Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby-mama was one night stand who got paid $15 million


Okay, I’m starting to think Cristiano Ronaldo is the Portuguese Gerard Butler. The man seems like a total dog, but he also seems totally unapologetic about it, which is somewhat admirable. I mean, if you’re going to f-ck everything that moves, why not be honest about it? So the mystery baby-mama of Cristiano Ronaldo’s newborn son has been revealed, sort of. We still don’t know her name, but The Mirror reports that she was a penniless American waitress who Ronaldo met on a New York City layover. They had a one night stand, and she got pregnant. She went to Ronaldo’s management team, who went to Ronaldo’s mother, who worked out the current arrangement, where – after the paternity test confirmed – the girl would give birth, and the child would come to live with Ronaldo and his family. The waitress also got paid 10 million pounds for the whole deal – approximately $15.3 million. Guess what Ronaldo’s come-on to the waitress was? “Me, you, f-ck, f-ck.” Oh, you sweet talker.

The mother of Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby is a penniless American waitress who the football star seduced with the line: “Me, you, f*** f***.”

But his chat-up line was so blunt, she didn’t understand it. So Ronaldo resorted to drawing a love heart on a misted-up window and said: “Me, you, kiss!” Then he whisked her back to his hotel for a one-night stand which left the girl pregnant – and Ronaldo with a £10million paternity bill.

Most of the world believed that Ronaldo had actually used a surrogate mother to have his baby – but the Sunday Mirror can reveal the truth of his sudden unexpected fatherhood. And how, after hearing the baby was his, he told friends “I feel like Boris Becker” – a reference to the tennis star who fathered a love-child after having sex just once in a London restaurant – which cost him £20m.

The £200,000-a-week striker used his best friend to help broker an exclusive paternity deal in New York, supervised by his fearsome mother Dolores Aveiro, to bring the baby back to Portugal. Ronaldo has told friends he won’t tell the boy the identity of his mother until his 18th birthday.

Football fans reacted with disbelief when Ronaldo, whose conquests include socialite Paris Hilton and reality TV star Imogen Thomas, suddenly announced on July 3 that he had a son. In a cryptic message posted on Facebook, he told how the baby’s mother wanted to remain private and declared: “My son will be under my exclusive guardianship.” He later said the baby had been named Cristiano after him. And the little boy’s mother has been paid a life-changing $15.1million to keep her identity confidential and to hand the child over to Ronaldo’s family.

Last summer, on a trip to Los Angeles that would see him hooking up with Paris Hilton, Ronaldo strutted into a restaurant and spotted the future mother of his son. A friend said: “Ronni looked the girl in the eye and said extremely directly: ‘Me, you, f*** f***.’

“She was taken aback and just said: ‘What!’ She didn’t actually understand what he meant. She was totally nonplussed. The window by his table was steamed up, so he drew a love heart on it with his finger. Then he said, ‘Me, you, kiss,’ and the penny dropped.

“That’s typical Ronni – he pretends his English is terrible when it suits him, and he comes straight to the point. It was just yet another one-night stand and Ronnie assumed he would never see her again.” But after finding out she was pregnant, and convinced Ronaldo was the only possible father, the woman tracked him down through his agent, Jorge Mendes.
Mendes told Ronaldo, who immediately told his no-nonsense mother Dolores, 55, and sisters Elma, 34, and 33-year-old Liliana Cátia.

It was agreed that Ronaldo would give DNA for a paternity test once the baby was born and provide support for the mother and child if it proved to be his. The friend revealed: “Cristiano was told the result while he was away at the World Cup.” And then Dolores stepped in. The friend said: “Ronni is a multi-millionaire playboy, but when it comes to family, he’s very much his mother’s son. They are a close-knit, traditional Roman Catholic family and the minute paternity was established there was absolutely no doubt that Ronni would be doing the right thing. There was simply no question of him walking away. Even if he had wanted to, Dolores just would not have entertained it for one moment. This is her grandchild and there was only one option for the child’s upbringing – with her and her daughters in Portugal. The child’s mother would be properly provided for to enable her to live a life in keeping with the upbringing the child will have.”

“Ronni has not decided whether to involve the mother in his son’s life. He thinks he might tell him who she is. Dolores’s view is that if the child eventually decides to make contact with the mother, it is important she is living an affluent lifestyle. It would offend Dolores for the child to find his mother living in poverty. It’s a huge amount of money, but Ronni insists it’s not a big deal because he’s worth £100million and he’s got the best part of his career ahead of him still.”

Despite being voted FIFA Player of the Year in 2009 and moving to Real Madrid from Manchester United for a recordbreaking £80million last year, Ronaldo had a poor World Cup in South Africa. Tipped to be one of the mega-stars of the tournament, he scored just once in five games, prompting speculation about his indifferent form.

But his friend insisted: “Ronni said was pleased to become a father, even though he hadn’t planned to have the child. He hasn’t even told his closest friends who the mother is. I had guessed she was a Bunny Girl from Vegas, but she isn’t a well-known party girl or socialite. She had hardly a dime to her name until she was paid by Ronni.”

Meanwhile Ronaldo has shown no sign of curbing his womanising.

A source said: “This week he has on Facebook contacting women who will talk dirty. He is determined to be the best father he can – but he doesn’t equate that with having to settle down.”

This week the public got a glimpse of the child when the baby was rushed to hospital after suffering a mystery illness at home in the Algarve.

[From The Daily Mirror]

My favorite part is this line: “They are a close-knit, traditional Roman Catholic family and the minute paternity was established there was absolutely no doubt that Ronni would be doing the right thing.” The right thing, in this case, was apparently to pay the woman off and take her baby from her and set the baby up with the father’s mother and sister? BECAUSE THEY’RE CATHOLIC. Why do some Catholics believe in this salad bar of traditions? Like, Ronaldo will f-ck anything that moves and that’s okay, but when a girl gets knocked up, all of a sudden the Church gets involved in what’s wrong and right?

Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo reacts after a missed scoring opportunity during the 2010 World Cup second round soccer match against Spain at Green Point stadium in Cape Town June 29, 2010. REUTERS/Paul Hanna (SOUTH AFRICA - Tags: SPORT SOCCER WORLD CUP)

June 25, 2010 - Durban, South Africa - epa02222416 Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo leaves the pitch after the FIFA World Cup 2010 group G preliminary round match between Portugal and Brazil at the Durban stadium in Durban, South Africa, 25 June 2010.

Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal World Cup 2010 Portugal V Brazil (0-0) 25/06/10 Group G in Durban FIFA World Cup 2010 Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

Ronaldo on July 9, 2010. Credit: Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. YT says:

    Now women will be lining up to get pregnant by Ronaldo so that they, too, can be paid $15 million. His business manager needs to explain safe sex to him and than sex is not necessary every time he has an urge.

  2. truthSF says:

    “Me, you, f-ck, f-ck.” Yea, that always get me in the sack too, lol.

  3. Dhavy says:

    wow, to think all the money he would’ve saved if he would have bought condoms.

    I am Catholic too and I never understood that shit either.

  4. Kiska says:

    What a novel way to make $15 million!

  5. bite me says:

    so she sold her baby for $15 million, how sweet

  6. katyalia says:

    Are we sure that ‘Me, you, f*** f***.’ stands for ‘Me, you, f-ck, f-ck.’?
    I’m picturing ‘Me, you, fetid fools.’

  7. LindyLou says:

    He may be pretty to look at but if he’s banging everything that moves – without a condom – I wouldn’t go near him! He must be a walking STD!!

  8. Mercury says:

    Message to Jude Law, Eddie Murphy, Boris Becker, Christian Whatever


    On the other hand, at least he is involved in the life of his kid, unlike Jude and Eddie, who just threw a bunch of money at the mom and then ran like hell. Losers.

  9. emer says:

    And then all this pretentious people pretend to tell us, normal people, that we need to wear condoms, while they seem totally unable to do it themselves and set a correct example !
    How ironic.

  10. Andrea says:

    She’s no better than a hooker. I mean, come on, isn’t this child trafficking in some way? She SOLD her baby-I don’t care if it’s to the father or not. I hope everytime she slides behind the wheel of her new luxury car or opens the door to her mansion, she feels some twinge of regret. I doubt it, though…

  11. Dee says:

    No amount of money would make me give my baby away.

  12. Kayleigh says:

    Eff Eff for 15 mil? Like he’s ugly or something, PFFT. And did she just toss the baby at them like “Have fun! See you in 18 years!” Or what? Also the “right” thing to do would be wear a condom and not populate the world with very attractive man juice, or just marry her.

  13. bellaluna says:

    Doesn’t anybody have standards any more?! Honestly, this trend of unprotected sex by famous (read: notorious) men and the women who see them as a means to a quick pay-off is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!

    I actually had standards and requirements for the man I married, and he had standards as well. And we’re an excellent match.

  14. ol cranky says:

    he right thing, in this case, was apparently to pay the woman off and take her baby from her and set the baby up with the father’s mother and sister? BECAUSE THEY’RE CATHOLIC. Why do some Catholics believe in this salad bar of traditions?

    Hasn’t Mel Gibson taught you that Catholics are, be default, morally superior despite their actions?

    I saw a blip of Ted Haggard on Joy Behar the other night and he said that Mel Gibson is already forgiven for his sins by G-d. This is the crux of the moral superiority of the Catholic and Fundamentalist Christian churches. They are automatically forgiven for all their sins and can pretty much do what they want because they are automatically absolved of their sin.

  15. Kiska says:

    @Lindylou. I hear ya. I wouldn’t go near the guy either. He obviously is a fan of the bareback method and that leave the door wide open for HIV and STD infection.


    P.S. I wonder what his gf thinks of all this?

  16. Liana says:

    Hasn’t Mel Gibson taught you that Catholics are, be default, morally superior despite their actions?

    I saw a blip of Ted Haggard on Joy Behar the other night and he said that Mel Gibson is already forgiven for his sins by G-d. This is the crux of the moral superiority of the Catholic and Fundamentalist Christian churches. They are automatically forgiven for all their sins and can pretty much do what they want because they are automatically absolved of their sin.

    Please refrain from insulting ALL Catholics. One is not automatically absolved of anything. One has to face the Lord when the time comes to do so. Mel Gibson is not Catholic. He formed his own brand of “Catholicism” in order to behave the way he wishes and not have to answer for it. And Ted Haggard is not Catholic either.

  17. sally says:

    I’m sorry, but who hears “Me, you, f-ck, f-ck” and says, “Great idea. Let’s go. I don’t know you, but no condom necessary.” These people are gross.

  18. tiki says:

    since he and his family are such ‘good catholics,’ condoms would be against the rule as they’re a form of birth control. one must be consistent, you know.
    for the record, i’m not bashing catholicism. i’m commenting on those people who self-describe as practicing catholics, but overlook such major transgressions as extramarital sex while adhering to the minor rules.

  19. jzhz says:

    Wait a minute – it’s okay for him to f**k his way around the world and impregnate a stranger with the most ridiculous pick-up line ever, but can claim some moral high ground because he’s Catholic? And – how is it so awesome that he’s taking care of HIS OWN SON?!? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to f’ing do when you have a baby with someone? Sheesh, get a vasectomy, already.

  20. viper says:

    LMFAO!!! When I read ‘ Me, you, F****, F*** ‘ my mind went straight to two neandertals negotiating sexual intercourse. The second thought on my mind, went to a certain veitnam movie and half expected her reply to be ” ME F**** YOU LONG TIME’ and they’d go about it in a really f***ed up RnB type of music video.

  21. carrie says:

    Learn Safe Sex ,cristiano! because you paid an expensive baby!!

  22. viper says:

    oh no because safe sex is really abortion wraped in rubber think the ever so moral catholics.

  23. Leek says:

    I hate this story. It just makes me sad and angry and I’m not even sure why. Actually, I think it’s the idea of his mother and sisters thinking the baby was more theirs than its own mother’s. I know she could have kept him if she wanted but…uuugh.

  24. Snarf says:

    “Me you f*ck f*ck.” I’m going to have to remember that one. Apparently, it works.

  25. Laura says:

    In regards to the Catholic thing, I am Protestant, but I don’t hate on most Catholics because we basically believe the same thing.
    However, when I was still in college, I was on my mom’s health insurance, which was through a Catholic company. I got a phone call out of the blue saying that my birth control wouldn’t be covered because ‘birth control is a form of abortion, and anyways, you’re not married so you shouldn’t be having sex.’
    The Church is pro life, right? The best way to prevent abortion is by preventing unwanted pregnancies, of which the best course of action is birth control/good sex ed. It’s not rocket science!

  26. Rosanna says:

    I’m Catholic and I think you are right. For most Catholics rules come before people. And yes, that’s a shame, a big one.

  27. Confuzzle says:

    Who said romance was dead?

  28. TG says:

    Pony boy loves his child so much that he took a vacation first before even meeting the child. What a good father. Loser and this woman shouldn’t have sold her child to such a momma’s boy loser douche.

  29. Shannon says:

    I guess I’m one of he few who doesn’t see anything wrong here. Babies are sold to rich people all the time by poor women who can’t afford to raise them. It’s technically illegal, but totally not out of the ordinary. I don’t see much of a difference in this case.

    Dads walk away from newborns all the time. Why is it different when the mom does it for a change? Isn’t that a serious double standard? The pregnancy was unplanned, she wasn’t in the financial situation to raise a baby. I’m sure that Cristiano and his family assured her that the baby would have everything he could ever dream of, and then offered her the money. If I were in that position, I wouldn’t say no. I suppose I’d want to be more involved in my kid’s life, but beyond that I would have made the same decision.

  30. scal says:

    Hey, I come from a super catholic family to and let me tell you that stuff from Ronaldo’s mom would not have flown with my parents/grandparents/aunties. Paying a woman off to take her baby to be brought up the ‘right way’? No way no how. If you weren’t smart enough to wear protection, then you man up and take care of your child by being a parent. (and yea, my 80 year old super catholic grandma is very pro birth control) Both mom and dad should totally be in the picture.

    For one, all of this is from the Sun. Which isn’t exactly the most trustworthy tabloid by any means. And two, this grandmother and daughters taking this baby isn’t because they are super catholic-but because they are uber-rich women who think they can steamroll over the lesser people. Their religion has nothing to do with it.

  31. Shay says:

    More like he is in the closet and he paid a surrogate, but this story makes him more ‘macho’ and her to be a ‘bitch’.
    Yet another empty headed sports star. What else is new with these airheads? He only knows how to have sex and kick a ball. Wow right there. He was a complete ditz at the World Cup

  32. Laura says:

    Shannon-I so agree with you. Nothing wrong here.
    I never wanted, nor do I currently want kids, but I would never abort.
    9 months of discomfort+don’t have to deal with a baby (yes, I know that’s a disgusting attitude to have-why do you think I don’t want children?)+15 million? Chick got a winning deal.

  33. Djen says:

    I can’t help but think that we still don’t know the whole story.

  34. mardi says:

    May be it wasn’t “selling” her baby. She might think that Christiano’s family will be able to provide a better environment and upbringing for her baby? I bet she’s still young, and doesn’t have a well-paid job like he does, so this might be better to both herself and the baby.

  35. Richi says:

    Well said Kaiser! where was the so called “tradition & doing the right thing” before getting in to the girl’s pants! has he not heard something called SAFE SEX! it’s not only this guy’s fault, Women also should have dignity and not to sleep with every tom, dick & harry!! agree or not?

  36. Liana says:

    Laura, for the record, a lot of insurance companies don’t cover birth control. In fact, 49% of large group health plans do not routinely cover birth control. And 15% of large group plans cover the five most common forms of birth control: oral contraceptives, diaphragms, IUDs, Depo Provera, and Norplant (from a health insurance site).

    If someone has an issue with the laws and rules of any religion, there’s a simply solution… don’t BE that religion.

  37. Sue06 says:

    To those who are accusing her of ‘selling’ the baby off, who knows what kind of pressure was put on her by Ronaldo’s family (the mother in particular, who seems incredibly domineering)? I think it unlikely she’d have given the child up lightly (especially having decided to go ahead with the pregnancy to begin with). Suggest people suspend judgment until more is known about it…

  38. Sanaajeet says:

    Way way back, when Mel Gibson was still hot, I used to party with a lady who’s come on line was
    F*ck me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you Mel Gibson?

  39. marge says:


    I see your point…
    What if she just didn’t want to have a child, and realised he’ll be better off with a family who wants him?
    I just had a baby, and I know I couldn’t give him away, but parenting is a hell of a commitment, and it needs your best will, humour and strengh to make a child happy, healthy and safe. We get to hear so many terrible stories of child abuse and neglect, and I think that most of those people weren’t ready or really willing to have a child.
    Hope this turns out for the best for that kid.

  40. Vajayjay says:

    If I was caught up in that unfortunate situation, I would NEVER sell my child to that douche. He can give me $15M to keep my mouth shut, but thats all he gets! He’s officially “not hot”!

  41. Chicoulina says:

    Who said he didn’t wear a condom?Maybe he wore it and left it behind with the sperm in it.Lots of women get pregnant that way and trap the men afterwards.The DNA shows they are the father so there’s nothing they can do about it.So to all men out there just wearing a condom doesn’t save your ass.You have to empty it after you’re done.Women are devious and crazy,you never know what they will do.

  42. Jeri says:

    Yuk. He doesn’t do it for me, not into greasy guys.

  43. bellaluna says:

    @ Laura – I don’t think your attitude about children is “disgusting”. In fact, I think you’re being honest and self-aware about what you want or don’t want. If more people took the time to evaluate their true feelings about having children, there would be a lot less unloved, abandoned, and/or abused children in this world.

    @ Liana – And those same companies that won’t cover birth control actually DO cover abortions, as well as Viagra and other “pecker-pills” for men who “need” them. Welcome to the hypocrisy of health care.

  44. raysagres says:

    You have it all wrong,CR9 wants a kid born in the USA,this puts CR9 on the fast track to american citicenship so he can play for RED WHITE and BLUE with a chance of winning the WORLD CUP because he will never attain that with PORTUGAL.

  45. marge says:


    i hope you’re joking… but it’s not even a good joke
    Portugal will never win a World Cup becuse they are unable to play as a team… too many egos involved, but the US? win a World Cup? c’mon!!!!!!

  46. K. says:

    Wow, slamming Catholics…not very savvy, guys. Learn from Gibson and keep things away from religion, would you Kaiser?

  47. Tina says:

    I can’t understand that Delores the mother of Ronaldo says that she did not want the boy to meet his mom someday and find her in poverty, it would offend her. Sorry madam, but you came from poverty yourself but you NEVER ! gave up one of your children for money, especially not Ronaldo, and as for being catholic……..???…I really feel sorry for the mother of the baby, I hope she uses every penny she has now to fight for her child back. Let the baby stay with the mother, he can give child support, being poor is no crime , you make a plan and you raise your child as the MOTHER OF THAT BOY !!!!!!

  48. Camilla says:

    Poor kid; Your mom and dad had a one night stand and accidentally had you, your mom sold you and your dad pay her to stay out of your life. And the whole world knows. Crap start to life. A shame they only remove kids from poor homes – money talks. Let’s hope granny does a better job of raising her grandson than she did raising her son.

  49. siervo says:

    perdon por molestar se que no les gusta habalar de esto pero solo yo preguntaba cristiano es super jugador i quisiera saber si cristiano ronaldo es cristiano o que es

  50. Anon says:

    ““Me, you, f-ck, f-ck.” Yea, that always get me in the sack too, lol.”

    Hey now, this waitress had way better standards than that. There was no way she was getting in bed from that line because that would be way too slutty. She refused to accept anything less than a drawn heart and some kissing first.

  51. Anon says:

    To all the people acting like this woman had her baby taken, think about it for a minute.

    A lot of women in her position just get an abortion, but she knew she was onto something big when she contacted his agent. It was obviously worth a lot of money for just 9 months of work. Also, the guy is not a US citizen and I don’t think she could legally sue him for paternity.

    Now this pregnancy was obviously the result of bad behavior, but the baby itself is precious to him and it is his son. His mother and sister will provide very good nurturing.

  52. Mariah says:

    @anon i totally agree but she must of known who he was because im pretty sure no one but whores in the street would go for that line. He is such a man whore bitch and he just needs to stop it. He knows he’s hot so he just uses that as a tool to get gurls and he uses his accent which is the worst thing to do to a girl . . . .

  53. T.carter says:

    Me, you, F-ck F-ck hahahahahahahhahahaahahajajahaahhahaha best line I’ve ever heard!

  54. Andrea says:

    Honestly, people have one night stands all the time, and this woman was in no position to take care of a baby. She was penniless, and working as a waitress. So obviously she would give the baby to Ronaldo who has money and a family capable of raising the child. Also, it’s not as if abortion is free. She did not sell the baby, she was just in no position to raise a child, and that’s all

  55. paul Animashaun says:

    The story may come out to be false afterall. if the press guess was so right. they would have traced the girl down to the restuarant and a recently pregnant girl in this scenario will not be easy to find. beside with all the supposed people involved in the arrangement there is the possibility of at least one slipping-up with the truth.
    Dont forget this is hot news for the press

  56. xtina says:

    Well What can I say, it goes both ways. He should of been responsible to wear a condom but what about the woman???? Or was it that he had $$$$$$ Common, dont give me that ##@ that she couldnt understand him… So he said “f… f…” and she still went to the hotel room and no protection???? Somethings odd about this article. And she could of kept her child regardless, imagine how much $$$$ she would make if she did..INTERVIEWS ETC! Dont paint it a pretty picture for her cos shes at fault two.

  57. Ciara Mizelle says:

    They are a beautiful family!! Great pictures Caroline!

  58. geoff says:

    @marge it doesn’t matter if she did or didn’t want a kid as an adult she should’ve known the consequence of her f*ck f*ck escapades,,this is a whole life we are talking about,,a child that needs a mother as much as he does a father!!! shame on u CR7!! U 2 delores!!!

  59. Rosa says:

    Has anybody thought that maybe über slut did wear a condom? That it broke or was ineffective? These things happen, I mean just cuz he is a multimillionaire doesn’t mean condoms will work perfect for him. I’m just sayin’!