Linnocent celebrated last night: does she look sober to you?


Yesterday, CB reported that Linnocent could possibly be getting away with 14 DAYS of jail for her crack thievery/probation violation, after the judge sentenced her to 120 DAYS. The idea of Linnocent under house arrest instead of jail was bad enough – but the idea that Linnocent would simply be done after two (cracked-out) weeks is terrible. Linnocent thought so too – thus, she went out partying last night to celebrate. She looks so… yeah. Like she’s been sitting in the club bathroom, doing shooters in between lines of coke. And is she getting behind the wheel?!?! No, she’s not, is she? I can’t tell. Anyway, she’s going to formally sentenced tomorrow, and most sources think it will play out in a scenario where Linnocent goes to jail for some kind of short period of time, then goes under house arrest for a short period of time. We’ll see how it all plays out though.


Meanwhile, on Sunday night Linnocent went out (again) for photographer Tyler Shields’ show, Life is Not a Fairytale. The cracked-out shenenigans were all over the place:

Lindsay Lohan debuted some seriously sexy vampire photos at celeb photographer Tyler Shields Presents Life is Not a Fairytale event on Saturday. But instead of enjoying the party at the downtown Los Angeles gallery space, LiLo spent most of the night locked away in a private room:

“No one was expecting the paparazzi to rush the building like they did, so it wasn’t surprising that Lindsay freaked,” an event insider tells us. “But she wanted to be there for Tyler, so she stepped away into a private room while unwanted photogs were cleared from the building.”

While Lindsay isolated herself from party guests, little sis Ali scoped out Shields’ racy photos displayed on the walls.

“Lindsay resurfaced after the coast was clear and agreed to do a few pictures, but because there was such a commotion with her being there, the building security agreed to let her car come around back to let her leave in peace.”

[From E! News]

Yes, I’m sure Linnocent disappeared because of all of the photographers. It’s not like she wanted to find some coat closet to get all coked up, and then she could pose her glassy eyes off. Here are a couple of Linnocent’s Shields photos that were shown:



Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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51 Responses to “Linnocent celebrated last night: does she look sober to you?”

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  1. dorothy says:

    She hasn’t look sober in years!

  2. Gossip girl says:

    She’s never had any real punishment for her behavior so why should she give up her addictions? Her mom encourages her horrific behavior so why would she change?

  3. dorothy says:

    Where’s ‘Innocents’ comments now? Must be embarressed.

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    If that’s sober, I want to see what totally f*cked-up looks like! (Please don’t refer me to the WH story. Or CS.)

    So, what time are the Crack Tailgaters planning on starting tomorrow? Same snacks as last time, Y’all?

    Should be fun, should be fun. Could you do an open post, Kaiser, please? If Linnocent even bothers to show up. ;)

    @ dorothy – Naw…To be embarrassed, one must have a certain level shame. The Lohans don’t.

  5. Rita says:

    It appears as though this chick simply will never go away but what she’s hanging around for I will never know. Unfortunately, this might end very tragically for an innocent by-stander. I wish they’d just take her off the street for good.

    @LittleFatMe-I’m looking for you!!

  6. brin says:

    She probably celebrates waking up every day. She doesn’t know what sober is.

  7. Samigirl says:

    I refuse to believe this chainsmokers teeth are that white. And she looks like she did when she was hanging with SamRon all the time. Drunk and coked out of her mind.

  8. brin says:

    Hi bellaluna….Count me in! Tequila Jolly Ranchers and shrimp cracktail.

  9. Ben says:

    HAH! Remember when It was posting (even more) budget versions of those photos to on Twitter to try and scam her way on to True Blood? SIT DOWN, Lohan. They hire actual actors on HBO.

  10. SassyOne says:

    She looks cheeched to the max.

  11. Elj says:

    Oh God, that hair, THAT HAIR!!! It almost makes Britney’s look passable.

  12. MJ says:

    These photos look like they were lifted from a 10th grader’s myspace profile. How is this photographer successful (my guess is just by association with LiLo)?

  13. sapphire says:

    I’m there! Chips and angel dust dip.

  14. JuJuBee says:

    I swear the only thing that will get Lindsay to sit up straight and pay attention is for the media to shun her. This one lives and dies by the motto “no publicity is bad publicity.” She’s a narcissist whose sole reason for living is to be the center of attention. The easist way to destroy it is by ignoring it.

    That hair is hideous! How is she not photographed itching all the time?

  15. ladybert62 says:

    I think I have never seen her sober – I probably would not recognize her if she was sober! ha ha

  16. the original bellaluna says:

    @ brin – Hi! So I’ll bring the crack-buttered popcorn, the Vodka CocoPuffs, and the tequila watermelon balls. Sound good?

  17. Quest says:

    Is she ever sober looking? Ever? Linnocent can’t ever look sober if she tried.

  18. Melinda says:

    I make a mean crack-eroni and cheese!

  19. Danny says:

    The hair is actually sewn into the hat. It’s the new look.

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Melinda – OMG, I l-o-v-e mac & cheese! What a perfect twist on a classic recipe! ;)

  21. xxodettexx says:

    you guys need to stop talking about this poor CHILD! i mean, cant you see that she is partying to raise awareness for poverty and childhood diseases around the world and this poor child is just trying to work on being a serious actress!!


    seriously though, are ANY of us shocked??? she will continue to do whatever the frak she wants until she kills someone other innocent person [or animal]

  22. Oh the Humanity says:

    all of you who made suggestions on crack-snacks cracked me the hell up- D’OH I just realized I used a pun w/o knowing it! It’s all that crack dip ;-p

  23. Onyx XV says:

    Nope, she doesn’t. Not even a little bit! And surely you’re right that it was because of all the photographers that she had to “disappear” for awhile. MmmK!

  24. RocketMerry says:

    Yeah, yeah, side note:
    How cute is it that Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg are BFFS? Such lovely guys!

  25. brin says:

    Everything sounds good for our Crack Tailgate Party! I’ll also bring the defendant’s beverage of choice….red bull & vodka!

  26. Hakura says:

    @TheOriginalBellaluna“So, what time are the Crack Tailgaters planning on starting tomorrow? Same snacks as last time, Y’all?” …So I’ll bring the crack-buttered popcorn, the Vodka CocoPuffs, and the tequila watermelon balls. Sound good?

    @Brin“Count me in! Tequila Jolly Ranchers and shrimp cracktail.”

    @Sapphire“I’m there! Chips and angel dust dip.”

    @Melinda“I make a mean crack-eroni and cheese!”

    I’ll bring the percoset & hydrocodone to crush up for the rims of our martinis!

  27. original kate says:

    crack tailgate party? sounds fun! i would bring a dish but instead i’m gonna go lohan on your asses: oversleep, show up about 4 hours late, orange and glassy-eyed, with a huge starbucks beverage, no bra and newly plumped lips.

  28. the original bellaluna says:

    @ My Fellow Crack Tailgaters – Sounds freakin’ awesome! So, what time do we start tomorrow? Cause you know I’ll be there with crack-crusted bells on! :D

    (Can we use a PDT or EDT or whatever, so we’re all on the same page, please?)

    @ original kate – OH! Epic party FAIL, madame…at least bring Starbucks for everyone! ;)

  29. AlaskaJoey says:

    So she was in the same room as my gay boyfriend Zachary Quinto that night? I hope he bleached himself afterwards.

  30. bagladey says:

    She’s not sober, but who cares? Her own mother doesn’t even care.

  31. brin says:

    We’ll all be here on time except for Linnocent. See you at the crack of noon!

  32. Splat says:

    Oh Please, someone better tell little miss Strawberry Snortcake that she may have to do a little more time at home under house arrest than 14 days.

    The fact that she couldn’t even manage to stay in Rehab without going over the wall tells me that Snorty will NOT make it thru house arrest without some kind of violation.

    Then of course Starwaberrry Snortcake has to make thru a year of probabtion without getting arrested…LMAO..Good luck with that!

  33. lindseythecrackthief says:

    Those are the worst extensions i have ever seen…. its like a pile of hay sewn to her scalp!
    This girl is No doubt crunked in these photos!

    Count down until Innocent posts …… Standing by.

  34. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Hey all, count me in for the crack trial, tho I read somewhere Linnocent doesn’t actually need to be there…boo!!

    I cant better all the fab crack snacks (esp loving crack’n'cheese) so I’ll bring along some glittery cocktail umbrellas and pour you all endless shots of crack delusion :D

    Cu there!

  35. maria says:

    She looks like Boy George.

  36. Innocent says:

    TMZ just confirmed 2 weeks house arrest. WOOT

    @Ruby Red Lips
    Yes because it is a misdemeanor then Lindsay doesn’t have to be present and Shawn has obviously worked out a plea deal.

  37. Paige says:

    Sober? Absolutly not. And I wasn’t either at that age….but I didn’t do the things she did to break the law. Damn, even I knew if I f’d up, I had to sober up if I needed to TKB. ! THEN, you can party….but take care YO bizness dumbass, THEN PARTY. she….is an idiot. I blame her ‘rents, but ultimately, we all know right from wrong.

  38. Madisyn says:

    Hey all you Crack Tailgaters.

    @ bellaluna, should we start at 8am PST?

    @ brin, you stole my contribution, I was going to bring the vodka and redbull. I believe @ Eileen is bringing the Cracktini’s with Percocet rims, so how about some double stuffed deviled eggs with instead of paprika, I garnish with a little cocaine? Oh, and for a beverage, how about Rum and coke? (NOT cola/soda)

    @ sapphire, chips and angel dust dip, perfect! Welcome.

    @ Melinda, crackeroni and cheese, brilliant! Welcome.

    @ Ruby Red, it wouldn’t be a Crack Tailgate without Shots of Delusion, can you just set the full pitcher on the bar? I’m going to need more than one shot for 8am?

    Question for @ Innocent, if Blohan is being treated like EVERYONE ELSE and non-violent offenders are often allowed to do home arrest, then WHY was this NOT an option before Judge Marsha Revel (THE ONE)? Circumstances are the same. They’re both the same charges, probabtion violations, except this isn’t her first, its her THIRD?

    Remember Ladies, its BYOC. (Bring Your Own Crack)

  39. OhMyMy says:

    If house arrest will make her do more time than jail…then do it. If she is home make her do most of the sentence none of this 14 days b.s.

    Stick the ankle monitor on her again we all know how much she hates it.

    Oh…and how about Mike Lohan show up EVERY DAY to visit with his precious little princess with a camera crew in tow.

    Judge Sautner, please, please we are counting on you to do the right thing here finally. Please.

  40. Cat says:

    It doesn’t even matter. She won’t learn & clearly they aren’t about making her accountable.

  41. Zoya says:

    She’s clearly on something most of the time. shes getting away with it in spite of being on probation and getting randomly tested for drug and alcohol abuse, because she’s abusing prescription drugs. in the end this is all very sad. she really is just a sick person… addiction is hard enough to overcome, but when your own mother encourages it since your teenage years… what chance do you really have..?

  42. Hakura says:

    Aw, my contribution was ignored. =< I believe I’d already called bringing the narcotics for the rims of our cracktinis.

    I guess you can never have too much percoset…could probably just throw the extras in a pinata with Linnocent’s picture taped to it.

  43. Lucky Charm says:

    Is it too late to RSVP for the Crackgate Party? I’ll bring the meatballs in my crackpot (oops, I mean crockpot,lol!)

  44. the original bellaluna says:

    LET THE CRACK-TASTIC COURT GAMES BEGIN!! (said in wrestling-announcer voice)

    Ladies, 8 PDT it is!

    @ Hakura – Excellent idea! So you’re bringing the percocet-filled pinata then, yeah? Excellent; I’ve got the bat!

    @ Lucky Charm – It’s never too late! The more the crackier!

  45. Madisyn says:

    High @ bellaluna, (pun intended)

    Is Kaiser going to open an open post? I’m ready. I have my crack snacks ready and when/if the open post begins, I’ve got a special surprise for all the crack tailgaters. You’re going to love it!

    @ Lucky Charm, meatballs in the crack pot. Perfect. All are welcome.

  46. Innocent says:

    Judge Marsha Revel specifically excluded Lindsay from any other alternative sentence options. Otherwise she would have got it as she is classified as a non violent misdemeanor offender and the vast majority are all eligible for house arrest.

  47. Madisyn says:

    Got it @ Innocent, thanks.

    I just heard on our local NBC channel, that twit is NOT going to be there. Being sentenced and gets to sit at home, getting loaded. Yeah, JUST LIKE EVEYONE ELSE! Piss off.

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