DM: Prince William & the king’s handover event was done specifically to snub Harry

The way Buckingham Palace’s clownery has been exposed in the past week is quite something. I’ve always considered King Charles’s office more professional and staid than Kensington Palace. Like, Charles actually has mature, seasoned professionals around him. But as we’ve seen in the past week, they’re just as chaotic and shambolic as the clownshow at KP. They’ve run through like ten different contradictory messages on the lack of meeting between the king and Prince Harry, and they’re currently trying to pretend that Harry snubbed Charles, all while insisting that everything Charles is doing is totally directed at Harry, and Charles is sending these evil messages to Harry and Harry is being punished! But don’t forget, it’s Harry’s fault! Anyway, the Army Air Corps hand-off event between Charles and Prince William happened on Monday, and as you can imagine, they’re back to saying that all of this was specifically a snub to Harry:

The Duke of Sussex served with 662 Sqn as an Apache helicopter pilot in Afghanistan, and it was widely thought he would have taken the role until he made the decision to step back from royal life in 2020 and emigrate to the US.

But in a speech in front of an Apache helicopter today, Charles did not mention Harry, who flew the same aircraft in Afghanistan during two tours of duty. Instead he said William was a ‘very good pilot indeed’ – before sparking laughter by saying: ‘So that’s encouraging’.

The King said: ‘I do hope you’ll go from strength to strength with the Prince of Wales as your new Colonel-in-Chief. I can’t tell you how proud it has made me to have been involved with you all this time’.

William then donned his new uniform and blue beret before being handed an Army Air Corp tartan wrap for the Princess of Wales, a scarf for himself and three wooden helicopters for George, Charlotte and Louis.

The event was happening as the Sussexes landed at London Heathrow this afternoon on a British Airways flight from Abuja. The couple are expected to board a plane to Los Angeles so they can be reunited with Archie and Lilibet in Montecito late tonight or tomorrow.

Last week Harry spent three days in London to mark the ten-year anniversary of the Invictus Games – but was unable to meet with his father because of the King’s packed diary. It has reportedly led to briefing and counter-briefing on both sides about why their paths never crossed. One source close to the King redeployed the famous phrase coined by the Queen about Harry and Meghan after Megxit, that ‘recollections may vary’, after a Sussex source told The Sunday Times: ‘I was fully expecting them to meet. I know that’s what he [Harry] wanted to happen’.

[From The Daily Mail]

I truly hope this is the end of “poor old Charles, he would love to make peace with Harry.” That storyline is over. It was always fiction. Charles has really exposed himself as a nasty old man. Speaking of, this is what a royal expert said about the handover event:

Duncan Larcombe, former royal editor of the Sun and author of a biography of Prince Harry, said: “William’s appointment as the head of Prince Harry’s old regiment is a bitter kick in the teeth for Prince Harry. It really will have got under his skin as it was one of the few things he truly excelled at. Plus, the sight of William and his father so closely and visibly united today makes a striking parallel to the events of last week, where Charles went to great lengths to avoid being seen with Harry.”

[From The Daily Beast]

Yeah, so rest-in-peace to the message that it was actually Harry who snubbed his father. Yet another lie issued by Charles’s goons The way these evil people project their bullsh-t on Harry is really crazy too – “we’re doing these terrible things to get under Harry’s skin, he must be so mad!” Well, that was the whole f–king point of this dumbf–k handover event: to snub Harry, to be a–holes to Harry. As I’ve said, Charles and William do these things for an audience of one (Harry) and they really don’t understand how gross and evil they look to everyone else.

Also: looking at the photos of William wearing the same kind of uniform Harry wore when he served in combat… like… how is William not embarrassed? Because he looks like a complete psycho. He looks like he wants every single thing Harry has.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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194 Responses to “DM: Prince William & the king’s handover event was done specifically to snub Harry”

  1. Sarah says:

    Awwww, Pegs got to play dress up!

    • AMB says:

      Well, to be fair, Kate seemed to be having so much fun with the cosplay, why not?

      (By the way, where is Kate these days?)

      • Royal Downfall Watcher says:

        Yep! Came here to say the same thing. Far be it from me to dictate how anyone treats their health issues and she might be battling something we are not aware of…but her COMPLETE ABSENCE is jarring. Maybe she just wants to hide and given that she doesn’t have a real job or need to really show her face, that is her choice but it is weird right? I truly hope she and her kids are alright. Willy gives me the creeps.

      • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

        kkkhate is happy to be away and not working. Im am still questioning her “preventative” treatment because the royal “insiders” keep saying preventative chemo – um you get chemo if you have cancer. You dont have chemo just to make sure you wont have it as prevention treatment. anyway… willie is like naked without her around, he stopped pushing himself as a stateman and also quit the narrative of being a young and attractive 40 something dude

      • Gabby says:

        She’s probably hiding out in Mustique. She wasn’t raising those kids anyway, the nannies were.

      • Anon says:

        This event would have been perfect for WanK (hello Kate where are you?) for BOTH of them to cosplay Harry and Meghan. You know continuing their united hate campaign against anything H&M.

        The BM would have eaten it up and yet……….crickets……

        I honestly can’t believe Kate missed this opportunity

      • MsDoe says:

        Actually, yes, there is such a thing as “preventative” chemo — it is called prophylactic chemo. It is used in order to help ensure that any random cancer cells that may be floating around after a tumour is removed surgically are destroyed, and cancer does not recur.
        I had it. It is still difficult and miserable — mine was.
        So not a fan of Kate, but not appearing while you are tired, nauseated, and losing your hair, is not unreasonable.

    • Ariel says:

      Pegs playing dress up?
      It’s giving me single white female.

      The sickness of the envy is palpable. Like, really.
      He seems unwell.

      And, I know, but the more unwell he seems, the more I wonder about wtf is really happening with Kate.

      Therapy is an option William.
      Don’t live your life this way, besides the fact that you’re creeping us out- …he has zero chance at happiness.

      It’s sad.

      • Lemons says:

        Right? Like he looks like he is giddy in wearing a Harry costume…this man is unwell. Just like his wife could not wait to show us her new Meghan cosplay du jour. These people need professional help, but we know they’ll never get it.

      • Just Me says:

        They shoot themselves in the foot every time they try to up one on Harry and as we all know the saying “things done in spite – come back to bite” is very true! Proof in point – Apache Prince Harry vs Willie’s weak cosplay!

      • Square2 says:

        *Sign* Did the past Sell-By date egg even know how to get into an Apache? Video game & virtual game don’t count.

    • Yes Peg did play dress up and he looked like the fool he is. This snubbing of Harry doesn’t work because people see exactly the crap they are pulling so they are wasting their time with these stupid photo ops.

      • TheFarmer'sWife says:

        The look on the soldier’s face behind Peggy in one of the photos says it all! Sure, people will smile and say nice things while he’s there, but after Peggy has left? Charles and Peggy have no shame, none. We always suspected those two were idiots; now there’s evidence for miles. Meanwhile, in California, Harry and Meghan are unbothered. They knew the truth long ago. They are playing with their children, reading books together, feeding the chickens, swimming in their pool…

    • Joyful Liluri says:

      That is so so creepy.

      The thing that amazes me – still – is that they think Harry thinks about them as much as they think about him.

      *narrator voice over*
      Harry, in fact, does not think about them at all.

      I’m assuming his legal team keeps on top of the tabloid stories so that he doesn’t have to read that filth. So that they can determine what they can sue on. Same with Meghan.

      I doubt Harry even knew that this took place. That any of this took place.

      And if he does, he’s simply using it to add to his understanding of his father and brother. To bring more understanding for himself to the way they work and the ways that they use the press – to help him understand his past as well.

      He’s not snubbed and stewing. He’s self aware and thriving.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        It’s peculiar, that the ways they think will punish Harry, are the ways they themselves would experience a narcissistic injury. They keep telling on themselves, pointing out the King and his heir’s crippling insecurities to the world.

        They still cannot fathom that Harry is no narcissist. He won’t feel this as damaging in any way.

        He will likely simply roll his eyes, probably mutter something along the lines of “your lives are sad, get help, find a therapist” and trot off to feed the chickens with his kids.

    • Kathleen says:

      We were told last August that this position is reserved for the Prince of Wales and therefore is passing from Charles to Peggy. Harry would have known this so why would he be unduly upset? As for Charles and Willy hanging out together, we know that there is no great love between those two. KP and Clarence House must always be wracking their pea brains for ways to stick it to Harry. So far, Harry’s doing fine. I read where Harry refused to see Charles if Camilla was in the room so they are accusing him of snubbing Charles. Harry may not expect to live through the night in Windsor accommodation so he refused that too.

  2. Truth says:

    Because he does want everything Harry has….

    • Debbie says:

      You know why that is, don’t you? It’s because (as they say) William doesn’t think about Harry and he’s “dead to him.” That’s why he follows what Harry does so closely. So transparent.

    • Bad Janet says:

      if Chuckles and Huevo wanted to prove that Harry was completely telling the truth in his memoir, they absolutely managed to pull it off.

      They are every bit of what Harry described, and worse. He went at them with soft gloves. These are two mean spirited, petty, and frankly, stupid jerks. He is well rid of them.

      • Joyful Liluri says:

        Harry went so easy on them! He truly made them more human and more relatable – and frankly more likable – than they have ever come across through any of their own actions and interviews.

        Except for Williams violence obviously.

        William grew into something horrible but Harry spent so much of his book speaking about the younger William and the deep love he has for his brother and father.

        They came off so much better in Harry’s book than the tabloids have ever managed. They came across as real flawed but trying human beings.

        Which might be the issue. They came across as human just like everyone else. Which might be the root of their anger about the book actually. They are BETTER THAN EVERYONE THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

      • Bad Janet says:

        Narcissistic people will perceive anything as a compliment or a slight, based on their agenda. No matter what Harry wrote, or never wrote, he was dead to them because objective facts and common sense don’t matter.

      • Christine says:

        You are really right, Bad Janet! I think Harry knew that his father and brother are so lacking in maturity, they would be incapable of taking even the mildest of criticism without completely flipping the eff out and going on a briefing spree, thus proving all of Harry’s larger points.

        I tend to think, “Harry and Meghan are playing chess while that family plays checkers” is overused, but I really think Harry knew his family well enough to have predicted this exact outcome.

      • Bad Janet says:

        I’ll put it like this… Harry has known who they are for a long time.

        I suspect he knew well before be decided to publish his book, or go on Oprah, that there was never a way back for him. I am sure part of him always hopes they’ll change, but he knows better. You literally cant ever win with someone who has an agenda to always be in control over you, and will use everything they can to achieve it – including trying to get emotional control by feigning offense (Easter presents? Telling the truth when you’ve been telling lies?). The only peace you get, being related to a narcissist, comes from not letting them have that power and control over you, especially emotional control.

        I have no doubt that he knows the outcome of everything he does well before he does it, because that’s how you survive in a family with narcissistic abuse (and I’m pretty sure it’s coming from at least one of them). His family will use their power and control to continue their narcissistic abuse, but they have the unique ability to throw press behind it, and thus attempt to influence millions of other people to participate. He has to play a calculated game and I’m frankly amazed at how well adjusted he and Meghan are, given what messes they could be with their families. They are both very resilient people.

      • Gabby says:

        @Christine, you are too kind because the RF isn’t even playing checkers. They are lost in the Peppermint Forest on a sticky used Candyland game at a yard sale.

    • LRB says:

      Including Meghan I think? He must be so jealous of such a happy marriage.

  3. JanetDR says:

    Meanwhile, Harry’s out there living his best life with no regrets.

  4. Koko says:


    • swaz says:

      And he is also SO UNATTRACTIVE, OMG 😢😢😢 he lives icicles in my veins 🤣🤣🤣

      • Joyful Liluri says:

        That’s your intuition. Like how evolutionarily we are programmed to be wary of snakes.

        He takes it a step further. We are repulsed on a cellular level that’s like – danger! Danger! Run before he wears your skin!

      • LRB says:

        I hate to body shame but he really is. And he doesn’t help himself with his mirroring of Kate’s gurning.

  5. Mslove says:

    Peg loves wearing costumes. I wonder if he & Chuck had a tea party afterwards, to celebrate playing dress-up.

    • OliviaOne says:

      I think it is safe to say this is just a front and after the event they didn’t speak at all.

      • Mslove says:

        The Chuck & Harry doll were not invited to Peg’s tea party. They’re at the bottom of the toy box with the Kate doll.

    • Eleonor says:

      He is a cosplayer, in everything.
      He doesn’t want to do the job, he wants to cosplay it: as long as it means hanging out with celebrity in fancy dresses, or putting on a military gear he is in.

  6. Tuesday says:

    Harry wore it better.

    • Agnes says:

      You don’t have to be a Body Language Expert to know those real soldiers think the cosplaying Lizard Prince is a bellend.

      • PC says:

        @Agnes, agreed! I looked really closely at the faces of those real soldiers in those picture and those that didn’t look like this was an extreme joke, looked disgusted. The one in which they had their backs turned looked like they were laughing at the situation they found themselves in and the one on the right side of the pic had the bemused look of a man thinking “WTF”. William looked like a first class fool. He also looked like a first grader playing dress up.

    • Smart&Messy says:

      The guy on Egg’s left thinks the same in the picture where Egg is showing how he is a whole inch taller than Harry.

  7. BeyondTheFringe says:

    “…One of the few things he excelled at”?!?!

    No due respect: go f*ck yourself, sir.

    It is becoming clearer and clearer these days, William is the dilettante, empty headed fool if there ever was one.

    And apparently just a full blown stalker now, if the handover and uniform are any indicators.

    • Lorelei says:

      @BeyondtheFringe, you beat me to it. That comment was infuriating and obviously untrue. But I guess these people need to keep telling themselves that Harry is actually a loser because apparently their white hot hatred of him is the only thing keeping them going at this point.

      @Tuesday, 😂

      • Joyful Liluri says:

        Oh! So now they are saying that Harry excelled at being a soldier and a pilot! Fascinating.

        But it’s one of the rare and only r things?

        Harry has grown into a man that would make any family proud. Who is a steadfast amazing partner to Princess meghan and a wonderful father.

        His reach through his thriving charities and business ventures have touched and helped and changed the lives of millions of people.

        But you know. He’s also a damn good pilot. Thanks for the reminder of what a well rounded human Harry is!

    • Jais says:

      Less than a week after the 10yr IG ceremony, something Harry created. But sure being a pilot is one of the few things he excelled at. The lies just don’t even land. They’re so hollow.

      • Smart&Messy says:

        “one of the few things he excelled at”
        How unprofessional of a journalist to write that of someone, especially someone as accomplished as Harry. Those military personnel, veterans, BetterUp C-suit etc beg to differ.

    • Bad Janet says:

      I suspect they’re literally just mad that Harry has excelled at all the things they wanted, but didn’t want to put in the work for, so they failed.

      Being a real father.
      Having a real marriage.
      Having a real job and work ethic.
      Having real passions they could turn into something meaningful.
      And last but not least, having charisma, popularity, and earned respect.

      Of course they want to say that he could only excel at one thing. They desperately need the narrative of Harry the F***up to live on so their egos can survive. It’s extremely childish, but that’s narcissism for you.

      It’s almost like being told that you’re the most important person in the world, despite doing nothing to earn it, for your entire life is a bad thing.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      Harry, with the top selling number one biography? Harry with Invictus Games? Harry the Compassionate who carries on Diana’s legacy?? Harry the Good Father and Husband?

      These are not decent people or journalists. They lie on purpose.

  8. The Hench says:

    Right, so what the PR geniuses from BP have managed with this story is remind us that:
    *Harry was the one that flew Apaches
    *Harry was the one that flew in active combat
    *Harry is the one that served in this regiment
    *Harry has just finished a successful and welcomed tour of Nigeria
    *Charles refused to see Harry
    *Charles gave William command of Harry’s old regiment
    *Charles,William, something, something, Middle Wallop, yawn.

    Got it.

    • Nanea says:

      You forgot to mention Bulliam’s biggest achievement to date:

      * William was born first.


    • Becks1 says:

      It’s never not funny to me, how the more the palaces try to defend or explain their actions, the more ludicrous they look. here, they are just reminding people of all the reasons why this photo op was so pathetic. nice work comms team.

    • windyriver says:

      What’s really significant to me is, Charles is right here, in person, fully owning what’s going on. This shouldn’t be forgotten. The handover was announced months ago, the appointment was always going to Will as the POW. No need to set up this event to coincide with Harry’s rare overseas visit or have it announced it on the day he arrived in the UK.

      Even though we know it’s almost certainly been Charles behind so much to do with the Sussexes – pulling their money, security, patronages, etc. – because details are always from BTS anonymous briefings, BP can later sow seeds of doubt, as needed. Blame it on TQ, blame it on Anne, the schedule, the courtiers, whoever. We’ve all seen it. Just like they’ve done all week with the back and forth over who asked to meet who.

      All this past weekend we’ve seen the media gleefully reporting that Harry is “in tears” over this “snub”. Right on the heels of these articles, here’s Charles, with Harry’s regiment, posing for pictures to mark the handover to Will, with zero reference to Harry’s 10 years of service to the country, not even noting Harry’s the one who flew the Apache positioned right behind them.

      This is Charles himself, in person, king, CIC, head of the COE, showing us the despicable person he truly is.

      • Bad Janet says:

        They truly don’t seem to grasp how “he does not exist to us” is not a good look. They can keep pointing the finger at Harry all they want, but these are the “global statesmen,” as we are so often told. Petty, immature, and incapable of handling disagreement is not in the job description.

        No one could be deluded enough to think this is a cohesive and happy family. But aren’t they supposed to be setting the tone for productive conflict? I have hardly seen a family in greater need of counseling (not that they’d ever go).

  9. Mimi says:

    I’m sure Harry only feels pity for these two fools, if he’s even aware of what they’re doing.

    • Harper says:

      Harry was on a 20-hour flight yesterday. I’m sure he didn’t see any of this! BP and KP are IDIOTS.

  10. aquarius64 says:

    This is the first time William got into an Apache. He’s never flown one when he served. This is not a flex; it proves the monarch and the heir are childish. William would lose his ______ in an actual combat situation.

  11. Eurydice says:

    Gross. I’m sure the regiment is thrilled to be used this way.

    • Nutella toast says:

      Exactly. You cannot tell me those guys aren’t mad about this – this would not go down well among true comrades in arms. Also….does charles have even one true friend? Even one person in his life outside of couriers and Camilla that can tell him life is short – you’re going to regret this????

      • Shawna says:

        I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the barracks or pub after that event.

      • Smart&Messy says:

        Shawna, I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the office of military and Defense decision-makers who see their colleagues used for this farce while they themselves openly campaign for IG Birmingham. Seriously, how unprofessional is it for the head of state to compromise their country’s interests and the standing of their armed forces because of their family soap opera????

      • Joyful Liluri says:

        As the oldest child to a narcissistic father – I’ve gone no contact with almost all of them.

        And I do not for a second believe that my father allows any doubts to flit through his mind, much less take root.

        My mom on the other hand. I can see her blaming another sibling for “turning her against me” regardless of at what age her abuse started. So she can be the poor duped victim and I just don’t see that it was never her. Which causes her so much pain. But not enough to you know – reach out or apologize. Cuz then she’s not getting to wallow in her pain and bask in the attention.

    • Jais says:

      This. It’s sooo insulting to use the military in their one-sided petty war of titles against Harry. This is not honoring or respecting the military.

    • sunny says:

      Yes to this. Talk about insulting this regiment and insulting their service to use them as human props to try to hurt Price Harry. It is gross and totally pathetic.

      I do think that some of this noise probably does reach Harry’s ears but he is so far past it with therapy, his work, his happy family life that while he might be annoyed, I think he gets how pathetic this is.

      And yes, Charles is a terrible dad. I remember when I would get flack on this site years ago for saying that but really there is too much proof now for it to be contested. He is a weak, selfish, petty, short-sighted, cruel man. And as to TOB, Harry better look out because Weak Willy would wear him like a skin suit if possible. It is creepy and unhealthy how obsessed with his brother he is.

      • Smart&Messy says:

        Sunny, I commented the same above after you. The head of state uses these servicemen/women to hurt Harry who is a private person and a veteran fellow of these people.

      • Joyful Liluri says:

        William already looks like he needs some sugar water. His William suit is parched.

  12. Jks says:

    He looks like a wet noodle.

    He really wanted that slow mo walk with the cool guys with big explosions and helicopters in the background.

  13. girl_ninja says:

    Will is one of the ugliest men I have ever seen. He looks like a fool in those fatigues. His only reason for living is HIS needs being met and to try and on up his brother. He is a loser and always will be and deep down he knows it. That’s probably why he’s turned to booze so hard to drown out the voices in his head. What horrible men he and Charles are.

    • Harper says:

      Why would 40 year old Willy cosplay Hot Harry? The comparison is so bad it hurts my eyeballs.

    • Beverley says:

      Pegs truly is fugly. His transparent envy is such a turnoff. He wears his deep insecurities on his sleeve and it’s so unattractive. Can’t imagine who would want to be his sidepiece now.

    • Eos says:

      Anytime I see a pic of Willy smiling, I’m like ” Ewww, please don’t”.

  14. Pebbles says:

    I better not see a single article about Balmoral holiday invite or Christmas at sandringham bull 💩 the rest of this year. Charles has made himself clear. Don’t expect the Sussexes to grovel to him.

    If Harry renounced his title and citizenship and joined the US army they’d cry and shit buckets. But honestly he’d probably do very well for himself and be able to engage further with military circles and initiatives.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Oh those Balmoral and Christmas articles are still going to be written because they bring in revenue.

  15. Maxine Branch says:

    If their action both Charles and William’s were not so pathetic, this would be funny. Both of these men could use some mental health therapy. Harry was the Apache helicopter pilot, he served with bravery, serves the veterans now and those two are trying to get his attention, how pathetic. Who looks like the better man is indeed Harry. Both of these men are just making fools of themselves globally. Harry served with distinction and has moved to serving the veterans with distinction and they are picking the scraps off the floor to get his attention. And the gutter rats supporting this claims to know how Harry feels. If anything, pretty sure Harry feels pity for them both.

  16. Nubia says:

    And what a bore it was,these two cant stand each other and you can tell. There is no warmth there whatsoever but sadly they put his front for Harry.

    • Bad Janet says:

      It’s quite telling that this is likely the first time they have been in the same place at the same time in quite awhile, not even attending family funerals together. But this – a thinly veiled photo op to attack Harry, using real people as props – is what will get them in a room together.

  17. drgnflyathome says:

    I’m curious what these organizations, and especially the military, feel about the fact that the C&W only do things to 1) try to snub Harry or 2) because they want to try to overshadow Harry. I can’t imagine the military personnel care too much about being a pawn in this one-sided game BP and KP are playing.

  18. Lady Digby says:

    Both Charles and William deserve one another. This attempt to hurt Harry was reported on both BBC and ITV as in see what you coulda had if you’d remained our whipping boy?! WTF after two triumphs for Harry in a row and the love of Meghan, all that proves he doesn’t need Chuck and Thug in his life! First cut is the deepest and I am sure the obviousness of the current move lost the power to hurt him long ago. Yes it would indeed been a fairytale if cancer had caused Chuck to reevaluate and change his attitude to Harry and Meghan but it hasn’t. Harry knows the score with those two. Doing something to hurt something else is wrong on every level. Neither man is fit to be King and especially NOT head of CE!

    • Shawna says:

      For first cut, I always think back to the memorial wreath incident. Someone got Elizabeth II go go along with refusing Harry’s wreath. That would hurt so much.

  19. WaterDragon says:

    More shark mouth rictus. Maybe KP should hire an acting coach to inculcate more varied and human expressions.

    • OliviaOne says:

      Oh… don’t give them ideas 😛

      • Joyful Liluri says:

        I don’t think that they would listen to a coach. They were born first. They rule their whole small island. Why would they ever need to listen to anyone else? They weren’t appointed by god. I bet they think god would take their calls over everyone else’s.

  20. Goldenkatz says:

    I love looking at the body language of bystanders in these royal interactions. In the Harry ones they’re smiling or engaging with him. With William it’s always politely constipated.

    • Eurydice says:

      In the second to last photo – the fellow to William’s left is giving him such serious side eye.

    • OliviaOne says:

      I don’t believe I have seen any events that Bulliam goes to that he doesn’t do that duck-hand motion in his attempt to appear personable and engaging. It is always the same.

      • Joyful Liluri says:

        “I saw this duck. And I swear this is true. It went “quack quack”! I damn near jumped out of my skin. Who knew ducks could talk?? Obviously I had my bodyguards catch it. This duck is one in a billion. I have him chained up in my backyard. Swear to god. Quack quack. Just like this! Truly one of a kind bird.”

  21. Brassy Rebel says:

    William was literally MIA most of the time he served as an ambulance crew member and now he’s cosplaying an Apache combat pilot? Apparently, even the British military is cowed by these frauds because I would think many of them would have something to say about this really gross example of stolen valor. It’s one very clear difference between GB and the States. This sort of thing would never be tolerated here.

    • Joyful Liluri says:

      Can you imagine if the President dressed in uniform to visit various regiments? That’s exactly what this is. But dear god – people would absolutely riot.

      William isn’t an “honorary member” – which would include laughter and giving him a hat as a token of their esteem. He’s not any kind of member. Past present or future.

      When he meets with actors after a Shakespeare play- does he demand to be put in full costume? Or is it just military things to make him look tough and “dashing” and to hurt his little brother?

  22. kyliegirl says:

    Again, using the military for their performative bullcrap makes my blood boil. These are service men and women who are serving their nation. They are not pawns to be used to send infantile messages of pettiness. The images are terrible. It looks like no one wants to be there. The compare and contrast with Harry is too easy. William looks like he is playing dress up. William also revealed his jealousy of Harry being a Apache pilot by saying it was”good to be in an Apache AGAIN.” Like really, sit down.

  23. Jais says:

    This is some real middle school shit. Having this be the discourse in the uk is so infantilizing. It’s embarrassing to witness the headlines and people actually sitting at a news desk and discussing this. Laughing and smirking over a son and brother being snubbed by a supposed king and his heir. Supposed bc this is not king behavior. This is loser behavior. I just wana yell, “omg, grow up!” Harry has a beautiful life. The only thing bothering him is that he has to witness the absolute depths of childishness his family members have reached.

  24. Lili says:

    On a good note they’ve acknowledged Harry excelled at what he did. So I don’t see it being anything more than than Willy trying consume Harry’s life and live it . Not content with the lot you have enjoyed you are reaching over to eat from Harry’s plate 🫤 Sad man

    • Debbie says:

      Yeah, this indicates a remarkable emptiness inside him to always want what his brother has.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      But they couldn’t resist saying Harry didn’t excel at much which, of course, is untrue. It’s Harry’s brother who has nothing to show for 40+ years on earth. Thus, this embiggening ceremony.

  25. Lolo86lf says:

    William is insanely jealous of Harry’s charming personality and likeable demeanor. In all fairness, William was raised to be the Heir, so he was taught to be stuffy and snubby while Harry was allowed to be himself. Even though William is going to be king he still wants everything that Harry got.

  26. Miranda says:

    “…it was one of the few things [Harry] truly excelled at”

    Really? Because to any objectively-minded person who has paid the slightest bit of attention over the past few years, it looks like Harry is going from strength to strength. IG has been a wild success, he produced one of the best-selling (if not THE best-selling) memoirs of all time, he’s respected for his sense of duty, he earns frequent positive comparisons to his mother, and most importantly, has been an amazing husband and father who stands up for his family. If anyone can name ONE SINGLE THING that William excells at (laziness and assholism don’t count), I will eat Kate’s janky tiara.

    • Joyful Liluri says:

      I heard tell that we are all to believe that William excels at the school run.

      Not parenting or anything. But that school run??? He can make the drive in 8.5 minutes. He’s the best there has ever been.

  27. Tessa says:

    William and Charles are not close only use each other. Williams mugging in his uniform makes him look goofy

  28. Serena says:

    Dear god, can William ever grow a spine and realize how fcking ridiculous he looks doing a cosplay of Harry?
    And yeah, they want to get under Harry’s skin so much, get a reaction out of him but they won’t get one. Harry is smiling and happy with his wife and children, doing the kind of great work KP and BP would kill to have. Salt Island can just keep whining forever, after all they’re the one who let H & M get away and are stuck with a petty manchild of a king and an incompetent heir filled with rage lol.

  29. Tessa says:

    Didn’t William have to be copilot because of his vision and he had to wear glasses. William is the heir charles deserves

    • Joyful Liluri says:

      I thought it was because of him being the heir. He couldn’t pilot one himself because he can’t be trusted with his own life? Or to know how to do something well?

      I have astigmatism. Which affects depth perception even when corrected. Ask my garage wall all about it.

      I could see THAT being a reason to only co-pilot.

  30. Tarte Au Citron says:

    They really have nothing else in their lives, do they. People with busy lives & jobs simply do not have the brainspace to think about their relatives who live a 10 hour flight away, never mind think of multiple ways to ‘snub’ them.
    Go snub Randy Andy, greedy Fergie, venal Prince Michael. No?

    It all looks sooooo weak and pathetic. They think they’re ignoring Harry, but this just shows he is on their mind ALL THE TIME.

  31. Jais says:

    Also what is this? “It has reportedly led to briefing and counter-briefing” about why Harry and Charles didn’t meet. How is this a “reportedly” situation? Is it bc Charles won’t put his name to anything? Harry went on the record and then Charles did not go on the record. He chose to “counter-brief” the tabloids through anonymous sources and friends. Then he pretends he never explains or complains. Again. Loser behavior.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Also, how is it ‘reportedly’ when it actually happened? When this very publication published all the briefing & counter-briefing?

  32. s808 says:

    They really think Harry cares about this too. This role was never gonna be his so why would he care at all about this handover event? He knows who his father is at this point. Geez, all those heads in the palace and not enough braincells to function.

    • Libra says:

      “The role was never going to be his” is being ignored by the press. This role is historically held by whoever is the current POW. Harry knows this as well as we do and is not shedding and tears, as being reported by the U.S. media.

      • MsIam says:

        Exactly, if this role actually had been given to Harry, Baldemort probably would have pitched a fit. Remember he didn’t want Meghan to wear any jewelry that Diana had worn as Princess of Wales so I can only believe he would jealously guard anything that was assigned to the Prince of Wales too. Such a petty, small man and the media want us to believe that Harry “misses” this. As if!

      • Jais says:

        Someone on one of the GMB clips said that if Harry were there, this would have been his role. And I remember thinking but would it have been? Wouldn’t William have gotten this role either way due to his seniority? But the narrative of the snub doesn’t work if people remember that fact.

      • s808 says:

        I guess they can’t let fact get in the way of the narrative. They may have fooled some of the public but they can’t believe deep down Harry even rates this. He knows the position would’ve never been his, there’s no real to care expect to feel sorry for the soldiers being used as props.

      • Joyful Liluri says:

        Ok. The whole this is – even though this position belongs solely to the POW, Harry might have gotten this position if he had stayed! He made such a bad decision to leave when maybe this could have been his!

        But …. What is this position anyway? Like. What does the royal patron do for this regiment? Hahahaha oh I see. It’s the regiment who does for the patron.

        Can’t see Harry being into being serviced as opposed to being of service.

  33. seaflower says:

    That last photo he looks like a pin head. (Although someone on twitter called him a tape worm for that photo and I can’t unsee it).

  34. HO says:

    They both look foolish. Why interrupt your enemy when they’re making a mistake? They should please carry on proving Harry’s point in Spare

  35. Jay says:

    Yeah, Harry is busy with the successful tour of Nigeria with his wife. There’s no way he’s reading the DM or thinking too hard about this “snub”, that just reveals how petty the Windsors are.

    Also, and this is uncomfortable for me, but do we think that William asked for his military cosplay to be extra snug? Is he trying for a Matt Santos moment? It looks uncomfortable.

    Or was this event on such short notice that he didn’t have much choice (well, there’s always a choice – he didn’t HAVE to dress up) or…do we think someone in the regiment gave him a uniform that was two sizes too small on purpose? I know, I’m sure they have much better things to do, but I know it would cross my mind!

    • Joyful Liluri says:

      Nope. That’s 12009990% something a military person would do. The members of the regiment can’t say or do anything about the situation.

      They can’t skip the ceremony. They are purely props and they know it.

      They can however offer William a too small uniform and act as if it fits perfectly. And then of course – play dumb about it

      “The fit looks perfect sir. You look excellent in uniform, if I do say so myself sir.”

      • Jay says:

        Haha, I love the idea of the military members gaslighting him – No, sir, that uniform fits like a glove! It makes you look even tougher! It doesn’t at all evoke a child playing dress up…

      • BeanieBean says:

        @Jay: and that’s exactly what this photo does! I’m reminded of the photos of William & Harry playing around in their tiny little camo uniforms; Harry grew up & became a real soldier, while William is still playing pretend soldier.

  36. Bad Janet says:

    That second to bottom photo is perfect.

    William: *brain farts*
    The guy in the right: “this f***in guy”

    • BeanieBean says:

      If you’ll notice in some of the other photos, that guy is the one who was stuck with escorting William around & pointing out things to him. By this point in the day, he had probably had enough.

  37. Water Lilly says:

    Stolen valor in Middle Wallop. These two are worthy only of scorn and ridicule.

  38. Shawna says:

    Kind of makes me want to throw up. Single-white femaling his own brother! Maybe Will and Kate really are made for each other. Nasty vampires.

  39. Chaine says:

    Yikes. It’s super creepy to see him decked out in Harry’s uniform when Bully never flew an Apache or served in combat. And it’s even more creepy seeing these royal reporters cheering it on. Is it just them or does all of British public actually want to see this man crawling into his brother’s literal skin if he could?

    • Hypocrisy says:

      I had the same reaction.. it’s like he isn’t going to be satisfied until he wearing his brothers skin. This is extremely disturbing.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      Billy the Basher is single white male-ing Harry.

      Americans really take issue with stolen valor, which is what Basher is giving here. It’s second hand embarrassing to even look at these photos.

  40. Hypocrisy says:

    “IF I CANT HAVE HARRY, I WILL BECOME HARRY!” 🙄🫣 I can’t even describe just how disturbing this entire thing is.
    As for Chuck, I certainly won’t be mourning his death. Nothing justifies his behavior towards his youngest son and family. This “we must punish Harry” is truly terrifying because they look demented, and they don’t even care.

    • Shawna says:

      The only praiseworthy things he’s ever done go back to his Prince of Wales days. All the good stuff is way behind him. And William is taking/stomping all of those, isn’t he? It’s William whose cannibalizing Charles’s legacy.

      • windyriver says:

        Exactly! I said something along these lines a while back, but you did a much better job, and more succinctly! Charles had a lot of worthwhile initiatives as POW, over and above the Prince’s Trust, and was known as a hard worker (to the detriment of his two sons, of course, who could have used a father). He’s done nothing comparable in the almost two years he’s been monarch, while meanwhile his reign has become better known for what his heir is doing, or rather, failing to do, than anything else.

  41. Amy Bee says:

    Let’s not forget how Charles and his team behaved towards Harry and Meghan after the Queen died or that it was his team that leaked to the press that Harry and Meghan were evicted from Frogmore. So their behavior this and last week shouldn’t be a surprise to no-one. BP is just as bad and petty as KP. And William looked like he was playing dress up. It reminds of the time Diana took Harry to an army base and he was given his own uniform and allowed to ride a tank.

  42. Wagiman says:

    He is nauseating. That pic laughing? What a creep.. Where’s your wife, creep. If she’s ‘fine’ she doesn’t need to be hidden.

  43. Jks says:

    OMG. It sounds like they actually let Will take control of the Apache helicopter for a stupid stunt even though he’s absolutely not qualified to fly. This is so reckless.

    • Bad Janet says:

      If Harry’s telling of it gives anything to go by, he wouldn’t have been able to get it off the ground, so I doubt it.

    • Joyful Liluri says:

      ………. Ummmmm……….. I ……

      Maybe once the pilot had taken off, and they were steady and stable they told William he could control the thing? But the pilot kept piloting?

      Unless Charles was hoping for a specific outcome….

      • Jks says:

        The press are desperate to give Will credit for flying the Apache. Maybe they are deliberately misleading but BBC and Daily Fail said he is flying it.

      • Bad Janet says:

        It’s hilarious they want to give him credit because there is literally no way he is flying that thing; I believe he may have sat in the co pilot seat and made “pew pew” noises while someone else did the real work. They are enormous, have a completely different visual set up, and take months to learn to fly (if not years, to do it well). It’s insulting to the actual squadron to pretend that his training as a prop plane pilot 20 years ago would make him capable of manoeuvering an Apache. What a f***ing joke this is.

      • Just Me says:

        Wee Willie sitting in an Apaches helicopter vs Prince Harry

      • rosa mwemaid says:

        Believe the BBC but not the fail.

      • Bad Janet says:

        BBC says he went up “in” an Apache. Daily Fail did a whole segment on their body language and how Harry wanted to look like a manly bad ass, while Will was composed and calm, as they piloted it. Yeah, like you said, believe the BBC.

        He literally had the manual out in the cockpit, so any actual piloting he did was negligible. I mean I flew a plane once, I suppose, back when they let kids go into the cockpit on commercial flights. But I wouldnt say that’s the same thing as really flying.

    • BeanieBean says:

      They’re totally misrepresenting William in that thing. No way can just any ol’ pilot/part-time co-pilot get behind the controls of an Apache helicopter. Successfully. With two minutes of instruction.

      • Jks says:

        FFS! I just saw the footage. Will is in the front seat. The back seater is the one who’s doing the flying. The front seater is the gunner. These news outlets are deliberately misleading in saying Will was the pilot. Another glorified and hugely expensive school excursion/joy ride for the Will.

  44. Concern Fae says:

    Saw these pictures and that meme about how every New Yorker cartoon could have the caption “Christ, what an asshole” popped into my head.

  45. Amy Bee says:

    Another thing, the press keep saying that this army unit would have gone to Harry if he was still a working royal. The fact that both Charles and William are jealous of Harry tells me that if he was still a working royal Charles would have still handed it to William. I think Harry always knew that he would be treated worse under Charles and William than he was under the Queen. I think Harry would have still left after the Queen died.

  46. Emily says:

    William is still that little kid who only wants a toy just because someone else has it. It is embarrassing because he didn’t earn this; he’s playing dress up. He’s still a four year old being told he’s the most special boy.

  47. TN Democrat says:

    The constant Will-not refrain of “I am incandescent, will never forgive/trust Harry and he will never be welcomed back” really is undermined by the (unearned) Harry cosplay. The lack of common sense is staggering.

  48. Lucky Charm says:

    That second photo, lol. “Is my brain up here?!” Lol

  49. sevenblue says:

    You guys, I think, as his next move, he is gonna dye his remaining hair to red to finish his transformation, so he will become the real Royal Ginger 🤡🤡

  50. Alex Can says:

    I know it’s true Charles and William are entitled, petty and jealous. But I believe their actions in the past week reveal something more dangerous. Especially because they are in a weakened state, they feel threatened and they are signalling to everyone that going after Harry is fair game. They honestly believe Harry has his own rival court, and they will never accept that.

    • Joyful Liluri says:

      I agree. They even referenced his “rival court” and that Charles would never sanction it.

      Guys. Harry just had friends. Not a court. Not courtiers. Not fixers and cleaners and media moguls. Not private secretaries that believe their job is to castrate anyone who doesn’t sing the praises of the heir/ king.

      Harry has friends, business partners and a full happy life. None of the things you guys have in your “courts”.

      Harry doesn’t want what you have. He never has. He’s made that crystal clear since he was little. I remember seeing interviews with him during his time in the military where he said he preferred the war zone to home because there was hardly any press! To. A. Journalist.


      • Alex Can says:

        What you say about Harry not having a rival court is true, but he’s a prince and an heir to the throne. So institutionally, he matters a lot. I sometimes think the only way that Harry will be free, and safe(!) is if he renounces his birthright and becomes an American citizen. Even then I wonder. When people say the monarchy is feudal they’re not kidding.

    • Interested Gawker says:

      There is nothing H or M can do to placate these people. All they can do is continue to make their own path, live their life and raise their children as they deftly manoeuvre round the ire and ill intent of the BRF and the BM. The Sussexes are not in a position to have ‘one neat trick’ to satisfy the different strands of discontent and fear of these different people and institutions. H&M must simply live their truth and trust their work and good intentions will prevail.

  51. Mimi says:

    When I see crap like this, there’s no way I believe William did not make a move on Meghan. He wants everything Harry has, especially if it’s something better than what he has.

    • Libra says:

      Bingo!! My husband said the same thing years ago. We were in the Dr waiting room and the only thing to read was a People magazine with the fab four in the cover. He said “” look at the way William is leering at Meghan. He’s got the hots for her. Harry should watch out! “

  52. CatMum says:

    I love the one of William in his brand new uniform addressing the real military people. Says it all.

  53. Lulu says:

    This was announced LAST YEAR, Harry seems fine. UK taxpayers are getting massively ripped off with this lot. The Wails cannot even release an undoctored photo but sure have time to try and imitate Harry. I think the number of times we’ve seen William this year can be counted on two hands, yet he has time to pull this stunt. Do the derangers still claim these buffoons are attracting tourists? Someone needs to poll EU tourists and see how many are now skipping the UK just because of these harmful and childish antics.

    • Joyful Liluri says:

      It’s a lot of tourists. A lot.

      Although I do know a number of people who now want to visit Nigeria.

  54. Mego says:

    But you know… He is supposed to be the next King… everything is his. Without any work for it of course…

  55. Jay says:

    It’s May – is this the first time that William has been seen with his father all year? We heard that they spoke on the phone after Charles’ cancer diagnosis, but unless I am forgetting something, there have been no photos of William visiting his father, right?

    Such a big deal about Charles doing an event mere miles from his youngest son’s church service, but crickets about the fact that William lives mere miles from his father all of the time, and yet was not seen visiting him at all. Curious!

    • Joyful Liluri says:

      William didn’t even go to his dad’s mandatory garden party. He was probably too busy following the live stream of Harry’s event.

    • ArtFossil says:

      Yes, Jay, this is the first time William has been seen with Charles since December 25th–the last sighting of Kate. And that is, I’m convinced, by Charles’ design. Charles has kept William on a short leash since December and again, I’m sure this is because of what occurred between William and Kate.

      But, as with Andrew, Charles’ determination to punish or humiliate Harry outweighs the bad things William has done

  56. QuiteContrary says:

    Again, all these ridiculous photos do is remind me of how good Harry looked in that uniform. Harry looked like he was born to wear that uniform and he worked hard — even risked his life — to deserve it. Willy is just wearing a costume. It’s embarrassing.

  57. Michelle says:

    I think the Windsor’s hate campaign against H&M has finally caught up with them. I’ve seen more media coverage of KC3 and Peg’s pettiness from non-royal sources. In addition, Tina Brown’s statement that there’s a “Harry-sized” hole in the BRF was huge IMO. Brown is a huge royalist and she sees the way the wind is blowing—and she probably knows the real story about what happened to Kate. Charles, Horsilla and Will (and their underlings) will be crushed by the backlash once the truth about Kate is revealed. I can’t believe there isn’t ONE journalist in the UK who will dig into the Kate story…

    • Kit says:

      You know what, I hope Charles and little Willy keep exploiting their royal positions to impose themselves on government agencies, resources, and time just to show off their true selves and the monarchy’s exploitative role.

      Isn’t this what every British taxpayers sign off on? To see their vainglorious king bequeathing medal and title on a lazy wanker of a son. And have the British media propagandize about it while you know, the country is flooded with farms under water, along with food shortage and high prices.

      This is what having a king is all about. The people can suffer, be imposed upon to satisfy a king’s ego. Isn’t that how the national anthem goes? God saves the king. But not the people.

      • HuffnPuff says:

        👏 Kit!

        Watching two grown men being obvious in their shared hatred of Prince Harry at the expense of the British taxpayers. Yes – keep it up. Maybe even the royalists will turn on the monarchy.

  58. kelleybelle says:

    And guess what, the pair of them are still jealous, childish and unsightly.

    • Liz says:

      They sure are. It’s pathetic that through alleged serious illness it’s still all about getting one up on Harry. Who has more character than the pair of them put together.

  59. Beech says:

    Awww aren’t they the bad boys. Soooo junior high.

  60. what's inside says:

    Charles is really showing his leadership skills. The world is watching. Billy Basher is leading the dog and pony show and his costume says it all.

  61. vpd4 says:

    Will is such a goon.

  62. Cathy says:

    Charles must be close to running out of things to give William that get him off the couch and into the same vicinity for a photo op?

  63. tamsin says:

    Harry issued one succinct press release. He made a single dignified and diplomatic statement. One statement has spawned over a week of bleeding ink pettiness.

  64. Lau says:

    The UK is litterally ruled by a bunch of five years old wearing grown-up suits.

  65. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Harry’s snubbed because the Prince of Wales received this ‘honor’ 31 years ago and it’s now being given to the current Prince of Wales? Okay. So, who was snubbed with the King of Snubby got this honor?

  66. Wls145 says:

    William wants everything Harry has, first and foremost his wife. He still can’t believe Harry has the beautiful Nigerian Princess Meghan. Charles can give William everything he has to offer that was Harry’s but the one thing he can’t give him that he secretly wants and that’s Princess Meghan.

  67. Thea says:

    Willy Boy looks so much happier to be cosplaying Harry than he ever was in Kkkate’s presence. Kkkate’s stalking ways must have rubbed off on him. I bet Willy was giddy at the thought of wearing his new costume with his airplane slippers when he gets home. Maybe what he really wants is to be Tom Cruise in “Top Gun”. I mean no disrespect to the servicepersons who actually wear this uniform when I describe it as a costume for Willy. That is all it is for him. He has done nothing to earn it and certainly isn’t going through the same training and other qualifications as those soldiers beside him to deserve it.

  68. LynZey says:

    All of this absurd because all you have to do is look at Harry and his multitude achievements to know that Harry couldn’t care less about these shenanigans and isn’t even paying attention. It all reminds of high school when you dated someone to make someone else jealous only to find out they just don’t care and aren’t jealous. King Chunky and Prince Howdy Dowdy are still in their local high school while Harry is international!

  69. Pork Belly says:

    Audience of one seems to be accurate. Was this a public attended event, because I see no one but military personnel in these photos.

  70. Libra says:

    I’m guessing, the minute Wm and Charles left, raucous laughter broke out.

  71. Cel2495 says:

    Wearing the that uniform will never make him Harry… even if he was wearing the same exact uniform that Harry wore… he never be his brother. He looks unhinged here. Second hand embarrassment here

  72. Juniper says:

    If my memory serves me correctly, Harry visited Mesa, Arizona where my friend works to visit the Boeing facility where the flipping Apaches are built several years ago! This is just pathetic.

  73. Henny Penny says:

    One brother uses his platform to bring recognition and purpose to injured veterans. The other brother uses veterans to bring attention and recognition to himself.

    William can dress up everyday like an astronaut, a ninja, or a heart surgeon, but it’ll never make him relevant or decent. And nobody is fooled (Who gave him THAT shovel? 😂. Anyone going along with these charades knows William is a fool. It inevitably shows up in the looks on the faces of those looking on at his ridiculously self-aggrandizing antics. I do feel bad for him, though. Look who his father is.

  74. Square2 says:

    Do people remember the rota wrote articles about Willy was jealous of Harry’s freedom& could served in war zone but he, as an heir couldn’t go to the frontline? I bet if Willy was give the choice & chance to serve in combat, he would surely NOT choose to serve in any active combat duty. Like CBers said here, he is just a toy soldier, and the BRF is just a big play with really bad actors.

  75. Magdalena says:

    It just occurred to me that these photo ops with the Apache helicopter were William’s people’s way of getting the attention of people in the US, with a view to being nominated a Living Legend of Aviation, just like his highly accomplished younger brother. Because all he ever does is photo ops and stunts, just like his wife.

    Pathetic. As someone above said, at this stage, if he could crawl into Harry’s skin, he would.

  76. Kit says:

    I used to not care about the BRF. Diana made them more noticeable and likable until they proved themselves awful. It really makes you wonder about the whole set up. It’s not enough to described the institution as anachronistic or use the excuse that they exist legitimately because of tradition and history. I mean nations had slavery and serfdoms but they don’t keep such traditions alive.

    The problem with post QE2 world is in an increasingly unequal world of haves and have-nots, even in the richest nations, these royals need to justify their existence. There is no free lunch as much as these lazy nitwits want to continue living in luxury off the public dole. They have already carved out so many special exemptions that any dictator would be jealous. Think about it. Dictators like Putin have to expend a lot of energy, violence, and wealth to buy security and propaganda. These royals don’t.

    The BRF gets to squander public monies, resources, and public time without accountability. They’ve gotten richer and richer abetted by MSM propaganda. They didn’t have to jail or kill journalists for such positive coverage. They just have to drop an OBE or knighthood, access to royal parties/ thrones and the hardened 4th estate is seduced. These royals are holier than the Pope!

    We witnessed their royal power the last few months. The royals created a massive self-induced FU with the MIA Kate and various dodgy behaviors. When things got out of hand, with a well choreographed excuse video, these royal nitwits get the world’s applause and sympathy. Many cancer patients can only dream of such treatments. The same media (including the venerated NYT, WaPo, the Guardian) that whipped up the controversy saw no hypocrisy in going on a rampage smacking the global public for paying attention to these messy royals which the news outlets were gleefully headlining with multiple articles daily for a good two weeks. It was like watching the biggest tease act ever. I’m sure the Ukrainians wish they can get the same sustained publicity and sympathy. Even Putin couldn’t pull this off.

    So for people who see these royals as simpletons and entertainment, they are much more than that. They have power that guys like Putin and Trump would be jealous of. They don’t work, but get so many freebies, special treatment by governments, and so many get out of jail card that it’s not funny. Anybody else, there would be serious inquiries about cash for honours, all those expensive gifts of racehorses, suitcases full of cash, and jewels, along with forensic audits by neutral party of royal charities (ahem Prince Andy). Billionaires would love to have their taxes be a voluntary thing with special carve outs that make their financial dealings and shady acts a state secret. To rub salt in the wounds, these nitwit spongers expect hardworking citizens to curtsy and bow to them.

    It’s tragic for the people that so many venerated institutions abet and are complicit in this massive royal con. But here we are, 21st century and all, facing real time existential global threat, and these royals can only dick around playing soldier. What a tragic farce.

  77. Penny says:

    In the US, this is referred to as “Stolen Valor.” It’s illegal.

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