50 Cent and Chelsea Handler photographed together on a date

50 Cent
Chelsea Handler, supposedly 35, is single again, having broken up with her boyfriend, the CEO of Comcast, right after she signed a three year, eight figure contract with E! (which is owned by Comcast). She’s since dated and broken up with a guy who works on Animal Planet. The acerbic comedian was spotted out on a date in New Orleans with none other than prolific foot-in-mouth twitterer, 50 Cent. TMZ has a photo of those two and it definitely looks like a date. What’s more is that 50 did an impromptu rap that night all about getting laid, with lines like “you can feel every inch” and “your sex drive can match my sex drive.”

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler went to a bar in New Orleans last night … and by the way they got up close and personal with each other, they gave some serious credibility to those dating rumors.

TMZ has obtained a photo of the two of them at the Blue Nile jazz bar in New Orleans — and one spy inside the joint tells us they were getting very hot and heavy with each other.

But before 50 got cozy with Chelsea, dude knocked out a live freestyle set with a local band at the club.

Check out the verse 50 busted out that night … it seems to be directed toward a special lady friend.

[From TMZ]

There are plenty of celebrities I don’t want to imagine having sex, with Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer immediately coming to mind. 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler are up at the top of the list now, though, and I’m grimacing as I write this. I dislike both of them, but they make sense in a way. Chelsea is a racist (although I’m sure she’ll use the “I have black boyfriends” excuse now) 50 Cent is a homophobe, and they both love dogs. I’m still making that “yuck” face, particularly in light of the topics that 50 has been tweeting about lately. Let’s hope these two either break up or try to keep their relationship quiet. Given Chelsea’s history, she’ll be making lame stereotypical jokes about 50 in no time. He’ll probably be flattered.

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  1. mln says:

    50 will treat her like shit and dump her just like he did Vivica Fox and all his other girlfriends.

  2. Eve says:

    She has a piranha’s smile*. Creepy.

    *If piranhas could smile, obviously.

  3. Marjalane says:

    With these two together it will keep them away from normal people. She really had no business dating the animal planet guy; He was way too good for her. Has anyone else noticed Clelsea’s new and improved “glamour girl” thing she has going on for her show? Her hair has become very Barbie-like.

  4. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL someone said on TMZ comments that their children will have hooves. Ha!

    I wanna know exactly how she is pulling in all these rich men. The CEO of Comcast, I know he is rich, charging 200 a month for cable, internet, and phone. Please I really wanna know. She needs to do a show about how get the million dollar man. Unlike her pal Aniston girl friend has excellent taste in men.

    In terms of Handler and Fiddy hooking up an any way, shape, or form…ewwwww.

  5. Stacy says:

    This is just gross.

    They are equally vile and ugly physically and also with their vulgar personalities.

    Again. Just gross!!!!!

  6. malachais says:

    Man! A couple of years ago, 50 has a nice body, but now he is like the crackie of NY. This looks like some kind of cracked out PR Stunt.

  7. Judy says:

    She’s ugly, crude, and UNfunny.

  8. Iggles says:

    Eve – You rock.

    Chelsea Handler is very unfortunately looking. It’s annoying when she criticizes other ppl!

    And 50, if the rumors are true then he really prefers his entourage…

  9. scrappy says:

    yeah, my first thought was gross.

  10. Ferguson. says:

    Hope they end up killing each other.

  11. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I dont get it at all. They are two very weird, gross people and dont look like they even revolve in the same atmosphere. This is odd for sure.

  12. Kayla says:

    I don’t understand at all how these two people got together but if you ask me, they deserve each other. They are totally obnoxious.

  13. Michael says:

    eew. definitely quite a few steps down from hunk Dave Salmoni. yuckie. reading this has left a bad taste in my mouth.

  14. kiki says:

    i dont understand your disdain w chelsea . alll comedians joke bout race gerge lopez and all male comedians bash women why dont you support feale comedians they are a rare breed and not supported .

  15. Alexa says:

    I haven’t been following the controversy regarding 50 cent’s recent behavior/remarks/whatever . . . but physically I DO THINK HE’S HOT!!!! I could definitely go for some of that! But I’m not proud of myself if he really is a cruel sociopathic type of guy.

  16. BethL says:

    To me when Chelsea makes racist jokes, she sounds serious and hateful. Maybe that’s part of her act but that’s why people thinks she’s racist. Also an asterisk should always be put next to Chelsea’s age. She’s not even in her her 30′s.

  17. anoneemouse says:

    God she is such a slut….with such a big mouth about it too. She makes herself look that way. All the talk of her cotslapalis (however you spell it) makes me sick. Too bad because I enjoy the other comics on her show.

  18. Kate says:

    They’re both very “meh” in my eyes. So it’s kind of appropriate that they hook up. Too very meh people having a very meh time.

  19. mln says:

    @ #18 Not only does she make racist jokes but she makes racist jokes about 10 year olds. There are plenty of smart female comedians who are much funnier if you want raunchy there is Sarah Silverman, if you want famewhore there is Kathy Griffin Chelsea is just a nasty bitch who likes to tell midget jokes.

  20. lu says:

    Wow she looks very scary in that pic.She looks like the Joker, from Batman, huge scary grin. I wonder if you picked that on purpose

  21. Rosanna says:

    what did she do to her face???

  22. The Bobster says:

    Could a cougar get any more desperate?

  23. Kevin says:

    Fiddy done been up in nem guts YO!

  24. Anti-icon says:

    This makes perfect sense to me. I think they make a good couple.

  25. guesty says:

    she definitely has a thing for rappers.

  26. Will says:

    I love how Fiddy spent the middle part of the decade glaring all the time with his shirt off and now you always see him beaming like a 5-year-old on Christmas Day.

    I don’t care for Fiddy, but I did enjoy the fact that he refers to his son as “25 Cent.”

  27. Moreaces says:

    What are they “both” smoking

  28. lisaistearingmeapart says:

    It wasn’t the CEO of Comcast. It was the head of E!

  29. MuMu says:

    Racist meet homophobe. I’m sure they’re lovely together. They can discuss their mutual prejudices.

  30. nnn says:

    @ 34 Mumu:

    Immagine they end up having a child together hence being african-american who will turn out to become gay who will become te subject of their own racist and homophobic comments by default!

    Now that would be funny !

  31. RHONYC says:

    aye carumba!

    her lil’ nugget chuwee must be crushed! lol :-)

  32. Sam says:

    Honestly I am not surprised. They flirted up a storm when she had him on her show.

  33. nycmom10024 says:

    I think maybe they each are just looking for some fun, not a realtionship. Haven’t you ever broken up after a long term relationship and just look for something different than you’ve had before? Sometimes it is just about having a little fun.

  34. mike says:

    She is not racist. She makes those jokes because her target audience is black men. That’s why she always flirts up a storm when she has black rappers on the show, which happens all too often.

    Seriously. Have you ever heard black comedians? Fox, Murphy, Rock, etc, race is front and center. Just like it is for Ms. Handler. The only difference between them and her is that she’s white.

    You know who’s really, REALLY racist? Sanchez and Rush. Handler is not racist; she’s just clowning and playing to her audience, just like Cho or Silverman.

    Really. Cho makes some nasty Asian jokes, while Silverman makes rather nasty Jewish jokes. Is Cho anti-Asian or is Silverman antisemite? If not, why is Handler racist?

  35. Lilly says:

    #41. Margaret Cho does imitations of her own mother. It’s based on a real person and not a stereotype of a whole group of people. While I’m still not crazy about Cho’s humor either, I don’t see that they are in the exact same boat here.

    I remember Handler doing some seriously poor-taste jokes on her show. She did this awful imitation Asian voice. When Rosie O’ Donnell did that on The View, people were really upset with her and she had to apologize to everyone. And then one of Handler’s OWN guests was upset with her. He said, “Woah that’s a little racist there” Even her own guests noticed that she’s over-the-top! I think it was Joe Koi who said that. I think her humor is really mean-spirited, tacky and NOT funny.

    I have a feeling this a publicity stunt for both though. I think Handler joined the same PR team as her pal, Aniston. And, maybe dating for attention is Chelsea’s new PR strategy as well?

  36. sandy says:

    good for him, i just wish he pick a beautiful,rich girl, color does not matter, he’s fine, and rich, she is gross, yuck.

  37. mike says:


    The difference between Chalsea and Rosie is that Rosie was not on The View as a comedian. There is a different standard of conduct operating here.

    For exampe, Rock can get away with the n-word because when he’s in public setting, it’s usually with the implicit assumption that he is at least partly there as a comedian. You bet your bottom dollar that he would not get the same degree of consideration had he used the n word, say, at a high school commencement.

    The same applies to Rosie. It’s all about context.

    BTW, Cho has made fun of Asian people more than just her mother, but in general terms as well. In fact, she has been downright scathing toward Asian men, easily equaling white or black comedians in portraying Asian men as asexual or nerdy doofuses.

  38. Ms. Nguyen says:

    OK. Gross. I will not have sex now because both make my ding dong soft.

  39. Bubbamelon says:

    Well, there goes another one we don’t want back.

  40. puhleeze says:

    she is a comedienne!! jeez, since when did she ever say she was a prim and proper bonafide lady? GF is gettin’ her some, who cares? And btw, I think she is hilarious.

  41. Narsa says:

    She ‘s no Lisa lampanelli , NEVER !!!!!!

  42. willow says:

    As long as they don’t spawn…more power to them *shudders*

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  44. Ta'niece says:

    i thought him n ciara wz 2gether but i gues he likes vanilla instead of caramel