Owen Wilson is partying with waitresses and randoms: normal or danger zone?

We don’t cover Owen Wilson a lot. He tends to keep his personal life on the lock down, although there were stories last year that he was drinking heavily and partying both before and after his alleged breakup with the mother of his nearly one year-old son, Robert Ford Wilson. I write “alleged breakup” as that story of their split originated in The Enquirer and was carried by the tabloids. As Kaiser reminded me today, Owen’s people didn’t bother to confirm or deny it from what I can find. In August, Owen was spotted out with Jade and little Ford in California, so if they did break up in June it seems to be cordial and he’s still in contact with his son. (If Ford is his son, as there were paternity questions, also in the tabloids.)

So here’s another tabloidy report, from Page Six, about Owen partying it up with big-busted waitresses and chicks in St. Barts over the holidays.

Owen Wilson was spotted flirting with waitresses at a boozy meal at Bagatelle on St. Barts Sunday, and dancing with a bevy of “busty women.” The star, who split from Jade Duell six months ago, seemed ready to move on and party down. “He hopped into the DJ booth,” a spy said. “He was dancing with a bunch of girls. He’s back to his partying ways.” The “Midnight in Paris” star was spotted last week chatting up attractive women at the island’s Le Yacht Club.

[From Page Six]

Everyone gets all maybe fake-concerned about Owen when they hear about him partying, as he had that suicide attempt over four years ago. (That was in August, 2007, I had to look it up.) I think he just loves to hook up, is a commitment-phobe, and likes to party. Sure he’s 43 and people would like to see him settle down, but that doesn’t seem to be what he wants out of life. He’s not trying to project any kind of image though and I like that about him. When he first had Ford he talked about the baby and about how he had little sleep at the time, but he’s not trying to make himself out to be a family man. He’s also not picking some chick and having her play the girlfriend on the red carpet role until he gets sick of her.

Also, I wanted to mention that I just saw Hall Pass on HBO on Demand and that it was truly funny. I had much lower expectations for it, and was pleasantly surprised. The end was schmaltzy and predictable, but there were so many laugh out loud moments and great lines in that film that it was well worth seeing. That’s probably why I have a lot of good will for Owen today. Plus he’s Lightning McQueen!

Owen is shown on 12/20 swimming in St. Barts. Credit: TRB/Fame Pictures. He’s also shown on 12/22 at the Yacht Club in St. Barts. Credit: PacificCoastNews.com. Clear photos are from on 11/1/11 at a star ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for John Lasseter, the chief animator at Pixar. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Marjalane says:

    Is it just me, or is it a little pathetic to still be a party boy at 43?

    • Coucou says:

      No, it’s not just you, i agree that it’s pathetic…my b/f’s sister is 51 and living her second adolescence with her two teenage daughters, so ANNOYING. But…she was married and didn’t party much until now, so although it’s still majorly pathetic, i can kind of understand it. He’s been partying pretty much non-stop, so yeah, that’s even more pathetic imo. Pathetic in a sad way, not to criticise him. I’m his age, and partying now has pretty much lost its appeal. I’m cool hanging out at home with the gin and juice, but you couldn’t drag me into a nightclub for anything!

  2. Lucy says:

    Yuck! Never got the Owen Wilson appeal…ugly as a picket fence…whiny, nasally voice, and just a so-so actor…

  3. Bad Fairy says:

    What’s wrong with waitresses?

  4. dorothy says:

    He strikes me as a little old to be out partying with waitresses. He seems to be, like so many hollywood celebrities…emotionally stunted.

    • ahoyhoy says:

      Dunno about the partying, but Owen may just prefer the company of real women with real bodies, who don’t have publicists or images they promote to the public.
      I think a Hollywood relationship would be exhausting, and Owen has never seemed to enjoy the harassments of fame. With his health issues, I can understand his enjoying privacy.

  5. Alexis says:

    Look at his body. Pair that with the uggo face and man-boy swagger = No thanks!

  6. normades says:

    Dong nose needs to go to rehab.

  7. Willworkforfood says:

    From what I think I remember, Woody H was a great friend to him when Owen was at a low point (along with Owen’s brothers). The up-side, was that Owen had strong support. The down-side seems to be that Owen adopted Woody’s Baby-daddy-smokey-smokey-all-the-time lifestyle. Good news, seemingly good life for the moment. Bad news, hurt feelings for many. Sorry for the truthful assessment, but I suspect I am close to the truth.

  8. ShanKat says:

    He’s only tolerable from behind. Hey there, Owen Wilson’s wet surf buns.

  9. danielle says:

    there’s something sad about going out partying with people you don’t even really know.

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    I think, for him, it’s more “danger zone”-type behaviour. I truly hope I’m wrong.

  11. Betsy says:

    I agree with this assessment 100%! I think Owen is a C-list version of Clooney and he will never change because he does not need to. Once a horn dog, always a horn dog and there are plenty of far stuckers out there to go around.

    Owen and Luke do not appear to be aging well. (Unlike brother Andrew…hubba hubba!)

  12. Lily says:

    The thing that bugs me about Owen is that I think his team originally started those paternity rumors to try and deny the kid and then realized, wait, the kid’s actually mine. I honestly think his team started planting items about the mother of his child to try and discredit her, until the paternity test came back as Ford as his son. His people would not have released a statement about his son and he wouldn’t talk about him unless he was 100 percent positive.

  13. Firecracker says:

    I’m the only one that thinks he’s hot! He is so funny, that makes him extremely attractive to me.

  14. Jennifer12 says:

    Owen gives off a very disturbed vibe, at least to me. If you want to party like a rock star at 43, by all means do so. Hopefully, he is being a responsible dad and also taking precautions not to become one again. He just seems like an unhappy hot mess.

  15. lrm says:

    all that said, i LOVE owen in movies…I just do.

    He was fabulous in Midnight in Paris,and I am always entertained when I see him in a film. It’s *almost* enough that I will see a movie just for him….but not quite-i dont do that for any actor.

    so, i just enjoy him onscreen and leave it at that. sure, he has limited range as an actor, but he’s solid in that range. love him in movies. and he’s as good as clooney, IMO-or could be. but then again, clooney is old-school suave, more than an amazing acting talent.

    • TG says:

      Oh my gosh me too. Seems only a few of us get his appeal. I too will watch almost anything he is in. I loved Midnight in Paris. Just watched it this weekend 5 times in 48 hours. Loved the movie and all the actors in the movie everyone was fabulous.

  16. HiEveryone says:

    He’s still in love with Kate Hudson.

  17. jc126 says:

    He does make me sad. I just don’t get trying to commit suicide over anyone, but particularly Kate Hudson.

  18. NaughtynNice says:

    Am I the only one who thinks his nose looks like a penis? Look at the blown up pictures at the top, specifically number 4. The end of his nose looks like the glans, or head. I don’t say this in any way to be crude, offensive or nasty. I have no opinion or feeling on him one way or another. But his nose always looks like a penis nose.

  19. pato says:

    Why is partying sad? Good for him that he can enjoy life and doesn´t have to be 8 hours in an office around idiots. And he´s a talented actor, too bad he suffers from a writer´s block or so it seems.
    At least he doesn´t pretend like some others cough*clooney*cough
    he looks great in those wet shorts!!

  20. insomnia says:

    curiously since 6 jan when a story about big bro being a dead bet dad to 4 after another reported kid ,the blind item posted multple baby mamas posted last may has gone overnight.Any thoughts on this Betsy?. Wilsons pr is very very good, out of all portion with his talent and status in hollywood.Cant
    help but think that he is a deeply troubled man who cannot afford not to work keeping too many people, and too
    many secrets. This kid will continue to
    be trotted out as long as its cute, and
    useful to do so. control is a word that
    comes to mind more and more they will
    do whatever it takes to keep control of him.The kid looks like its mum very much.