Kaley Cuoco & Tom Pelphrey had a huge baby shower with a drone show


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Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey are expecting their first child, a baby girl, probably this spring. Kaley and Tom got together less than a year ago, they were head over heels and all in very quickly, and soon they’ll be new parents. They had a big outdoor baby shower over the weekend with balloons, live music, fairy lights, flowers, cake, and… a drone show? There were 400 drones that made different, on-theme images in the night sky. Okay that’s pretty cool. It’s a lot, but it’s cool.

Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey are going big for their baby! The sweet couple shared photos from their glamorous baby shower over the weekend. The blowout event took place under a large tent decorated with fairy lights and featured live music from Jenny Fowler Cardenas and her bandmates, multiple personalized cakes, beautiful floral arrangements and even a drone show.

“Last night we got to celebrate our future unicorn surrounded by incredible friends, family & animals in the most magical environment,” 37-year-old Cuoco captioned photos from the event on her Instagram. “Thank you to the very special group of people who made it a night we will all remember for the rest of our lives.”

“Kaley and Tom’s baby shower was absolutely magical and they had the absolute best time. Kaley’s sister, Bri, threw the shower, and their parents, family, and closest friends were all there to celebrate,” a source tells ET.

The mom-to-be wore a hot pink mini dress in honor of her baby girl and shared photos kissing her boyfriend, Ozark star Pelphrey, in front of a giant balloon sign that read “Baby Pelphrey.”

There were also nods to Cuoco’s equestrian side with a horse statue on one cake and the drone show featuring a female jockey leaping over a hurdle. Horses were also on site at the venue for guests to pet. Cuoco later shared that the drone show was comprised of 400 drones creating different images in the sky, including a stork and a mother and father holding hands with a little girl.

A-lister Brad Pitt was in attendance at the sweet soiree, wearing a sky blue jumpsuit and posing for a photo with fellow guest Jonathan Bluth. Bluth has since deleted the photo off his social media. Pitt was an executive producer on Pelphrey’s film She Said.

“Some guests were starstruck by Brad Pitt, who was in a great mood and even took a picture with some people there,” the source tells ET.

Other guests in attendance included stylist Brad Goreski and his husband, writer Gary Janetti, as well as former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky.

Cuoco and her guests took to the dance floor with the mom-to-be seen jamming out to “Footloose,” and the Jackson 5 hit, “ABC.” Guests enjoyed taking photos in the photo booth, snapping Polaroid pictures, posing in a face-in-hole cutout of a cowboy, cowgirl, and baby girl, and even playing corn hole.

Cuoco and Pelphrey first shared they were expecting a baby girl in October 2022. At the time, the Flight Attendant star wrote she was “beyond blessed and over the moon” about her baby news.

[From ET Online]

The shower looks and sounds pretty fun. I like a nighttime shower that’s like a big party. And yeah, do it up for your first baby. And I like that Kaley bucked baby shower tradition by wearing that sparkly, hot pink mini dress instead of some pastel florals. I like Kaley, but the guest list is a bit… uncool. Ugh, Gary Janetti. And why was Brad Pitt there? The article explains the reason for his being there, but you don’t have to invite all your co-workers to your baby shower. And maybe not those who have such a bad history with their own children. Anyway, are Kaley and Tom married? Around the time she met him, Kaley publicly said she would never marry again and wanted to be held accountable for that. But in some pics it looks like they’re wearing rings and in the shower pics a tattoo of his name is visible on her left ring finger. Are the rings symbolic? Is the tattoo what she got because they’re forever, but not getting married? Are they just flat out married and she’s keeping it secret because she doesn’t want to get roasted after her public vow? The latter would not surprise me, but if it’s just symbolism the tattoos are a cute idea.


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  1. Denise says:

    I really like her but girl falls in love too fast. I wish I was wrong but this will crash and burn so fast.

    And yes, why was Brad Pitt there??

    • María from Tercer Mundo says:

      I don’t know why Pitt was there but the birthday #18 of ‘his’ daughter Zahara was the same day of Cuoco’s baby shower… to this point we can assume his has minumun or zero contact with Angie’s kids

  2. Sugarhere says:

    When the right person turns up, you kind of know in a split second. You don’t see him for the first time, you recognize him instantly. That’s why the rest unfolds rapidly. So happy for Kayle.

    • Imara219 says:

      I agree. I’m so happy for her because it’s so over the top but yet it all makes sense. Honestly I would so the same if I was in her position.

    • FancyPants says:

      Maybe… but isn’t this the third or fourth time her “right” person has shown up and unfolded rapidly?

      • Ange says:

        Yup. The first husband basically moved in after their first date and she married him in a matter of months. She waited longer to marry #2 but was still dating him not that long after her divorce and there were a couple of guys before him still (including that embarrassing Cavill moment). Kaley does NOT like to be alone.

  3. Sandra says:

    Was just thinking that. She really jumps into relationships head over heels really fast! And it doesn’t really matter if she is married or not because she is definitely tied to this one forever! BabyDaddy!
    But happy she’s happy!

  4. crogirl says:

    Wow inviting a child strangler to a baby shower

  5. Lily says:

    Their daughter is going to be so loved

  6. AmelieOriginal says:

    I once went to an over the top baby shower, not like Kaley’s but it was all travel themed and at an outdoor venue overlooking the beach in my hometown (I grew up on the Long Island Sound on the NY mainland side, not Long Island). My friend revealed the baby name at the shower (Atlas) so the travel theme made sense. It was a lot of fun, probably the most fun baby shower I’ve ever went to. Most baby showers are pretty boring and not great, you play some lame games and then watch mother-to-be open gifts. It’s not fun. Not everyone has the money for it obviously, but if you can go big, you should!

  7. María from Tercer Mundo says:

    The man who choked his own kid, pour beer on them, terrorized his family during a transoceanic flight (for sure there are more details).
    It’s a lovely guest for a party to celebrate a kid life. And why not a godfather choice? aww 🥰

  8. Ivy says:

    This should not shock anyone but their (pitt and Kaley) managers are sisters lol. Look closely enough and you can find always dind some type of business connection

  9. LOL says:

    What is Brad Pitt doing at baby shower, especially being a child abuser, domestic abuser ,is he really ideal guest? And why had Jonathan Bluth deleted his photo post with Brad Pitt?

  10. notsoanonymous says:

    I saw this and thought WHOA that’s pretty over the top, even for a celebrity!? I also think it’s entirely possible that they are married, did NOT have a “wedding” and this was Kaley’s way of having a non-wedding. I’m actually excited for her and hope they make it in the longterm.

    Regarding the drones? I’ve been to a couple of these drone shows now and I have to say, they are VERY cool in person and much better than the damage that can be done by fireworks. One drone is basically the lead and the others are unmanned and follow the programming of the one lead drone which is flown by a pilot / FAA drone pilot. They even did one of these in Seattle this year for New Years at the Needle (which again, better than fireworks since I swear every year they do fireworks at the needle and you can’t see a darn thing because of the smoke…)

  11. Ollie says:

    I have no idea why Pitt was there but I doubt it was because his production company produced Pelfrey’s most recent movie, She Said, in which Pelphrey has less than a dozen lines. The director of the film, Maria Schrader, gave interviews in which she said she’s never even met Brad Pitt. Apparently, he was never on set and did very little after being involved with the deal to buy the film rights to Jodi Kantor’s and Megan Twohey’s book.