Alex Skarsgard plays hide and seek, looks adorable and sexy

When Alex Skarsgard is out and about, he’s usually dressed in clingy black and grey t-shirts and working the hell out of a pair of jeans. He has a casual uniform, and it really works for him, so it’s cute to see him dressed in character in this dorky loose red pocked T with some skinny jeans and Chucks. Alex is in New York city filming What Maisie Knew, where he plays the stepfather to a little girl caught in a custody battle between her parents, played by Julianne Moore and Steve Coogan. We’ve already seen some photos of him looking very engaged with his child co-stars in the film, and here he is playing what looks like a game of hide and seek. I would assume that they’re just filming his part and will add in scenes from his little co-star later. Either that or his character is interacting with someone who is watching from a window nearby. He’s just adorable and I love his facial expresssions.


Spoilers for past True Bloods
As we’ve seen on True Blood, Alex is a talented actor. I like him when he’s being compelled by the witches and I think he’s convincing as both conniving ruthless Eric and hapless “hold me” Eric. Many of you disagree and want powerful Eric back. True Blood is getting very good in my opinion. I’m not even as annoyed by all the side plotlines as I used to be. I actually loved the way they wrapped up that issue with Arlene’s baby (mostly because the guy who plays Lafayette, Nelsan Ellis, is also an incredible actor) and find the werewolf stuff promising. I absolutely love Jessica and Jason together, and only wish that scene with them in the pickup would have last much longer. They’re way hotter together than Sookie and Eric. In terms of what I’m not enjoying, that Sookie threesome dream was pretty stupid. Ball does way too many dream sequences, and I remember finding the dream sequences in Six Feet Under to be asinine as well. There are only three more episodes of True Blood left this season, but we can be assured that there will be more to come since the show been renewed.

In terms of Alex’s other projects, that dumb-looking movie he did with his gratefully now ex-girlfriend, Kate Bosworth, Straw Dogs, is coming out on September 16th. Everyone will be watching to see how Kate and Alex handle the press circuit and red carpet. There’s some controversy over the fact that Alex’s character is being billed as sexy in the promotion for the film. Here’s a link to a story that explains why.




photo credit: Girlie/Fame Pictures

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  1. Katie says:

    True Blood is like Glee to me in that it was once extremely promising but fizzled out fast. Unlike Glee, I still watch True Blood though. It has enough good moments to keep me interested. In general I think they try to cram to much into each episode and spend time on characters they think the audience cares about that it seems people don’t really care that much about.

    ASkars: man. So sexy. I don’t know how different this Straw Dogs will be from the original, but the original wasn’t stupid. Also, no need to remake it though.

  2. curegirl0421 says:

    Oh yeah, the dream sequence was pretty dopey, but I kind of love “Hold Me Eric”! I can’t believe it’s already down to three episodes…

  3. TQB says:

    Oh my, he *is* adorable with that tan and those cute little expressions! I’m imagining his smile is at the relief of dropping all 80 lbs of dead weight (ie bosworth) from his life.

  4. Kaboom says:

    Heroes, Glee, True Blood .. the TV talent fizzlers of the last couple years.

  5. Jen34 says:

    What I love about him is that he is hot but unbelievably dorky at the same time. I never thought an overbite could be so sexy.

  6. sasha says:

    Unlike both Heroes and Glee, True Blood has been GAINING viewers. Its ratings are as strong as ever.

  7. CC says:

    He looks neither adorable nor sexy. Looks like someone with uhhhh….. mental issues. The R word, but since I don’t know if it’s allowed. Or he’s just showing again that his range as an actor is extremely limited (which is a big duh if you watch TB with a critical eye-everyone there has been terrible lately, which in a way, people can’t be blamed for, it’s not possible to take that plot/dialogue seriously).

  8. Harley says:

    I don’t usually lust after blondes, but he’s the exception! Cute and sexy…sigh…

  9. mary says:

    I think true blood sucks (no pun intended) these days. Mainly because I’m so fed up with sookie. and whimpy eric is booooring!

  10. Gwen says:

    I find him insanely hot at the moment :D

    *takes a minute to be grateful he’s Bos-loose*

  11. Jenna says:

    Yet for all the people complaining, the show is doing better than ever. This past episode had its highest ratings ever.

  12. original kate says:

    his hair is awful – it needs to be shorter. or longer. or something. otherwise, hot.

  13. Bamster says:

    The sex scenes are campy and almost seem to be dropped in whereever they can squeeze them in and they often cut to the “knock’in boots” part too fast.

  14. Jane says:

    I agree about the dream sequences. Enough already, it is getting to the point where I can spot them immediately and know it is a dream and not the actual story.

    I am also getting tired of every good looking guy in the series wanting Sookie. I can understand two guys, but three is making the story too predictable and unbelievable. It is also that way in the book and the books have deteriorated IMO. If they bring Quinn into the TV series that will make four guys after Sookie. If I continue to watch it after that it will be for the other story lines, if there are any.

  15. ef says:

    Last episode had high ratings because people wanted to see more sex between Eric and Sookie. That’s it. No one cares about plot, storyline or acting cause most viewers are only interested in possible full frontal scene of Eric and possibly Alcide. Alan Ball knows that very well and gives viewers what they want and that’s the only reason why TB is staying on air for next season. Alex can play certain roles but doesn’t have much of a range. I watched some of his older movies, GK and TB. GK is his best work so far including TB. That rooftop scene with Godric made me laugh because he was so over the top and cheesy. Amnesiac Eric is just plain awful. But equal blame should be put on writers as well. Scripts have gone downhill sice 2nd half of season 2. Constantly good actors on this show are Nelsan Ellis, Deborah Ann Woll and Ryan Kwanten. The rest needs to take a break and find acting coach.

  16. UKHels says:

    I think something just exploded in my gynaelogica area

  17. Mary says:

    ew, he doesnt look sexy at all.. he looks like a hobo

  18. Canuck says:

    He’s utterly and deliciously scrumptious! And for those who claim he has “no talent”, I guess that’s why he’s the breakout star of the series, right?

  19. CC says:


    In the land of the blind, he has one eye.

  20. Amanda G says:

    I think this season of True Blood has been awful. Too many characters, too many storylines and they destroyed my desire for Eric/Sookie to be together. The best part has been Jessica and Pam. I’m sooo ready for arrogant Eric to be back.

  21. dj says:

    True Blood is definitely goofy this season. Too many side plots and enough of Bill already! Is anyone really compelled by Bill anymore (besides Sookie)? The threesome scene was ridiculous and so was the dialogue. I am loving Sam, Alcide and Eric. But wish Pam would come back and Eric would get back to his bad self. Lafayette is great but his boyfriend is dragging behind. Eric has great acting range. Watch “Generation Kill.” Rant over. Thank you.

  22. Canuck says:

    @dj: Exactly! Seriously… How stupid would you have to be to remain in love with the guy who was basically on a mission to pimp you out against your will? Although they don’t say it, he not only watched her get beaten, but probably arranged the whole thing. He lied to her from the start (or maybe he didn’t with that groin comment), he cheated on her, betrayed her, almost killed her, gave up on her and during and after that time was having sex with at least two others, plus he had his own procurer/pimp working for him, so a bunch of randoms, willing or not. Plus, first he’s Sophie’s b*tch, then Russel’s (unsuccessfully both times) and now Nan’s. FFS, if Sookie, in AB’s world, finds that more attractive than a guy who doesn’t lie to her, saved her life while being willing to die for her TWICE, bought and restored her house and furniture (and possibly her car which was parked in her driveway when she got back) so she’d have somewhere to live and feel home in WHEN (not if) she came back, offered her protection after admitting he cared about her and then even in his diminished state wanted to do nothing more than love and protect her, then you know what? She probably deserves to get eaten by Russell Edginton next season. Because frankly, you can only be a dumb cow making dumb decisions for so long (a la Tara), before the viewers get fed up with you’re being so stupid and then they start to hope you’ll be written out because no one likes the character anymore.

  23. Jaana says:

    He is SEXXXYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Moops says:

    Love me some Alex, but I think True Blood has jumped the shark. If someone had asked me last week if a menage a trois scene with Eric, Bill and Sookie would be embarassing and lust-killing, I would have answered an emphatic “Never!” Yet there I was on Sunday night, cringing and *almost changing the channel. I blame the potent combination of Anna Paquin’s terrible acting (seriously, girl… less time in the gym and more time in acting class, please)and Alan Ball’s cheesy writing. Booo!

  25. mehgs says:

    I started watching True Blood only because I had recently binged through Terriers and Michael Raymond-James was rocking my world.

    Of course, story of my life, my imaginary boyfriend is a serial killer. Again.

    So I went back and watched Terriers. MRJ is still freakin adorable.

    So in conclusion. You can appreciate your imaginary love as a person* in some roles and as an actor in the others.

    Or I just have a weird thing for serial killers

    *=lust interest

  26. Emily says:

    I don’t understand how one person can be both completely adorable and drop dead fuck-me-now sexy. Everytime I watch True Blood and hear the theme song I think of all the bad things I want to do with him…

  27. dj says:

    @mehgs I loved Terriers too. Rene was a hot serial killer.
    @Canuck thanks for the validation. Maybe there will be some upcoming housecleaning (killing off some characters off). Tara, Arlene, Bill, Andy. If we cannot have bad Eric give us wonderfully sarcastic Pam. Edgerton was a great bad guy and funny. Antonia is not villain enuf yet.

  28. Berry says:

    The one thing I always hate is the cliffhangers at the end of each ep. I’ve vowed to let the entire fifth season finish before I go on a marathon. Can’t handle waiting!!

  29. Canuck says:

    @dj: Alan Ball will sadly never kill off Bill. What he’ll end up doing is Bill shipping to the point that no one gives a cr*p about what Sookie decides anymore, because she’s blind, stupid and makes nothing but bad decisions and in the end the viewers start hoping she gets what she’s asked for… aka betrayed or worse.