Alec & Hilaria Baldwin are ‘sick to their stomachs’ about his criminal charges

One of the craziest parts of the past week is seeing how many people are learning for the very first time that Alec Baldwin is married to a lying grifter who pretended to be Spanish for over a decade. Hilaria Baldwin – real name: Hillary Thomas – grew up in a wealthy Boston enclave to two white American parents. By some accounts, Hilaria vacationed in Spain a few times in her childhood, and then when she was in her late 20s, her parents sold their Boston home and retired to Spain. None of that makes Hilaria “from Spain.” None of that explains Hilaria’s Mexican accent. None of that explains her repeated claims that she’s Spanish. None of that makes Spanish her first language. We went through all of this right after Christmas 2020, when Hillary’s “Hilaria” persona was thoroughly exposed, to the point where Hilaria gave a hilariously stupid interview to the New York Times asking for “boundaries.”

The day after involuntary manslaughter charges were announced for Alec Baldwin, Hilaria stepped out in New York and gave a completely bonkers impromptu press conference on the street. Her fake Mexican accent was out in full effect, and she even shouted “ven aqui!” at the paparazzi. Suddenly, a new generation was introduced to the bonkers Hilaria backstory. It’s incredibly weird, but I actually think Alec and Hilaria are trying to put the focus back on the criminal charges as a way to deflect from another round of “wait, she’s been faking that accent for how long” conversations.

One day at a time. Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin are still struggling with New Mexico prosecutors’ decision to charge the actor with involuntary manslaughter for the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins.

“Alec is stunned and absolutely devastated,” an insider exclusively reveals of the Emmy winner, 64, in the new issue of Us Weekly. “He’s trying to stay strong, but it’s a real challenge for him as the scale of this decision sinks in.”

New Mexico prosecutors charged the 30 Rock alum with involuntary manslaughter on Thursday, January 19, after more than a year of investigation. If convicted, the New York native could face up to five years in prison.

“The very thought of serving time in prison makes him and Hilaria sick to their stomachs,” the source says of Alec and his wife, 39. “They can’t even imagine that scenario and are telling each other there’s no way on earth this can ultimately happen.”

[From Us Weekly]

I tend to think that… Hilaria is not really sick to her stomach. Hilaria likes the attention, no matter what. She’s starring in her own telenovela right now and she’s about to give the performance of a lifetime. Those New Mexico jurors aren’t going to know what hit them.

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  1. Nan says:

    Telenova!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Priceless.

  2. Brassy Rebel says:

    If your husband is facing potential prison time and you have seven young kids at home, maybe you really can relieve the stress by doing Latina cosplay. But it’s doubtful.

    Looking forward to that telenova!

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      My bad. Telenovela.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Honest mistake. It’s not like you are taking your entire upbringing and creating another backlash of “Hilaria Baldwin:2.0” news at 11.

        As for them feeling sick to their stomachs, it’s due to the absurdity that Alec thought he would walk away without as much of an ounce of responsibility.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    When I see her now all I think about is her saying Ven Aqui! She’s not right.

    • CocofromCanada says:

      How you say… cucombre

    • Ang says:

      I NEEEEEED to know — why???? Why did she say “Ven aqui”??? Did she personally know that photographer, and he only speaks Spanish?
      Does she exclusively speak Spanish at home and so gets mixed up (but then, how does she communicate with Alex? He doesn’t speak fluent Spanish)?
      Or is she just soooooooo far up her own behind and batshit crazy that she truly believes she is a native Spanish speaker????

  4. lamejudi says:

    One look at their social media accounts and anyone can see that they’re not “sick to their stomachs.”

    Ten days after Hutchins’ death, Hillz had them dressed up for Halloween as “Black Widows” posted to her Insatagram.

    If they’re worried-Hillz and Killz are only worried now about the consequences they’re facing. No worries at all about Halyna’s son and husband.

    • BothSidesNow says:


      I am disgusted. So gauche and such poor taste. Now I despise them more which I thought wasn’t possible.

  5. lunchcoma says:

    Oh, I think she might be genuinely frightened. It’s highly unlikely Alec will end up serving anything more than a token or a suspended sentence. A criminal fine and a huge wrongful death settlement, on the other hand, seem pretty likely. I don’t know what their finances are like, but it seems like she might end up with 7 kids with a father who is no longer as wealthy as he once was.

  6. Ann says:

    In that pic with all her kids, she has an “I’m not an American from Boston” heavy dose of spray tan.

    • schmootc says:

      Especially when compared to the latest pap photo. In that pap photo, she’s as white as I am. And I am fish belly white.

      • Visa Diva says:

        Hispanics and Latinos make up 49% of New Mexico’s population, they are not going to be impressed with Hilarity trying her faux Spanish on them

  7. Andy Dufresne says:

    I know I keep using this word a lot, but Hillary is another person who displays narcissistic behaviour.

    I feel really sorry for all their children.

  8. Slush says:

    She is strange but I can easily buy that she is actually scared. These charges aren’t anything to sniff at.

  9. JustMe says:

    Why do I see this going badly for Alec…like his wife will go crazy because he has ruined her vision of the perfect life. I mean she has built her life around a lie that she is Spanish so ya know she’s not living in the real world.

    • Liz Version 700 says:

      Also if he is in prison it will be harder for her to keep getting pregnant which won’t go over well. It would have been nice if actually killing someone had made Alec as upset as this supposedly has.

  10. Swack says:

    Can anyone explain to me what the job/responibilities of a Produce is/are? Because I thought charges were brought on him because of his producer status – I could be wrong.

    • CocofromCanada says:

      I believe it has to do with overall accountability for safety and Alec is the end of the line ultimately for being responsible for Set safety. Apparently it was a total gong show in that regard and workers walked off due to those reasons.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      The prosecutor cited “a pattern of criminal disregard for safety” on the set. In addition to Alec, the armorer has been charged. The 1st assistant director has already taken a plea.

    • Jennifer says:

      Producer varies WILDLY between “I’m a lead actor and I get money for this” and person who actually does something on the film. My impression is that Alec was the former.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Alec also played an enormous role in getting this picture made. Alec promised the staff exceptional living/working conditions which he never held up. Be basically fleeced everyone on the set for their participation.

  11. Jessica says:

    Grifters gonna grift. The fact that they continue to talk about themselves and do the pap strolls instead of a woman who died and her family, really says it all.

    I really admire the silence of the families most affected by this. They are actually grieving, not putting on a show.

    It reminds me of Carolyn Bessett’s family. You want to talk about stoic in the face of tragedy. They lost two daughters! And the things written about their dead daughter were horrible: she was a drug addict, cheating on him, married for money and on and on. I don’t know if any of it is true but she was raked over the coals (and still is on the anniversary) while JFK Jr is seen as a hero. These antics by the baldwins take away from the human impact of this tragedy.

    • Liz Version 700 says:

      Agree 100%. Tell me you have no genuine feelings without telling me…..neither of them has one moment of sadness for the dead woman’s family. He is apparently not a good enough actor to fake a little class or compassion

      • Tacky says:

        Baldwin went on TV and said he had no guilt over Halyna’s death because it was an accident. His lack of empathy is stunning.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Tacky, that’s one of the legal hazards of speaking to the media which he has done repeatedly. Even saying, “Of course, I feel guilt. I was holding the gun when she was killed” could be interpreted as an admission of guilt. His awkward attempts at empathy have fallen flat because he minces his words. He sounds lawyerly and defensive.

    • Nlopez says:

      Carolyn and Lauren Bessettes mom was a class act during that tragedy. Her two daughters were victims of a flight that by all accounts Ive read, should have never happened. she has never said a word about the Kennedys that I know of. I’m not sure I could have been so magnanimous.

  12. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I apologize because I know everyone here knows this… Life can change on a dime. Drop of a hat. New York minute. En un segundo.

  13. Amy says:

    It’s so embarrassing. Like she’s ridiculous but I can’t handle the second hand embarrassment watching that.

  14. Tacky says:

    They have handled this situation so badly. They need to shut up.

  15. blue says:

    Mr. Hutchins now has “exec producer” status for Rust, on which production will continue. Was that part of a settlement in lieu of a civil suit?

  16. Ciotog says:

    Why does she always wear those weird leggings and slippers?!

    • schmootc says:

      Wearing those slippers outside when you know the paps are waiting for you is super strange. I mean, sure I wear my garden clogs to take out the garbage, but I know the only creatures outside who might see me are possibly a neighbor and some crows.

      • Jennifer says:

        Yeah, that outfit is ridiculous bad. I might wear that around the house but I would not walk outside in it to get my picture taken by the paparazzi.

    • SadieMae says:

      The outfit cracks me up. The shiny leggings and blinged-out slippers are like “regular person on a late-night run to the convenience store, but make it FASHION!” But the best part is the casual French tuck on the sweatshirt.

      • Anonymous says:

        Haha Sadie Mae, I’m wondering if she thought the old Tan France French tuck it tip would make it so she could pull this off. Because I can believe this is really how she dresses around the house, although she’s purposely picking “statement” sweatshirts this week. (Remember those are probably inside clothes, though Hillary! MAYBE outside clothes in LI if there are no paps around, but your husband is on trial for involuntary manslaughter, so probably not. You really need to hire a real life Bull who has a wardrobe consultant on retainer STAT and overhaul your wardrobe.)

        I believe it was Eurydice that called this her “ Kermit: The Frogman” chorus girl outfit the other day. L.O.L.

        That said, I believe those are the Spanx faux leather leggings and I own them and they’re SOOO comfortable that I often want to wear them all the time and have indeed worn them when I should be dressed way more casually, including doing things like errands around town. (Maybe it’s a Boston thing?) I’m also about Hillary’s build, a little bit taller I think, and the “short” length is really a little too short and the regular length is long enough that it comes down around the ankles in kind of a baggy way. And as flattering as they are in real life, I’ve noticed from photos that the shiny material can really make you look pregnant in a photo.

        They need to listen to their lawyers and keep their mouths SHUT. He never should have given interviews and she should NEVER have done this.

        I think she doesn’t realize how lucky she was because her whole being exposed as from Boston, not Spain, thing was kind of forgotten or forgiven in the chaos of the pandemic. And now she reminded us and everyone who never even paid attention to her in the first place all over again.


  17. j.ferber says:

    He is culpable not only as a producer, but as the person who pulled the trigger of a gun AIMED at the deceased. He denied he pulled the trigger (the FBI put that lie to rest), but he did. As many other Celebitches have said, and it’s true, as a matter of gun safety, you NEVER aim at a person unless you intend to kill them, EVEN IF you think the gun is unloaded. I believe he even said the deceased INSTRUCTED him to pull the trigger while aiming at her (I suspect this too is a lie told against the deceased). Even if true, it’s no defense. SO MANY unintended deaths have been caused by not following this simple precept. The Hilaria sideshow I won’t even speak of.

  18. Abby B says:

    I suspect she’s also dealing with Alec’s ragey persona that’s probably very close to the surface with all the fear of a trial. He can be awful when he’s stressed, as evidenced repeatedly.