Beyonce vs. Jessica Simpson: who has the more realistic bump?


I obviously don’t even know what to say about these dual messes at this point, so I’m just going to compare and contrast and offer random thoughts:

*By most accounts, Beyonce and Jessica Simpson are both allegedly in their second trimesters. My guess would be that they’re probably both due in February or March of next year.

*My personal opinion is that Jessica looks farther along. That could be because Jessica has looked consistently pregnant day after day, photo op after photo op.

*Does anyone else think the Beyonce’s “candid” baby bump (seen in these new photos) looks crazy-big all of a sudden? It didn’t look this big last week, and yet it looked even bigger on that Australian television show where her bump collapsed. Why does it keep going up and down in size?

*Does anyone else think it’s weird that Beyonce’s new, big bump made its sudden debut on the same day that everybody was talking about Jessica’s huge, still-unconfirmed bump? It’s almost like Beyonce wants all of the attention, right?

*I love that Jessica still hasn’t confirmed her pregnancy. I know it should weigh me down as a gossip blogger, but I think every time she steps outside and she’s photographed with her hand resting on her extended bump, she’s confirming her pregnancy. And I’m so thankful that we don’t have to hear Jessica talk about it exhaustively like Beyonce. I might be speaking too soon (Jessica is probably going to announce this week!), but for now, I’m totally on Team Farty in these Bump Wars.

*I love Jessica’s pregnancy poncho. (Pregnant) bitch already loved ponchos and muumuus and large, oversized tops, and I want her to just continue in this vein.






Photos courtesy of Fame, WENN & Pacific Coast News.

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  1. tracking says:

    Simpson looks like a woman who eats and relaxes, and therefore shows the pregnancy all over. Beyonce is probably much more disciplined with diet/exercise and won’t gain as much weight. But all women carry differently anyway.

  2. Rianic says:

    JS is short – I think she’s 5’3″, like me. I was HUGE very quickly w my pregnancies. W my single baby, everyone kept asking if she were twins. W my twins, my waist was 44″ at 30 weeks.

    When you’re short, the baby has nowhere to grow but out!

    Tall women seem to show less

  3. gee says:

    Jessica has the more realistic bump, because her bump is real.

  4. Flan says:

    Thanks to Beyonce, all pregnant celebrities will be suspected of faking it from now on, hehe.

  5. Emily says:

    LMAO@ gee.

    It must be eating Beyonce up that she announced her pregnancy and got conspiracies, while Jessica hasn’t said anything yet and is getting all this attention. Famewhore karma.

  6. bigchili says:

    I completely agree with Rianic. I think it has a lot to do with their height. I’m 5’8″ and even though I gained 55 pounds I never looked like I was ‘ready to pop’. A week before my due date a waitress thought I must have a couple of months to go because her best friend was much ‘larger’ and she still had over a month before she was due. I just had to laugh.

  7. S says:

    I think B is really pregnant, but I also think she pads her bump for drama. I mean, this is a woman who always has multiple pairs of spanx and custom hose on and a wind machine – OF COURSE she’s doing her pregnancy theatrically.

  8. Victoria says:

    @Emily YES to the tenth power. This was supposed to Beyonce’s return spotlight since 4lop did nothing for her, but divide non-fans and stans even more. Now, this whole baby debacle is dragging her down. Yes, I believe she is preggers but I do believe she was and is padding.

  9. Lex says:

    A lady on my team at work is due mid Feb and she ‘exploded’ in the last week or two, from looking just kinda chunky to a properly rounded stomach that cannot be mistaken for fatness.

    I assume the same has happened with these two?

  10. TXCinderella says:

    I wonder why Jessica is keeping her pregnancy under wraps? It’s obvious she is pregnant and won’t be able to hide that fact much longer.

  11. Lucinda says:

    Clothing can do a lot to hide or emphasize a pregnancy. I went from looking a little overweight to clearly pregnant in one day when I switched the kind of clothing I was wearing. People who worked with me every day and knew I was pregnant were shocked by how suddenly big I looked when I started wearing actual maternity clothes instead of baggy stuff. The majority of “proof” you’ve shown can easily be explained away by what she’s wearing.

    Only one time did it look goofy to me and that was the tight dress where there were lines all the way around and a large flat space between her breasts and tummy but that could just be because she is tall.

  12. Quest says:

    Poor Bey, adorning a similar dress code after being upstaged by Jessica and her natural looking baby bump(taking Bay’s fame-thunder away) with a noticable abrupt bigger belly bump, reeks of artificial collapsing plastics.

  13. PrettyTarheel says:

    My bump changed sizes regularly depending on bloating, eating, etc, so I don’t necessarily think Beyonce is faking it. I didn’t really get a good, consistent baby bump until I was about 6 1/2 months along.
    @bigchili-being a tall pregnant girl rocks! I felt big and pregnant, but even with my large weight gain (right around 55lbs as well), I still didn’t look like a crazy pregnant chick until weeks 38-40 (BabyTarheel was born at 40 weeks, 3 days, so I was REALLY ready at that point).

  14. mel says:

    I am sick of Bey and her up-n-down belly. JS bump is definitely legit.

  15. bigchili says:

    @PrettyTarheel – Agreed!! I give a lot of credit to being tall. I can’t complain about my pregnancy (very much lol) but I was more than ready at 39w 1d so I can only imagine how ready you were. Or maybe it’s a NC thing. :)

  16. Stella says:

    I agree with prettytarheel about your bump changing sizes depending on bloating, eating, etc. Mine could change pretty drastically day to day especially in the beginning just depending on how I was feeling that day and that is sort of what I think is going on with Bey. I also agree with others regarding how they are dressed- that can make a huge difference in how big you look! When you make the switch from baggy clothes to maternity clothes it makes a world of difference regarding the perceived size of your bump. I will disagree with the not-being-huge-just- because-you’re-tall thing- I’m also 5’8″ and started to show very early. I think it has more to do with the length of your torso than your height. I have a very short torso, so I popped much earlier than my sister who has a much longer torso than me. So basically- there are a lot of factors at play, so its pretty hard to judge who is bigger or who’s bump is ‘more real’ or whatevs… they’re both getting the same prize at the end of the game.

  17. RocketMerry says:

    I vote Jessica as naturally preggers.
    I’m still undecided if Beyonce is padding for extra publicity or for fake pregnancy.

  18. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I think it great that JS is not making a big deal publicly about her pregnancy. Like I said in previous post many women fear that they may jinx the pregnancy if they make to much of a fuss over it. This is how pregnancy is, it’s natural nothing to be all phony about like Beyonce. I think Beyonce is to focus on the fame and the attention, JS looks more concerned with her actual pregnancy rather trying to gain attention for it.

  19. Nev says:

    Jessica is really pretty and looks great. I enjoy her personality, she’s a good singer too.

  20. t says:

    I think Beyonce looks like she is in the early stages of pregnancy in this bikini picture taken in early September.

    If Jessica Simpson is pregnant, she’s not saying anything because she wants money and a magazine cover to announce. Or if she isn’t, she is using her weight to get the tabloids talking about her again.

  21. BELLA says:


  22. anonymous says:

    How could eating affect the size of your uterus? How is it, because of fame and money Beyonce defies the actual hormonal changes that affects pregnant women since creation? I wish somebody can answer that. Simpson shows signs of pregnancy naturally in her face like all pregnant women should.

  23. Callli Pygian says:

    B.K. is just totally freakin’ crazy.

  24. really says:

    Jessica wins hands down, she just looks amazing and natural! She looks great! As regards to the other (cough cough Beyonce) ……what bore endlessly, and very much not natural at all, just not normal.

  25. serena says:

    Beyonce is just a famewhore, now when Jessica debutted with her ‘real’ bump I bet Bey’s team was all like : “Gosh THAt looks so real, and big, you need to do something! Go add pads!”

  26. Lady Satan says:

    I think it’s just clothing, overall height/weight differences, and fitness levels as well.

    Beyonce is very fit (look at the way she dances onstage and in videos) so her abdominal muscles are going to be a lot tighter and stronger than Jessica’s, and won’t stretch as easily.

    As others have said too, Beyonce is less likely to pack on a lot of extra weight, so not having a layer of abdominal fat over her bump will make it comparatively smaller.

  27. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Jessica is glowing and look very healthy and pregnant.

    Beyonce is a pillow snatcher. They don’t belong in the same column, let alone the same universe.

  28. theaPie says:

    I think poster #26 has got it right. When I was pregnant I was very fit (past tense – ugh) and it took forever to show, because my abdomen was so tight. And even when it was obvious to me, others didn’t see it until I was 4 or 5 months along.

    I’m mystified as to why Jessica has kept so quiet about all this.

  29. grace says:

    I think B is faking – she has a surrogate, but wants us all to believe its HER baby!!

  30. F5 says:

    Beyonce’s the fakest fake that ever faked -_-

  31. SueAnn says:

    Someone needs to go up to BK and poke her belly like the Pillsbury Dough Boy or she should just lift her shirt to show us what she has hiding under there (a bunch of posturpedic or a belly full of fetus)..

  32. Elvynn says:

    Maybe Jessica wants to keep something private. She doesn’t own us anything. I like the fact that she says nothing about her pregnancy because we can see she is. The rest is none of our buissness.

  33. original kate says:

    i hate the word “bump”

    that is all.

  34. MissVJJ says:

    Jessica looks HAPPY. Beyonce looks nervously FAKE.

  35. Happy21 says:

    Love Jessica’s bump and the way that she is carrying herself. She just looks so calm, cool and collected! Team Farty all the way :)

  36. JustBe says:

    I’ve never been a Bey stan, there are certain songs/videos of hers that I love, but her catalog has been up and down for me.

    Nevertheless, I’m a little curious and disturbed by the level of hate that is being shown to her at what must be a very happy and delicate time in her life. I love a good conspiracy, but I see no benefit for her to fake a pregnancy. She has consistently been at the top of the charts for quite a few years now, her concerts are profitable and her business ventures are overall successful. I know that people are saying that she’s just a famewhore, which may be true, but the level of vitriol thrown at a probable pregnant woman by other women is beyond sad.

    I saw that on the initial post regarding Jennifer Gardner’s third pregnancy, there was a lot of hate tossed at her for ‘getting pregnant to keep her man’, etc.

    I just got to ask, Why? Why are we so negative towards our fellow women at the most delicate time in their lives?

  37. sarah says:

    As a shorty (5’1″) i didnt show with my first baby until i was 7 months along. The second time i looked like i was carrying twins from day one, and the third seems to be growing more “normal”. I gained the same amount of weight with all of them, so far!

    For the record, i had a HUGE dinner last night, my bump never changed.

  38. bros says:

    you can tell by the face. kelly preston and beyonce do not look pregnant.

  39. flutters says:

    The plot thickens…..

    Tony Romo (the Jessica Simpson ex I believe she thought was The One however badly he wanted out of that relationship) has announced his wife’s pregnancy,,20539826,00.html

    Includes video of Romo’s announcement and an attempted closeup of his wife’s baby bump that she’s covering up. She’s apparently due in early March.

    I think you can count on Jessica announcing soon, she’s just waiting for the best publicity deal and she’s enjoying all the attention before she confirms.

  40. grace says:

    I really love that JS is not confirming her pregnancy. And I love it especially because Beyonce announcing her padded pregnancy in an award show was such a huge famewhore move. JS stole her thunder for being quiet!

  41. honeybunz says:

    Just saw jess baby bump and there’s no physically denying she’s preggo! Checked it on radar she’s wearing a tight blk shit and looks about 7 months….and unlike beyfakeabump u can see jess bellybutton! Its real!!!

  42. Cheyenne says:

    Jessica Simpson is undoubtedly wearing a baby bump.

    Beyonce looks like she’s wearing a deflating whoopee cushion.

  43. Maxmom says:

    B not pregnant. Never looked pregnant. I had five kids, and I am telling you whatever it is in the front is not a baby. Not to mention, the pants she has been sporting would be unbearable to wear right now. Poor kid, faking this was stupid.

  44. Snowpea says:

    I don’t buy for one second that Beyonce is pregnant.

    Women who are pregnant get a softness about the face and a certain something changes in them. B aint knocked up.

    I smell a rat.

  45. Tammi says:

    I think there is enough room in the world for two stars to be pregnant at the same time. All women dont carry the same, some women carry for nine months and nobody knows that they are even pregnant.

  46. cerulean says:

    I am beginning to think B is not pregnant. Jessica looks pregnant. Nothing has changed on B but that ridiculous stomach tomfoolery. Most African American women get a skin color changed too.

    I have gone from disliking her to REALLY disliking her. How pathetic must a person be to do this?

  47. B says:

    I don’t care about Jessica Simpson, but if she is pregnant, I respect her a lot for not shoving it down our throats (yet). I don’t know why people think that we all need to care about their pregnancies.

  48. Laura says:

    SMH @ some of the comments. The only thing the two pics prove is that no pregnancy is the same and different women will carry their pregnancy differently. I have never been pregnant, but I’ve seen enough pregnancy in my family to know this.

    Beyonce was in better physical shape than Jessica simpson when she got preganant.

    Another thing is that prosthetic bumps cant fold because they are hard and solid, so what folded in the Beyonce’s interview was the fabric of her dress.

    I’m neutral, thats just the facts.

  49. jessie says:

    Beyonce is either making it seem like she is more pregnant or she is using a surrogate, we will find out one day but really does it matter? If she is faking the whole thing then we will know by feb, but theres definately something going on!

    I love jessica simpson, she has been fit and healthy, skinny and big and now she is just happy with who she is

  50. kimberly says:

    #7 is totally dead on!

    B is all about the drama!

    Don’t let the fake Janet “quiet and mousy in interviews” Jackson, or Miss Nasty if you prefer, act fool you.

    side note:

    wouldn’t it just be hilarious if she was faking a pregnancy to cover up a child some other chick is having? HAHAHAHAHAHA That would be even better a tale!

    Do the razzi do DNA?