Bethenny Frankel made another unhinged TikTok criticizing Duchess Meghan

Bethenny Frankel is obsessed with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. She has been engaged in a completely one-sided “war” with Harry and Meghan for years now. I suspect that Bethanny is trying to become a premium anti-Sussex content provider, especially since “Sussex hatred” is a billion-dollar industry for cracked-out losers. I also suspect that a lying, melodramatic famewhore like Bethanny understands that whenever she says anything about Harry and Meghan, people respond. It’s feeding the beast and it scratches her famewhore itch, so here’s your attention, Bethenny. Previously, Bethenny has claimed that Meghan behaves like a Real Housewife “who can’t stop talking.” She’s also claimed that Meghan is a “terrible businessperson” who only did a successful Netflix docuseries as a “smash-and-grab for money.” So what does Bethenny have going on these days?

Bethenny Frankel has again criticised Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with the reality star describing the couple’s lives since leaving the royal family as a “botched job”. In her own remarks about Harry and Meghan, Frankel appeared to question both the couple and their publicist when she asked: “How could someone botch something so badly?”

“I almost feel badly, like I think I do feel badly, because I can’t imagine having so much at your fingertips and letting it all slip away because of living inside your own head,” Frankel added. “And thinking every single thing that you do and say and want is so fascinating that you should be accepting awards at podiums around the world. Why?”

After discussing Meghan’s success as an actor before marrying Harry, Frankel once again remarked on the negative press that has surrounded the couple. “How do you do every single thing wrong?” she asked.

The reality star then claimed “god forbid” the couple were to split, they are “all that each other has” – seemingly referring to Harry’s estranged relationships with his father, King Charles III, and older brother, Prince William. Meanwhile, Meghan also has an estranged relationship with her father, Thomas Markle.

Frankel continued her video by claiming that she’d “never seen a botched job like this in my life” as she described Harry and Meghan’s public lives. “I just, I can’t imagine going from hero to zero like that,” she said, seemingly referring to their decision to leave the royal family. “Having money, having opportunities,” she added, before calling Harry and Meghan “two grifters” and urging the couple to stay out of the spotlight.

“Go away for a long time, and basta and close the mouth,” she said.

[From The Independent]

“And thinking every single thing that you do and say and want is so fascinating that you should be accepting awards at podiums around the world. Why?” Is she mad that Meghan and Harry win awards? That they accept awards? Bethenny thinks they should refuse awards and say “no, I’m not fascinating and I don’t deserve this!” I’m always so confused by Bethenny’s one-sided obsession with making all of these TikToks about how everything the Sussexes do is wrong and terrible and blaming them for trying to break free of being racially and financially abused. What is SHE trying to accomplish here? Is it simply… hearing herself talk? Just adding her grating voice to hater chorus? You would think that Meghan had personally pissed in Bethenny’s cornflakes, the way Bethenny nurses this unhinged grudge.

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  1. Lauren42 says:

    Methinks ol’ Bethenny would like to be paid to be a Fox News commentator. And the thing is, they’ll probably hire her if she keeps this up.

    • Wannabefarmer says:

      I dunno. British rags already corner the market on 24-hr Meghan bashing, and I dont think that would go down well here – SussexSquad would bury her. Though she’s nasty enough and would fit there but doing what, I dont know. She never come off as even vaguely intelligent. Wait. What am I doing, there’s no intelligent life at fox.

      Anyway, didnt she try it with Meghan’s ex husband and he rejected her? But why is she taking this out on Meghan? Unhinged and deranged really do fit these ugly inside and out women. She does not know Meghan or Harry, other than what she reads. What is her obsession with them? This gaslighting is just beyond. Meghan cant stop talking, really? On what planet would Meghan fit into a housewives profile. Have people seen how these women behave? Its second-hand embarrassment all day long.

      • Hamptons _mom says:

        Honestly all you have to do is chalk it up to projecting. Everything she says about them could be said about her.

      • Debbie says:

        Let’s not forget that Bethanny herself is a former Real Housewives of New York, so I find it interesting that she would use that particular name as an attempted insult against Meghan. Sounds like Bethany is not too proud of being a member of that crowded and tasteless club, which is her sole and primary claim to fame. At least it’s the reason she’s known now. So, like a Real Housewife, Bethanny is using Meghan’s name to get press.

        At any rate, Bethany sounds like a coterie of white women who are utterly obsessed with Meghan and her life as an American who married into the British royal family. They still can’t believe it.

    • Monica says:

      Why is this woman even relevant? The New York Post features her daily on page 6 – why?! Yestready eating shellfish in a hotel room. Dear gawd slow gossip days.

      • Debbie says:

        NY Post: conservative paper.

      • Cara says:

        Yikes! I realize the New York Post (its name sounds so legit, doesn’t it?) has a policy of encouraging all willing vermin to pop out of their holes to offer up hatred and unsolicited opinions so long as they are anti-Sussex, but what exactly is a Bethenny Frankel?? Why has she inserted herself in this situation and why should anyone care what she says? What is her connection to the Sussex or Windsor families? She clearly has some serious mental health issues. I hope she gets the help she so desperately needs.

    • Jan says:

      She is too old and not a blonde for Fox.

  2. Gruey says:

    Damn Meghan is powerful. We barely see her anymore and yet everyone is frantically obsessed.

    • Mary Pester says:

      @gruey yes, the only person not using Megan to grab 5 minutes of fame is Megan, honest to god this woman needs to STFU and go away, because the only one talking is HER, Megan hasn’t said a word for months so “stop yapping” sorry my days of violence were left back in my military service, but for this BCH I would make an acception and slap her so hard she would need a taxi to collect her teeth
      Oh and bethany dear, Trevor still says “, NO

      • Dot Gingell says:

        Thanks for giving me the best laugh I’ve had all day Mary – “slap her so hard she would need a taxi to collect her teeth” is genius!

  3. Nicole says:

    Bethany is Jelly. Periodt. She has an opinion because she probably met Meghan at NBC upfronts years ago and is probably 6 degrees separated from Harry and the BRF and feels entitled to have an opinion. Last time I checked, granted I live in CA and 2 hours away from the Sussexes, there isn’t a peep from them. No local news. No running to mics. No public statements.

    But people can’t keep them out their mouths. They are living their lives. Kind looks like private citizens to me. I REALLY don’t understand the unhinged hatred toward them.

    • swaz says:

      The unhinged hatred gets clicks and makes money 💰 if it was about anyone else it would not be in “The Independent” 💰

    • Jais says:

      Yep. Jelly jelly jelly. When I see women going off like this, I wonder why they’re exposing themselves as jealous bitter and insecure. Cuz that’s all I see when Bethany talks about Meghan. It just makes her look pathetic. She’s jealous and she’s doing it for that hate-click money. Pathetic, embarrassing and apparently in need of money. And there’s Meghan repped by WMA, gorgeous, and living her best life poolside in montecito. Bethany comes across as bitter and unmoisturized.

      • KFG says:

        Bethany is a bitter, bigoted, racist, grifter. She has no friends and is upset that she isn’t an A list person and is mediocre, even with being born with a silver spoon and every advantage. She’s boring and jealous that a biracial black woman has more cache than she’ll ever have.

    • Angelica Schuyler says:

      Bethenny is VERY jealous. Not only of Meghan, but of the new cast of RHONY. They’re all younger and prettier than old hag Bethenny (no offense to old hags). She has resorted to Sussex bashing as her usual form of clout chasing to remain relevant.

      Not only is Meghan living her best life, but Bravo has pushed Bethenny into the back of the closet to be forgotten about like last season’s Louboutins.

  4. Kelsey says:

    She that burnt up that Trevor didn’t bag her after Meghan left him? Smh.

  5. Andy Dufresne says:

    Bethenny, a word of advice: I’d shut up if I were you. Karma has been coming for those who have tried to destroy the Sussexes. If you don’t want to be on that list and be exposed, just have several seats please.

  6. Maida says:

    Amazing that she can accuse someone else of “living inside their own head” and have no self-realization whatsoever.

  7. TheWigletOfWails says:

    Bethanny is still hurt that Trevor (Meghan’s ex-husband) rejected her. Everything she could ever hope for and want, Meghan has (and in some cases (like proximity to the BaRF), she rejected) and she didn’t have to do too much or sell her soul to get them. Seethe beech, seethe! 😂😂

    • Nicole says:

      OMG! I didn’t know any of this. A simple Google search let me know that Bethany tried to date Meg’s ex. That totally explains a lot and validates my opinion that homegirl is just plain jealous.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Bethanny is purely in delulu land with her outbursts of rage, anger and jealousy!!! She simply can’t handle that a man once married to Meghan turned her down. Bethanny thinks that she is epitome of the perfect partner as she puts out her web of deception and pain.

        Bethanny, GO AWAY!!!

  8. Cel2495 says:

    Girl get a grip… I don’t know what is her obsession with Meg. This has been only spreads toxicity… never watched her reality show but every time I hear from her is because she is being negative , petty and just ugly. She needs another stream of income ? Crazy why she is doing this

    • Lady D says:

      Her Skinny Girl cocktail line supposedly made her a billionaire. She reminds me of a small child who relentlessly calls ‘mommy watch me, mommy, mommy watch me. I wonder if she is aware of how many people just laugh at her, Harry and Meghan included?

      • Hayley says:

        Skinnygirl didn’t make Bethenny a billionaire. Not even close. Not even 100 million.

        She’s just angry because she’s hungry and Bravo has closed the door on her. She also has no self awareness. She us the one who needs to go away and close her mouth, as many have told her. Lest we review her failed business opportunities before she glommed into Jason Hoppy to get that Skinnygirl deal. Or her topless B-Movie role.

  9. Plums says:

    Meghan is a WOC who is gorgeous and a genuinely kind, intelligent, lovely person, and she married the better looking, charming prince, a prince who “threw it all away” to live with her in a beautiful mansion in a stunning, beachside college town. Her objectively amazing life has made her the BEC for all these ugly, bitter women whose lives suck in comparison. so they channel all that jealousy jnto hating her for projection reasons.

    • Nx2 says:

      Yes – and also Bethenny seems big mad that her princess fantasy was exploded by the Sussexes. She obv. thinks that’s the pinnacle of life, to bag a prince and be a royal family member, no matter how miserable and terrible that kind of life actually IS. Such narcissism.

  10. Amy Bee says:

    My question is why? Is she trying to get a job with the British media? I don’t understand the hyperfocus she has on Harry and Meghan. Surely, she has better things to do, Harry and Meghan haven’t said much since May so why is she talking about them?

  11. TIFFANY says:

    She trying to get Meghan’s attention. That is all this is.

    Or she tried to contact Meghan and Meghan didn’t reply.

    And Bethaney is the last person to talk about botched jobs. Failed reality TV person, failed talk show host, failed businesswoman. It goes on.

    • Southern Fried says:

      What’s worse than to be a failed real housewife on bravo? Very creepy, very damaged.

  12. She is ugly inside and out.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      She is. The best thing that the gossip rags could do is to stop referencing BF at all!!! Let her ranting carry on it Tiktok universe and everyone else simply ignore her!! The more that they print of her deranged lies, the more she will talk…….

      Go away Bethanny under the rock that you crawled out from under.

  13. Lily says:

    She is such a thirsty bitch. Mean and ugly and rotting from the inside out.

  14. Cessily says:

    I only know this woman because of her great accomplishment of being able to fit into and wear her 4 yr old daughter’s shirt.. she thought that was wonderful. By the looks of the yellow sweater she is still wearing child sized clothing. Bethany is exactly what the mean girl in middle/high school grows up to be, insecure, jealous, and struggling to stay relevant when her only attribute has faded and wrinkled with her geriatric years fast approaching.

    • kirk says:

      My first thought on the sweater was that’s cute with childish appeal appliqué. Then I saw the zippers on the sleeves. I wouldn’t even know who Bethany Frinkel was if she didn’t talk about Meghan.

  15. MaryContrary says:


  16. kelleybelle says:

    Why does this talentless, jealous ugly bitch even get a platform? She ads nothing, absolutely nothing to the world. Meghan has said what this year? And she needs to shut up??

  17. JCallas says:

    Meghan hasn’t said anything for months. And yet people like Bethany keep telling her to be quiet. These women will continue to attack as long as the media gives them a platform.

  18. laurie says:

    Worst guest Shark EVER and that includes the clueless Gwyneth

  19. Just me says:

    B. Frankel is such a desperate, pitiful creature.

  20. Barbara says:

    Gosh, Trainwreck Bethenny. I sure do remember when you broke up with *your* husband, what a flaming dumpster fire that was. I guess since Harry and Meghan are rich, attractive and have a gorgeous family that you’re jealous. How about YOU shut up, basta and go away, hmm?

  21. trillion says:

    All any Z lister has to do to get attention is bash the Sussexes or complain about “woke”ness. That’s it. Anyone can do it. Literally.
    Meanwhile, actual woke people are trying to bring attention to very real and very serious issues with the goal of our collective betterment. But let’s keep giving press to the privileged and untalented whiners, who are aggrieved of….nothing.

  22. QuiteContrary says:

    M&H have gone from heroes to zeroes? LOL.

    Zeroes in their bank accounts, maybe, from the proceeds of “Spare.”

    Bethenny has gone from being a zero … to still being a zero — and I’m not talking about her clothing size.

  23. AnnaKist says:

    Crikey, what a bitch. She is a loose unit with too much time on her hands. I think the green-eyed monster is egging her on, too. So, what HAS she got going on professionally? If she has so much time, energy, bile and desperation to devote to slamming a woman she only knows from Murdoch’s and other tabloids, I’d say she isn’t fulfilled in her work and personal life.
    Maybe she’s hoping her videogramwill lead to a jo b on one of Rupert;s rags, where she can really let loose.
    Bethenny, if you’re reading this. There is a better platform you can do your vids: it’s called OnlyFans, and you can even get paid! Go there and do us all a favor? Ta.

  24. tamsin says:

    Seems to me that Frankel was/is a very successful entrepreneur with her Skinny Girl line. She seems to be a superb hustler with her reality television career, so financially is self-made. I don’t know why she has chosen to be a professional bitch. I can only assume she is driven by her basic character.

    • KFG says:

      Bethany is a trust fund baby. She is not self-made. She’s no different than the karjenners, given massive wealth but claimed to have “earned” everything.

  25. Jackiejacks says:

    There’s a completely new cast of NYC Housewives now. I wonder if she feels like her extremely long 15 mins of fame is coming up and now she needs to peddle this Sussex toxic bullshit online now for views and attention.
    I remember when Bethenny initially put out her Skinnygirl cocktails and all of that branding. I used to buy the Margarita one her brand would do and it wasn’t bad. Didn’t she sell off her brand and make a boatload of money?
    So maybe what happened is she squandered it all and lost her fortune and now she’s got to try to be a tik tok beauty influencer and make this trash talk a thing to make a living? Who knows.

    As for H&M I would love to see them do the following – start to produce whatever content that they feel passionate about but by anonymous about it or use a ‘pen name’. I would be curious to see how many people tune in to whatever it is and actually enjoy it and report positively about it AND THEN they can come out and be like – surprise this is our idea. Let’s see how fast the trolls back pedal on their initial positive reviews and that’s how we will continue to unmask the insanity and unhinged nature of these obsessive and sick critics.

  26. Sunnyish says:

    Bethany is attention-starved. She is prone to saying “I checked my bank account and I’m good.” It appears to be very important to her that others know who she is and admire her as well.

  27. Nerd says:

    I really don’t know much about her but I’ve always had the feeling that I was fortunate that she wasn’t someone that would be in spaces I frequent. She gives off this arrogant attitude that her being skinny as bones, white and loud makes her the most important person in the room. I think that is her problem with Meghan. Like all of the others who hate her, BF knows that Meghan has this energy about her that makes her standout and it doesn’t require any of the things these entitled white women believe make them better than anyone else. Here Meghan is this gorgeous biracial woman who just exudes sex appeal, intelligence, relatability, wealth, power and so much more. It has to bother them even more that she doesn’t have to turn into these mean, bitter and subpar women who have to use their loud and obnoxious voices to get an ounce of the attention Meghan gets. It has to boil them alive that all of them have to talk about Meghan to get the little attention they crave, and sadly looking at Bethenny that boiling might be from the inside out. It is comforting to not just see how their bitterness is manifesting on the outside but also that Meghan is rarely seen and still outshines all of them. Meghan casually walked outside with her dog and that puts her on front pages while Bethenny and the others scream “shut up” to empty space for attention.

  28. Sunnyish says:

    Bethany tries to shame Meghan and Harry for being estranged from their fathers yet Bethany herself is estranged from her own mother.

    Bethany failed at hosting her own talk show and here Meghan is flourishing with her development deals.

    And they both had “starter marriages” that ended in divorce and while Meghan married Harry, Bethany chose poorly with Jason, who turned out to be controlling and abusive.

    I think she is very jealous and that is why she chooses to criticize Meghan.

  29. Over it says:

    Lol. Kaiser you kill me . Piss In her cornflakes . Jfc, I wish someone would. So she would stfu for once with her Melba toast looking self .

  30. juls says:

    Bethenny Frankel have to stop bulling Meghan Markle, she’s is been married to Prince Harry for five years now and ever since they step down from been senior royals everyone is on her saying this and the devils knows what, don’t you all think is about time Bethenny Frankel and everyone else should leave this woman alone, she is not bothering anyone let her live her life with her family. What do you want this to so kill herself? And if and she, does you all say she is she is selfish.

  31. Shoegirl77 says:

    I know this is from a TikTok she made but it genuinely perplexes me why nobody ever pushes back on anyone talking shite about H&M to say “When exactly was the last time you heard anything from either of them? Tell me exactly, when was it?” Because I asked someone this a few months ago, who’d been talking about being sick of hearing about them. And they actually did have to think about it and take back comments about seeing photos of the children. Because the pictures they were talking about were in their imagination because of the perception from the media that they’re constantly in public view. I can’t wrap my head around seemingly intelligent people falling for this nonsense.

  32. Chris says:

    I guess her attempt to latch on to the SAG-AFTRA strike by suggesting reality stars should strike too didn’t generate enough attention so she’s back to her old standby – ** yawn ** – wake me up if she ever becomes interesting.

    It’s amazing all these people who claim they can’t stand MM but at the same time can’t keep her name out of their mouths. She should be charging royalties (yes, I appreciate the irony of that word) to all these people making money talking about her constantly.

  33. Sue E Generis says:

    Funny how people keep telling M&H to shut up when they haven’t said anything for months. They’ve not been seen or heard from. And may the universe curse me with the ‘botched’ life of Harry and Meghan – a beautiful, loving family, a wonderful marriage, a fairy tale home, and a purpose -driven life.

  34. Saschafrom76 says:

    Have y’all forgotten she started on the apprentice? This is on brand

  35. AC says:

    Bethenny is an irrelevant and useless Karen who wants her 15 secs of fame back.

  36. SIde Eye says:

    Will she ever shut that giant gluten free, sugar free, taste free pie hole of hers? Girl go try on your kid’s 4T jammies or whatever and post about that. Stay in your lane. Loser.

  37. Noor says:

    So long as they have enablers in the media to shout anti Meghan and anti Harry slogans, Bethany F and others of her ilk will not stop.