Kate Gosselin is surprised that no networks want to hire her

We’ve heard that Kate Gosselin was pitching a dating show after TLC cancelled her long-running family reality show, and that she’s so overextended she’s worried that she’ll “end up on welfare.” Kate has been on a form of welfare for the past six years, and is dependent on the public’s good will to keep making obscene money for all expenses paid trips with her kids. Since she’s managed to squander all of that with her attitude of entitlement, she’s now scrambling to keep the cash and fame flowing. In an interview on the Today Show earlier this month, Kate confirmed that she hopes to stay on television. “I think at this point the best opportunity for all of us would be me continuing in TV as a way to provide for my kids.” She also put down her ex husband Jon Gosselin’s 9-5 job installing solar panels. “It’s a situation where Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids and working a regular job and I want the best for my kids and the best opportunities, not unlike every parent.” So, according to Kate, most of us live “mediocre” lives by working regular jobs to support our families. Given Kate’s opinion, I’ll take this opportunity to mock her for being unable to land a “non-mediocre” cush job on television ever again.

Although Kate Gosselin told me she would do whatever she had to in order to support her children following the cancellation of her fame-making show, the mom of eight is finding out that it’s easier said than done. Gosselin, who told me that her first choice would be to stay in television, isn’t getting the job response she had hoped for.

“She has approached many different networks, including pitching a travel show idea to her old network, TLC, but so far no one has said yes,” an insider tells me. “She assumed that given her fame, producers and networks would be knocking her over with job offers and is, to say the least, very surprised that she hasn’t received a single one.”

TLC officially confirmed that “Kate Plus 8″ had been cancelled after its ratings continued to drop and the show became more and more expensive to produce when they added traveling the globe to the series. At the time, Gosselin told me she had never earned the amount of money people assumed she was receiving and made it very clear that she wasn’t set for life.

“Like many reality stars Kate is in a very difficult position,” a reality show casting director tells me. “Who wants to go back to a real day job after being paid to work three or four months a year. Everyone I have ever met on a reality show thinks it will never end. They quit their day jobs and assume they will become rich and famous. They do become infamous [but] — with the exception of Bethenny Frankel — they never become rich. Plus, who is going to hire them for a real job after they have made a fool out of themselves on TV?”

[From The Huffington Post]

Kate is going the way of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, except she’s old enough to have no excuse for not planning for this, and for assuming that the public would continue to support her outlandish lifestyle.

Does reality television help create these type of narcissistic famewhores, or are these just the people who are drawn to reality television? Kate has surely changed over the years due to her television show, but it’s not like she would have been a nice, normal person without the cameras. She would have confined her nastiness to her family and community, and she would have had to make due with less resources. It looks like that’s about to happen for her anyway, and she’s going into it kicking and screaming.

Kate tweeted a response to this story, as reported on Radar, and wrote “NOT 1 stitch of truth in radar article, once again… & radar u can’t even report my website properly! It’s: kateplusmy8.com.

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  1. Dani D says:

    Kate is a hot-a** mess! She should have been putting money away in anticipation of this day. she knew this day would come. She reads the blogs and sees that everyone basically cannot stand her. I don’t even know if being a nurse is an option anymore-her bed side manners suck! Stop with the $1500 hair styles,etc… like us “mediocre” people live with out.

  2. Nancy C. says:

    too bad jerk jon only has to pay child support which only covers a fraction of the real cost of raising a child. custodial parents always get stuck with the brunt of financial expenses.

  3. DenG says:

    She should get a “leased piece” and pose for Terry Richardson.

  4. gee says:

    Bethenny Frankel is sucessful because she never quit her day job. She used reality tv as a platform for her brand. Like her or hate her, she plays the game like a pro. Stupid Kate Gosselin will dissapear eventually. She should not have squandered her money or let her head get so big.

  5. lin234 says:

    What is scary is that her behavior has not changed one iota after the media called her out on her attitude. It means she’s such a narcissist she thinks her overreaction towards things is right and normal. You’ve got to feel sorry for the kids now that the cameras aren’t around and mommy dearest doesn’t have to “play nice” to them. If a fraction of her personality is kept in check by the cameras, can you imagine how she is when finances become tighter and she fades into obscurity? Those kids cannot grow up fast enough. I really feel bad for them.

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    You know what, you greedy bitch (Kate)? Single moms work hard to support their kids, sometimes at more than one job.

    How DARE she put down women EVERYWHERE and then expect us to watch her meltdowns on TV! (NEVER watched that show; NEVER will. Only the clips on The Soup.)

    Children are NOT a source of income; they are a drain on it. Children are wonderful, insane, lovely, chaotic little beings who deserve to be raised surrounded by love, not television cameras.

  7. Kelly says:

    Serves her right! What an ass. She doesn’t seem to get that the Gosselins only landed the series in the first place because of those cute little sextuplets. She’s somehow come to believe that SHE is the star. HAHAHAHA!

  8. brin says:

    She’s got to be the only one who is surprised, she’s horrible.

  9. DogBoy says:

    To answer your question– I think the system creates both the famewhores and debt.

    They wouldnt have the money to spend lavishly if they werent on TV, so they wouldn’t have tasted the lifestyle that they grow comfortable with and addicted to.

    Easy and/or quick sums of money are tough for anyone to handle properly– just ask lottery winners, rookie NFL sensations, etc….

  10. caitlinsmommy says:

    she is getting what she so royally deserves. I’ll take a front row seat and a martini to watch her downfall.

  11. Tierra says:

    oh this makes my day.
    I still dont think she realizes how much people cant stand her.
    Hopefully she goes far, far away soon.

    In the meantime, Im still waiting for Steve’s wife to write a tell all. I wonder if she’ll actually be able to speak out now that the show is over.

  12. dorothy says:

    I’ve said it before and will say it again: KARMA’S A BITCH.

  13. Jaded says:

    Once again she’s managed to sh*t all over regular “mediocre” folks in regular “mediocre” jobs who don’t treat their kids like little ATM machines. She’s no better than the Lohans and those kids are going to need decades of therapy.

  14. Kimbob says:

    Agreed….she is not a likeable person AT ALL. I really take issue w/her “mediocre” comments. Oh, so the road she drives a car on, the car she drives or rides in, the clothes she and her children wear, the house she lives in (solar panels or not), her hairstylist…..all of this done by “mediocre people w/mediocre jobs.” I have one thing to say….KATE…SCREW OFF!!!!! It’s so easy to hate on her. She is a real-life villain personified.

  15. Cracknut says:

    To be able to write a blog, shouldn’t you be able to spell ? lol

    It’s “make do” and “few resources,” duh.

  16. Anastasia says:

    Cracknut: if you’re going to correct people, you need to know what you’re doing. It’s “fewer resources.” Duh.

  17. aenflex says:

    haha caitlinsmommy – funnneee!

  18. hatsumomo says:

    Ugh, I read a about when Bravo fired all the RHONYC women and they started crying about how they were wronged by the network for treating them as though they were expendable. They funny part is they are! I cant believe all these reality ‘stars’ truly believe they’re real bonafide celebrities. Being a jack-ass on TV every night doesn’t pass for a talent. Im amazed when these delusional broads believe their invincible to ratings or public scorn and I hope real reality smacks Kate in her over-done face hard.

  19. Kimbob says:

    @hatsumomo….Well said….bravo! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  20. CT says:

    I’m all for social services for people who need them…

    But if Kate Gosselin ends up on welfare, I’m going to be pissed.

  21. neelyo says:

    ‘Does reality television help create these type of narcissistic famewhores, or are these just the people who are drawn to reality television?’

    At this point I think that’s a chicken or egg question.

    I’m giggling at the prospect of Kate reduced to co-hosting a pool party in Vegas with Heidi Montag. Please let it happen!

  22. velourazure says:

    she’s evil. and quite stupid, apparently, if she wasn’t able to save any of the money she made.

  23. Julia says:

    But Kate said she is going to work her manicured fingers to the bone to suppport her kids. Ya right. My husband would scrubs toilets if he had too. He has worked the most difficult MEDIOCRE jobs to provide for us. She cries about $700 for groceries. We purchase $400 for groceries a week for my son. (He is an athlete) Kate while your driving around in your fancy car, think about the people that have nothing. I am tired of her pity party. I know lots of families that have 10 kids and survive in small homes where both parents work. But their moms are not spending a fortune pampering themselves. Kate is a self-entitled spoiled brat.

  24. Jackson says:

    I never watched her show and don’t give a rat’s ass about her….however, I love the cut of her hair. My hair is long and pretty much all one length and I’m going to have them layer it like hers is done. She can keep the bright yellow color though.

  25. Dawn says:

    She is afraid she will end up on welfare? They were on welfare when the tups were born so I guess she will just go back to where she started minus Jon. And hey good for Jon for working a job that does not whore out his children like Kate so willingly does. I wonder how long purse boy will hang with her now that the money is drying up. Not long I suspect. I hope she has to go back to her mediocre job just like Jon did, if she could find one that is.

  26. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I don’t believe this, she wonders why networks don’t want her? What could she offer? She has a bad attitude, DWTS showed she had no personality to even act entertaining let alone be talented and entertaining enough to act. Kate needs to get her ass a real job and make John help financially with those kids. If Kate had a better attitude people probably would donate money to help her until she finds reputable employment. Why would you to someone who feels so entitled?

  27. Kloops says:

    Next up: pimping out her kids as the next great talent.

  28. Original Tiffany says:

    She thought she’d get a job due to her fame? Wha?

    She is only famous for being a famewhore, raving, lunatic, evil tantrum throwing abusive mother.

    Oh Joel, you stupid brat-how dare you barf? Locks child on floor in laundry room all day. Jon gets home and goes WTF?

    Who wants to give her a job? HA! Karma is a flipping wonderful thing and it will be completed when her kids write their tell all books someday and the hidden footage gets released.

  29. Angie says:

    She sure as heck was happy enough to take money from all those people working “mediocre jobs” when she was begging for “love offerings” at churches and taking donations and handouts left and right when she had the children. What a stupid waste of humanity.

  30. It is ME!! says:

    I just want her ass to go away. Period, end of story.

  31. Stubbylove says:

    @hatsumomo – DITTO. Right on the money!

  32. Lady Satan says:

    @Kloops – Pretty much what she’s being doing all along though, isn’t it?

    The thing I find the saddest about all this is that she obviously used her kids to make money and gain fame, but has done nothing for their future. If she is “afraid she’ll end up on welfare” she obviously hasn’t any savings. That means no college fund for those kids or other future planning for them. But hey, as long as her hair is done and she’s getting press, who cares? What a bitch.

  33. ness says:

    i dont get why people try to put down Jon imo he was tired of her attitude and thats why he started acting up. He tried to be a star(remember that clothing line w christan audegier or whatever that was lol)then he realized ppl didnt like him, and he didnt have a chance on tv and did the right thing getting a “mediocre” job.thats what kate should be doing.

  34. nan says:

    Before a couple decides to have ONE child, there should be plans alreay in place on how they can afford to pay for the baby’s expenses and education. This couple is Disgusting!!!!

  35. Linda says:

    Kate’s problem is HER personal lifestyle…she does not want to give up her body guard, her personal cook, her personal trainer, her housekeeper, her two nannies…these things all cost money…and she doesn’t want to give them up and she cannot afford them on a nurses salary…it’s not simply providing a lifestyle for her kids…it’s HER lifestyle that she wants to maintain.

  36. Lobo says:

    If this woman is ‘broke’ she should be investigated to see exactly what she has done with all the money she has made. She lies so much, you never know what is true or not. I wish, truly wish, she would shut up and just disappear. She is not talented, not interesting nor entertaining. Her kids have no special talents, yet she is trying to pimp out Mady to Disney. Stop already. Disappear. PLEASE.

  37. M.K. says:

    Jon does pay for his kids. At one time I believe he was paying $25,000+ a month. When his income went down his payment amount down. He is paying what the court orders.

  38. bluhare says:

    I call bullshit on this. From what I’ve read, she coupons, accepts free clothes for her kids (then consigns the clothes rather than donate them), free food/drink, gets her hair comped (yep, she admitted it . . . think that will continue now you’re not on TV, Kate?), and apparently is accepting handouts from fans on Twitter. She can also dip into the kids’ measly accounts (15% TOTAL of the money made from the show) for their expenses. So long college, kids!

    She’s not broke, people. She’s trying to get everyone to feel sorry for her so someone will offer her an entertainment job. SHe’s having you on and you’re all buying it.

  39. natalie says:

    I’m so sick of this woman and I hope she fades into obscurity.

  40. Sue says:

    I hear “The Talk” has some openings. SHe was OK on the “The View” so perhaps this might be the way to go. I would love to see her and that Chen chick battle it out.

  41. Janice says:

    Go find a normal job like most people and provide for your children. My gosh, this woman!

  42. Susan C says:

    I think Kate G should get her head out of the clouds. She was lucky to have the run she had. What talent does she have? Without the cute kids she has nothing.

  43. lucy2 says:

    bluhare, I agree, I think this is all for sympathy and attention, in the hopes that it brings her fame. In a way it is, she’s in the media once again.
    Poor kids.

  44. Str8Shooter says:

    Could this shrieking harridan be any MORE vile and disgusting?

    Apparently, she fails to realize two very important ‘realities’:

    1) No one likes her or wants to work with her, because she has NO talent, NO personality, and is a raving See ya Next Tuesday to everyone around her.

    2) She wouldn’t even have the level of ‘stardom’ she has now if it weren’t for her ‘mediocre’ fans.

    God I hate this evil whore.

  45. danielle says:

    Why does she think anyone would WANT her on a show. She’s famous for being a b*tch, the kids were the draw of the show, not her.

  46. mln76 says:

    @Nancy C so $7,000 extensions, botox, sports cars, and tummy tucks are called ‘custodial costs’ now?

  47. taxi says:

    I never want to see or hear from or of her again. Only time I ever saw her on TV was a couple of years ago when she was getting the first hair extensions, over maybe 18 hours. Sickening degree of self-centeredness came through loudly. It’s too bad this vapid woman has any children, because parenting isn’t a priority for her.

  48. Lancasterwatch says:

    Too bad the dentist didn’t remove her vocal chords when he performed the root canal on her yesterday. The sound of her voice makes me want to take a ballpean hammer to my tv set

  49. SueAnn says:

    She is such a vile person. I used to think it was Jon, but he got over himself. This bitch is going into obscurity fast and she can’t take it. Her poor children. The only warmth to get was from their nannies no doubt, now they are gone and they have this cold frigid POS to “take care” of them. I am sure there will be numerous tell all books from the 8 of them…….bitch

  50. marybeth18 says:

    The truest part of this article is the assertion that every reality star believes they will be famous forever, and none of the, NONE OF THEM, do.

    Do you remember how famous Paris was in her day? Do you remember when Heidi and Spencer were on the cover of every tabloid month after month? I guarantee the Kardashians think that this will never end, but it will. Those women are in their thirties; do you think people are really going to be interested in watching three siblings in their late 30s/early 40s? Their show(s) have been on the air since October 2007; it’s been 4 years, but I seriously doubt they have 4 more.

  51. Denise says:

    Let me understand this; she is dissing the people who supported her show because we are mediocre for working regular jobs and having tasted fame, she is now looking down on regular employment? Is she aware that there are millions of hard working Americans that are out of work and have no way to provide for their families in these hard economic times? What a crass and stupid bitch! She has squandered any residual goodwill that people may have had for her and her tribe, before her ignorant remarks and tweets. She is a dumb ass fame whore with foot in mouth disease.

  52. DoMaJoReMc says:

    NancyC: ‘Fess up, you are REALLY Khate, aren’t you?

    And further more, those kids BELONG with their loving Dad…not the B!TCH of a so-called ‘mother’.

  53. Feebee says:

    Why does the Today Show keep interviewing her?

  54. gwen01 says:

    actually Kate did really think that the idea of the show was to follow her kids to University. She really thought that this was a lifelong show and that is why she wasn’t worried about how she spent her money although I am sure she has some set aside. It is hilarious to me that when Jon tried to shut down production, Kate was in the war room with executives and lawyers trying to figure out how to screw jon over and kate felt like she was the “key” and the executives probably made her feel super important. Now, she has learned just how disposable she really is. They don’t give a crap about her, she was just the mom to a load of kids and the kids were supposed to be the stars. Kate made it about her struggle with these kids and then it became a show all about Kate and her life. She is a phoney, she is trying to make her fans feel bad for her as she tweets to them every tear her kids shed now that the show is over. Her website counter adds 5 or 6 extra numbers everytime you hit her site and I am sure she is hoping that TLC thinks that she is still relevent but her Save Kate plus 8 petition has maybe 700 signatures and it has been online for a couple of months. She is her own worst enemy and that is why she is in the top 10 of the most hated people in america. Kate, that is why no one wants to hire you. You repell people.

  55. Denise says:

    @Bros; the link was phenomenal, that woman is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  56. Tristyn says:

    I’m disgusted w/this women and her whoa me stories … Kate ,GET A DAMN JOB !.!.! And quietly go away and salvage what dignity you have left take care of your kids …

  57. womanfromthenorth says:

    I hate this Bitch and just wish she would go away.

    Best thing for her… find a sugar daddy that wants to help with the 8 fucking kids. Good luck with that

  58. your mama says:

    Kate needs to get her head out of her @ss. She screwed herself by being horrible to the (so-called) little people. Now, all of us who are mediocre don’t want to watch her on TV. That’s what she failed to realize. She is a DUMB #itch!

    Kate Gosselin – why don’t you stop getting your fake tans, getting your hair done, getting your mani/pedis & scrub a toilet to pay your bills. We don’t want you on TV!

  59. your mama says:

    @womanfromthenorth – HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah like any guy would want to put up with THAT after the way she treats everyone. She needs more than luck.

  60. DebDebP says:

    Don’t worry, Kate! I’m sure Vivid entertainment will come a knockin’ soon!

  61. Carolyn says:

    It must be frightening to someone so clueless that noone is interesting in paying her mega dollars anymore. I hope the kids grow up Ok with such a stoopid role model. Reality shows have a short shelf life. The Kartrashians have 2 years max left. As if anyone would care what happens to John and Kate for any extended period. Plus both of them are just so unlikeable.

  62. Camille says:

    When will this loser go away?!

  63. Ken Grainger says:

    Hi Kate, I hope that at some point in your delusional state you take a moment and read the rantings and postings of the mediocre middle class whom work their fingers to the bone to support just one child. You decided to push hard for some celebrity status of having eight children, when your ex husband just wanted a loving family. You pushed and jerked your way through the camera and into the households of however many people actually stomached a moment to watch you act like a bitch. Honestly, the only reason why you’re actually shocked is because you can’t pull your head out of your sphincter long enough to realized that the scent you catch isn’t roses and gold. You lady, are a fallible female, you screwed up at family, you screwed up on television, and you’ve screwed up your finances, the only thing you didn’t screw up, is being the brunt of laughter from TV execs and the public by saying that you don’t get why people don’t like you.

  64. Jenn says:

    This is one of the only times I wish cameras would stick around, because when there is no one to film her and keep her in check….. my God, those poor kids. If you read any excerpt of her book, Jon wanted to stop after the twins- SHE kept pushing for more. She wanted attention, she wanted babies (not to be a parent), she wants control and she wants to be a star. It’s over for her; she just hasn’t accepted it yet. Jon isn’t great, but I can’t blame him for longing to be free of a nasty, bitchy control freak who will probably give the kids to him once she sees she really isn’t going to be on TV and they serve no purpose for her anymore. What a vile cunt this woman is.

  65. Alix says:

    How can a person this delusional not be under a psychiatrist’s care???

  66. Ada says:

    @Grainger: Great comment. Those poor kids will never know the meaning of true love. Their mom never made any sacrifices for them. Kate just loves herself.

  67. anne_000 says:

    Jon does pay child support. But Kate should be responsible for her decision to hold onto her million$ plus estate, her personal staff, her expensive grooming procedures, her sports car, her travels, etc.

  68. Maritza says:

    She should thank God she lasted this long on tv, if she had saved her money instead of spending it on hairstylists, expensive clothing, a sports car, tanning salons and her bodyguard she would have enough to pay her bills.

  69. Mooshi says:

    @theoriginalBellaluna “Children are wonderful, insane, lovely, chaotic little beings who deserve to be raised surrounded by love,”

    I am speechless at how wonderful that comment is.

  70. Dawned says:

    Poor Kate. She won’t be able to complain about the papparazzi anymore!

  71. DreamyK says:

    Bad web addy. The words Kate, pus and ate (8) not good.

  72. Cinderella says:

    That bitch is so dried up, Steve Hirsch isn’t even calling her!

  73. Rhowen says:

    It is very sad that khate’s life will come full circle – from rags to riches to rags [if she had squandered all those $$$$millions]. It is also irritating to know that khate believed she is “entitled” to be on TV and we [the mediocre people with mediocre jobs] are being forced by networks to watch her. khate is beyond narcissm. khate is a “sickness” all her own. The only cure for that is to ignore her presence here on earth.

  74. Anon says:

    TLC gave Kate a platform to spin her woes, from bilking little old ladies into sending cash/presents to her kids–”who are we to say no” to “wishing” for her next trip. Everything she ever wanted, Kate dreamed aloud or she even got rid of people if they dared questioned her. “Mine, all mine…as far as the eye can say.” Kate is a female sociopath, God help the 8 Gosselin children and Jon, too.
    Shame on every person like Matt Lauer or Meredith Vierra (NBC and TLC in bed) that kissed her narcissistic, sociopath greedy-exploiting butt. It is all about the money and the media shows its true colors. The Leeching Channel exploits people.

  75. MARY says:

    I am sooo happy TLC cancelled kate plus eight. Its really sad watching her. She really believes that the American public buys her act and that she was entertaining us. I never really understood why the show was picked up after the babies starting growing up and Jon and Kate split. The curiousity about raising multiples was satisfied fairly quickly, but still the show dragged on and on. Kate morphed into some kind of crazy diva like fame whore. She is definitely the definition of famewhore. What the heck is entertaining about watching some selfish mother going on on those network paid trips, ordering people around, and generally being ridiculous/ I feel sorry for Kates children, I really do. Not because the shows cancelled but because Their mother exploits them for money and fame and then squandered the money on herself. She then has the audacity to sit on the Today show and cry those crocidile tears about how scared she is for the future. Go to work as a nurse! and yes I too hope those Today show appearances are over, Why do they keep having her on? Noboby Cares! There are familys out there with real struggles and hard times, Give them a show!!! That show i would watch. I would watch the Duggars over kate plus eight any day of the week. I actually enjoy that show. They are real. They are actually grateful for what they have and instill real values in their children. The best thing for Kates kids is to be OFF tv permanently and go back to a normal life away from cameras. You can see the kids have issues, they’re going to need help, maybe some counseling. they seem to have behavioral issuesand are terrified of their control freak mother.

  76. dragonlady sakura says:

    She’s right! How dare we all suffer these mediocre lives, working to support ourselves and our families. I blame my parents for raising me in a loving home. Sure, I had love, food and shelter, but what I really needed was my own reality show. I should go fuss them out right now…

  77. Hakura says:

    I’m sorry Lindsay, but a man does NOT send a woman off with his credit cards unless there’s sex involved. “Dating” (sleeping with) someone for financial benefit is the definition of a ‘call girl’. Appearing ‘cuddling’ with a new guy every week or so does little to convince us otherwise.

    Is it just me, or do these guys completely lack a concept of what things are worth? Must be nice to bounce around Europe while her sentenced ‘community service’ here in the states remains woefully undone. Would the courts put up with that crap from a normal person?

  78. Hakura says:

    POSTING ERROR ABOVE! Please disregard or delete my previous entry, I switched the two around) Sorry about that! This is what I really meant to put here:
    I do agree with the comments made implying that Kate deserves to experience life ‘after reality show’.

    She’s always reminded me of ‘Cruella de Vil’ from 101 Dalmations… Couldn’t you see her rounding up her children to be sacrificed for some luxury item? (Oh wait! She’s already done that! Silly me.

    I’m torn with the comments being made. In regards to Kate, I agree entirely with everyone’s sentiments. But if our hopes (that Kate gets to reap what she sowed) are successful…… That means the children would all suffer (more than they already do) as a consequence.

    I’d love to see Kate knocked flat on her ass, but I’d evenmore, I want to see that the kids have someone stable to help. & that Kate’s money idiocy won’t make things too bad for them.

  79. Robin says:

    Obviously Nancy C is an idiot! The only jerk in that family was Kate. Anyone who treats their spouse like that should not expect respect or loyalty. The kids can go to public school. Kate can go back to nursing, take care of her kids (let the nannies go), clean her house (let the house keepers go), get rid of the bodyguard and try like heck to hold on to the house. Just like the rest of the world.

  80. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @Robin: NO TRUER WORDS HAVE BEEN SPOKEN. THANK YOU! *bowing to you!*

    @NancyC: If it walks like a pig with lipstick, and it sounds like a pig with lipstick, then KHATE *IS* a pig with lipstick.
    8 bazillion people cannot be wrong.

  81. Miranda says:

    @Nancy #2: What’s he supposed to do? The man has a job and is paying child support. Let’s not forget he has EIGHT children. He can only make so much and pay so much. I’m the custodial parent and my ex-husband pays much more than I do. Don’t get me wrong…I know a problem exists with deadbeat dads, but her ex is working. What more do you think he should do? You can’t paint everyone with the same brush. Not every ex-husband is a dick! You can’t take someone’s side JUST because they’re the custodial parent. The woman is a sideshow and the worst example of what a loving mother is. Take the blinders off and see her for what she is. People truly dislike her. I hope they take her kids away and she ends up alone and miserable.