Alyssa Scott is pregnant with Nick Cannon’s twelfth child

Last time I covered Nick Cannon’s latest baby news, I wrote: “I’m also wondering if Alyssa Scott is pregnant again. After Nick’s insensitivity with his new baby announcement so soon after her son’s death, I thought for sure she’d be done. But she posted a pic of the two of them together after that and on Mother’s Day she posted a bump pic (with comments off), but it’s unclear if it’s new or from her past pregnancy.” Turns out Alyssa is pregnant by Nick again. This will be his twelfth child, her third, and their second together. Alyssa posted a bump announcement photo with her four-year-old daughter.

Alyssa Scott is expanding her family.

The model — who shares son Zen, who died at five months old in December 2021, with Nick Cannon — is pregnant, expecting her third baby, she announced on Instagram Wednesday. Scott did not share any further details.

Scott revealed her pregnancy with a photo showing her baby bump under a bodycon dress. In the picture, Scott holds 4-year-old daughter Zeela, from a previous relationship, as the two match in blue outfits adorned with the same flower.

“With you by my side… 🤍,” she captioned the post.

Scott and Cannon’s son Zen died at five months old in December 2021 after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

Cannon, 42, announced in December 2021 on his eponymous talk show that his and Scott’s infant son Zen had died of brain cancer that was discovered three months prior by the child’s doctor.

In addition to Zen, Cannon shares sons Rise Messiah, 5 weeks, and Golden Sagon, 5, as well as daughter Powerful Queen, 19 months, with model Brittany Bell.

He is also dad to twins Zion and Zillion, 16 months, with Abby De La Rosa, who is currently expecting her third baby as well as 11-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan with ex-wife Mariah Carey. He also shares son Legendary Love, 3 months, with model Bre Tiesi and recently welcomed daughter Onyx Ice Cole with former Price Is Right model LaNisha Cole.

[From People]

Alyssa looks pretty far along, perhaps due this year? Five kids in one year. Congrats? Wow. Just wow. Like I said before, I hoped Alyssa would be done after his wild insensitivity after the death of their son in December. He said the right things after his son’s death, sure. But had a “gender reveal party” with Bre Tiesi, whom he clearly impregnated while they (Alyssa) were dealing with Zen’s illness. And he even mentioned Zen in the announcement. Then he consoled himself during and immediately after Zen’s death by impregnating LaNisha Cole, Brittany Bell, and Abby De La Rosa. And I guess Alyssa was unbothered by all of that because she’s pregnant again too. Imagine being so unaffected by the death of your child that you churn out four more with four different women. I guess there truly is no deal breaker for the women that get involved with Nick. I honestly feel bad for them if they think this is all they deserve.

2011: a twin son and daughter with Mariah Carey
2017: a son with Brittany Bell
2020: a daughter with Brittany Bell
June 2021: twin sons with Abby De La Rosa
June 2021: with Alyssa Scott, a son who tragically died five months later
July 2022: a son with Bre Tiesi
September 2022: a daughter with LaNisha Cole
September 2022: a son with Brittany Bell
~October 2022: Abby De La Rosa?
TBD 2022 or 2023: Alyssa Scott

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  1. OriginalLala says:

    Is Nick angling for his own Sister Wives series on TLC or something?

  2. rawiya says:

    He’s not r****g them, so congrats? These women are adults and they choose to have unprotected sex with this man, knowing he’s having unprotected sex with other women, and then they choose to keep the baby. I wish her a healthy pregnancy and delivery. I wish all the children good luck.

  3. Miss Owlsyn says:

    I have not had intimate relations in literally years. I can’t imagine having sex enough to create five kids in one year. It’s exhausting even thinking about.

    • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

      These pregnancies are the result of IVF or IUI. These later pregnancies are not results from intercourse.

      • Sue E Generis says:

        Curious, is there evidence of this, or is this opinion. because if it’s through intercourse, it’s horrible enough but if it’s IVF, it gets even more confusing. Like, why?

      • Jess says:

        What on earth makes you think he’s financing all these fertility treatments. He is sleeping with young, healthy women and they are getting pregnant. It’s not super hard.

  4. ChillinginDC says:

    There is something wrong with him.

    • Anna says:

      There’s something wrong with those women too. What are they all thinking?

      • FhMom says:

        I don’t get it. There is nothing particularly special about him, is there?

      • Fabiola says:

        Not every woman wants to have a traditional family. Some prefer to have a child by themselves and live without the father. I don’t see how this is different than getting a sperm donor. The bonus is he contributes financially and can come over on trash day and put the trash out. Most woman carry the brunt of raising a child even when the father is there full time.

    • Maddy says:

      I wonder if his illness got worse around 2019/20 and that’s what makes him act like this. Like, leaving as a big a legacy behind as he can, while he can…

    • Barbie1 says:

      Absolutely. He is like octomom. Major therapy is required. The women should be ashamed of themselves for participating. I surely hope his illness won’t be passed onto his children. Did that thought ever cross his mind?

  5. Mireille says:

    The kids are beautiful. That’s all I got.

  6. Brassy Rebel says:

    Is there a psych disorder called serial impregnator? There should be one for him. The women need help too. I hadn’t even thought of the unprotected sex angle. Ugh.

  7. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    It’s a drinking game now.

  8. Stef says:

    Wow, she is stunningly beautiful!

    Wish she had better taste in men though. Ick.

    • Emily_C says:

      She is absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn’t understand no matter what she looked like, but she could readily have men lining up, even if all she wanted was a sperm donor who’d contribute child support and otherwise leave her alone. I really don’t get it.

      • Amanda says:

        Right? I was hoping she was having someone else’s baby, instead of Nicks, but I guess not.

      • Fabiola says:

        Isn’t that what she is getting from Nick? A sperm donor and someone that contributes financially.

  9. Stef says:

    Imagine how interesting the family reunions will be in about 25 years…

  10. BB says:

    Another day, another Cannon baby.
    This whole thing is so unsanitary.

  11. Julia K says:

    He and Hilaria Baldwin seem to have the same penchant for collecting babies.

  12. Sarah says:

    I have so many questions about the logistics of his life. Where does he sleep?

  13. Size Does Matter says:

    I’d like to see one of them named something plebeian to buck the trend.

  14. Gibby says:

    This has to be some kind of cult. I get he has lupus and wanted to have as many kids as possible/create a “legacy” which horrible to spread that disease possibly as well on purpose. But I DO NOT get wanting to be apart of this circus, you know you will be called his 1000th baby momma, be ridiculed, and these slight moments of fame will not equal time for your child to realize they were the 5th in a year. Everyone needs therapy

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Wait! He has lupus? This is not the recommended therapy for that. And, yes, I believe there is a genetic component to lupus.

      • Amanda says:

        I didn’t even think of that. Scary that he is predisposing all of these children to an inherited illness. With all of those kids, at least a couple are bound to be affected.

    • FhMom says:

      Wow. I didn’t know this. I don’t think he’d be accepted at a sperm bank with that in his health history.

    • Lizzie Bennett says:

      IIRC in addition to the complications of lupus I think Nick had COVID really bad too. I think his health problems has caused him to have some kind of psychotic break. Nick didn’t have his first 2 with Mariah until he was what – late 20s/early 30. For a young and upcoming media mogul/millionaire that showed a good head on his shoulders. Nick even went to Howard after he became famous – so this, all these children with different women at the same time has always struck me as a strange reaction to something in his life.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Not sure it’s accurate to say it’s “inherited”. It’s more like a genetic predisposition. A tendency.

      • Molly says:

        Interesting, you’re right. He didn’t seem to have signs of this kind of cult-leader behavior in his early career. His marriage to Mariah was impulsive and doomed to fail, but he certainly wasn’t the first low-level celebrity to do something like that. He appeared to embrace the fact that she was Mariah freaking Carey, and he was the lucky one who got to be with her. Fascinating and sad to see how much things have changed.

  15. Ellie says:

    I have a bad feeling in 10 years this is going to be a true crime documentary on Netflix.

    This just seems so… strange. Like in 2020 he just went mad somehow and something is making him think he needs to have as many children as he can?

  16. vertes says:

    Cannon is a vain, serial sperm-spreader. He’s unlikely to have meaningful relationships with the offspring as they mature, because there are so many, living in different places. This is sick.
    The mothers may have had brain-bypasses if they think this is someone worthy as a co-parent.

  17. lucy2 says:

    I just can’t understand any of this.
    I’m shocked she didn’t leave after the way he continued on with this after their baby passed.

    • Amanda says:

      Exactly. It’s so strange. Apparently, it hasn’t been confirmed that he’s the dad. Maybe she got pregnant by someone else?

  18. prissa says:

    I’m not sure what that expression is on his face, but that is not a genuine smile. He is just so creepy.

  19. schmootc says:

    Will you guys start needing a spreadsheet to keep track of all these children soon?

  20. Ceej says:

    Genuinely, does everyone think the women are really keen on this?

    Like I’ve begun to wonder if he has some kind of contractual obligation for them to bear a child every xx years if they want to keep getting money/house whatever it is he says he does for them. It just seems unlikely everyone is a willing participant to having regular unprotected sex either from essentially being in a harem or with the aim of having multiple kids you then single parent because their dad is off with other women.

    I guess being a host is a great paycheck?

    • Sarah says:

      How does he get the new ones to join? I can see that for the existing mothers but he’s added two new ones this year.

    • CROWHOOD says:

      Yes this is what he has said. That he will support them but not if they are with somebody else.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        So he supports the women and the kids? Is he a billionaire? These women are all going to end up out on the street with their kids. This is unsustainable in the long term.

  21. Chantal says:

    Le sigh! My sympathies and best hopes are for the innocent children Besides how awful and embarrassing this whole sh*tshow is, its also like there’s no such thing as STIs…

  22. AmelieOriginal says:

    I really want to hear Mariah’s take on this lol. I know she probably won’t ever say anything because that’s her kids’ dad but it has to interfere somehow with his co-parenting of Moroccan and Monroe. There is no way he is as available or present in their lives since having all these kids with other women. Or maybe he combines custody days so he sees multiple in one day but again, it’s not being very present and just hanging out with everyone in one large group and not being there for them individually. I doubt his kids will have kind things to say about him as they grow older.

    • lanne says:

      Maybe this is a sick and twisted way of him to try to one-up Mariah. She was the star, the one with more money and fame than him. He seems to be the kind of man who can’t handle a more successful partner. His masculinity must be really, really fragile.

  23. Bettyrose says:

    If he wants this many kids, maybe he’ll do his part to adopt and support the “domestic supply of infants” we’re about to see overwhelm social services in the poorest states.

  24. cdnKitty says:

    ok. I don’t know about the other mothers, but I can 100% understand Alyssa Scott wanting another baby by her deceased baby’s father. Grief isn’t logical or linear and when it’s a child, it makes even less sense. I hope she and the baby have a boring normal pregnancy and birth and forevermore. I wish them love.

    I was hellbent on having my second after my first child was born full-term, but stillborn. I should have left his dad when I had the chance, but there’s no making sense of baby-loss grief, and I NEEDED my living children.

    • Kate says:

      I totally agree, who can possibly imagine what she (and nick) have gone through after the death of a beloved child. If the joy of a new baby helps them cope with their tragic loss in any way, I’m happy for them.

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks, which was not anywhere near that far along, but the only thing that gave me any comfort was getting pregnant again and having a baby so I can relate a bit to your statement.

  25. Lizzie Bathory says:

    He’s not going to be able to stop as long as there are women willing to participate in this. For whatever reason, this has become a compulsive behavior that’s accelerating.

    • ME says:

      Has he ever explained his reasoning for wanting so many children? He can’t possibly spend quality time with all of them. That’s impossible. Plus how does he afford all that child support? He’s rich, but he’s not THAT rich. When will he stop? Does he have a magic number? What is his end game? I guess all future humans will have a lineage to Nick Cannon at some point lol.

  26. jferber says:

    I’m glad for her if that’s what she wants. I can’t even imagine the despair the death of their child brought her and Nick. I was glad to read that on what would have been the child’s first birthday, the two announced a pediatric cancer charity. So glad she has her beautiful daughter to keep her and the new baby company. Naturally, with so many children and other commitments, Nick will only have scant attention for the new baby (usually the birth event and birthday parties, I guess?) Maybe he does do more. I don’t know. I dearly hope this new baby will be healthy and give joy to her/his/their parents and sibling (I’d use the plural, but I don’t think the other mothers and children get together).