Jobson: Prince William has always been jealous of the success of the Invictus Games

After Good Morning America aired their exclusive interview with Prince Harry on February 16th, some ABC producer was like “hey, we’ve got this amazing thing with a popular and charismatic prince, we should milk this for all it’s worth.” So they combined this month’s GMA interview with the one Harry did last year (with Michael Strahan), and added more archival footage and some new commentary, and bam, there’s an ABC News special called Prince Harry’s Mission: Life, Family and Invictus Games. It started streaming on Hulu over the weekend and the British media has been crying about it for days. Hilariously, one of the new “commentary” interviews conducted for the special was with Robert Jobson, who is more of a King Charles guy than a Harry or William guy. Jobson admitted something quite funny:

There was “jealousy” from Prince William over the success of Prince Harry’s Invictus Games, according to a British journalist.

The ABC News special “Prince Harry’s Mission: Life, Family and Invictus Games,” now streaming on Hulu, used footage from the Duke of Sussex’s recent interview with Good Morning America’s Will Reeve during his trip to Canada with Meghan Markle for the Invictus Games’ one-year countdown celebration with past sit-downs to explore the event’s history as well as Harry’s relationship with the royal family.

Robert Jobson spoke about the adaptive sports competition for veterans and service personnel being the Duke of Sussex’s “number one passion project.”

“It’s been very successful since its outset,” Jobson said. “It doesn’t come cheap, it costs a lot of money, and he’s been able to continue to raise that money throughout this period, which is impressive.”

“But I think there was a degree of jealousy about how well it had gone. I do think that William was surprised how much this had been such a success and how much money was being thrown into it and how many governments were getting involved,” Jobson added.

Prince William, King Charles (then known as the Prince of Wales) and other members of the royal family attended the first Invictus Games, which took place in London in 2014. Queen Elizabeth helped support the second cycle of the event, appearing in a comedic sketch with Barack and Michelle Obama alongside her grandson. But in recent years, the royals haven’t been involved in the event.

Royal commentator Victoria Murphy said on the ABC News special, “Harry is no longer a working royal. Invictus no longer sits under the umbrella of organizations that the royal family officially are part of and therefore, they haven’t mentioned it at all since Harry stepped back as a working royal.”

[From People]

It’s always nice when one of those Salt Island commentators admits the obvious, which is that William is insanely jealous of his younger brother generally, and specifically about the Invictus Games. Peggington the Dull has been trying to create his own fancy, expensive, international showcase event, only William always gets everything wrong. William wants everything to be centered on William, and Earthshot is all about how William is an environmentalist and how William is keen to be a statesman. Invictus has always been about the veterans and the military community.

I’ll also say this: William remains deeply shocked that Invictus is still thriving even though Harry is outside of the royal tent. William is so stupid, he cannot conceive of Harry’s post-royal success in anything, much less a global event which is respected across the board. I still remember William’s tantrum when NATO Joint Force Commander General Guglielmo Miglietta brought a NATO delegation of 1100 personnel, military family members and students to the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf. I still remember William’s rage that Harry was invited to speak at the United Nations, and William told everyone that HE had meetings at the UN too… at the British consul’s residence across the street from the UN.

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  1. Inge says:

    William has been jealous of Harry since birth.

    Probably also why he has the pathetic need to constantly put him(and others) down.

    • the Robinsons says:

      When William was being prepped for one day becoming KING, he was told that the sun sang when he awoke in the morning, and at night the moon would caress his, then golden locks. On top of that his kid brother was forever his servant, footman and footstool.

    • Princessk says:

      Exactly. What is new…

  2. Pinkosaurus says:

    Why is People calling her Meghan Markle and not Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex when they are calling Harry the Duke of Sussex in the same sentence? So disrespectful. I expect that from the racist British rags but the US media needs to do better.

    • Maxine Branch says:

      Totally agree.

    • Christine says:

      Eh, they do the same to Kate Middleton most of the time. I think it’s because that’s how both women are most commonly searched on the Internet.

      Put another way, no one is searching Princess of Wales looking for anyone but Diana.

      • Lady D says:

        No, they don’t do the same thing to Kate. She is constantly referred to as Princess Kate, often in the same sentence with the words Meghan Markle. It kind of pisses me off that Meghan is constantly called by her maiden name. It shows a lack of respect to her and her title.

      • Becks1 says:

        I rarely read a People article, but their social media team uses Kate Middleton pretty regularly. It sets the derangers off every time lol.

      • Christine says:

        Becks, it really does. It makes it really easy to pick out the derangers on social media. It’s an easy block for anyone spouting, “She hasn’t been Kate Middleton since 2011, she’s Catherine, Princess of Wales. Show some respect!”

      • bisynaptic says:

        They should have retired the title, after her.

    • Miranda says:

      This has always bothered me, too. I know they also often refer to Kate by her birth name, but it feels more like a slight when it comes to Meghan, as using her last name brings to mind her vile father who betrays her every time he opens his mouth.

    • Kingston says:

      Thats because peoplemag is run by a racist british charlatan.

    • Just Jude says:

      I can’t believe ABC would consider Neckless Jobson for this. Even if they try not to act like the salty island rats some of them can not help themselves when they are referring to the Dutchess it’s always Meghan Markle.

    • ConcernFae says:

      This is totally a courtier problem. They do everything old school. So old school that they still believe that married in wives should go by the old school name of Princess Husbandname. That used to be what was considered socially correct, but it has been close to 100 years since newspapers called women by Mrs. Husband Name. There is no way in hell People Magazine is going to refer to Meghan as “Princess Harry.” The Grey Men know that. They just get a little kick out of Meghan (and Kate) being referred to by their maiden names by newspapers and such. They have had a long time to deal with this. They should have come up with an acceptable to the media way to refer to married in wives back when Diana and Sarah married in. The newspapers just called Diana Princess Diana, while the Grey Men complained that she should be Princess Charles or Princess of Wales. Sarah Ferguson stayed Sarah Ferguson.

      Short – it’s The Palace being assholes because they can. They refuse to update the way wives of princes are titled. The press makes do because their style guides demand they use the correct name, but the correct names are abhorrent, so maiden name is the compromise.

    • Shocked and Appalled says:

      Honestly, the entire institution and it’s titles is classist, racist, BS. No one should care about titles. Social class is nasty business.

  3. Dee(2) says:

    I wonder if this year is when some of the dots start to connect for the very casual observers. Williams recent appearances and non-appearances, the weekly I hate my brother diatribe from Tom Sykes, Kate’s disappearance, and Harry and Meghan being out and about during normal philanthropic work or hanging out with friends has to make some go hmmm.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      In a comment on another post, I said that in a just world, this would all be damaging to the monarchy, but there has been very little pushback on the lack of accountability. I know the Tories are useless, but where is the Labour party? When I was young, they used to have real bomb throwers. Couldn’t one get up in parliament and demand an explanation for what is happening? The British taxpayers support these people.

      • Kingston says:

        The labor party leadership is also full of monarchist apologists. British politics is a classic case of no better herring, no better barrel.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Sad. Just sad. As I said, it wasn’t always so. At one time, Labour harbored real radicals.

  4. equality says:

    Could have done without Jobson in the show, even if he did mostly say positive things. He actually said that KC would spend as much time with H&M’s children as he does with Will’s if they were based in England. (Like if they had an actual home there on an estate he visits frequently.)

    • Maxine Branch says:

      Jobson makes me sick. He is just an opportunistic fool who swings into the direction of whatever outlet he is reporting for.

      • A Guest says:

        The derangers went completely nuts on him yesterday for his comments regarding Wm’s jealously to the point where he was blocking them and made his account private.

        Guess he didn’t think the leopards would eat his face…🙄

      • Christine says:

        Hahaha! That’s awesome.

      • Cessily says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more, I am disgusted that ABC used him in an interview after his threatening comments about Prince Archie for British audiences. Shame on ABC and Hulu both.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Agree @Maxine Branch. April 2022 he was on Maureen Eden’s Palace Confidential.
        He did manage to say he was a fan of the IG and it being something Harry got right. Dear Robert, Harry got a lot more right.

        Then he expressed his “concern” that it wouldn’t last because he was no longer a working royal and implied the support from governments came from goodwill of Harry being a member of the BRF. lol He said this during the Hague Invictus Games and before Dusseldorf. Both sussexful. I wish ABC wouldn’t give any of the RR’s time.

    • Raspin says:

      So still no time with them?

    • Lulu says:

      Oh realllly? Did KC attend Lili’s birthday party at Frogmore before evicting the family?

      • JanetDR says:

        Right?! The whole family was right there and he couldn’t be bothered. I’m still angry about Frogmore Cottage, but it certainly clarified things regarding KC and what his affection means.

  5. Maxine Branch says:

    What is even sadder for this man William to me is how mentally unfit he is. Whatever those folks have created by coddling him is coming back to haunt them. He appears to want that Kingdom for bragging rights but not the responsibility for being the head of that family. Jealousy, a lack of intellectual curiosity, and mental fitness is exactly what those folks deserve for not holding his feet to the fire years ago. Being adjacent to power is entirely different from having the expertise to handle responsibility. He is a pathetic man

  6. Jan says:

    That NATO delegation was something.
    The BRF and the Tabloids thought Harry needed them to keep IG going, now they’re begging to host the 2027 IG.

    • KT says:

      It’s hilarious. Not only because of the schadenfreude of the tabloid tantrums at Harry’s success, but that none of them saw the very obvious opportunity the Invictus Games give for soft power diplomacy and back channel connections amongst the militaries of the various coalitions.

      Of course every government and the UN is keen to get involved. It’s the perfect cover for them all to set up quiet side-meetings and meet opposite numbers outside of formal military or political settings. No country can kick up an official stink about another country participating in the Invictus Games and sending representatives.

    • Debbie says:

      I wasn’t following the Windsors in those pre-Meghan days but, if that picture above of them all seated on bleachers was from the first Invictus, boy-oh-boy did Harry look young. I didn’t know that he was so young when he decided to do it, and look at William seated there looking like he’s thinking, “It’ll never last.”

  7. ML says:

    I’m seriously surprised that this came from Robert Jobson! That said, this is the guy who wrote a couple of books about KC3 and had lots of access to him. I presume that this take came with KC’s okay.

  8. Sunday says:

    Between Jobson saying flat-out that Will is jealous of Harry/Invictus and EVERYONE including the freaking Associated Press running “WILL BACKS OUT OF MEMORIAL SERVICE” headlines, it’s abundantly clear that whatever temporary detente was negotiated with the press is fast becoming untenable and journalists internationally are now starting to try and break the story.

    British tabloids might have cared about the ex-king of Greece but US media absolutely does not. Them covering this is a huge sign. At this point they’re using any opening they can to start asking questions about Will.

    • Shawna says:

      “whatever temporary detente was negotiated with the press is fast becoming untenable” – this is what fascinates me. Why now? Even my mother-in-law from Mississippi saw the stories about William backing out and asked what was going on.

  9. K8erade says:

    I want to talk for a moment about Jobson saying the quiet parts out loud lately. He used to be one of William’s biggest bootlickers despite being a Charles guy.

    But as a Charles guy it feels like he’s been given permission by KCIII to start calling out William’s peggy BS.

    • Kingston says:

      That 40th birthday book on bully that Jabba the hut did last year, was NOT flattering to bully at all! LOL So I’m sure jabba is on the outs by bully. So jabba is just playing the hand he’s been dealt. Jabba gotta eat! LOL

  10. Miranda says:

    About time someone admitted it.

    If William had so chosen, he could’ve looked at IG as a model of how to do things right, how to get people excited about a project, and how to raise funds. His jealousy and lack of humility is going to be a stumbling block every single time.

    Also, “Harry is no longer a working royal” is NOT an excuse for the RF to ignore IG. The games aren’t about Harry. It’s about honoring and supporting people who risked their lives and sacrificed so much to serve their country. And in the UK, if I’m not mistaken, it’s “KING and country”. Sending a representative of the RF in person would show proper respect, but failing that, it should not be asking too much for the King to issue a message of support for his country’s IG participants.

    • windyriver says:

      William being jealous is predictable, and no surprise. But the fact that the entire royal family and institution ignored the last games, even with the team sponsored by the royal British Legion, of which the queen was patron for her entire reign, is beyond pathetic. Hurt feelings and childish family squabbles have no place as part of a national institution that should be unquestionably providing support for the servicemen and service women who sacrifice so much.

    • aquarius64 says:

      The British sovereign is commander in chief of UK’s armed forces. No words of good luck and congratulations was/is a bad look.

      • tamsin says:

        I also fault Harry’s grandmother for not sending a supportive message and not allowing Harry’s Remembrance Day wreathe to be laid.

    • Shawna says:

      William could never because he isn’t passionate about anything. Harry comes across as authentic, and that’s his secret sauce.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Miranda, I thought that was the most telling statement in the article. How does that look to the people outside of the UK? Their radio silence actually says a lot. I truly feel bad for the UK Veterans who are rehabing with sports, those who are part of the IG and those who are not. Would it kill the UK to acknowledge them? They sure didn’t hesitate to send them to Afghanistan and Iraq, but don’t acknowledge them when they get back?

      • Unblinkered says:

        Invictus / the UK veterans was genuinely acknowledged at last November’s Festival of Remembrance, held at The Albert Hall central London, the night before Remembrance Sunday and shown live on UK tv. This annual tv feature with all the British Royal Family in attendance is a massive item in the UK’s tv showcases.
        And it had to have been sanctioned by Charles.

    • Thelma says:

      THIS +1000%. It’s such disrespect to the veterans.

  11. Mel says:

    Invictus is really something quite special though, I would understand william being jealous about it. I don’t think any other royal has created something with this much global reach and impact before, right? I happened to be in Orlando the week Harry arrived and for the Invictus US games, I didn’t attend but you could feel it everywhere though. Everyone in the hotels and theme parks was talking about it, seemed like the whole city was super excited about it… and the games have only gotten bigger and better. So happy for Harry that Invictus is so well recognized, respected, and that it cannot be taken away from him by the firm.

    • Agnes says:

      The BRF can’t outright say anything negative about Invictus because that would literally insult every veteran in the entire world. You’d think they’d be PROUD not JEALOUS of it, but they’re petty that way. They can’t take this massive accomplishment and good deed away from Harry and that must drive them crazy.

  12. Peg is and was always jealous of Harry this is not new news but I’m very surprised a British writer is willing to admit the truth of it. Peg has gone to great lengths to smear Invictus and Harry anyway he can but with most things Peg does that was a failure. It seems the more negativity Peg tries to bring the more people all over the world stand behind Harry. Peg will never learn.

    • Mary Pester says:

      @susanCollins, Susan, you and I were born with a funny bone, bully was born with a fuming one. Ever since they were children willy has always “wanted”, his jealousy is pathetic when you consider that as the heir, the Royals would have thrown money his way to do something special (and I don’t mean support the British button industry). Willy said invictus would never work, willy went to his dad and the late Queen to stop it, willy tried to stop Harry getting his half of the Endeavour fund, and at every turn he was told no, Then when he saw how successful the first games were, willy WANTED it all and the Queen put her foot down and told him no, for possibly only the second time in his life, and he has sulked ever since. Myself, I think the Queen and Charlie thought Harry would need to stay “inside the tent” for the games to continue, how very wrong she was!

      • @MaryPester. I still remember the clip of Diana holding Harry in a garden and telling Peg he needed to come inside and Peg screamed no he wasn’t going inside. So Diana tells him fine then Harry will have all the fun. Peg then proceeds past her screaming noooooo to get into the house first. Peg has been a spoiled jealous brat from the day Harry was born and it appears it will never stop.

  13. Lauren says:

    They most annoying symptom of William’s jealousy is the bots/paid trolls who comment on pretty much anything related to Invictus Games on social media and youtube calling for Harry to be removed as patron and claiming that he and Megan use Invictus funding to cover their expenses.
    Also I noticed the lie about William donating money to the Invictus Games after Harry left the BRF is making the rounds again.

    • Agnes says:

      “Bots/paid trolls” = KP comms team. That’s not even a joke. Let’s never forget Harry standing sans uniform at QE2’s funeral, surrounded by his useless comic opera kin, cosplaying “military.” He was the only one who looked like a soldier.

  14. Bad Janet says:

    Harry does something he is truly passionate about and it works.

    Bill is trying to prove himself constantly.

    I wonder why one works and the other doesn’t. It’s a mystery.

  15. DaniLou32 says:

    Invictus is something that will continue for many years, maybe even past Harry’s lifetime. Earth Shot will be lucky to still be limping along in 2025. Of course Willy is jealous.

    • Betsy says:

      What’s sad is that if Earth Shot had been properly done, rather than as just a vanity project for Prince William to feel special, it could have been really neat. I think we’ve all seen how planting x-many trees or protecting so many acres of special habitats or converting regular wheat growing into kernza etc etc is alleged to be so beneficial for the earth – I’d like to see the follow up. I’d like to see the neat ideas and what effect it has.

      Instead they shipped a green carpet across the Atlantic and Kate rented a new dress instead of re-wearing one.

    • Eurydice says:

      Earthshot might have a better chance now that William doesn’t have his greedy paws all over it. The website has info on the winners and finalists and their work, which sounds interesting. But it’s slated to end in 2030 anyway, and there’s no publicity about the work.

      Just imagine if Harry had been involved – he’d have the finalists and winners front and center, there would be interviews with them, there would be follow-up on their work, there would be a behind the scenes look at the applicants and a general enthusiasm for the issues – people might actually learn something. But William just wastes the potential of his position.

  16. Mary Pester says:

    Couple of points Viki Murphy needs to STFD AND STFU, is she that thick that she doesn’t realise how pathetic that statement is. Harry got fk all from the Royals for invictus, Harry used his half of the Endeavour fund to kick start invictus and worked like hell to raise funds, and STILL does and VIKI our drippy king is supposed to be our commander in Cheif, so he should be bloody ashamed of himself for not mentioning OUR veterans and wishing ALL veterans luck.
    And the news are saying Billy isn’t getting off his arse today to attend the memorial today, because he has a PERSONAL MATTER. Oh I know he has and it ain’t thinking about the Easter bunny. And when willy tried to take invictus after it’s massive success he was told NO

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Mary Pester, Murphy’s statement was really telling and I was surprised that she said it. It really looks bad because it is bad that the brf would go to such lengths to stick it to Harry. I’m glad that the UK Veterans have Harry and Johnny Mercer. At least you know someone in the UK who truly cares.

  17. Chantal1 says:

    So Jobson actually admits the truth. I think he’s trying to procure future employment opportunities with major U.S. outlets. He’s smart enough to realize that bashing Harry on this particular program would be a bad look. Victoria Murphy tried not to sound salty but her comment was very revealing and it seems Willy Nilly isn’t the only “royal” who was jealous of the IGs’ success…

    • kirk says:

      Royal exspurt Victoria Murphy trying her best to make it sound like Invictus “no longer under the royal umbrella” only just occurred when Harry stepped back from being working royal. No no no my little dodo bird Vicky, Invictus Games Foundation has been Harry’s independent passion project for a long time. She should have checked ‘Origins’ and ‘The People Behind the Foundation” on Invictus Games website before opening her salty squawkbox.

      • Magdalena says:

        Exactly kirk. In fact, they didn’t even count Harry’s work for Invictus in the tally of engagements because if they did (and included all his other serious work with other organisations then it would be clear he works 10 times harder than his brother. I mean they counted every phone call and meeting with Kate’s own staff in that court circular but could not be bothered to count Harry’s planning meetings and visits and prep work and all the public appearances he made for his other charities?

        And Chantal1, I agree that Jobson is just trying to get work in the US and I hope that he is spectacularly unsuccessful in doing so. HE actually was boasting about how much Invictus would fail “now that H was no longer benefitting from being a working royal” and would struggle to get funding. He says one thing to overseas media and the opposite to his British chums.

  18. Brassy Rebel says:

    It’s so telling about the royals and their supposed dedication to service that once Harry was deemed a “non-working” royal, the Invictus Games ceased to exist for them. Everything is performative with them.

  19. lanne says:

    The cracks are beginning. the situation is completely untenable. It’s lasted this long because the public hasn’t been paying attention.

    How on Earth is William going to be able to stand up tp any scrutiny? He seems really, really fragile (most bullies are cowards after all). The royals are a sinking ship. There’s a huge story that’s bubbling under the surface–and now some of the ratchets are starting to hedge their bets.

    I’m so glad that Harry and Meghan are safely away from the House of Winsdor. What a bleak and dark place it is right now

    • Shawna says:

      Re: “a huge story” – I just texted my family to say that major royal news will break in the next month. Somehow they always see the biggest breaks (Sussexes leaving the RF; Queen dying) while I’m teaching, so I won’t let them think I’m “blindsided” this time.

  20. Jensa says:

    It is so obvious that PW is jealous of Invictus – so very obvious that even Jonson couldn’t pretend otherwise. I think this was exactly the trigger for PW declaring that he wanted to be a “global statesman” (LOL!!) too. He saw the kings and presidents flocking to show their support for Invictus and he was eaten up with jealousy that he couldn’t command that sort of response. The thing is, PW just doesnt have respect from the people that matter. Harry gets the invites to the big table, while PW is left hanging around in the car park. Earthshot is a complete damp squib. Just imagine what Harry could have done with it.

  21. Lau says:

    And water is wet.

  22. Over it says:

    You can see William face at the opening ceremony in that picture with cams , Charles and Harry . In that picture his face says I wish this was mine and not Harry’s . Why does Harry always win and get the praise and respect from people when it should be me . I am the future king damn it . Harry Harry Harry Harry

  23. Amy Bee says:

    I mean, Harry said as much in his book.

  24. Teddy says:

    Earthshot is inert, so dull and boring. Just like Cathy’s absurd ‘early years’ nonsense. All talk and no visible action. Invictus, by contrast, sparkles. It’s about honor and duty, achievement and courage and community. Ditto for Meghan’s cookbook project. H&M are naturals at engaging with the world. Bill and Cathy are so badly outclassed.

    • sevenblue says:

      Earthshot would be great in good hands. If they would bring attention to the projects and the people they are awarding and not hosting in different countries each year for no reason, people would pay attention. Right now, it is all about what will Kate wear to the awards.

      • Teddy says:

        Yes! There’s no human element to it. They could visits to the scientists and inventors, exploret the communities they are trying to help. Climate change affects literally everyone, everywhere, all the time. There are a million fascinating and emotional and important stories to be told and all Earthshot offers is that dumb annual award show where Bill gets to be center stage.

  25. Kristin says:

    William is jealous of Harry you say? In other breaking news, water is wet. No shit William is jealous of Harry. He’s jealous of Harry’s easygoing nature and charisma. He’s jealous that Harry landed a hot wife, a woman who William harbored a crush on while a fan of her tv show. He’s jealous of Harry’s popularity and accomplishments. Anything good that Harry has, William is jealous of and wants for himself. This is hardly a new pattern.

  26. Nic919 says:

    Jobbo has also pointed out in a pre Meghan documentary that William got protected by the press when Harry did not. He said that William got drunk as much as Harry did but the media never showed that.

    I think he also knows that he won’t get US work by bashing Harry, especially for Invictus.

  27. QuiteContrary says:

    Does Victoria Murphy realize how bad her comments make the royals look? That they don’t care about Invictus because it’s not a royal initiative anymore? Can they only care about something to which their name is attached?

    They can’t even care about this incredible organization for wounded veterans?

    As for Willy being jealous, of course he is. He could never achieve what Harry has.

    • Sue says:

      This is what’s been happening for weeks now. The royal reporters make these comments that they think are a slam at Harry and/or Meghan but are really showing us just how pathetic and bitter the royal family has become. Is this deliberate on the part of the tabs or are they just so deep in their hate that they can’t see what non-derangers see?

  28. Izzy says:

    “Invictus no longer sits under the umbrella of organizations that the royal family officially are part of and therefore, they haven’t mentioned it at all since Harry stepped back as a working royal.”

    And this is a piss-poor excuse for the RF not even publicly acknowledging the UK Invictus team. Those athletes served their country and monarch, the very least the RF could do is send them a public word of encouragement and thanks. That is the literal bare minimum they could do.

    • Thelma says:

      I know really right?! I’m incredulous at her statement and how bad it makes the Royal Family look.

  29. Martha says:

    The British tabloids are gonna work like hell to try to tank Harry’s involvement with the games. If Harry’s work can be successful, why does UK need an active monarchy and a royal rota? Gossiping about non-working royals isn’t as much fun!

    They were so gleeful when problems with the African animal charity surfaced. (and they were serious problems and Harry should’ve addressed them publicly)

    • kirk says:

      Martha – What “African animal charity” are you talking about? And why should Harry make a public address? Too much innuendo. Too little context. Zero citations.

    • sevenblue says:

      People always always say they don’t read / believe tabloids, then they go everywhere talking about tabloid talking points.

    • equality says:

      If you mean African Parks, PH made a statement that the CEO was launching an investigation. Was he supposed to go investigate himself?

  30. Magdalena says:

    This just goes to emphasise just how venal and two-faced these royal reporters are. Jobson was the rat who just last year was blathering on about how Invictus would soon FAIL to be a success because it is very expensive and Harry was no longer a working royal so big donors would no longer support it and the funding would dry up as a result. And here is is basically changing some of his words around for a US audience. Hypocrite. The same way he went on Australian television and admitted that “KP can deny it until they are blue in the face but there was a whole lot of leaking going on” from there, but then tells the UK audience that H+M need to stop talking and leaking. Ugh. Grinds my gears.