Mariah Carey pregnancy rumors swirl after an appearance in Brazil


Mariah Carey hasn’t been in the spotlight for several months. She hasn’t been pap’d, she hasn’t been making any public appearances, she hasn’t made any public statements. Back in June, Radar “confirmed” that Mariah is pregnant, although neither Mariah or Nick Cannon has said anything about it – but Nick did confirm that his other bitch, his dog, was knocked up. There have been rumors about Mariah undergoing fertility treatments for months – the tabloids have brought it up to explain Mariah’s weight gain over the past year.

Now, over the past few days, Mariah put in a few public appearances in Brazil – she got pap’d in Sao Paulo, a few days before she performed at the Barretos International Rodeo and sparked new international speculation of her alleged pregnancy. These are some of the photos from her performance. So… is she pregnant? I think she is, although I will allow for the possibility that Mariah is just going full Aretha Franklin, and is simply doing the “oversized diva” thing. In either case – pregnancy or simple weight gain – I know it’s none of my business. I just find it surprising that Mariah wouldn’t confirm her pregnancy, if she is pregnant. If she is – and I really do think she is – congratulations to her, and I’m sure she and Nick are very, very happy.





Mariah in Brazil on August 19, 21 & 22, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. JC126 says:

    In the first pic, it looks like she is, but the rest, it looks more like weight gain. I hope she is pregnant, as she clearly wants a child. The fact she hasn’t announced it by this point makes me think it’s weight gain, also.

  2. Jack says:

    i have seen pics of her wearing a shiny babydoll yesterday i think and i thought to myself…that girls pregnant!!
    i mean, since when did she wear clothes that are not TIGHT??

  3. kelbear says:

    If she isn’t pregnant than I think she should worry because over the past yr she really has gained a bunch of weight.

  4. guesty says:

    no really noticeable bump…so my vote is weight gain…but only time will tell!

    looks like nick hired out @ least one of his assistant duties to some other schlepp.

  5. sunshine says:

    She’s not pregnant – she’s just getting big all over – she is still beautiful, but that kind of weight is unhealthy

  6. Fae says:

    She just looks tubby to me- more room for the lungs. Now if only she’d stop showing off her range (and ruining songs in the process with all of the trills and meaningless cadences) and actually sing some songs with some SOUL.

  7. Rose says:

    She’s put on a lot of weight recently, none of which really suits her shape or the type of clothing she wears.

  8. whitedaisy says:

    Oh, she is. She has a serenity to her face, don’t you think?
    A person who has gone through the private-issue-made-public process of infertility treatments and possibly related losses is in no hurry to announce anything.
    Congratulations to both of them.

  9. Crash2GO2 says:

    She is too old to be wearing tutus.

    And yes, her clothes are loose, which is something I have never seen in any photos of her before…

  10. lena says:

    she is, it’s all over her face

  11. I hope she is pregnant (and i think she is) because she and Nick will make great parents.
    You can tell she’s pregnant because she usually gets bigger when she isn’t promoting an album but never this big and she was getting bigger when she was promoting her “Memoirs…” album which she would never usually let happen.

  12. Samantha says:

    Maybe she just gave up drinking.

  13. irishserra says:

    I’d venture to say she’s pregnant. She’s gained weight before and never stopped wearing tight clothing so I believe the sudden change in style is due to a pregnancy.

    She and Nick probably feel that they are being clever or swift in not making the announcement and Mariah probably believes that she is going to surprise us all in some big way. She’s very melodramatic like that…….or they just don’t feel it’s any of our business and let it go at that.

  14. Lway says:

    If she were pregnant – i am sure she’d be so proud she wouldn’t be able to hide it away – she’s just a little chubby right now.

  15. Lizzard says:

    I remember reading a really long time ago that when she gets her period she can “sky-rocket to a size 10 from her normal size 2″… Firstly, even at her slimest I don’t think she’s a size two. Also, I think she does look bloated, she might be pregnant, on her period. I hope she is preggers, I know she’s love to be. Part of me thinks that if she weren’t preggers, she would never actually have a show and look like that.

  16. aenflex says:

    Yeah I think some like Mimi would not hide it. And why should she. But really looks to me like she’s filled out a bit. Great curves though.

  17. California Surfer says:

    Grandma thinks Mariah is about 5 months along and we’re thinking maybe she is going to have twins. And is that dude Nick Cannon ’cause he looks like maybe he is gaining along with his wife- I’ve heard that this can happen to dudes and a buddy of mine gained twenty pounds when his gf was preggo but maybe that was just from drinking too much beer and ice cream.

  18. coup de grazia says:

    the big princess dress and tiara…she is really amazing. BATSHIT.

  19. TQB says:

    Eh, sadly, I think she isn’t pregnant, because as suggested by many, I can’t imagine her keeping it to herself. But love can change a diva; who knows.

    Those fertility treatments can be brutal, and Mariah has struggled with her weight forever. So, she’s on all the hormones, plus she’s happy, with an adorable husband who tells her she’s beautiful whatever size she is.

  20. RHONYC says:

    kaiser, you wrong for putting up a pic where it looks like mimoo is about to eat the damn microphone! bwahahahahah! :-)

  21. mimi says:

    she may not be pregnant yet but may be she is still trying with the fertility drugs, which will cause major wt gain.
    i cant imagine her not announcing she’s pregnant since she thrives on being the center of attention. Id think if she was, she’d milk it every day.

  22. Lala11_7 says:

    I could totally see her keeping her pregnancy on the DL…just to be sure that everything is alright…at least until the sixth month…

  23. malachais says:

    Love Mariah, I hope she is finally preggers :)

  24. Catherine says:

    She isn’t preg, she has just been getting fatter and fatter as the months go by. Nothing new.

  25. mln says:

    Some larger women don’t show when they are pregnant. I am going with the circumstancial evidence and saying yes she is pregnant, but not announcing because of the fertility problems.

  26. Chris says:

    That is not pregnancy, its just regular old weight gain. It could be due to fertility meds I guess. She is such a diva if she were pregnant its all we would hear about.

  27. The Truth Fairy says:

    If she’s not pregnant it could be fertility treatments. The hormone injections make you gain weight, especially if you don’t get pregnant right away and have to do the treatment for a long period of time.

  28. Tazina says:

    She looks really thick through the middle in the dress but not so big in the white t-shirt. Oh well, time will tell!

  29. moopsie says:

    when i see mariah, she never looks miserable whether she’s fat or not… gotta give her that . she always looks so happy and pleased with herself, good for her for having a good self esteem even when she’s a chunky celeb

  30. Megan says:

    I don’t think she’s pregnant, she just looks like she’s become more chunky. If she had put on that much weight she would have been quite far into the pregnancy by now, and there’s no visible stomach bump. I’m afraid to say she just looks fat :/

  31. GatsbyGal says:

    I don’t think it’s pregnancy so much as it’s a fat chick in ill-fitting clothes.

  32. jamie says:

    shes getting really chunky and needs to wear appropritae attire ,not dress like a sexkitten anymore she dosen’t pull it off well.No one wants to see her flab hanging out of tight dresses groseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  33. Lynne says:

    //.fat arms does not equal baby, just saying

  34. BrandyMc says:

    No, I do not think she is preggers! I simply think she is gaining weight. Maybe due to taking fertility treatments?

  35. Taya says:

    Dam! If MC is pregnant I won’t be surprised if she delivers a hippo because she is getting thick. I don’t think she’s pregnant, I just thing she needs to lay off the donuts.

  36. bellaluna says:

    As someone who lost my first baby at almost 5 months pregnant (and I was a very young woman), I can tell you I didn’t even allow myself to believe that I was pregnant again until after the first trimester. I didn’t engage in any risky behaviours, but no one knew anything until around three-and-a-half months.

  37. california angel says:

    So what bigger women can’t be or dress sexy? She’s not even that big. To each their own I say. Obvsly. if the weight is affecting their health it’s a different issue.

  38. Kiska says:

    She looks happy. Whether its weight gain or pregnancy – that is all that matters.

  39. Camille says:

    She just looks like she has gained weight to me. Even if she is pregnant, I think she will get huge. Then again I think she will end up like Aretha Franklin anyway, even if she has a baby or not.

  40. Juice in LA says:

    Wow, I really don’t see pregnant here- I see Aretha…. Sad. I was hoping the best for Mariah.

  41. Michelle Belfast says:

    Congrats Mariah,
    Wearing the baby soother on a chain around your neck (picture in which she’s wearing a tee-shirt) just says it all! Well done, I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly for you!

  42. daisyfly says:

    If she is pregnant, that baby’s gonna come out bedazzled.

    And chances are she is pregnant. Let’s face it, this woman is all about appearances and wore skintight clothes and more spanx than an Oprah giveaway. There’s only one reason she’s not doing it anymore and that’s because her doctor told her it’s not good for the baby.

  43. M says:

    She’s got an amazing voice and for some reason her vocal quality seems to improve when she’s a bit bigger..

  44. shaina says:

    First of all if she is pregnant,congradulations but it would only be recently.her new figured is from overeating,pregnancy is 9 months and u usually dont gain alot of weight till the last trimester.shes been big for over a year do the math.if she recenty became pregnant then expect her to only get bigger,or like most obese pregnant women we wont even know until she pops the baby the weight she has gained thus far is definatly from not watching her calories,and finally being happy and feeling like someone loves her for her, im sure when she feels like it or it becomes a health concern she’ll do what is neccesary but until then i just wish her happiness