Elisabetta Canalis’ father tried to convince George Clooney to marry her


A couple of weeks ago, George Clooney accompanied Elisabetta Canalis to her parents’ home in Sardinia. George and Eli spent several days there, looking relaxed and breezy with family, friends and randoms (Clooney adores randoms). In addition to this outing, Clooney also accompanied Eli to Milan, where they were laying it on thick for cameras and for American media (Clooney’s rep dropped a gem into People about how happy Clooney and Eli were). They went to fashion shows (Cavalli and Armani – with Eli wearing Cavalli to the Armani show, scandal!), they happily posed for pics, and generally speaking, they looked very conent.

So this has lead to speculation. Previously, the speculation has been focused on “Has he dumped her yet? How about now? But now the speculation is of the wedding variety. Both People Magazine and In Touch Weekly are running stories about whether Clooney and Canalis will make it down the aisle. Of course, People’s story (summary here, at The Frisky) is kind – People announces that George and Eli are “officially getting steamy” and there’s some happy recapping of their Italian adventures. In Touch takes a harder (more interesting) look:

In Touch – George Clooney’s being “pressured to wed.” He went to Sardinia to visit Elisabetta Canalis’s family, and her father took him outside “for a drink and a chat.”

Signor Canalis asked The Cloons about his intentions toward his daughter.

“George did his best to dance around the question,” says a source. Signor Canalis told George that if he’s not interested in making Elisabetta his wife, he should walk away and let her find a man who’s interested in marriage.

George is a serial monogamist, and a source says: “He never flat-out tells the women he dates that he’s not going to propose. He gives each of them hope that she could be the one changes him.”

But Elisabetta is “pretty confident” that she and George will get married someday, so she is “sticking around.”

[From In Touch via Jezebel]

Oh, Elisabetta. I can’t decide if you are a dumb bitch or a clever hooker. On one side, I think Eli is relatively clever – she’s getting a lot of face-time with Clooney, she’s gotten a modeling contract and some acting gigs out of the relationship, and she’s lasted a lot longer than I was expecting. But – Clooney does like dumb, unchallenging women for the most part. And I think Eli follows that pattern. We’ll have to wait to see if Eli is the kind of woman who won’t rock the boat and press for a ring, or whether she’ll pull a Sarah Larson (get dumped and whine about it).

Speaking of Sarah Larson – in Wednesday’s Page Six, they reported that she’s moved to New York with her boyfriend and she’s back to waitressing and working two jobs. Oh, Sarah. You were the original Canalis!



Eli & Clooney on Sept. 27, 2010. Credit: Fame & WENN.

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  1. black says:

    Armani didn’t invite Skankanalis and didnt’ give her a dress to wear at his show becouse in Italy she’s considered a very trash Z-list cocked celebrity/escort (in Vallettopoli investigation and phone interception)before to be GC’s official escort and now too, she is in open drug and Ho0ker investigation too, Hollywood night club’s testimonial, she’s no good for the king of fashion classy and charme immage,but she wanted to do the catwalk with GC becouse Armani show was the bigger at world wide attention and she presented there with new dress provided her by Cavalli!
    they’ve ruined Armani show, created discomfort at other vip couples to sit a cockewoh.re next to George! GC told her as pose for staged photos and “smile!”…there are video…poor man!
    Horse-face lived at Hollywood night club with escort and pusher and his bf D.Rombolotti (a criminal) before “to meet” GC, she doesn’t know other education or fashion netiquette!

  2. PsychicEyes says:

    I say this was a BRILLIANT PR plant from Clooney’s team . The old man having a talk with him about marriage excuse — yup, the kiss of death.

    Next, we will then read that Clooney was not ready to marry and they amicably split.

    Like I said before, he’s playing his hand extremely well. If he had dumped the manly tart when the scandal hit then it most likely would of affected his promotions and probably pissed the financiers that are counting on their returns etc.

    I vote splitsville…

  3. RHONYC says:

    howda ya say in italian…”when hell freezes over”?


  4. Hautie says:

    I assumed his interest in her was helped by her location. She lives in Italy.

    Where he likes to stay at when not filming.

    So she knows the language and knows the country. So there is probably little to no harping about living there when he is not working.

    He seems to only come back to the US when he is forced to do media for a film. Otherwise he is camped out at the Villa on the lake.

    But no I do not see him marrying her either.

  5. valerie says:

    why buy the cow…? ladies learn this lesson…

  6. Johnthing says:

    Wow! Black on black matching outfits. She looks SO tranny!

  7. brin says:

    Yeah, I go along with you guys….and the longer she sticks around, the more foolish she’ll look when he says “ciao”.

  8. Praise St. Angie! says:

    wow, in these pictures more than ever…she looks SO manly.

    she’s got a great body (seen the bikini pics) but that FACE…she’s not ugly, just really masculine.

  9. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Kaiser, I believe a clever hooker IMO, but even then I dont think he will ever marry. Dont think he’s against long term relationship but that will only last so long. We’ll see how much longer they last.. I swear if they get married my jaw will literally fall off my head. I honestly dont believe he will ever do it or have kids.

    And I still dislike her. She’s ugly.

  10. PrettyTarheel says:

    @Valerie: Maybe she doesn’t want to marry? Or maybe many women would rather get theirs and move on? “Learn this lesson?” Pah. Not everyone wants to get marrried, even to GC.

    (Maybe she does want to marry him? who the hell knows? I’m just saying, that old “Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?” is dated, misogynistic, and relegates men to hormonal beasts who only want sex and women to only offering a piece of tail. Forget companionship, love, mutual interests, support, balance…Nope, it’s all about dipping a wick. It’s insulting to both parties)

  11. tango says:

    The problem is, if you have a reputation in your home country as basically being a high priced call girl, sooner or later age and reality set in. Sure Elisabetta can find some men who’d pay her way when she’s 40 or 50 years old as long as she ages beautifully but at that point, she also needs class, intellect and charm to make up for fading physical beauty. Eli, other than her body, doesn’t seem to have much going for her in regards to attracting a man long term. So Elisabetta is coming towards the end of her prime marketability period. Dating George is as good as it’s ever going to get for Elisabetta in regards to sugar daddies. So I think she’s desperate to marry him and secure her future. OR, if he does dump her, secure a good future life for herself off the money he settles on her as a parting gift.

  12. Mingy says:

    @PrettyTarhee; awesome, so well put.

  13. Mel says:

    Why is there a story about these two every day? Is someone leaking to the press?

    Personally I can take or leave Clooney, he’s over-rated as an actor and as a looker. And as for his arm jewellery, she’s beyond over-rated in the looks department.

  14. giò says:

    elisabetta è una delle donne più belle che io abbia mai visto, bocca carnosa e sensuale occhi vellutati e sguardo magnetico e george che dire è unico , meraviglioso!

  15. Sakota says:

    I’m really surprised that no one has made a music video of Clooney using the song “Womanizer” by Britney Spears. I really am.

  16. meme says:

    @Sakota- there is one. Look it up on Youtube.

  17. benny says:

    I have no idea whether he will marry her. But if he does, it would be much easier for him to get Italian citizenship. I see Clooney as one of those Europhiles who think Europeans as so sophisticated and superior to Americans and that he would want citizenship to fuel his fantasy. As a practical matter, Italian citizenship makes it not only easier to do business in Italy, but in all of the EU too.

    So there are benefits to marrying this tramp. But I don’t know if it’s worth it to him.

  18. Aqua says:

    Does that mean I have to take him off my screen saver now? lol.

  19. Aqua says:

    This marriage rumor has been going around since May 2010 and if it were true the wedding was suppose to take place this summer in Italy.Maybe neither one of them wants go get married,I think Ellys to smart to even mention it even if she does. I think most parents want to see their child get married and have kids. George and Elly are clearly both getting exactly what they each want out of this relationship.

  20. Elm says:

    If Cloons wanted Italian citizenship – he could apply for it already as he spends enough time there, owns property and is a fixture of the place – ie marriage unnecessary

    I do wander about Elizabrutus’ rings antics this summer, sticking her finger up at the paps or the public or just plain telling the world she’s in control of the situation

    Clooney appears to have sagged into a submissiveness and C-anal-is seems to be totally calling the shots

    It is all rather degrading of his image – even if he doesn’t care – he has all the money in the world to do what he wants where he wants and when he wants – wonder if all that money and influence will bury the coke/ho scandal

  21. Raven says:

    I don’t know that he will marry her. My guess is that he will marry in about 20 years or longer, much like Clint Eastwood did for the last time. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an Italian and I think she will be much younger. I don’t think his running around days are anywhere near over yet, but when they are, he will marry a woman who will keep him interested and entertained.

  22. Farmers.ass says:

    I think George needs so much more.

  23. 4Real says:

    I vote 4 DUMBITCH and he’s GAY for the win!

  24. KC says:

    I agree PsychicEyes, this bullshit of a story along with the gay prank story is planted by George’s team. I hardly believe Horseface’s family is not aware that there is a contract. LOL

    I’m even welling to bet George compensated EC’s father for the Sardinia photo op’s.

    And in regards to the gay prank story, it was planted by GC’s team to rule out the gay rumors. It’s like reverse psychology, make a joke or prank about GC’s sexuality so that the gullible public won’t believe he’s gay. This same tactic was performed by Matt and Brad with their “George is gay” comments. LMAO

  25. European citizen says:

    I like their simplicity. They look like a normal couple. I don’t understand why they have to marry (the marriage isn’t a contract?).
    Anyway I like Eli clothes that correspond to my taste. All of her is natural even if she is a little too thin (sorry for my italianised english!)

  26. justme says:

    Look at this video, you can now see what he is whispering in her ears: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wj5ByOXEcSE&feature=player_embedded#!

  27. HookersRUs says:

    oh bull #27 you’re one of her loser pr suck ups…it doesn’t matter after the armani incident, no one decent gives a crap about either or them. they’ve reduced themselves to a new level of low life status….not what they were aiming for, is my guess. they are so seriously deluded if they think anyone is buying their “we are royalty” act. someone on one of these threads said clooney thinks all things european are superior to american..well not his sanitized gf..she is the very picture of eurotrash. cavalli? hookers? soccer players? trashy tattoos? with enough money even a street walker can look respectable, but if you watch them, trash always shows.

  28. jane16 says:

    justme, looked at the link, he said “smile”! Can you believe he still has to tell her that after all the red carpets she’s been on now? Hilarious!

  29. Brenda says:

    George is a better actor “on screen” than he is “off.” lmao

  30. I AM WHAT I AM says:

    Does she have buck teeth? Something tells me she is not so hot in person without the photo shop. Even her body, while thin is not so great. Almost any woman who bares her breasts would make men drool..Men like looking at naked breasts. They also like oral sex and chubby asses. This is not news. Buck teeth, shitty attitude dunce IQ not so much.

  31. Elm says:

    Seems its more serious than we thought …. c-anal-is apparently issued an ultimatum to c-looney …. to choose her or his speedboat!

    and … he picked horse-face


  32. Lorenzo says:

    Yes, we men love pressure. He will keep her forever now.

  33. Concetta says:

    It really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks -only what they do – i can’t belive he was ok with dating a woman who is on the internet naked – at that point he went downhill

  34. lilo says:

    George too wears fake rings???
    see these photos:


    he’s a very generous man, we know it!
    is he making a lady a ugly aged cockewoh.re that in Italy no one rembered her? people remembered her only under the Hollywood night club soccers tables but always stay on her knees under the tables is a very hard work!
    good action George!

  35. Aqua says:

    New rumor they secretly got married and E is three months pregnant.lol I only see one picture with the ring can’t see it in the others.How many people does it take to leave a restaurant?

  36. spotchecker says:

    @ Elm #33, Aqua #37

    Skanks Ahoy!

  37. hey says:

    the ring isn’t in George’s hand! they’ve the same jacket colour but it’s not George’s arm!
    I don’t believe George marries a ugly cocked trans!

  38. Aqua says:

    @ 39 your right,it’s not his arm I can’t believe I didn’t notice it. That’s why I didn’t see the ring in any of the other pictures.

  39. Nicholas says:

    Canalis easily outhots at least 80% of Hollywood female celebrities, and of superiority of “Max” photos of her over the “Playboy” trash I won’t even talk… But that’s just me.

  40. CharleyHorse says:

    41 ~ outhots? what man speaks like that? another bottom feeder logging on under an assumed name to trump up the tramp? look, you can’t compare apples and oranges, they’re two different fruits, unnerstand? hot = easy, sleazy, jump em dump em. beauty talent and brains there are many in hollywood who fill that bill and far exceed this person’s physicality. playboy i’ll have to take your word for, but i think that’s the former category.

  41. Anon says:

    She always looks so smug! She wants marriage to capture the status. He’s with her so he can show off with someone younger. Very transparent.

  42. friendofclooney@hotmail.com says:

    George my buddy looks very aged since he got hooked up with canalis. She must be draining the crap out of him physically, emotionally, spiritually etc….George looks sick….getting too thin…aged….droopy face….he looks terminally ill…..what is going on George??? Time to come clean…..We care!!!

  43. friendofclooney@hotmail.com says:

    I think George would be a great match for Eva Longoria now that she is single again. Other possible matches that would elevate his status would be Freda Pinto, Kim Kardashian or even Halle Berry. I think Eva is the best choice for you George. Please let Canalis go her merry old way and pay her off a good lump sum so she won’t blackmail you. You look miserable in all your pictures with her and you look terrible since you hooked up with her. She is draining your soul like the devil…..get out now before it’s too late,,,,,,,,

  44. anonymous says:

    it is really so so simple:
    george clooney is a committment phobic, and a very stingy man/boy. he will never, ever get married again. she was stupid to think she could get him to marry him, and any woman who thinks she can is in the same boat…this is yet another warning to women to stay away from george clooney…he needs major therapy. he uses women..he is not generous.he is a narcissist, and, he is a committmentphobic. plain and simple.