Duchess Sophie is still convinced that she’s the monarchy’s ‘secret weapon’

As soon as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left the UK, Sophie tried to convince everyone that she could fill Meghan and Harry’s shoes. Back when she was the Countess of Wessex – she only recently became the Duchess of Edinburgh – Sophie would tell everyone that she was Queen Elizabeth’s favorite, that they were especially close, and that QEII thought of her as the monarchy’s secret weapon. Sophie’s ham-fisted PR blitz continued after QEII’s passing as well. She publicly pleaded with King Charles for the elevated Edinburgh title and Sophie even took public swipes at Camilla, Kate and William (Sophie, you see, works “harder” than them). I hoped that we would finally see Sophie settle down after her police escort killed an elderly woman, but no – we’re still doing this.

Daily Mirror Royal Editor Russell Myers hopes the Duchess of Edinburgh gets more “airtime” after her secret trip to Iraq, where she spoke at the annual CSSF Women’s Voices First Conference. Sophie has vocalised her support in the past for survivors of sexual violence in conflict regions.

“I think, certainly, she has been described as the Royal Family’s secret weapon in the past,” Mr Myers told Sky News host Caroline Di Russo.

“Hopefully, we will try and see a bit more of her work because it has always gone under the radar.”

[From Sky News]

Sophie visited Iraq last week and the only reason I know that is because she was in Iraq when Helen Holland passed away after being in a coma for two weeks. Sophie’s Iraq visit got little attention otherwise, and that’s always been the case for all of Sophie’s events. These people can call her the “secret weapon” all they want, but there’s a fundamental misjudgment happening here. No one cares about Sophie, and it’s tacky as hell that she was still doing horse shows and garden parties after her police motorcade killed a woman. It’s also tacky to still call Sophie a “secret weapon” when her motorcade caused someone’s death!

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  1. Seraphina says:

    If I were Sophie, I’d be very careful painting a picture of her as a weapon considering her escorts knocked an elderly woman down and who later passed away.

    • Moxylady says:

      “Secret weapon” isn’t a good look because
      1- she’s already a secret
      2- why on earth would the monarchy need a weapon
      3- her ridiculously unnecessary motorcade murdered a woman
      How are they all so dang bad at this

      • Lara (the other) says:

        I think there needs to be a discussion if the royals need a motorcade at high speed and how the protection officers behave, but I don’t think it should be put on her personaly.
        She does not make the decision how her RPOs act, she did not drive and it could have happened with any royal in the car.
        It’s a systemic problem, not one of her personal behaviour and she should not bear the fallout.
        But it seems to be easier to blame her personaly for something outside her influence then questionin the system.

    • Emme says:

      Sophie’s escort isn’t the only one to hit an elderly person. In June 2019 William’s escort hit and badly injured an 83yr old woman. Again, like Sophie’s escort, it was a police motorcyclist. And again, going too fast. Do they get prosecuted like ordinary peasants who speed and drive dangerously on public roads? Or is it one rule for us and one rule for them? Answers on a postcard please.

      • Elizabeth Phillips says:

        That’s why I suspect it was actually William’s team who killed this woman, too.

      • Mary says:

        @emme, this underscores why they should not be racing through the streets for a Royal, for any reason. Those most at risk are the infirm and/or elderly who might not be able to hear a siren as well or move out of the way quickly. What disgusted me about the incident with Kate and Will’s motorcade was they were on their way or coming from something completely frivolous. The races. I think it was Ascot. A horse race is no reason to put the lives of other people in danger.

        Indeed, as I stated in a prior post there is absolutely no reason, NONE, that the travels of a royal should put the life and limb of an innocent pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorist in danger. They should NEVER be speeding through streets and ignoring traffic lights.

    • Shawna says:


  2. Dull as dishwater this one. Her PR campaign is just awful. No wonder she is barely covered. Didn’t she have a PR business early in and before her marriage?

    • Amy Bee says:

      The problem was after she was caught on tape disparaging people including the Queen she had no choice but to lay low. Too much time has passed for the public to start paying attention to her now.

    • Moxylady says:

      She wants to be indispensable and vital to the monarchy. But that’s done through ACTION and not worthless media courting with no tangible results for her “work”.

      She should take a page out of Anne Royals book. Be the reliable Sophie. The hard working Sophie. The Sophie who can always be counted on to show up. The Sophie who uses social media to highlight the causes she is visiting and not herself.

      A non narcissistic Royal doing actual work would be a breath of fresh air. Make it about the people you are trying to help and not you you you and how you are indispensable. Because if you actually were indispensable, you wouldn’t have to say it.

      • Tacky says:

        Sophie has taken a page out of Anne’s playbook and is reliable and can be counted on. She also gets as much press attention as Anne, which is next to none. She wants to be more famous but she’s so boring.

      • Concern Fae says:

        This. She doesn’t seem to understand that other people saying nice things about you is what’s important.

      • Becks1 says:

        Sophie actually does a fair amount of work and she does the types of international visits that Kate could never even attempt. (I think she was in Iraq two weeks ago on a solo trip, for example.)

        She’s just boring and so doesnt’ get a lot of attention, which she should be okay with but it seems she is not.

    • Mary Pester says:

      @susanCollins secret weapon, 🤔😂🤔just Google Sophie and the fake Sheik. There yo will see why she is secret and they don’t want attention drawn to her

    • Kingston says:

      @Susan Collins

      Aaaaaaahhhhh…..that much-vaunted “PR business” that sophie allegedly had just before and after she joined the BRF was in fact merely an influence-peddling business. She has no training in the hard grunt of PR work.

      She trained as a secretary ffs. And then she segued to working in PR after working for 4 years in a radio-station chain in the UK and, like many many people who find themselves in PR after working in media, thats what she did.

      It wasnt an error of judgement that outed her trying to do a backdoor deal of influence-peddling that infamously, notoriously and indelibly caught her maligning betty in the process………that was just her doing PR the way she thought it was done. The stooopid cow.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    I mean they only way Sophie will get more attention is if people like Russell Myers start writing about her instead of Harry and Meghan but she doesn’t bring the clicks and revenue. The press has chosen not to focus on Sophie because nobody is interested in her. It’s important to note that Sophie only became involved in survivors in conflict zones and visiting the UN after Meghan joined the family.

    • Kingston says:

      Actually, @Amy Bee……sophie jumped on the Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict bandwagon in 2014 when Angelina convened that first summit in the UK under the auspices of the UN (rmbr Angie has been a very active and productive UN Special Envoy for many years)

      This came after sophie visited Oprah’s school for girls (and a couple of other girls/women’s initiatives during that tour) in S. Africa in 2013 [and then pretended that she didnt know who Oprah was after H&M did the Oprah interview in March 2021….which just proves that sophie is merely USING women’s issues to aggrandize herself………like a typical british royal.]

      Then, after Meghan joined the BRF with her record of advocacy on behalf of women and girls, sophie ramped up her typical BRF surface-interest in “women’s issues,” egged on by the britshidtmedia and BP as the BRF royal to rival M in that arena.

      But all thats happening is that sophie and her sponsors are being shown-up for the hypocrites they are.

  4. Brassy Rebel says:

    She’s such a secret weapon that she went to Iraq last week and we’re only hearing about it now.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I wonder if this trip to Iraq is only being described as ‘secret’ after the fact, because nobody knew anything about it, reported on it, or really cared. Which is unfortunate–for the cause, not her specifically.

  5. Aud says:

    She’s not charismatic at all. I’m sorry bit she and her husband are boring and forgettable

  6. girl_ninja says:

    This lady has been the “secret weapon” since the Diana days. She is another boring and uninteresting “mean girl” with the presence and charm of a slug.

  7. Etha says:

    It must kill her that she didn’t attend yesterday’s wedding. In the days of the queen, she an Eddie would have been the ones sent to Jordan.

    • Scout says:

      Yes, previously she and Edward were the BRF European royal circuit representatives. They know everyone in those circles and have attended events with them for years.

    • Mary says:

      If I were Sophie or Eddie I would be fuming. I am so not a fan of Sophie but for years (after the fake sheik fiasco!) she kept her head down, worked a reasonable amount and was the proper little doormat that the Royals like in their married-ins. I always viewed their foreign representation of the Queen as a reward for their otherwise dull existences. It’s one thing to send the Waleses but Beatrice and Edo? Is Charles squeezing them out of the one fun and glam thing they were allowed to do (well, apart from State dinners)? After his contravening the Queen’s express wishes (to which Charles agreed) and only giving them the Edinburgh title for life, I would be pissed and retire!

  8. s808 says:

    the way the press treats any non-heir with a sliver of personality, she should be thankful they don’t cover her. be thankful those demons leave you alone.

  9. Lizzie says:

    This is everyone in the rf to me, always striving to lift themselves even higher. Sophie wants the publicity Kate gets, Kate wants the admiration that Meghan has, Willy wants the accomplishments Harry has, Charles wants the admiration his mother, father and Diana had. None of them look around and see all they have and think lucky me, I have more than almost anyone else so what can I do to make life better for someone else. Only Diana instinctively thought of others.

  10. Loretta says:

    She’s a such secret weapon that no one cares what she does

  11. Jojo says:

    I suppose if they ever decide to cast a RF member in a remake of Little House on The Prairie then she might be considered an asset. Other than that unlikely scenario, not so much.

    • HeatherC says:

      She’d still play second fiddle to William’s wife and her prairie dresses

  12. Chantal says:

    Just another reminder that Sophie still exists. Her desperation to be relevant is palpable. No mention though of Edward the Forgotten, who remains forgotten. The BM could easily report on her trips, yet keep choosing not to. No discussion of her speech on such an important topic, which might have been interesting to hear. At least she can speak coherently in public…

    Her apparent and utter disregard after that poor woman was hospitalized and then died is baffling. I’m becomIng more convinced that she’s taking the fall for another royal running over that elderly woman, with those vague yet conflicting stories about where she was going in such a rush and whether or not it was a work event.

    • Bee says:

      blaming her for someone else’s motorcade after the accident would be a very typical move for them, I agree.

  13. HeyKay says:

    If Charles was better at family relationships, or doing charity, or paying for million dollar hat parties from his own checkbook he would not need a secret weapon.

  14. JMmoney says:

    Tbf she is a “secret weapon” – a land mine that goes off while she’s shopping or running errands.

    While the BRF may have minor battles with each other the real war is between them and The Sussexes. The fact Sophie was protected when she publicly brought her security to tears while shopping years ago and now this shows they will protect all minor royals atp shows the British media and monarchy are completely aligned and one and the same at this point.

  15. Scout says:

    1. I fully believe that Sophie works harder than Kate and William. Let’s remember that 91 year old Philip worked harder than Kate and William.

    2. I’ve also heard that Sophie sometimes acts more royal than the royals. And based on those public photos of her publicly screaming at a public servant (her bodyguard) she doesn’t seem very considerate.

    3. The trauma of her son and his line merely being counts/earls instead of dukes is breaking my heart. /s

  16. Ginger says:

    No one knows or cares what this woman does. She was on tape making fun of the royal family years ago. Didn’t she call the Queen a cow?

    • Cairidh says:

      No she said the queen was “an old dear”. Charles and Camilla would marry once “the old lady” died meaning the queen mother. And Tony Blair was far too presidential.

  17. Shawna says:

    How about focusing on these issues in your own country, Sophie? With her work abroad, it always seems that “other” countries and “other” races are the ones that have problems to address, never her own.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      They deflect all the time. William and Kate’s marriage troubles? No, the stories will be about Harry and Meghan’s marriage. William has three children? Let’s focus on how African families are having too many children instead. William and his rich friends flew into Boston? Well, let’s show how much we care about the environment by having the nominees stay home and appear via video. Britain and its royal family heavily involved in the slave trade? Let’s not discuss that, and instead we will present the former colonies with a lovely photo of ourselves. William and Kate scream and throw things at each other? Nope, THEY don’t need therapy, only OTHER PEOPLE do, because the royals are practically perfect in every way and won’t acknowledge any mental health issues (that they care so very much about) because THEY don’t have them.

  18. j.ferber says:

    Well, she certainly is a weapon, as that poor woman who died because of her converse could have attested to.

  19. Sue E Generis says:

    She could be their secret weapon – a cyanide pill that will kill them all accidentally.

  20. karkopolo says:

    If Sophie’s not careful, Kate is gonna start worrying Sophie’s after her fashion contacts! Le gasp!

    …and based on how they both dress, it might be a legitimate threat for Kate this time 😉

  21. kelleybelle says:

    Sorry, but I can’t stand this phony twat. She’s a snob where she has no right to be.

  22. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Sophie is a perfect example of how simply being a royal (whether born or married in) doesn’t make you a better person, or an interesting person, or worthy of any respect. Sure, she didn’t rape a teenager like Andrew did, but whatever Sophie DOES do, doesn’t matter. None of them do.

  23. tamsin says:

    Isn’t a secret weapon effective because it’s secret? Someone who quietly and effectively gets things done? I do know that Sophie has been working on helping women who are rape victims in war zones but don’t know what impact or help she has been. I think she has also worked on getting better eye care as a result of Louise’s condition and I believe she has accomplished some things there. Unfortunately, she has revealed herself to be not a very nice person and lacking in grace and kindness.

  24. QuiteContrary says:

    Sophie is the living embodiment of trying to make fetch happen.

  25. AC says:

    I think majority of people esp outside of the UK doesn’t even know she exists . It’s sad that her police escort killed someone and no one is taking notice .

  26. Elle says:

    Her lashes look tragic 🤭😅