Andersen: The Windsors are ‘indifferent’ to Prince Harry, they’re ‘freezing him out’

It has been two weeks of non-stop tantrums from King Charles and his palace courtiers. The instigating incident was Prince Harry’s spokesperson issuing a simple statement saying that Harry would not see his father during his visit to London because of the king’s schedule. Charles was still throwing a massive hissy fit about it during the Sussexes’ entire Nigerian tour, and the tantrum spilled into last week as well. The palace blatantly lied to reporters as they briefed against Harry, and then, to top it off, the Sussexes’ Nigerian tour was a huge success. So Charles and Prince William were both super-salty about that too, and reportedly, the palace is looking for ways to limit the Sussexes’ travels and/or encourage commonwealth countries to not invite the Sussexes. All of the reporters and monarchist commentators were in lockstep, because they were all getting the same message from the palace: the king is furious about Harry and hellbent on snubbing him, lying about him, blocking him from coming to the UK, blocking him from traveling full-stop. Not so fast, says Christopher Andersen. It looks like the palace is now going to pretend that they didn’t lose their f–king minds for a fortnight.

King Charles III and Prince William have put up a united front to keep their distance from Prince Harry. The claim was made by Christopher Andersen, author of “The King,” following the Duke of Sussex’s recent trip to Nigeria alongside his wife Meghan Markle.

“They have chosen to ignore Harry, to freeze him out, and to not let him get under their skin when they are facing so many critical challenges,” Andersen claimed. “In a way, I think that is even sadder. It’s been said that hate isn’t the opposite of love – indifference is.”

From May 10-12, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited the West African nation for the first time on the invitation of its military.

“The King and Prince William are not surprised when Harry makes trips abroad, even when Meghan accompanies him,” Andersen told Fox News Digital. “And I don’t get the sense they begrudge Harry [for] his ties to Africa. Charles and William have crossed Harry off their list for a plethora of reasons, but making a brief trip with one reporter and one photographer in tow isn’t one of them.”

Royal author Tom Quinn recently told the UK’s Mirror that the king and his heir were “furious” about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s trip to Nigeria. Andersen said he wasn’t buying that.

“One reporter and one photographer do not a royal tour make,” Andersen explained. “Harry and Meghan have significantly scaled back their entourage. They have also sought to make their appearances abroad seem as informal and unofficial-looking as possible. My sense is that they are taking pains not to appear as if they are overstepping their bounds.”

“Right now, the royal family is united in its determination to act as if Harry and Meghan don’t exist,” Andersen continued. “One hopes that won’t last forever, and that either William or the king will be courageous and far-sighted enough to take the olive branch Harry repeatedly extends to them. Finding a legitimate part-time royal role for Harry and his family could be a huge shot in the arm for the monarchy at a time when the royals need all the help they can get. But at the moment, it’s not looking good.”

[From Fox News]

This is probably the start of the royalists beginning to walk back all of the crazy sh-t that they said, all part of the Windsors’ belief that people are really fooled by their revisionist history. We all saw the panic and rage coming from Charles and his people as soon as Harry issued his statement two weeks ago. We saw the way Charles reacted, not with indifference, but with fury, pettiness and childish vindictiveness. That man started his garden party to coincide exactly with Harry’s Invictus service. That man wanted the headline to be “Harry all alone, snubbed by royals!” Then Charles got even angrier when the Spencers came out for Harry, and Charles was practically incandescent at the Sussexes’ successful Nigerian tour.

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  1. equality says:

    Having to come out and say “I am indifferent” to someone while knowing all about what they are doing, isn’t indifference. And they wish that one reporter and one photographer were all that were interested in H&M.

    • Debbie says:

      Yeah, nothing says indifference more than constantly thinking about the man, gossiping with the media about him and obsessing over him really. Again, that’s not how indifference is done. And I won’t even go into how they discuss family members.

      • SussexWatcher says:

        Right?! I think they misspelled OBSESSION.

        True indifference would be genuine radio silence on all things Sussex while you just got on with your life. It wouldn’t be planning events to try to overshadow someone else. It wouldn’t be briefing to any- and everyone who will listen on how angry, incandescent, ragey, mad, and rejecting of olive branches you are. Like, multiple times a day.

        Nothing Chuckles and his mistress queen, and The Other Brother do demonstrates indifference to Harry and Meghan. Nothing.

      • StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

        Trying to cry to all countries in the commonwealth not to invite them cuz they’re so scared of their success and that they look so ROYAL so naturally. What one does when they fail at what they do

    • swaz says:


    • booboocita says:

      My little sis used to pull this crap, screaming at the top of her lungs at anyone who upset her: “I’M IGNORING YOU! YOU DON’T EXIST! I’M IGNORING YOU!” Of course, she was only six years old at the time. Now that she’s in her 50s, she has new ways to cope with annoyance. Guess Chucky Boy and Huevo Revuelto never acquired those new, more mature ways …

    • Doppelgangers R'Us says:

      The energy that the BRF are putting into their indifference of Harry, could power New York City.

      The spin and lies keep coming.

  2. seaflower says:

    KFC and Heuvo are both pathetic.

    • HuffnPuff says:

      KFC and Huevo. Grown men acting this way. It really destroys the “chosen by God” myth. These guys would be right at home on one of those old talk shows.

      • Nubia says:

        @HuffnPuff right? They are literally the trashiest,moral corrupt and embarrassing family. If they weren’t royal they would be called trailer trash.

      • It really does not support that myth. Chuckles and Peg are both incredibly jealous of Harry being better than them and they come out with these articles that make them look bad. Harry is busy living his life the way he wants and that is just killing them.

  3. bisynaptic says:


  4. Taffeta says:


  5. Lolo86lf says:

    King Charles and Prince William can get all incandescent and go SUPER NOVA if they choose to, but Harry is not going to stop living his life. Harry and Meghan will continue going on successful tours, making money and raising their children in Montecito for the foreseeable future. There is absolutely nothing the upper royals in Isla de Saltines can do to stop it.

  6. Eurydice says:

    Harry and Meghan no longer have any bounds to overstep. But I love the bit about hoping Charles or William will be courageous and far-sighted…but, at the moment, it’s not looking good.

  7. JanetDR says:

    Too bad they haven’t thought of shutting the hell up about Harry and Meghan! It wouldn’t change a thing about
    their sparkle, but sure, go ahead, freeze them out 🤣 maybe that will make it feel better.

  8. Jks says:

    LMAO. They really don’t know how to make Charles look less pathetic so they’re just throwing everything out there.

    I totally believe Charles is throwing hissy fits.

    • Roo says:

      I’m so embarrassed for them; they look ridiculous throwing tantrums and demanding that other countries not receive Harry and Meghan. How do they not see their foolishness? I know, I know. They live in a bubble, but still…. Will no one tell the emperor he has no clothes?

      • Jks says:

        Wait till he hears that West Australian premier has declared himself a Harry fan and would be delighted if Harry visited (instead of Charles, implied)!

      • SussexWatcher says:

        Roo – I really do hope their trying to dictate to Commonwealth countries to not invite Harry and Meghan backfires spectacularly! I hope Harry and Meghan are already (or soon to be, in response to Chuckes’s decree) overflowing with invitations. And I hope each trip is bigger and more badass than the previous one.

  9. Lynwall says:

    “They have chosen to ignore Harry, to freeze him out, and to not let him get under their skin when they are facing so many critical challenges.”
    This is what should be, but not the current reality.
    As usual they react emotionally and then realise how ridiculous they look and try to walk back their foolishness.
    By that time, the world has moved on after seeing their initial reactions.
    They just don’t understand how they are viewed by people not in their island and their bubble.

    • The Hench says:

      The vast majority of people on this island are, in fact and ironically, completely indifferent to them.

    • KeKe Swan says:

      “One reporter and one photographer do not a royal tour make” !!!!

      EXACTLY!! Nobody’s trying to do “royal tours”—when are these folks going to accept that Harry is just living his life and not in competition with anyone?


  10. Goldenkatz says:

    The real money quote above is the media preference that they reconcile so British press can follow Harry around on tours. That said, I’m curious what the palace narrative looks like once Charles is gone. Right now we have the “Charles loves him but will punish Harry” narrative vs the “Peg hates his brother forevah”narrative. Once KFC is gone, is it just about Peg’s rage? Or does it become more like- the older brother must be a bigger man and reconcile? And all of these to of course distract from whatever is happening with Kate, who I hope doesn’t get Diana-ed.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      And that’s where the British press is so frickin stupid. Because even if the family reconciled, no way in hell is Harry going to allow certain British press to go on their tours or attend the Invictus Games etc. The Sussexes said from the start that they won’t deal with British tabloids so even if the family suddenly made peace, those tabloids will still be frozen out.

  11. Proud Mary says:

    I’m so glad I lived to see the day when the British Monarchy is being ruled by two 12-year-old girls.

    • PC says:


    • AMTC says:

      Twelve year olds yes but why do you refer to them as girls?

      • Proud Mary says:

        You’re right, but I’m thinking more of me and my friends at 12. I don’t recall 12-year-old boys being catty, gossipy, and mean. This is not to say that they didn’t have other faults, like physically fighting, for example. It’s just that I recognize Charles and William’s vindictive behavior as more prevalent among pre-teen girls. But reasonable minds can disagree. Regardless, this is not a good look for the monarchy. And I love it.

    • lanne says:

      12 year old girls are more gracious than these testerical fools. Heck, a 12 year old girl ruled an entire planet (in Star Wars, anyway–Naboo!)

      • Rebecca Morgan says:

        Love the use of “testerical”! A perfect example of men exhibiting the exact behavior that gets women shamed as hysterical. And so apt for both Charles and William’s behavior

  12. Kokiri says:

    The opposite of love is apathy.

    The rf is anything but apathetic towards H&M.
    H&M live rent free in all their heads & it’s hilarious how hard they try to deny it.

  13. Jan says:

    Chucky appeared at the same cathedral, Harry was at 2 weeks later and 5 people were outside, along with barricades, that served no purpose, just like Cain’s appearances, no one is coming out to see then.
    Last week Eddie tried talking to people at an outdoor cafe, and they just ignored him, don’t know if they didn’t recognize and just didn’t care.

    • Jks says:

      I looked everywhere for a photo of the crowd for Charles. Finally found one buried among 59 photos of Charles and Camilla in their curtains in Daily Fail. It was really, really paltry. No wonder the cameras never planned out!

    • SueBarbri33 says:

      LOL. And the best part is, the RR and the RF and their online supporters minimized the crowds when H was at St. Paul’s. It’s not enough that they have frozen Harry out, they also want the rest of the world to shun him and forget about him, but that’s never going to happen. It just isn’t.

    • booboocita says:

      Oh good grief, I saw that video too! Two people at a table outside a cafe, smiling awkwardly and not knowing where to look, and an elderly woman standing outside the cafe’s front door looking confused. And Eddie trying to be chummy and familiar, and failing miserably. It’s rare that I feel sorry for anyone in the BRF, but I felt so bad for him.

  14. Amy Bee says:

    Christopher Andersen is stating the opposite of what’s actually going on. Everything the Royal Family does now is with Harry (and Meghan) in mind.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      💯 Yup, exactly!

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      By reacting the way they do, both the BRF and the BM have made H&M the main characters, even when they aren’t at a royal event.

      If their obsession led to silence, there wouldn’t be this level of nonsense from the palaces and fleet street, which is actively alienating all but the most racist diehard colonialist royalists.

  15. Pork Belly says:

    Ho Hum…Think of some new stories already.

  16. s808 says:

    In order for this to be believable, you’d have to have not thrown a week long tantrum.

  17. Feebee says:

    LOL, turn it up!

    Pretending they don’t exist. How mature, how regal! How very bloody high school.

  18. Mare says:

    If they were indifferent, they wouldn’t be half as obsessed with them as they are.

  19. Jais says:

    Creating an unnecessary ceremony to award William as the head of Harry’s old regiment really just screams indifference🙄

  20. Miranda says:

    “…take the olive branch Harry repeatedly extends to them”

    An acknowledgment that Harry is not the one intentionally dragging all of this out for as long as possible! It really does feel like the BM and the RR are slowly coming around to the fact that this whole saga has been a terrible look for the Windsors, and they’re trying to nudge them in the direction of reconciliation (though doubtless they’d prefer an insincere reconciliation, in which reflection and genuine apologies would play no part). See also: conceding that the Nigerian tour was quite successful, and admitting that the monarchy is in desperate need of H & M’s shine. Their motive — probably just that they want fresh royals to report on to distract from Kate’s mysterious disappearance — is all wrong, but still.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Miranda, I agree that they to be able to report about the Sussexes and that’s why the bm want a reconciliation. Can you imagine how they would eviscerate (metaphorically) Meghan and the children? It would be ugly.

    • kirk says:

      Yes. Kudos to Andersen for recognizing it’s Harry who “repeatedly extends [the olive branch] to” leftovers. But demerits for idiotically suggesting that “Harry and his family” have any interest in “a legitimate part-time royal role.”

      Especially after Cluck and Huevo gaslit Harry about the five options available for his “royal role,” then ordered The Bee to prepare printouts to narrow the options down to two: all-in or all-out.

  21. Becks1 says:

    Sure, nothing says “indifference” like tracking someone’s every move, scheduling events to coincide with that person’s events, scheduling unnecessary military “hand off” events to embiggen yourself and your heir, etc. Sure, totally indifferent.

    But we have seen this pattern in the BM for years now. There will be a hissy fit from Charles and/or William (here, I think its definitely from both, for different reasons), and then there will be a voice of reason that tries to walk back some of that hissy fit (“of course Charles loves Harry,” “of course William is open to reconciling someday”, “of course Charles wasn’t bothered by Harry’s Nigeria trip,” “of course William never screeched ‘AFRICA IS MINE!!!!'”) and so on and then within a few days we’re back to the same old, same old.

    Do I think this line from Andersen is coming from BP? No – because of the part about how Harry should be a part time royal and how beneficial that would be for the current working royals. But sometimes I feel like the royal reporters are trying to help Charles despite his best interests. Here, Andersen is trying to push that “its all fine, they’re just indifferent, they just totally ignore harry now, its not hatred, no one is raging” when the reality flatly contradicts that.

  22. Tessa says:

    The two can sing a chorus of I’m not missing you since you have gone away

  23. Scooby Gang says:


    Another word to be added to the “These Morons Clearly Have No Idea What This Word Means” dictionary.

    Along with Grifter.

    And so many others.

  24. KT says:

    They really can’t make up their mind about what makes a ‘Royal Tour’, can they?

    Now it’s not a Royal Tour just because the Rota were not invited on it.

    They really do have a fundamental problem. They can’t make people uninterested in Harry, and they can’t make Harry not Royal. They can’t compete with him, so they keep scrabbling around for arbitrary things to try and make him less compelling..

  25. rosa mwemaid says:

    I do wonder how much comes from the palace and how much from the minds of the journalists or even the office boy.

    • lanne says:

      The journalists have nothing else to do–I think this guy is trying to preserve his job. If the royals go off the deep end, there won’t be much for royals to report. This dude is trying to save them from themselves, to prevent the DM headline: “AFRICA BELONGS TO ME BELLOWS WILLIAM”

      (I say let them write it!)

    • OliviaOne says:

      The firm can make it stop. They can make a statement against the articles. They have done none of those things. They are complicit if not culpable.

      • rosa mwemaid says:

        And worst of all, they said nothing when baby Archie was being racially abused, not a single complaint from the royals, no wonder Harry and Meghan left.

  26. Mel says:

    Can you really indifferent to someone who isn’t paying attention to you?

    • kelleybelle says:

      No, but they can’t accept that they lost and have to keep spewing their rot daily. They were the ones who were rejected and they can’t get over it. Let them whine.

  27. MaryContrary says:

    Charles is “crossing Harry off of his list.” How in the world do they think this is a good look for the King? The head of the Christian COE, a father, a grandfather-it is mind boggling that they try to create this narrative that it’s perfectly acceptable for him to do this. William and Harry being estranged is one thing-but Charles looks petty, immature, unkind, and so small.

    • Liz says:

      I remember the royals going to church on the morning Diana died. Her name wasn’t mentioned in the service and no prayers were offered for her or her sons. That’s the so called Christian family.

  28. kelleybelle says:

    Does the BS EVER stop coming out of this ancient and crazed institution? Ever? Give it up. He left four years ago.

  29. QuiteContrary says:

    Andersen actually seems kind of pro-Sussex here.

    — Harry and Meghan have scaled back their entourage and have made their “appearances abroad seem as informal and unofficial-looking as possible. … they are taking pains not to appear as if they are overstepping their bounds.”

    — “One hopes that … either William or the king will be courageous and far-sighted enough to take the olive branch Harry repeatedly extends to them.”

    — “Finding a legitimate part-time royal role for Harry and his family could be a huge shot in the arm for the monarchy.”

    • therese says:

      @ QuiteContrary. Thank you. I don’t have to say it. I was braced, as I always am to read anything from the British Press, but my shoulders came down a little with what he said. That’s pretty straight-forward talk for the BP. I am surprised, and pleased. I wonder if Charles is infuriated at his lack of control. The thought also occurred to me: what if the Palace was trying to make an African or Commonwealth tour happen for anyone in the RF in retaliation and trying to maintain control and control of the narrative, and they can’t make it happen. I can imagine the wrath that would engender. And everyone’s comment I agree with, I am silent with people I am indifferent to. Don’t talk about them, don’t talk to them, I don’t care.

  30. LadyUltimate says:

    Hm, looks like I don’t know how to do “indifferent” and can certainly learn a thing or two from the BRF here. Because, get that, if I am indifferent about someone, i usually don’t talk about them the whole time and make their life my entire focus. I probably don’t even think about them much, actually, if not actively reminded about them. And heavens help, I would most likely still wish them well, or at the very least not wish them ill. I really should work on that. But I just care too little. Maybe that’s it.

  31. Constance says:

    I think William never got over losing his hair lol…he’s been enraged ever since

  32. MsIam says:

    Hacks like Christopher Anderson would die if the Left-Behinds truly became indifferent towards Harry. What would they have left to write about?

  33. Lulu says:

    LOL, Charles is at the same time extending an olive branch to, snubbing, furious with, and indifferent to Harry.

  34. L4Frimaire says:

    This is definitely walking back some if the crazy outbursts and briefings from last week. Now we’re supposed to believe they’re playing it cool. Probably got tired of everyone, especially Nigeria, calling them out after they showed their tantrums and racism to the whole world. Charles looked like some vengeful 17th century relic issuing his edicts to ban the Sussexes from traveling. Like wtf Chuck?They’re still trying to slander everyone who even took photos with the Sussexes there. Just another Tuesday on Salt Island 🙄.

  35. Beverley says:

    It’s hilarious, if not also cringey and pathetic, that the Pale, Stale Left-Behinds are now claiming they’re indifferent. They’re so indifferent they’re throwing up, crying, and talking about trying to “ban” the Sussexes’ travel. Like the UK has the ability to control an American’s movements.

    Yeah, sure Jan. Tell us another one.

  36. Laura D says:

    I like to post at least one comment on this board because Kaiser deserves the clicks and interactions for all the hard work she does. But, I have to be honest the nonsense articles from the House of Windsor sometimes make it so difficult. “Indifferent?” Seriously? The behaviour of the king and his heir towards the “spare” has been anything but, indifferent. Unless of course, “indifference” has a different meaning in the king’s English than it does if spoken when a queen is the monarch! I wonder which courtier is going to be brave enough to tell the king and his heir to both to shut up and grow up! Someone needs to tell them both in no uncertain terms that they’re not just embarrassing themselves, they’re embarrassing the country.

  37. Befuddled says:

    Jesus Christ, if this is what “freezing out” looks like I’d hate to see them really mad lmao. Clowns.

  38. Phlyfiremama says:

    Yeah, the whole “freezing him out” thing…they can’t get noticed unless they use his name, which is HILARIOUS.
    Do they have ANY CLUE whatsoever as to how awful this makes THEM look?? They are proving themselves more inept and unnecessary every time they they try to slam him. LOL

  39. tamsin says:

    Harry is the only one in his family who acts like an adult because he is in fact the only adult. He has a brother and a father who act like two mean twelve year girls as someone further up has pointed out. That is where they are emotionally. In fact, they might even be infants, who throw tantrums and scream when they don’t get their way. Letting the press tell the world that you plan to hate, snub, and punish a family forever is throwing a giant tantrum which is unbecoming and ultimately destructive.