Prince Andrew’s Easter appearance shows he’s very much in the royal fold

Prince Andrew joined the Windsors in Windsor on Easter Sunday. Andrew was seen walking to church right behind King Charles and Queen Camilla, and walking alongside his sister Princess Anne. The message was clear: Andrew is, despite reports to the contrary, very much in the fold. I’m reminded of all of those unhinged stories designed to make Prince Harry sound bad, with royal sources emphasizing that the Windsors are totally fine with the credible accusations of rape and human trafficking, but they would never, ever forgive Harry. That’s really what it is, and they truly don’t even care about the sh-tty optics at this point.

Royal watchers were stunned Sunday to see Prince Andrew stepping out right behind King Charles at the royal family’s Easter outing. The disgraced Duke of York, who lost his title and public role after paying a multi-million dollar settlement to Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre, is rarely seen with the family anymore.

But not only was he invited to the Easter Sunday service at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, he walked directly behind his older brother and Queen Consort Camilla, and next to his sister, Princess Anne. Charles — along with his son Prince William — is widely believed to have advised Queen Elizabeth to strip his 63-year-old brother of his title in 2021.

One veteran royal watcher told Page Six: “I was surprised to see Andrew right behind Charles and particularly next to Anne. They are not usually that close.”

Although the photos sparked speculation that Andrew could be planning some kind of return to public life, the insider said: “There’s a strict delineation between family events like [holidays] and anything official, and it would have been awkward for Charles not to invite Andrew when his two girls, Beatrice and Eugenie, were there with their partners. But there’s no way back into public life for Andrew.”

Although Andrew will be at King Charles’ coronation, he will be barred from the balcony at Buckingham Palace, as the insider said: “That’s purely for working royals.”

The prince was given a front-row seat at his mother’s funeral last September and it’s not yet known where he will be placed at the coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey on May 6.

Despite this, a source who knows the prince said: “Andrew will be fine.”

Even though there has been speculation that Andrew will write a tell-all book — just like his nephew, Prince Harry — a source told Page Six told this is highly unlikely.

“The way forward for Andrew is a life in service behind the scenes,” said the source who knows him.

[From Page Six]

Despite Andrew’s weeping and threats in the British media, it’s been perfectly clear for months that Charles will “take care” of Andrew. Now, Charles is absolutely going to force Andrew to downsize and leave Royal Lodge, because William wants that property. But Charles will totally put Andrew in Frogmore Cottage and let him live there rent-free. Andrew will still be welcome at family occasions and state occasions like the coronation. Charles will pay to help Andrew maintain a certain kind of lifestyle. So… that’s what you’re getting during Charles’s reign – predators and rapists are perfectly acceptable. Princes who marry Black women and earn their own money are unacceptable.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid and Cover Images.

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  1. equality says:

    If it were that easy to evict PA from RL, it would have already happened. He must have an airtight lease. If he moves it will be because KC bought him out of the lease. The same KC who doesn’t want to reimburse H&M for FC. PA needs to be front and center at all “family” events. He represents what the monarchy is perfectly.

    • molly says:

      Andrew is no fool when it comes to being, and staying, royal. RL is pretty much all he has left, and I suspect he spent the final years with his mother firming up the details of remaining there.

      And because Charles/William have more than their fair share of skeletons and scandals too, they don’t judge Andrew nearly as harshly as the rest of us.

  2. Polly says:

    They really don’t get it, do they? The public hates him and that’s never going to change.

    • ML says:

      I know a few British expats and none of them like Paedrew at all. This was a seriously stupid move on KC’s part: he himself is not popular and he’s been shooting himself in the foot. This gives anyone keen on abolishing the monarchy more ammunition.

      • Mary Pester says:

        @ML, yep, I’m a Brit, living in the UK and a lot of us despise Andrew. The optics of this are disgusting. We have the king, who fratanised and was pictured with the prolific paedophile Jimmy Saville, now we have Andrew who had a close friendship with another paedophile, groomer and trafficker who paid a massive sum of money to avoid court walking cock sure beside the Royals!! This while the kings bi racial daughter in law is treated like dirt, and his youngest son is treated like a leper. It makes me sick to my stomach, and what’s even worst is that some of the British press are trying to paint a whole new narrative about Prince hard done by Andrew!!!!

    • The Recluse says:

      No shame whatsoever.
      Let Charles be the last King.
      These fools need to go into private life and pay taxes like everyone else there does.
      They can keep Balmoral and Sandringham and surrender the rest of their real estate portfolio to the public.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    If the Easter service is a family event why is the media invited to take pictures of them outside the church?

  4. ML says:

    Paedrew is not popular. Each and every time the RF allows him to cuddle into their limelight and waltz along with them to church or whatever, they remind everyone that they have no real issues with him. From a moral standpoint absolutely abhorrent, and from a purely PR standpoint, this is insane. KC et al have been bleeding good will since QE2 passed away and letting Paedrew slither along with them is beyond stupid. I hope they continue to bleed support.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      I’m wondering if Charles is waiting until after the coronation to do anything to Andrew. Mainly because Charles doesn’t want any more bombshells dropping before he is crowned. I know that he is technicly King. But him being crowned will cement it for most people. And Andrew could maybe blow it all up.

  5. Beverley says:

    It really does boil down to Kaiser’s last sentence. Sexual abuse and rape can be tolerated but bringing Black blood into the line of succession is utterly unforgivable.

  6. Slush says:


  7. Blue Nails Betty says:

    “The way forward for Andrew is a life in service behind the scenes…”

    And what “service” is Andrew performing? What is he doing to contribute to the greater good?

  8. Saschafrom76 says:

    The Side Piece The Money Launderer and the Pedo

  9. Becks1 says:

    So the family is okay with him? The family is okay with sex trafficking but not a black duchess? That’s……not the winning point they may think it is……

  10. Eurydice says:

    Lol, royal watchers are “stunned” to see the RF behave exactly as they always do.

  11. Is that so? says:

    Charles/Diana. 30/18
    Andrew/Virginia 41/17

    They don’t see anything wrong with it, even when the 18 year old is a sheltered virgin.

    They also probably assume that glamor and status makes it impossible for a British prince to “rape” anyone as they are irresistible.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Sex with teenagers is not a major offense in the royal family. They probably think Andrew’s mistake was not proposing marriage to Virginia.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles used Diana to get heirs, then ditched her after he got them. She was used as means to an end.

  12. Amy says:

    When people show you who they are, believe them. Sickening.

  13. QuiteContrary says:

    “The way forward for Andrew is a life in service behind the scenes,” said the source who knows him.

    Anyone who really knows Pedrew knows that self-service is all he cares about. A person with any humanity doesn’t sexually assault a trafficked teenager.

    This display of support for Pedrew as the family makes its way to church, of all places, sends an appalling message.

  14. Over it says:

    What do they mean it was a surprise t see him at the Easter service walk ? The piece of sh—-it was at the Christmas church walk too. So these people can kiss me with their surprise bs
    I really really hope Harry and Meghan stay their asses home from the clown show in the uk

  15. MSTJ says:

    The template for mafia families is the royal family – for centuries they’ve been mum about the crimes and immoral acts they’ve committed. These guys operate like a mafia. Keeping quiet about the crimes of the family earns you great points for loyalty. Various historical reports documented that others in that royal family have done the same things Andrew has and they’ve all utilized propaganda machines to manage the public fallout. They will embrace Andrew because they have done similar things. In their eyes he has done no wrong. If the dust settles and things clear publicly he’ll be back as a working royal.

  16. Curmudgeon says:

    They’re trying to use the Camilla rehab playbook with him: get the tabloids to run nothing but positive/sympathetic articles while the public get’s used to seeing him at family events. I genuinely believe that they don’t see anything wrong with what he did (other than that embarrassing interview) just like they don’t see anything wrong with their extramarital activities. They just know that the *peasants* think their behaviour is immoral so they have to pretend to be appalled as well.

    There was some asinine tweet or article (?) over the weekend praising Keen for dressing Charlotte in a way that would not entice pedophiles?? And Twitter was like “ummm, Andrew is right behind them”. Anyway, I’m glad for their image that they keep bringing him out and reminding royal a**kissers who they really are.

  17. Basi says:

    I’m not fan of Andrew’s but after reflecting on Spare… I think it just comes down to Andrew knows too much. Also, he’s probably been the scapegoat for Charles. Andrew is also a spare.

  18. Saucy&Sassy says:

    This is a reason all itself for H&M to stay away from the Clowning.

  19. HeyKay says:

    I see this a more of a way too keep an eye on Andrew.
    Notice Andrew is walking with Anne.
    Anne is a serious woman, and Andrew knows good and well that Anne will take No Sh*t from him.
    At this point Andrew needs to be kept quiet. Every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot in.
    Charles wants him under control. Charles also knows he will need to pay Andrew to keep his mouth shut.

    Andrew, as ever, still does not understand that he should be in prison. Prison.
    Charles needs to fill out the photo space.
    I mean he lost H&M. Look who he has left…Andrew, Edward, Sophie, they will try to use those kids too as traditional royals. Mike and Zara + kids but those kids are too young yet. And Bea + Eugenie kids are way too young yet.

    Charles needs to keep holding it all together a good 5-10 years yet until William the Angry can take it up.
    Personally, I think Will is going to set a new record “King William the unwilling to Work” if he makes it that far.

    • Bee says:

      I agree, she’s his minder. Remember when they sent her out to do an event with Kate? Anne brooks no nonsense. I bet Kate was terrified.

      She’s looking sharp in these pics.

  20. HeyKay says:

    I think Princess Anne and her Husband should be more in the front of all the RF.
    Anne, OTOH, has been working her royal butt off, doing far more events than W&K for years now.
    I think Anne is willing to try to keep a lid on Andrew. But I bet she is Fed Up with all of them too.

    Karma, please catch up to Andrew quickly, swiftly, and strongly.

  21. Well Wisher says:

    There is more work than people, some do not carry their full load, so that is what will give him an in.
    Some of the senior members cannot / would not carry their load….
    That will be an in…

    Good scapegoat material etc…