Mildred Baena swears she didn’t get paid for that Hello interview

Do you know how major TV networks swear they don’t pay for interviews with suspected murderers but then end up paying “licensing fees” for pictures of the victim, supplied to them by the suspect’s family? That’s just what came to mind when I read this report in TMZ that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mistress, Mildred Baena, said she wasn’t paid for her “interview” with Hello! and just wanted to set the record straight and go back to living a peaceful life. I’m not comparing her to murderesses or anything, I’m just saying this is total bullsh*t, just like her claim that she never told Arnold that the doppleganger son of hers was his. I’m thinking they paid her at least $200k for those photos. There were four posed photos of Mildred with Arnold’s 13 year-old son, Joseph (they had a wardrobe change for one) and another candid photo of them out together. The paparazzi have no pictures of her so those must have been worth a bundle.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s baby mama Mildred Baena claims she did NOT make one single cent for the tell-all interview she gave to Hello! Magazine … insisting it wasn’t about the money.

Mildred’s lawyer tells us, “Mildred was tired of people selling their lies to the media or claiming to speak for her when they do not … She gave the interview in order to set the record straight once and for all.”

Her lawyer adds, “All she wanted to do was put the lies and rumors to rest. And we believe that she has done that through this interview.”

As for how the interview ended up with Hello! Magazine — we’re told it was delivered to the magazine by a freelance reporter … who has a personal relationship with Baena’s lawyer.

[From TMZ]

As for the interview itself, there isn’t much in there that we didn’t cover yesterday. There was one sketchy quote she gave that I’d like to mention. She said that when people told her that her son looked like Arnold, she sometimes claimed that the boy was the son of one of Arnold’s friends from Germany. (Arnold is from Austria, not Germany, by the way.) That’s ridiculous, considering that Joseph himself didn’t know that Arnold was his dad until just a year ago, when his grandmother told him. (If Baena’s story is to be believed.) Here’s what she said “As Joseph matured, I found myself staring at Arnold more and more. People would tease me about how much they looked alike, but I said Arnold had a friend who would come over from Germany and he was the father.” So she told random “people” that the father was someone other than her ex husband, but she didn’t bother informing her son of this fact, and according to the ex husband she didn’t tell him about it either, and he assumed he was the father up until this point. This lady’s statements are not adding up.


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  1. Lady D says:

    She lies, but that is in keeping with her character.

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    Spare me the bullsh!t, woman. Of course she got paid. Enough to bring her out “hiding” and plaster her son’s pix all over a tabloid. DISGUSTING.

    You know what cops say about stories: there’s his version, her version, and what really happened.

  3. Blue says:

    She needs to stop lying. If she wanted to move on with her life. She could have just kept her mouth shut. It was dying down, then she just had to pop again.

  4. brin says:

    She’s very credible (sarcasm).

  5. the other mel says:

    Way to pimp out your son, Mama. Very classy.

  6. Quest says:

    Like I would believe this from a woman who lived in a household straight faced with the wife of a man who spawned her off-spring while making another man think it was his…..right.

  7. You don't say says:

    This is the Edwards’ mistress story all over, but these photos are just not as tacky. Why would she put her son in this situation if not for money and recognition–and why in a British magazine (Hello is the British version of People–at least better than the News of the World, which is where I would have expected it to be)?

  8. po says:

    She had sex with a man while she claimed to have respect for the wife. She’s a mess.

  9. constance says:

    hahaha! Then what was the point of pimping out your dear son and looking like a liar? If not for money than what? You aren’t doing the Sw-Shriver family any favors.

  10. anoneemouse says:

    Poor kid. What a legacy he has to live with.

  11. Relli says:

    This morning while getting ready for work my fiance caught a glimpse of this lady for the first time, his exact words were …”UGH, she’s ugly.” Then i told him that there were actually people on the Internets defending her looks stating that it was simply because of her race. He said, “NOPE, she is just unattractive and the pictures where she is posing provocatively are disturbing; shes a 2 with the confidence of 10″ WORD.

  12. Jess says:

    Maybe she traded money for photo-shopping rights.

  13. ladybert62 says:

    I dont believe her and I dont believe arnold – I do believe my eyes and that kid is the spitting image of arnold – wonder how long it took maria to figure it out?

  14. Amanda G says:

    Sure, Hello didn’t pay her, but I’m sure Arnold did.

  15. sonoa says:

    please, you don’t need hello to get paid. notice the pr line she’s towing: a) the boy is sim;ply happy about being arnie’s love child! b) Her and Maria totally hugged and cried together! In fact, maria forgave her and now they are like totally bffy! c)She got to go all glamour shots at the mall dressed up and use her kid to cover her tummy! Even if no one paid her, this is good damage control all around for all parties.

  16. Enny says:


  17. Sigh. says:

    I agree with all of you guys.

    This had become yesterday’s news (Thanks, Mr Weiner), and the attention was dying down, so she had to hustle back out there.

    Next: Her son so, so *desperately* wants a relationship with his bio dad (which can be expected) but watch how she will make all-fire sure it plays out in front of the cameras. She’s setting her son up to be Arnie’s (very) heir apparent.

  18. ZenB says:

    @you don’t say – she IS classier than Rielle Hunter. That is true but Mr. Weiner is classier than Rielle Hunter.

  19. Dorothy says:

    Why lie about getting paid? Did she think that if HELLO did not offer her $$, she would ever come out of hiding? PUL-LEEZE! She has lied for over 13 years about her son, to her former employer’s wife and to her family so why should we believe her? Furthermore if she didn’t make a cent from the interview, why was the point of money brought up in the first place? GUILTY AS CHARGED, NOW SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE AND RAISE YOUR SON IN A HEALTHY WAY! :-(

  20. Stacia says:

    Wow, he does look like the spitting image of Arnold.

  21. Berman says:

    Don’t understand the photo taken with son is it on a bed or couch ? Weird…Its also sounds like she had something going on with Arnolds friend from ‘germany’ who she said could also be the father..Therefore it boils down to she was sleeping with her husband, Arnold, Arnold Friend and whoever else, got preggers waited till the kid got older to see what he was turning to and who did he look like…Low and behold, comments that her son is looking like Arnold….Bells go off..”oh its my employer wife husband son”.. Cha-ching ! Hope the kid grows into a healthy normal life and does well in his life..

  22. Lucy says:

    So SHE didn’t get paid for the interview…but they probably put money in a trust for the boy….or they didn’t pay for the interview BUT they did pay for the pictures…one way or another, I’m betting she got paid…

  23. suggabugga says:

    really Arnold? REALLY? she must have done some kinky things for this man because there is no other explanation why he would have gotten with … that. ugh. fugly inside and out.

  24. ERM says:

    She really is disgusting on all levels! I actually think the son is her spitting image, they look very much alike. Here’s hoping he is able to develop a bit of integrity because it’s not coming from his gene pool.

  25. Joey says:

    She kind of looks like Arnold, too.

  26. Hana says:

    I can´t stand this lying bitch! Poor boy