Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Make Out Stunt

In effort to combat the rumors swirling about an impending divorce, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes shared a very public make out session. Suri Cruise was unfortunately being held by Katie at the time. Isn’t that child abuse?

“The fabulous Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are on their way to a split and a trail separation? They are all set to battle for Suri? Forget it. The couple that used to make out in public in front of cameras while giggling and acting so much in love are back at it, though this time it took a long range lens from the sky to catch the couple kissing.”

[National Ledger]

During Suri’s second birthday party the crazy couch jumper and his brainwashed bride took time to show their unrequited love for each other. They were surrounded by hundreds of balloons and a giant chalk drawing that read “Happy B-Day Suri.” Coincidently enough hundreds of paparazzi, including a chopper, were also there to capture the moment. As Tom and Katie shared an inappropriately long and slobbery kiss the cameras snapped away. It was a blatant move to prove the separation rumors wrong.

Connor and Isabel were also let out of their respective underground kennels to attend the party for Suri. The kids joined a swarm of Scientologist “friends” in wishing the heir of Cruise a happy birthday. Everyone was holding what appeared to be a white fedora with green ribbon accented with daisies. Most of the ladies also carried around a ring of daisies that I am guessing was going to be used in some sort of Coneheads-like mating ritual for the adults.

I was so happy for Katie when I read that she finally wised up. Alas, rumors are no match for “The Tom.” I am guessing he put the kibosh on any of her feeble attempts of freedom. I feel like I should bake a cake with a file in it and send it to her.

Check out the photos on D-Listed and I’m Not Obsessed.

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  1. Syko says:

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. :|

  2. penelope says:

    Free Tom and Suri!

    fuck katie!

  3. JayBird says:

    “their respective underground kennels” – best line of the day.

  4. Bodhi says:

    Ew! I’d puke everywhere if I saw that first hand. Thank Xenu I wasn’t invited!

    I feel so bad for Connor & Bella. Now that their dad has a new toy to show off, they are shoved aside & into $ceintology’s “educational system”

  5. UrbanRube says:

    The three scariest words in the English language have got to be “Scientology boarding school.”

  6. Syko says:

    Or “Scientology hospital”.

  7. Sasha says:


    *Initiate Operation HappyMarriage*

  8. headache says:

    Bodhi, this is the primary reason I despise Nicole Kidman. She was married to the zenu loving freak for a long damn time before she brought those two into the mix. I refuse to give her points for getting out knowing doing so would mean pretty much abandoning her babies. Not to mention, I’m not sure her reasoning was self-preservation so much as the lure of superstardom.

  9. Mairead says:

    I’ve finally started reading about Scientology – and bloody hell I can see why everyone is so disparaging of it. And it certainly explains the actions of the Scientos we get here.

    As regards Nicole Kidman, if what yer man who started moaning about them recently says is true, then it does seem that Tom had stepped back a bit from Scientology when Kidman was married to him. Perhaps it was Miscavage bringing him “back into the fold” that finally drove her to divorce.

    And perhaps that’s why she’s letting the kids stay with Tom? (unless they’re now fully working for the organisation); she knows full damn well that they’ll completely separate from her if she was critical of them staying.

  10. xiaoecho says:

    For most of his marriage to Nic Tom was out of scientology. it was only after he got back into it that Nic was sidelined because her dad is a psychologist, and to the scientologists, as we know, the mental health industry is anathema. Nic herself once said that she was ‘sacked’ by Tom (that’s Aussie for fired)

    it’s all here

  11. headache says:

    I couldn’t leave knowing I was leaving them to the brainwashing. If I couldn’t get out with them, I would stay and figure out how to walk a balance. But I guess she didn’t feel the same way.

    In any case, I’m utterly convinced that there is more than just the scientology thing at the heart of their split. There is rarely one cause of a marital break up. They were clearly happy for a long time, then they weren’t. I think the unhappiness led to the his return to Scientology and her to abandoning the kids but I don’t think we’ll ever know what exactly that was.

  12. frewt says:

    Tom’s rocking that ‘accountant chic’ look

  13. Anonymous says:

    That wasn’t a make-out session, that was an auditing session, Tom’s just auditing Katie the way David Miscavige audits him. :wink: