‘The World According To Paris’ won’t be renewed by Oxygen for a 2nd season


Our collective prayers have been answered — Paris Hilton’s career in reality television is basically over now. After all of that hard work and difficult posturing, it turns out that Paris has now fully achieved total irrelevance. Following a torturous season that’s been plagued with terrible ratings (which Paris tried to blame on the network), Oxygen has decided that “The World According to Paris” will not be renewed for a second season. Let us celebrate together:

This summer saw the debut of two new celebreality series featuring well-known female stars: Oxygen’s The World According to Paris and Lifetime’s Roseanne’s Nuts. Paris Hilton and Roseanne Barr are very different personalities, but their shows both struck out with viewers. Hilton’s series was pretty much dead on arrival, earning barely 400,000 viewers for its June debut and sinking even lower in subsequent airings. The network isn’t officially commenting on its fate, but Vulture can exclusively report what’s been obvious to even the most amateur ratings watcher for weeks: Oxygen has no plans for a second season of “The World According to Paris,” unscripted industry insiders familiar with the situation confirm.

It premiered to respectable but not particularly good numbers, with about 1.5 million folks watching Barr and her family putz around on a nut farm. More people watched repeats of “Pawn Stars” on Lifetime the night Roseanne debuted, which turned out to be an omen: In subsequent weeks, viewership dropped well below a million viewers. Indeed, the most recent episode, airing on August 10, attracted a mere 764,000 viewers. Another ominous sign: Lifetime preempted Roseanne last week, subbing in a repeat of “Dance Moms.” We thought this might be a sign that Lifetime wanted to experiment with different programming in the 9 p.m. Wednesday slot normally occupied by Roseanne, or that it was hoping to boost viewership for the 10 p.m. original of Dance Moms. But nope, Lifetime says there was absolutely no strategy behind the last-second shift: “It was a program delivery issue,” a network spokesman e-mailed Vulture, noting it will air as scheduled this week. That’s usually code for, “The producers couldn’t get the episode done in time,” but since the Lifetime rep didn’t elaborate, we’ll just let “program delivery issue” speak for itself. In any case, with Roseanne having experienced a 50 percent drop in viewership since its premiere, it would seem that its chances for a second season are about the same as “The World According to Paris.” For now, however, Lifetime is maintaining its happiness with the show: “No decision on season two yet but we are happy with its performance this season,” the network rep said.

[From NY Mag Vulture Blog]

So three times as many people tuned in for the premiere of “Rosanne’s Nuts” than for Paris’ show? That’s pretty abysmal, and the ratings only grew worse as the season progressed. Meanwhile, Paris must be livid at the inexplicable success of her ex-BFF, Kim Kardashian, whose family is essentially dominating the E! programming schedule. Naturally, this also extends to the impending four hour wedding spectacular special for which Kim K. will allegedly pocket $17.0 million for all of the associated goodies. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Paris has a row of Kardashian-themed voodoo dolls set up in a special room at her tacky mansion, but really, Paris should look at the bright side of her latest show’s cancellation. Now she’ll have lots more free time for fishing, violin playing, and skydiving! And shopping and clubbing too.



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  1. brin says:

    Ha….her 15 minutes were up five years ago. C’est la vie, Paris.

  2. Deb says:

    These are the moments that make life worth living.

  3. whitedaisy says:

    Nicely done, Oxygen. I didn’t even know Roseanne had a reality show; I imagine with all of the money dedicated to Hilton’s show promotion and advertising they expected higher viewership.
    Maybe Hollywood is finally getting a clue…

  4. whitedaisy says:

    Maybe NOW she’ll have time for all of her charity work.

  5. Kasey says:

    As much as they are somewhat entertaining and as much as I love Khloe. I hope the Kardashians are next. If there was a way to keep only Khloe and Lamar that’d be great but if not, I want their 15 minutes to be up before the younger 2 somehow start attracting their own following for DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I’m kinda tired of the Kardashian brand/korporation.

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    Yay, TWAT P is dead!!! (thank you, Michael K)

    Also, hubs likes Roseann’s Nuts. He thinks she funny and/or crazy. Lifetime, put another season on it for hubs! :)

    Kasey, from your keyboard to God’s ears. I really, really fervently hope that the Kartrashians are next. And I hope Lardassian’s wedding is SO PHENOMENALLY LOW-RATED that she curls up into a little ball of botox and fillers and cries herself to sleep (next to her rent-a-giant “husband”, of course) (wait, can she even cry? botox tears?) for WEEKS. Or maybe months. Whatever’s worse.

  7. MarenGermany says:

    irrelevancy is all i ever wished for her.

    she has been a vapid, mean-spirited, cruel person for way too long(and her behaviour was encouraged by the media way too long)

    there is a reason she doesnt have friends, you know.

    she looks like her mum.

    so let me just


  8. Quest says:

    Paris – you’re so “NOT HOT”….LMAO…good for Oxygen, I hope other networks can follow suit with some of these so called reality shit aired on the tele

  9. Pyewacket says:

    She isn’t totally irrelevant yet. She showed up here didn’t she? ; P

  10. bagladey says:

    I have hilarious images of many of those 400,000 viewers being toothless and shoeless holding onto their mason jars while they luv them some Paris.

  11. Hautie says:

    The only difference between Kim K and Paris… is that Kim K. has better management.

    Paris obviously did not get the correct management team in place. To clean up her “brand”.

    Nor does Paris seem to have the ability to listen to professional advice. To stop doing dumb shit. Like getting busted for Coke.

    She can’t even enter the country of Japan because of that Coke possession charge. The one country that still idolizes her.

    But no one is interested in her vapid, self center life. Of doing nothing but whining and hitting the bars. She is too old to still be a bottle rat.

  12. Madisyn says:

    Yes, the rage must be strong in Parisite regarding KK. I can only imagine how furious she was over the weekend knowing her ‘protege’ was not only making mucho bank but basking in something Parasite lives for . . . attention!

  13. corey says:

    Like Lainey said yesterday, I bet she is seething at KK’s success right now. After all, they used to be best friends.
    UGH! I can’t really believe we let ANOTHER sex tape/reality show whore slip into celebrity life(riches and SWAG).We let it happen TWICE. We need to wake up America,seriously.

  14. Madisyn says:


    I agree and think Parasite had even more professional representation than KK, especially at the start of their “careers” BUT Parasite suffers from the same affliction as another idiotic delusion twit, she believes she can do as she pleases, no consequences, and will do what she wants, managers be damned. (You know who I mean.)

    KK listens, the others don’t. Plain and simples. KK also stays off the sauce and the drugs. That’s the difference between the two, eer three.

  15. Kara Ann says:

    Could be the best thing that ever happend to her! Question: If no one is paying attention, does a spoilt, rich bitch, famewhore grow the hell up?

  16. Truthful says:

    I pray the same thing happens w/the KarTRASHians…

    They are one in the same.

    talentless, all this time being in LA and neither has taken a acting class or music lesson to hone any kind of skills other than shopping and whining.

    yet the public is making them richer.

    Paris has a huge porject, she is designing new hotels in Vegas and Dubai–not bad for a talentless twit.

    When will the madness stop.

  17. AliceV says:

    Taking bets . . . how long before Paris finds herself someone to marry – like Kimmie did – just so she could have a wedding show and try to get some attention like Kim did?

    I’m thinking it won’t be long.

  18. 4Real says:

    I wouldn’t be suprised if another scandal or “sex tape” was “leaked” soon.

  19. logan says:

    First Kate plus 8 goes, then Kat Von D’s show is over, now Paris Hilton’s show is done. I have one thing to say about it all…AMERICA WE HAVE GOOD TASTE after all. Next I hope is all the “Housewives of where ever”.

  20. jover says:

    If a vapid, irrelevant, empty famewhore falls in the woods, does anyone hear the thud?

  21. The Truth Fairy says:

    I’m all for watching mindless crap on TV, but her show made Jersey Shore look like Jeopardy!

  22. Kim says:

    I would rather watch Paris her pick her nose than watch anything the Kardashians do. At least Paris is honest about being vapid and into money. The Kardashians act like they are stars because of “talent.” When did getting peed on in a sex tape you release become a talent?? Kris Humprhies family must be mortified he married this porn star! I would kill my son-haha!

  23. Sara says:

    Roseanne’s Nuts is a HILARIOUS show!!

  24. fizXgirl314 says:

    I agree with Madisyn… the one thing that separates the Kardashian famewhores from this famewhore is that the Kardashians seem to understand that the audience expects some level of maturity from someone in their 30′s. While they are getting married and having kids, Paris is still acting like a dipshit with her baby voice. People like her are only funny for short time before you stop wanting to pay attention to them. She thinks she can just continue to break the law and act entitled without people getting annoyed… well she’s wrong!

  25. Seal Team 6 says:

    I LOVE Roseanne’s show. Lifetime or TLC needs to air it instead.

  26. Kelly says:

    Haha Paris, please fade into obscurity now

  27. glowkey says:

    @Kim – you said it! Ugh, imagine your son bringing home a pr0n “star”. I literally shivered when I found out Humphries is from my state (Minnesota) and that she was in the area meeting his fam for the first time!

  28. NYC Snark says:

    Another sign Paris is falling off the pop culture radar: this story has only 27 comments before mine. I guess that’s a big “meh.”

    Personally I have never found Paris grating. I like that she’s an Aquarian and doesn’t conform to society’s expectations. But I am really weary of these reality stars. I want my American royalty to speak fluent French and know a lot about great art — not be so wince-inducing tacky.

  29. YourPhoenix says:

    Considering she refused to promote the show, and that awkward radio interview, I’m not surprised. She seemed so disinterested in her own show. Her true personality shone through for all to see on that bizaree radio interview and her storming out on that tv interview.

  30. Leah says:

    I’m still in shock that she is wearing velour sweats.

  31. lala says:

    Omg, this is really upsetting :( I love Paris! I don’t care what anyone else says about her, she’s amazing and everybody who says differently is just jealous. kbyee. :)