Natalie Portman’s latest Dior ad: overly ‘Shopped or beautiful?


Above is the new ad for Diorskin Forever, with Natalie Portman representing “the face” of the campaign. I honestly thought that Natalie had only agreed to be the face of Miss Dior Cherie perfume, not this Dior cosmetics line. Diorskin is described, no joke, as “the innovatively formulated Diorskin range, which is designed to seamlessly perfect the complexion and enhance the natural beauty of the skin, like the fibres of a Haute Couture gown. Dior’s research laboratories are consistently at forefront of cosmetic advances and once again Dior lives up to this reputation. The unique innovation – Skin Essence – contained within the Diorskin Forever Compact and Diorskin Forever Fluid, identifies the skin’s specific needs upon application.”

The image is lovely, and Natalie’s skin is gorgeous, naturally, but even more so when she’s made up. There’s something weird going on with her eyes, though. I almost didn’t recognize her. Anyway, I’m assuming that this ad was shot months and months ago, before Natalie was showing with her pregnancy, and before John Galliano’s anti-Semitic douche explosion, which caused Natalie to publicly bash the designer and refuse to wear Dior at the Oscars. Some sites are even wondering if Natalie has already withdrawn from her Dior endorsement, even after Galliano was fired, but thus far, neither Dior nor Natalie has spoken about her long-term work for the brand.

In other Portman news, there’s a new interview with her where she just sounds kind of weird and extremely sheltered:

Natalie Portman enrolled at Harvard University in 1999. The 30-year-old star studied psychology while still working as an actress, and completed her bachelor’s degree in 2003. Despite being 18 when she started university, Natalie was shocked by the level of independence she had to maintain.

“College was a good transitional experience for me, because I was really babied and taken care of by my parents,” she told Psychologies magazine. “I’d never walked down the street on my own until I went to Harvard. I’d never even had my own set of keys.”

Natalie says her educational experience made her less worried about what people thought of her. The brunette beauty revealed Harvard softened her defensive side.

“I’ve always been the kind of girl who wanted to please people, to get along, to not give the impression that I’m internalizing all the confusion and craziness of my profession,” she explained.

“When I went to Harvard, I was able to unlearn a lot of that defensive-protective side. I’m still learning to be more myself and have fewer masks. Of course you can’t forget that deep down I’m an actress.”

[From Music Rooms]

She had never had her own set of keys before she went to college? She had never walked down a street alone before the age of 18?!? Oddly enough, this may explain why she comes across so poorly at times, why she seems like she‘s putting on airs or why she seems to act “above it”. She didn’t have a normal childhood, and she didn’t transition from childhood to adolescence to young-adulthood in the same way as other people. She was coddled and babied until she was technically an adult, and that has to mess with her head. By the way, Natalie is an only child: this kind of thing gives old children (like me) a bad rep.



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  1. I totally read the name in the first line as ‘Dior Foreskin Forever.’ *shudder*

  2. dd says:

    after reading the post about HW pedo i was thinking to myself that her mother might not be that bad and pain in the ass for being there 24/7
    like really,she had luck to have this parents who toke care of her and didnt made her a total slave and hore for some kinde of creepy producer.

    she is so pretty

  3. Kasey says:

    Has she dropped that baby yet? İ feel like she’s been pregnant forever!

  4. vale says:

    Oh please, that ad is completely photoshopped. Look at her forehead in that pic where she wears that green jacket.

  5. Addie says:

    How is this possible? In the first pic they shopped her to look like Angelina Jolie, while in the second pic she looks like Jennifer Garner.

    Only in the last pic does she look like Natalie Portman.


  6. tracking says:

    All this excessive ‘shopping is out of control. She didn’t need it, now looks like a bland robot. Shame.

  7. velourazure says:

    “diorskin” sounds like a line of condoms….

  8. kazoo says:

    i just want to say that dior mascara is the best thing EVER. that’s all!

  9. Meg says:

    I tought that she quitted Dior after Galliano thing. I guess not. $$$.

  10. Liamarie says:

    “I totally read the name in the first line as ‘Dior Foreskin Forever.’ *shudder*”

    Same here! She never walked down a street by herself until she was 18? Really?

  11. guesty says:

    diorskin…foreskin. pick a different name for your product.

  12. Susan O. says:

    Dislike everything about her… what do people find attractive here?

  13. lucy2 says:

    Definitely photoshopped, but still pretty.

    I can’t imagine being that sheltered, but I guess in Hollywood terms it was good, but in real world terms, not so much. College was a good choice for her then.

  14. Cherry says:

    @5. Addie: I thought it was keira Knightly, myself.
    Jeez. This ridiculous ‘shopping has to stop at some point. Didn’t they just ban a facial cream (or something) ad with Julia Roberts because it was misleading (i.e. her wrinkles were photoshopped away, not skincreamed away). So what’s the difference between that ad and this one? Indeed, natalie, who’s all kinds of shades of lovely and definitely does not need to be photoshopped to oblivion, doesn’t even look like herself anymore.

  15. danielle says:

    She looks beautiful – but a bit like an alien. Lately when I look at someone who is really photoshopped they look like Lohan when she was still pretty. Weird!

  16. Liz says:

    Ugh, so she got a bachelors at Harvard. Lets stop pretending its that big of an accomplishment and move on to women with real, life-changing achievements.

  17. ol cranky says:

    first off – way too much photoshopping so it looks a little too perfect and yet not quite right

    secondly – she never had to do anything for herself and was “sheltered” not because she was an only child but because she was a child star. Celebrity basically puts people in a state of suspended adolescence (behaviorally) the less mature and self sufficient the person was made to be by their handlers (or hangers on) the more dependent/needy/immature/entitled they become.

  18. Embee says:

    It’s the brows that make her look so strange in the ad photo. Natalie has nearly flat brows, which I have always thought made her face more interesting. She doesn’t have the drama arch brow that is ubiquitous among movie stars, but in that photo they’ve painted it in.

  19. Whatamess! says:

    love her!!!
    She’s totally got the three B’s..

  20. Heavenbound says:

    Where are pictures of the baby centipede? I mean Millipede or whatever the last name is… I can’t remember the name they gave her child, with all these funky Hollywood names its hard to keep track.

  21. taxi says:

    Embee is right – Dior’s photog ‘shopped the eyebrows to arch & raise them. Doesn’t look like Natalie anymore.

    @Liz – yes, it actually is pretty big to get a BA from Harvard, plus an Oscar before she’s 30. Isn’t that enough accomplishment for now?

  22. LIVEALOT says:

    she looks like she could have played a great cat woman.

  23. Dreamyk says:

    Too polished and muted. Natalie absolutely glows and the ad didn’t capitalize on that. Why hire someone with beautiful, glowing skin and slap all that crap on there?

  24. ShanKat says:

    The babeh probably looks too Aronofskyish to show off.

    I had a test sample of Fiorskin…it’s terrible. Lots of pearl mica, which not only made my skin too goopy, but also too glowy (I glowed like a pig).

    If you happen to have sensitive skin (especially to bismuth oxychloride), it’s like applying an itchy rash. When I came back to my home-base Sephora and the girls asked me how I’d liked it (small, European island location), they weren’t surprised…they’d heard similar reports from almost everyone who’d tried it. They don’t carry it because there were too many allergic reactions. C’est merde.

  25. Why is it that stars are photoshopped into looking like attractive aliens with foreheads.I think Hollywood is trying to brainwash us *pheasants* into thinking this is the way beautiful people look.Eventually,we will all receive coupons in the mail,offering discounts for fillers and botox,so that we *pheasants* can have the chance to look normal.

  26. Nymeria says:

    @HorsePoor Hanna – We are pheasants?

  27. Mouse says:

    So she’s not a pretentious jerk on purpose, it was her parents fault for being overprotective? Good excuse, but doesn’t change the fact.

    Oh, and the answer is overly photoshopped. Bleh.

  28. ol cranky says:

    Oh man, I missed noticing this earlier but Deceiver points out that Dior tests it’s cosmetics on animals. How’s supervegan gonna spin that?

  29. Reece says:

    Totally photoshopped but not the worst I’ve seen. Yes I’m looking at Lancome!

  30. Toe says:

    The pic is nice. she looks like Angie when she was in like 30 years old.