Katy Perry is terrified that Russell Brand will reveal all in his ‘Booky Wook 3′

Katy Perry continues to keep a low profile in the wake of her divorce, but it won’t stay that way for long. She’s stepped out briefly with blue hair to film an Adidas commercial, and she’s currently scheduled to make her first official post-split appearance by performing at an HDNet party hosted by Mark Cuban that’ll go down in Indianapolis on Super Bowl eve. I wonder if eligible bachelor Tim Tebow will be in attendance? LMAO.

Behind the scenes, however, Katy is starting to freak out over potential fallout from her divorce. Us Weekly, which obviously got an inside scoop from the Perry camp on Russell’s alleged crazy wheelchair pr0n fetish a few weeks ago, has a new story out about how Katy is frantic with worry over the possibility of Russell talking all about their marriage in his next Booky Wook installment. Katy is reportedly scared that he’ll out her as a party monster, which won’t come so much as news to the world but may upset her parents and should probably be the least of her concerns.

After all, Russell gave Katy a “(glowing) appearance” at the end of Booky Wook 2: This Time It’s Personal, so it follows that she shouldn’t be surprised if Russell talks about the really bad stuff too if and when he decides to write a third book. I haven’t read the second Booky Wook, but I quite enjoyed the first one. It’s obvious that (unlike most celebrity memoirs) Russell is the one actually writing the prose — he really has a way with words, and his level of candor is relatively unmatched. However, it would really be a d-ck move to run Katy through the wringer that way. Obviously, she should’ve known (if she even bothered to read his first book) that he’s not much for privacy when she married him, but I still feel bad for anyone in her position that worries about an ex-spouse putting everything out there for the world to see. Anyway, here’s some good exerpts from the Us Weekly story:

As staff at the Beverly Hills Hotel frantically catered to every need of its A-list guests in town for the Golden Globes January 15, one particular patron required special attention: newly single Katy Perry, who was holed up in her suite, watching the show. “She had a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door and you could ear people laughing in there,” says an insider, noting that a waiter with beer and champagne was headed toward her room. For the usually supersocial Perry, who had backed out of a scheduled appearance at the People’s Choice Awards four days earlier, the private party was out of character. “She really did want to go out,” a source tells Us of Perry, who live-tweeted about winners Downton Abbey, The Help‘s Octavia Spencer and Madonna, “but she was worried about running into Russell.”

No wonder. Multiple sources tell Us that Brand, 36 — who had returned to L.A. from his native London two days earlier — is working on the third installment of his Booky Wook series. And he plans to reveal all the sordid details of his 14-month marriage to Perry. “He wants to tell his side of the story,” says a pal of the British comic, who blindsided Perry with divorce papers Dec. 30. Adds another insider, “The book will cover his married life, the breakup and moving on. And I don’t think he plans on keeping the breakdown of the marriage a secret. Pardon the pun, but Russell is an open book. He doesn’t hide much.” Which is precisely Perry’s fear. Pals say the 27-year-old is panicking about just how much Brand will reveal. Says one source close to the couple, “there’s definitely stuff she doesn’t want out there.”

Brand has been quietly collecting material for his third memoir for years. In 2010 he joked, “Every time I get into trouble or something happens to me, I think, ‘That’s a chapter!’ I’ve alredy got three or four for Booky Wook 3‘ His impending divorce only pushed him to speed up the process. “In light of what happened,” says a source at the book’s publisher, HarperCollins, “Russell felt it was a good time to start putting material together.” And according to a Brand insider, he has plenty to work with. “For the past few months, he’s been recording audieo notes on his phone and documenting his feelings and experiences on video camera,” says the source, adding that Brand even videotaped a phone conversation he had with Perry before Christmas — right around the time of the couple’s expletive-filled final blowout that ended with them spending the holidays apart. (A rep denies Brand is in writing mode, telling Us, “Russell is not working another book and has no plans to do so anytime soon.”)

[From Us Weekly, print edition, January 30, 2012]

Well, I can see why Katy is worried, and she probably should be worried about this at some point. However, I think Russell is very well occupied at present with getting his new FX late-night talk show launched. Then again, he has also revealed to People that he won’t shy away from talking about his personal life in that venue either:

Barely two weeks after filing for divorce from Katy Perry, his wife of 14 months, Russell Brand appeared to back in the business of being amusing — promoting his new FX show “Strangely Uplifting” and sidestepping as best he could any questions about his personal life.

Asked how he’s doing, Brand, speaking to TV writers in Pasadena, Calif., replied, “Quite well, thank you. Are you asking because of recent events? You are making the mistake of seeing time as linear. The brilliant American author Kurt Vonnegut, he’ll tell you that if you imagine reality as experienced simultaneously, events become redundant.”

Brand, 36, said the goal of “Strangely Uplifting,” which is set to debut in April and consists of his discussing current events with a small audience, was to make people laugh and be happy.

Is he happy right now? With a smile, he said, “Yes, I am.”

Will “Strangely Uplifting” reflect what’s going on in Brand’s personal life?

“There will be inevitable biographical elements, because you can’t speak from anyone’s perspective but your own. Unless you bizarrely adapt some sort of avatar,” said the British comedian. “It’s like I can’t speak from the perspective of Angelica Huston. People would think I lack the appropriate authority if I said, ‘Oh, I had a tumultuous relationship with Jack [Nicholson, Angelica's former beau] and my father [late director John Huston].’ I am not qualified.”

He continued, “So there will inevitable be my experiences, I will speak from own my perspective. I live in this extraordinary country of yours. I’m not from here. It’s like the perspective of an alien trying to understand this peculiar time and this peculiar country. What I think, it’s a bit like ‘Mork and Mindy’.”

[From People]

In other news, Russell has brought his “Lonely in London” routine to L.A. in recent days, but it’s gotten really weird. The Mail has a story (and photos) about him having dinner alone at Boa Steak House, which is a really suspicious place to eat alone at since it’s usually surrounded by paps. Also, he’s a vegan. What the hell. I asked CB and Kaiser what they thought of these inconsistencies, and they just laughed. Kaiser says she doesn’t know what he’s trying to accomplish. At first, I thought Russell was merely trying to enjoy some solitude during his solo pap walks, but I have to admit that eating dinner alone at a paparazzi hot spot means he’s definitely looking for attention.

Here’s some more Lonely Russell photo updates, first featuring a walking cell phone chat in West Hollywood on 1/14:

Then on 1/15, Russell was spotted at the Langham Huntington Spa in Pasadena:

Finally, here’s Russell outside a Los Angeles medical building (VD check?) on 1/16:

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. Mimi says:

    In that last pic he looks like he might have scrunched his hair. With gel. On purpose.

  2. Petunia says:

    Meh. That’s what comes of marrying a shock-jock type of personality.

  3. HotPockets says:

    I associate Katy Perry’s marriage failure with the failure of her new hair colors, blonde-pink-strawberry-blue fugness, go back to the black and stick with the wigs.

    “I have to admit that eating dinner alone at a paparazzi hot spot means he’s definitely looking for attention.”

    I think he is trying to make it a point not to be seen with any women. He is waiting for Katy to be papped with a new piece before he is, so he looks like the better person.

  4. Cathy says:

    He needs to get a better shampoo, his hair looks greasy all the time.

  5. nina says:

    He had his own fame and reputation before Katy Perry,he doesn’t need to bank on her for cointinued relevance in that sense He’ll do memoirs the way he ALWAYS did, the way Katy knew he did when she hooked up with the dude. But he’s not going to turn it into a total tell-all dirty laundry thing. Not smart professionally for him, even if he wanted to cause then it makes him mr. perry all over again.

  6. Jolene says:

    I like him a lot more than I like her. He’d be fun in small doses. She seems like she’d be insufferable.

  7. Zigggy says:

    Oh my god, can you imagine? (If your husband or boyfriend wrote a tell all?) I’m not freaky but still, that kind of stuff should be kept between two people. I feel like (or hope) Russell will have enough respect for her to keep it between them.

  8. Mia says:

    Would it be trashy of him to spill details about their marriage publicly? Yes. Would I love it anyway because I can’t stand her? Yep! Spill it, Russell! Spill it!

  9. ladybert62 says:

    he is another one who always looks dirty, greasy and messy to me. Yuk.

  10. Violet says:

    Katy walked into this relationship with her eyes wide open. She just made the classic and somewhat arrogant mistake of thinking she could get the leopard to change its stripes.

    • ThatBoyLuke says:

      No1 – Leopords have SPOTS not stripes.

      No2 – It seems like the split was mostly Katy’s fault to me, she’s the one out endlessly partying etc

      No3 – I think he’ll probably talk about her in the book but i doubt it’s gonna be an all out dragfest…
      He was famous and rich before her, he doesn’t need her to maintain a career.

      • Violet says:

        No1 – Ha ha, you’re right. Guess I need more coffee. Anyway, nitpicking aside, you get my gist.

        No2 – I’m sure both of them are at fault. Katy definitely loves to party, but Russell knew this about her before they got married. A lot of relationships fail because people fall for the potential in someone, not the reality.

        No3 – I’m sure Russell will go into TMI territory when he gets around to writing about his marriage. Not necessarily to boost his career, but just because he has this overwhelming need to share every little detail of his life.

      • normades says:

        Nice comment and Tumblr Lukeboy. Hope to see you more on CB.

    • NeNe says:

      Yes, a lot of us women think we can change a man. When I was younger, I’ve been guilty of that too, but as an adult, I’ve realized that they will never change their ways!

      • Liz says:

        I don’t think she thought she could change him. I think there are a number of possibilities:

        (1) Katy assumed she’d be cool with his habits and foibles, but then real life intervened.

        Dating a Bad Boi is fun. But some women think that that will be fine in long(er) term relationships, with no change on his part. It’s not; you need some stability.

        She may not have realised that beforehand. Promising yourself that you’ll be fine married to a bad boy, as long as he keeps his mickey zipped, tends not to work long term.

        (2) Maybe she really thought he HAD changed. Remember all his talk about how he’d given up the drugs, and hoes, and boozing? It’s possible that she thought he’d changed himself.

        There are a million different reasons this might not have worked. It’s fun to speculate (I’m not denying that) but I can think of a million scenarios that would have ended the marriage.

  11. skuddles says:

    Don’t do it Russell! I really have no use for Katy and know she’s a big party hound but I don’t think spouses should ever spill the dirt on one another. Shared confidences between couples, married or divorced, deserve to be held sacred. But then again… this is the world of celebs… most of them will exploit any opportunity whatsoever to further their fame and wealth.

  12. laylajanelovesgossip says:

    They got married without a prenup, she needs to be worried about THAT!!!If he will write a tell-all book then he will go after her MOOLAH too…I would think…

  13. NeNe says:

    If they signed some kind of confidentiality agreement when they were married, could he still talk about their marriage in the Tell-All???

  14. Me says:

    Hahaha…he looks particularly sinister in the picture in Us weekly like, “you just wait, i’ll tell all, you’ll see. HAHAHAHAHAHA” *evil laugh*

  15. michkabibbles says:

    i don’t know, his books have been honest, but he doesn’t really rip other people. it seems like he uses the book to take responsibility for his own actions, he doesn’t shift blame. as someone who knows him not at all, it would almost seem out of character. i think he can be honest about his marriage (if he decides to talk about it)without blasting katy perry or spilling too many secrets.

    • Jackie says:

      agreed. it would be really out of character for him to dump on her in a book. especially since he talks alot about his spirituality. it seems to be a big part of his recovery program.

      • Bette says:

        Yep, it is. Part of his recovery is to “give back” and help others. It would be totally out of character for him to rip into Katy in a public forum. He’s never been like that. The only times he’s ever mocked former lovers was when they did a kiss & tell on him first … and even then, he would mostly just read the K&T articles on his radio show and point out all the parts that were lies. He’s not a malicious person in any way.

  16. Liz says:

    I’m so depressed at this whole divorce.

    Not so much that they split. I like Perry’s music (yeah, I said it) but as people they leave me cold. I never thought it would last very long anyway.

    But all these media reports…Oy…

    Either the media is just spilling for the sake of it – embellishing here and there, using “sources close to”. (I know, I know. But I had to consider the possibility.)

    Or they’re sniping at each other, using the media. It’s like a bunch of middle schoolers using notes and the gossip mill to destroy each other. It’s so unbelievably juvenile.

    I am So. Freaking. Bored. at their divorce and it’s only been, what?, two weeks or so.

    I can totally see them both destoying every ounce of goodwill and dignity they had.

  17. Frannie says:


    OK just last week we were told Katy was going to sing all about Russell and what a gosh darned bad husband he was and what a poor little lost girl the is in album three.

    Now Russell is the big bad wolf going to write a third memoir and trash her trashed a$$. Pluuu-eeze! His books are about him, big egotistical, narcissistic Russell Brand. She’ll get a chapter or two at most. She’s the one making herself look bad here.

    Her “secrets” are common knowledge in hollywood and most internet trolling folk, so I don’t know what he’d come up with.

    PLUS this is the girl who wrote about what a loser Travis McCoy was, when in reality he has a problem that he’s been vocal about trying to correct. She is insensitive towards people with addiction problems. Period. Everyone gets uppity about her gay problem, her generally intolerant act, but her attitude towards people with addiction problems is disgusting.

    Final Call: Fake story put out by Katy’s people.

  18. Jover says:

    What’s with that zombified fembot blank cover pic. I can take RB in small doses but this tuneless talentless chick needs to fade – aside from background noise to clean the house or workout to her “music” really is useless industrial crap like most of its genre and she is a zillion miles from any coolness or hipness.

  19. bohemelilene says:

    I still don’t understand why she didn’t insist on a prenup and a confidentiality agreement in the first place.

  20. Bette says:

    What makes you think any of this is true? US weekly isn’t really reliable, nor are the sources that said he was “dining alone at a steakhouse.”

    Russell’s rep has denied that he is working on another book right now.

    The thing is, he does write about his life in an honest way, but it isn’t his style to trash anyone. Think about all the women he’s been with — and he’s never badmouthed any of them. He wrote about Kate Moss and Teresa Palmer in his 2nd book, but nothing scandalous … he basically just wrote glowingly about how amazing it was to be with them (but not in a sexually explicit way).

    So, I don’t believe there’s any validity to this. He will probably write about KP in some manner eventually, but I do not believe it will be in a way that scandalizes or embarrasses her. People who know what Russell’s about know that he’s not about hating on anyone.

  21. Kim says:

    A real man never kisses and tells. He is pretty scummy if he writes about his personal relationship with Katy to sell books.

  22. J Olivera says:

    wow Katy Perry seems awfully defensive about this whole thing. She dumps him and then she blames it all on him. sounds like she has something to hide.

    I’m about 99% sure that this whole charade from beginning to end was just about selling newspapers. She approached him for a divorce, he initially refused, then he went along with it. Now US Weekly says the marriage was all his fault. What horrible spin.

    No one forced Katy Perry to marry Russell Brand. She should be treating her former husband with more respect than getting a quickie divorce and then telling all to US Weekly!

    About the US Weekly report from last week, isn’t it odd that a purported diva who would wear a gold, low cut top for Seasame Street and prances around in her lingerie for “concerts” aimed at teenagers and younger should have problems having sex with her celebrity husband? Sounds to me like she has some sort of a sexual dysfunction.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      C”mon now. Every pop tart from Britney to Xtina to J.Lo, Rihanna, Bey, they ALL perform in as skimpy or skimpier outfits. Diagnosing sexual dysfunction because she dresses like that is kind of ridiculous, that’s the standard M.O.
      Beyowolf wars less than her as does Gaga and Brit, AND rihanna with more dark sexual vibes.

      I just want to know how he gets those damn pants off. They are so tight around his calves he must wrestle with them for hours!

  23. Cheryl says:

    Of all the mags, us weekly and People are actually usually pretty accurate. Not like Star and InTouch. If they have it, it probably has some form of truth in there. Star, etc? I’m convinced those crazies get wasted and publish whatever comes to mind. Shame bout the divorce, though. At least there were no kids.

  24. DomCoug says:

    Russ is a gentleman.. He would never… RAWR!

    • J Olivera says:

      Yeah, I’m about 99% sure that Russell Brand is a pretty cool guy with a bad hair cut.

      Either this is all about hyping the next “Booky-wook” or his TV show or indirectly helping to hype Katy Perry or whatever but I don’t seriously believe that Russell Brand would ever really do anything mean-spirited to his former wife.

  25. AngelMay says:

    They had no chemistry and were never together, so I’m saying the whole thing was a stunt. Who knows if they even legally married.

  26. Renee says:

    The “Lonely Russell” meme is not as amusing as “Sad Keanu”. ;-P Maybe they should hang out together.

  27. Bee says:

    Katy Perry should be very afraid. I remember seeing one of his comedy specials before he really made a name in the states and he went into detail about a threesome he had with a former gf despite hr denials…. So yeah. Katy, sweetheart, prepare for your sh!t to be out there. Thats why you get to know people before you marry them.

  28. normades says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was all a pr farce and they got back together? OK, prolly not, but he really is putting on a show now, isn’t he?

  29. Canada Guy says:

    Apparently US Weekly has no spell check, so why would we believe what they write?

  30. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    Am I the only person who has never seen Katy Perry as a good girl? What could Russel write about her, she drank, smoked, blah, blah as if he didn’t know that going into the marriage? She’s a party girl who stumbles around drunk onstage, espousing her love for tequila, all while knowing full well she’s being televised. I seriously doubt she gives a crap about her ‘reputation’ she isn’t a Disney kid. She’s a grown woman who sings songs about menage a trois, and drunken blackouts. I’m not judging at all but that is her image, and people like her just fine. I call BS on this story.

    • talia says:

      she sells herself as a naughty girl who loves jesus. I think the problem wouldn’t be the fact she drinks and gets drunk. the public image debacle would come if the types of circles of friends she runs with gets elaborated on(she’s hanging out with scuzzy folks like lohan and that level of people) and makes her look scuzzy.

  31. G says:

    I can’t believe the number of people who believe Brand is at fault in this based on his hairstyle?

    It pretty transparent, that it is she who had no intention of settling down, is a virulent partier, a world class hypocrite and a seller of her own personal stories.

  32. Courtney says:

    dazed and confused she’s desperate for attention that she didn’t get from her soon to be ex hubby oh how cliche. thankfully Lola Van Wagnan never did that when her and Robert Redford divorced 27 years ago after 27 years of marriage and 4 children one of whom had died as an infant. of course tow of ther three surviving children were grown at that point and they remained friends. oh by the way Robert still wears his wedding ring from their marriage now along with the ring from his second marriage and an indian ring he’s had since about the making of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid in 1968

  33. Maya says:

    Any celebrity should be worried about the fallout, not just Katy Perry. When you’re a public figure, this is the unfortunate reality. Nothing is really that sacred. It’s one of the sacrifices that comes along with the territory.
    Either way, I wouldn’t read Brand’s rubbish. Haven’t bothered with his first literary tome of crap. Who the eff is he to have a biography as well as a third installment?
    She is basically a young girl who, shock horror, wants to party and her only mistake is that she paired up with a former addict who has to practically live an abstinent (drugs/alcohol) life. These sorts of relationships seldom work out and if he writes a book detailing their marriage, then he’ll be perceived as a low bastard.

  34. Lavender says:

    He should not wear skinny jeans. Ever.

  35. mew says:

    he’s a douche and lowlife – I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled Jesse James’s with the book thing. Guys probably think there’s no sweeter revenge. I wish he would just disappear from Earth.

    And no, I’m no Katie fan at all. I think she’s talentless fame whore but still, she wouldn’t deserve getting every secret put in the public just for someone elses fun and fame.

  36. midnightmoon says:

    does he wear extensions? in one of the pix, the top part of his hair is brown, and the under part is black. wtf???

  37. Erandyn says:

    lol @ “he was spotted” as if he didn’t call the paps each time. Bitch, please!

  38. ThatBoyLuke says:

    Once again… I just don’t get how Russel appears to be getting all the blame with the “oh she tried to change him and failed” this isn’t 4 years ago, Russel has cleaned up his act and APPEARED to be the one doing the most to make the marriage work while Katy was too busy busting innocent peoples ear drums on tour or partying…
    Also he has a lot of money of his own, just because Katy has more doesn’t make him a gold digger… get a grip.

  39. Sara says:

    Ugh, he can’t be serious about “making the mistake of thinking of time as linear”. What a self important, pseudo intellectual douchebag thing to say.

  40. bob says:

    There’s a blind item on Blind Gossip that people guessed was Katy. Her “religious” dad is supposed to be in the closet, and she is supposed to be teerifiyed it will come out.