just disappointed it sucks so much.

    I don’t understand why Harry Styles needs to be an actor if he’s bad at it. I get that they want his fans to pay to see stuff he’s in, but if he makes the things he’s in worse, surely that’s more damaging than his presence is beneficial?

    Anyway, Team Miss Flo and Best Chris. I think the studio understood ultimately where the real value lies. Looking forward to seeing her in Dune, and I’m sure her experience with Denis Villeneuve is making up for this shambles.

  19. Ivy says:

    I deeply resent the way OW uses feminism as nothing more than a prop to either make herself the victim or the hero of every single situation. It’s hollow and so so damaging to other women. Ugh, the idea of the industry making a “circle of protection” (per the full Lainey piece) around her pisses me off SO MUCH. Go make a circle of protection around women who deserve the protection! Around women who are overflowing with the talent and professionalism that she lacks and don’t have her pre-existing platform and privilege. She has always been incredibly smug and self-aggrandizing. Cripes, it’s so frustrating to me.

    • Jennifer says:

      It may be the “one woman looks bad so they all look bad in Hollywood” logic. Still sucks though.

  20. HeyKay says:

    I dislike her.
    The stories about how awful she was to FP during filming really piss me off.
    Feminism is supposed to be about supporting other women, not tearing them down, and talking sh*t behind their backs.
    Shia, who is pretty vile in his behavior, came straight out and called OW a liar.

    I don’t think she has a long career ahead.

  21. AnneL says:

    My daughter and her partner came into town last night. Her partner went to a performing arts high school and knows a lot of people in the industry who work behind the scenes as makeup artists etc. Some worked on DWD.

    They said the set was run very unprofessionally and Wilde was not on her game. The sense I got was it was kind of a toxic work environment, though I don’t know if that was entirely Wilde’s fault. Still, she was the director. With great power comes great responsibility, and all that.

  22. marisa says:

    is there a bit of a double standard as it relates to shredding olivia to pieces as a director? im sure things like this have happened zillions of times in male directed films and never received 1/100 of the attention.

  23. Shoop says:

    Unpresent is not a word, anonymous source! She was just absent.

  24. Bobbi says:

    She was probably off having sex with Harry! Funny because I don’t the feeling he is that sexual. He’s attractive but doesn’t give off any sexual energy.

    • Sudie says:

      This! He seems like a fun guy, and I guess some would say attractive, but he doesn’t have any sexual energy. I honestly don’t get the attraction but I assume it’s mostly his personality and how he interacts with the crowds that come to see him perform.

      • Bobbie says:

        He seems like you’d get him alone in a room, and he’d want to talk about his clothes. 🙂 I want to get alone with a rock star … and he makes me feel like he may do something he’s not supposed to. 🙂

  25. Pilar says:

    This article refers to Wilde having a ring of protection around her. A black female director behaving like this would have a lost her career already. Olivia will be fine her whiteness, nepotism and privilege will protect her.

  26. Jennifer says:

    Maybe the reason why this has taken off, as opposed to David O. Russell being an asshole repeatedly, is that this is a bit of an unusual/lighter situation, plus involving a woman. A male director being an asshole is just another Tuesday and not even shocking any more.

  27. AnneL says:

    So this is wild (sorry)….

    According to someone who worked on the set of DWD, a woman who was hired as an assistant to a crew member was, at least for a day, assigned the task of writing down every funny, “sexy” or cute thing Harry said or did. As in, that was ALL she was supposed to do all day.

    Holy cow, if that’s true.

    • Cava 24 says:

      That seems made up, what would that be used for? He’s so cute but he’s not a wit, particularly.

  28. Bread and Circuses says:

    Now, is it the studio that hired all these “trashing Olivia is so sexist” trolls we see here, or did Olivia herself?