Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas agree to not remove their kids from New York for now

Sophie Turner arrived in New York two weekends ago, after spending months in the UK, filming an ITV miniseries. Her work schedule was “the reason” why she agreed to Joe Jonas’ scheme to bring their daughters back to America, so the kids would be with him on tour. When she arrived in NYC, Joe had already filed for divorce and gotten the Florida court to serve Sophie with an order saying that she couldn’t take their daughters back to England. Last Thursday, Sophie filed her own lawsuit against Joe, telling the court that Joe was holding their daughters’ passports and that her daughters need to be with her, at home in England.

When Joe responded to Sophie’s lawsuit, he noted that he dropped their girls off with her in New York two Sundays ago, so she had the kids all last week. Jo’s team had also spent more than a week smearing Sophie as a “partier” who liked to do unsavory things like “work” and “hang out with friends” and “drink.” Hours after she filed her lawsuit, Sophie went out with Taylor Swift for the second night in a 72-hour period – both nights they went out, they went to dinner and then they changed locations to hit up a trendy bar. The photos played into Joe’s narrative. Apparently, someone got through to Sophie that the optics were pretty bad because on Friday night, she skipped the bar-hopping and went straight to Taylor Swift’s penthouse apartment, according to Page Six. No photos, which is good. It also looks like Sophie will probably be spending more time with Swift, because Sophie and Joe have signed onto some kind of temporary agreement to keep their daughters in New York for now.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have agreed they will NOT take their kids outside the greater New York City area for now … this, just days after Sophie filed legal docs saying her intention was taking the kids to the UK for good. Both Joe and Sophie agreed to a temporary consent agreement and filed it with a federal judge. Daily Mail first reported the filing.

As we reported, Joe and Sophie are locked in a legal battle over custody. Sophie went to federal court last week, citing a child abduction law and claiming Joe refused to turn over the passports of their 2 kids. She claimed they had an agreement the kids would live in the UK.

Joe countered, saying a judge in Florida — where he filed the divorce — said the kids could not be removed from the U.S., thus setting up a legal battle. The agreement they made is not binding on a U.S. judge. The North Star in determining custody is what is in the best interests of the children.

[From TMZ]

I’m glad that they at least came to some kind of limited, temporary agreement. As part of Sophie’s lawsuit, she listed all of her temporary residences this year, following the sale of the Turner-Jonas home in Miami. It does seem like Joe and Sophie don’t OWN property in America at this point? I wondered if they still had that condo in New York, but they apparently listed it in 2020. So… is Sophie staying at a hotel? Some kind of rental or Airbnb? Hm.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Southern Fried says:

    All I got is quick someone burn that fugly LV purse. What an eyesore.

  2. Smart&Messy says:

    I support her, especially because I want Joe Jonas to one day realize how rediculously out of his league she was. Petty, i know. Also, these photos really not good optics. On the second set she looks three sheets to the wind and trying to act like she isn’t.

    • Bettyrose says:

      I’m team the kids are better off in Britain than being raised in Florida by a potentially right wing father who has a history with a church that has weird ideas about virginity and women’s roles. I side with Sophie because she’s played Joe’s game for so long and it’s time for her to be calling the shots.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Also the whole thing with the Florida judge ruling that the kids can’t be taken out of the country was because HE ASKED FOR IT.

      • Mk says:

        I am with you 💯💯 Bettyrose! I believe Sophie completely and think he is abusing her through the courts. I see this crap every day.

      • MF says:

        Agree with this. Joe’s PR offense against her was pretty misogynistic too. For that reason, I hope they move far away with her!

      • DK says:

        @Bettyrose – absolutely agree!

    • kirk says:

      Re: “these photos really not good optics.” Looks like especailly aggressive paparazzi (hired by Joe?) with super bright flash. Girl doesn’t look three sheets to the wind so much as she’s trying to protect her eyesight and not go prematurely blind. I’d be holding my purse up defensively in front of my face if I was assaulted like that by pap.

  3. Cel2495 says:

    I’m glad she is not in Florida though and has some friends in NYC that can be her support system. Would suck to be going through all this in Florida.
    So Jonas is also staying put in NYC too?

    I hope they can both get into a permanent agreement that will benefit the kids whatever that will be. Divorce is very stressful ( I was there) and I am sure is more with children.

  4. Bumblebee says:

    This is sounding more and more like he set her up.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah – its clear to me that he’s been planning this but he didn’t see the backlash against him coming nor did he expect her to fight back. Both of those things have put him on the back foot – her suit alleging ‘child kidnapping’ was a clear signal from her that she’s not going to let him use the kids to manipulate her which is what he was trying to do. The Queen of the North is smarter than lil Joffery Jonas.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      I’m totally with you, Bumblebee.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Yeah, he set her up. I got bad vibes from the beginning. Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman divorce bad vibes, i.e. blindsiding her with a divorce filing and a plan to restrict her access to/deprive her of her children, combined with a smear campaign.

      I’m old enough to remember the Cruise/Kidman divorce – and the smear campaign against Kidman that implied that she was unfaithful and the child she miscarried wasn’t Cruise’s. She literally had to provide DNA evidence that the was the father of that lost child. And then he alienated their children from her (form Scientology members have admitted that they did this, constantly telling them that their mother was a sociopath).

      I’m glad to see that the obvious smear campaign hasn’t worked – and I hope that Sophie and the children exits this divorce relatively unscathed. I never really had an opinion on Joe Jonas before this. I only knew him as Sophie’s partner. But now I am very suspicious of him. He comes across as calculated, manipulative and borderline abusive. I wouldn’t be surprised if some unsavoury info about his behaviour comes out during this divorce.

      • Bettyrose says:

        You know, I always sort of believed the story about the kid not being his because I imagined they had a sexless relationship. In fact, I thought Eyes Wide Shut was made to quell suspicions of their sexless relationship. But even so, I was firmly team Nicole and have always been happy that she was able to find a loving marriage and have more children. I’m sure her estrangement from her brainwashed Co$ children is still very painful though. And mygawd Katie’s escape with her daughter was ever more impressive in light of it all.

        But anyway older now and with fresh eyes I see how that was a misogynist smear campaign.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        It is good that she found happiness again with a new family – but I’ve always felt so bad for her that she lost her oldest children because of a malicious cult. It must be so incredibly painful.

        Katie’s escape was incredible! Especially after I read up on the cult and their practices. The CoS is incredibly scary.

    • Golly Gee says:

      I don’t know if this has come up in previous blogs, but I just saw a video of an interview that she did with Conan O’Brien during Covid. She talked about how she doesn’t mind being stuck at home during Covid because she’s an introvert and in general goes out as little as possible. She says she’s happy that Joe has had to stay home because he’s hard to pin down and spend time with because he’s always out. Proof.

  5. AnneL says:

    Well, I’m glad she has some friends in New York anyway. I think he pulled the rug out from under her and his behavior was disgusting. I feel for her. But at least she’s not stuck somewhere totally alone.

    I know a lot of English transplants in the acting world seem to like Brooklyn? Emily Blunt, who has quite a few complaints about the US, said she feels a lot more at home there. My sister lives there and my daughter is Bushwick right now. I imagine Sophie might feel a little less untethered in a place like Carroll Gardens or Brooklyn Heights. It’s more international, and has a bit more of a European/English feel, with old buildings and churches and a walking culture. Certainly more so than Florida.

    • Belspethen says:

      Village/rural life is hallowed in the UK (for good reason, it is visually gorgeous). Brooklyn felt homey as it recalled village/community vibes and being able to walk about. Staying in Manhattan was dizzying for me, it seemed like an anonymous wall of brownstones.

  6. girl_ninja says:

    I hope they do what’s best for those babies. I really don’t care for either of the adults.

  7. one of the marys says:

    Oh I feel for her having to go through this so young and with such small children. Yikes what a hit

  8. girl_ninja says:


  9. TheVolvesSeidr says:

    Is that Juliette Lewis in the 5th pic or no?

  10. Lena says:

    The thing that Taylor felt the need to insert herself into this whole divorce/custody thing between Joe and Sophie is pretty egregious. I mean I don’t think her involvement does actually any good for Sophie in the long run and Taylor herself doesn’t know a thing about divorce with kids, custody battles for kids, etc, since she personally didn’t divorce anyone and she doesn’t have children.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Lena, the Swifties will take Sophie’s side in this. Her fans are a bigger base than Joe’s.

      • Lena says:

        But it’s only the Internet thing. Maybe it will make Sophie feel good about herself for a bit, but It has absolutely no effect on legal proceedings-unless you mean Swifties would try to bully the judge, which would only harm Sophie’s case tbh.
        In fact Sophie going out and partying with Taylor a lot and getting very vocal aggressive support from unhinged online people like Swifties could really damage Sophie’s entire case. It’s important for her to win legal custody of her kids, not online opinions of nut jobs.

      • ML says:

        Lena, Joe apparently filed for divorce on September 1, and TMZ broke the news that he had visited divorce lawyers a couple days later. Then he posed with his wedding ring. According to her lawyer, Sophie realized that she actually was getting divorced via the tabloids on September 5 along with the rest of the world. The tabloids insinuated that Joe was primarily caring for the kids and Sophie was a party animal… Taylor Swift is a tabloid staple. She herself has used the same tabloids that smeared Sophie to break information like new boyfriends and go on pap walks. The tabloids are probably not going to want to piss off Ms Swift entirely—that could be valuable protection to Sophie. Possibly female support from Swifties as well, since many are mothers I believe. It counters some of Joe’s negativity in her private life since he’s less able to destroy her public reputation. As to the courts, no, Swift’s fans won’t be influencing the judge unless the judge is someone who would otherwise be listening to Joe’s mysoginistic message.

  11. Gem says:

    Joe doesn’t want full physical custody…..and I doubt he wants to raise them in USA….that lawsuit is to move the divorce battle back to UK. I can see why legally both want home court advantage. The divorce would be ugly, I don’t think there will be any disagreement over where the kids are raised as they asked for shared custody. I am not picking sides….both are seasoned industry veterans….they know how to work the system and PR to their advantage.

  12. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I’m very gleeful. Sophie didn’t know about the divorce until it was in the media. He got that state court order and thought game over.

    I read her pleading which she filed in the federal court. She brought in the Hague Convention AND the fact that the UK and US are contracted countries–they respect each other’s law. She stated that she was in process of filing in the UK. The best part: because of the international issue and Hague, etc., the state court order has NO affect. This divorce had to be filed in the federal court. Man, Sophie is taking this fight right to him and daring him to continue.

    She makes a good case for the fact that they had moved as a family to the UK. I have no doubt that she has all of the receipts to back it up. Joe is going to have to negotiate child custody with her. I have a feeling that ultimately the children will be in the UK for school and with their Father in the Summer. They’ll work out whatever they need to work out about holidays.

    Joe is a scumbag for handling this the way he did, and he deserves all of the criticism leveled at him. I bet he never expected Taylor Swift to enter the building with all of her Swifties.

    • Twin Falls says:

      Joe is a scumbag for handling this the way he did, and he deserves all of the criticism leveled at him.


    • ML says:

      Thoughts: International divorces that get nasty and turn into custody fights are awful. Hopefully whatever gets decided is best for the kids.
      Technically I have seen all sorts of weirdness as someone living internationally. In one Australian-EU divorce, the kids spend one year by Dad and the next by Mom until they’re of age. Personally, I think that arrangement is not good. Sometimes the mother wins and sometimes the father, and it really depends on circumstances. I think Sophie has a better chance in NY than in Florida, but it’s not a given the kids will move to the UK. Hopefully ST is happier in NY than Florida.
      If the courts believe that the other parent might kidnap the kids, they can get the passports flagged. You also cannot travel alone with young children without permission from the absent parent—you need notarized permission. Joe Jonas had no authority to hold onto his kids’ passports, and Sophie would never have been able to fly with her kids without his okay.

      • AnneL says:

        Oh, that sounds like a terrible arrangement for the kids. One year with Mom then one with Dad, and so on? That would be so destabilizing for them in terms of forming friendships and other relationships. Yikes.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        ML, I think Joe is going to have to try to reach a custody agreement with Sophie, so it doesn’t have to be litigated. Can you imagine that? I have to wonder if he got used to Sophie doing what he wanted. I suspect that he was expecting her to be so shocked and confused that he could get whatever he wanted. It must have been a shock to him when she answered back in the way that she did. He’s now going to have to act like an adult.

  13. J.ferber says:

    Trivial comment, but I think Sophie almost always looks better blond than redheaded. I’m glad Taylor stepped in to give Sophie the clout/support of a woman who is much “bigger” than Joe to give Sophie confidence and squad support. And I think Joe was like, “WTF???” with the Taylor move and I love that for him. Hope he was quaking in his boots!