Paula Deen’s announcement stirs up controversy on overweight celebrity chefs

This is a minor story compared to so many other things going on today but I personally find it very interesting and wanted to cover it. We all know how ridiculous it looked when butter and sugar pusher Paula Deen, 65, made the dual announcement that she had diabetes and was a new spokesperson for a diabetes drug. Paula’s longterm nemesis Anthony Bourdain may have summed it up best when he tweeted that he was “thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later.”

In her ensuing PR blitz, Paula barely acknowledged that her consumption of high fat calorific food, which she promotes on TV and through her magazine, contributed to her metabolic condition. Paula also barely acknowledged that the best treatment for diabetes is a healthy diet, not some pill, although she’s also launching a new show (tada!) in which she finally tries to cook healthy versions of her favorite food. Paula’s contract with drug giant Nova Nordisk is thought to be in the millions. Her long term publicist thought that was a very bad idea given Paula’s previous image as a down-home promoter of food that’s bad for us. Paula’s publicist quit and made that statement that she “could not agree with the new business strategy going forward.” That’s a very nice way of saying that Paula very transparently cashed in on her diabetes.

Paula Deen’s longtime powerhouse publicist, Nancy Assuncao, has quit after six years over the butter-loving chef’s plan to plug a diabetes drug.

Assuncao faithfully stuck with Deen through years of hearty drama, including her battle with rival chef Anthony Bourdain, who called her “the most dangerous woman in America.” But she quit as Deen’s spokeswoman and chief marketer last month as Deen negotiated her deal to hawk the drug Victoza.

Deen, now under siege by diabetics, nutritionists and fellow chefs for keeping her own Type 2 diabetes secret for three years, even as she pushed recipes full of sugar and fat, probably could use Assuncao’s help now. Deen only revealed her diagnosis last week.

A source said Assuncao “strongly disagreed with Deen’s dramatic turnabout, after years of promoting fatty foods, to announcing she has a deal with a diabetes drug company [Novo Nordisk] and will be promoting lighter food and ‘diabetes in a new light.’

“While Paula did tell some people at her live appearances about her diabetes, she certainly didn’t talk about it on her show. Nancy disagreed with Paula’s plan to be a drug-company spokesman and challenged her decision. But this wasn’t a battle Nancy felt she was going to win. She couldn’t be part of it.”

Assuncao, whose past clients have included Ian Schrager, told us last night, “I’m very grateful for the six years that I worked with Paula in helping her build the Deen brand.

“Although we had a great deal of fun along the way, I could not agree with the new business strategy going forward. Nonetheless, I wish them continued success.”

Deen’s new rep could not be reached last night, with a staffer at her office telling us, “She is on the Paula Deen cruise.” The chef’s Web site said Celebrity Cruises’ Eclipse would be a “tasty journey” in the Caribbean with a group buffet dinner, a cooking demo and a personal photo with Deen (one per family).

[From The NY Post]

At least people see this woman for what she is now. As I’ve mentioned I’ve barely thought of Paula Deen up until this point, but it’s incredibly obvious that she’ll stop at nothing to make a buck. How can you manage the image of a woman who is so money grubbing that she’ll continue to promote unhealthy food for years until she has a drug endorsement deal lined up? You don’t, you step down and say “screw it, the money’s not worth it.” Unless you’re Paula Deen, then it’s all about the money.

Update: After I wrote this, I saw this story on Entertainment Tonight (about 3/4 into the full episode available on their website) about the controversy over overweight celebrity chefs who cook unhealthy food. They said “Paula’s shocking announcement… may change attitudes says ‘The Doctor’s’ Travis Stork.

Dr. Stork said that “I would like to think that this is a wake up call. I don’t think chefs realize their influence on America. I think they realize now that their actions can influence America by giving alternatives and healthy recipes.”

They mention that Mario Batali has lost 35 pounds (I hope he didn’t go on Goopy’s expensive pill diet) and that Oprah’s personal chef Art Smith has lost 120 pounds. Smith mentioned that he had a show in the works, and that he lost it “because they didn’t like me ‘skinny chef.’ Lose the fat, lose the funny.” Smith is cooking more healthy now and is opening a new restaurant, JoAnne, in New York, along with Lady Gaga’s parents. That’s an odd pairing.

It’s nice to hear about a different celebrity chef getting healthy the right way, and it’s also reassuring to know that people in Paula Deen’s inner circle are calling her on her complete and utter bullsh*t.

Also, I need to use these photos of Paula Deen vs. the Fairy from Shrek again. (I put them together, and credit to Bodhi for coming up with it!)

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  1. Franny says:

    hahahaha those pictures are great. I hope they go viral.

  2. AlaskaJoey says:

    Paula is disgusting! How appalling that she’s out shilling for every buck she can get. If you watch her earliest shows, she’s nothing like the screeching hillbilly caricature she is now.

  3. Jeanette says:

    This so stupid..let me get this straight..we are going to condemn her for “pushing” fatty foods, when the information that its bad for you has been out there wayyyy before essence..blame her for our fatty problem..The woman in NOT a nutritionist, she is CHEF..CHEFS cook stuff we dont eat everyday-she has the SAME problem most americans have and we are supposed to condemn her and not empathize??..And if she wants to hawk a drug that she probably has to use to treat her diabetes and gets a:free product b:discounted product..I say more frickin power to her.

    • ol cranky says:

      So Jimmy Iuzinni (SP?) is OK for pushing pastries and chocolate because he’s thin?

      • Jeanette says:

        No, its called free will..we shouldnt be looking to these folks for diet/health advice period. They are paid celebrities, out to make a buck just like everyone else. If you want to make someone accountable for your weight or anyone else’s #1 look to yourself for the bad choices you KNOW you have made. #2 Get advice from your doctor not a celebrity chef.

    • Mourning the Death of Music says:

      Thank you, I thought the same thing.

    • Capella says:

      Jeanette, apologies in advance for the long post, but must explain why we’re not on the more-to-her train:

      Everyone knows already that eating Paula Dean’s cooking is bad. But the problem that all have with her right now, is her denial, or rather, extreme side-lining the fact that her food, her cooking, is in direct result of her diabetes.

      She had known for 3 YEARS that her cooking and smoking, basically her lifestyle and paying job, have caused her type-2 diabetes, and had CHOSEN to:

      1st – keep on cooking the same way, and eating it on TV as well!!! Watched her on Iron Chef America with Cat Cora; She ate her whole fatty Christmas food!!!! When you have type-2 diabetes, you might cook the Paula Dean way, but YOU CANNOT EAT the Paula Dean way.

      2nd – During those 3 years, she sold books on her cooking. Not only that, she had encouraged people to often cook AND eat the Paula Dean way, stating “Food this good, with that much butter, can only be good for you”. Yeah, I’m a Foodnetwork geek, and had watched her shows, as well as interviews.

      And 3rd – if all the above was not enough, she is now pushing a medical product, that you will need if you believed Paula Dean, for which Paula Dean is being paid MILLIONS, not getting a “discount” on, but millions of dollars, all the while promising you that you will still cook her recipes, only healthier.

      hmm, what is the healthy version of a bacon, ham, cheese, grilled in a honey-glazed donut bun? Oh yeah, chicken breast without the skin on salad. No one will be buying that, because it has been over-sold already. For decades.

      Thank you for reading. Again, sorry for the long post!

    • sassy says:

      Exactly Jeanette! Free will! Look into it! Just because it is there, doesn’t mean we need to stuff our faces with it.

  4. CrazyDaisy says:

    Maybe if enough people wrote the Food Network and told them they’ve had it with her sham they’d cancel her program and spare us all her DOWN HOME phoniness! She insults those that live in the South calling a spatula a SPATULER…Oh Please go away Paula! You’re no longer watchable…

    • duncecap says:

      haha! Just last week I was wondering what actual southerners thought of her excuse for an accent.

    • Capella says:

      @CrazyDaisey – ITA! You also have chefs on the FoodNetwork who don’t necessarily push neither “Fatty Foods” or “Diet Foods”, and are just as healthy looking, or even skinnier than people who are constantly dieting!

      Good food is not bad for you, portion control is also important. You don’t just swallow your plates whole, you take your time and taste the amazing plates a great chef puts in front of you.

      Am a fan of anything Iron Chef, and boy, would I love to be on one of those judging panels someday. Especially for my favorites Forgione and Symon. Just look at them: They’re healthy people, creating the most deliciously sinful foods ever. (Will not put Flay in this category, for he’s a misogynistic fool. A genius misogynistic fool.)

  5. Nanea says:

    Hopefully all those Nordisk millions will enable Paula to invest in a better wig, dentures that look less fake, and, above all, a much nicer personality

    I couldn’t care less about her food, even about the healthier options, because it’s all disgusting to me.

  6. Zelda says:

    If you look at Paula Deen’s recipes and think to yourself “I should eat that frequently”, then Darwin.

  7. Marjalane says:

    Did I misread this somewhere, but didn’t she KNOW she had diabetes for the last three years? And continued with her disgusting show? That in itself is appalling, but the responsible thing would have been to immediately own up to what her cooking had done to her health, and make changes. MARK MY WORDS- within ONE year there will be “Paula Deen Diabetes” products lining the shelves, and at least six different cookbooks. She’s obnoxious and her Savannah restaurant wasn’t even that good!

  8. Minty says:

    It’s nice to know there’s a publicist with some scruples.

  9. some bitch says:

    Paula Deen’s food always struck me as something you eat maybe as a special occasion. As I’ve said before, that bitch makes a mean pecan pie and I love to make it once or twice a year. For all the trumpeting people do about being independent they sure can’t seem to figure out moderation is something you have to determine for YOURSELF. YOU are responsible for your own diet and subsequently are responsible for your physical well being.

    If you are so influenced by a television chef that you constantly consume their obviously unhealthy creation and rely on them to dictate what you supplement into your diet, step away from your television and take a nutrition class. Jeeezus.

    As much as I like Paula Deen (I don’t even know why, it’s partly because she’s so damn entertaining) the drug endorsement deal is shady as hell.

  10. Chalky says:

    Interesting comment from Bourdain, a man who inhales more cigarette smoke than oxygen and drinks more alcohol than water. But, whatever makes him feel relevant, I guess.

    As someone else pointed out, she’s a chef, not a doctor and not a dietitian. Her show is not about healthy cooking or healthier alternative recipes. Dean does not have a responsibility to the health of the public. You, me, and anyone else are responsible for what we put in our mouth, not Paula Dean. I’m so tired of people whining and redirecting responsibility to outsiders for this or that over things in their lives that they themselves have control over first and foremost. What the hell happened to personal responsibility? Personal choice? Critical thinking? Is there still anyone out there who really doesn’t know that dropping three sticks of butter into a mayo jar and calling icing is not the healthiest recipe to follow?

    • duncecap says:

      Sadly most of the country, (USA) is misinformed. Just look at the health news that pops up every month in a state of panic. “BLUEBERRIES CURE CANCER!!!” People buy blueberries and put them in their sugary cereals. That reminds me– sugary cereals! Most people view cereal as healthy, regardless of type! If you ever work in the fitness of health service field you’ll see the wide range of misconceptions people have until you forcibly make them look at the true information. As I mentioned in the last Dean comments, there was a fat kid who lost weight, but with no help from his parents. He asked his mom “Is bacon healthy?” because at the time she’d make him whole plates of it. She said “of course it is! It’s meat!”

      Look at the way people run with a tiny bit of fact– the saying a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing is especially true of how people view food information. And those people are generally the more informed than the rest. Even the general assumption that people need 2000 calories a day is a misnomer. What gender, age and weight are you? What’s your occupation or daily activity? What does a person consider daily activity?

      All the “facts” that people have perverted and take as gospel could fill a a shelf of books.

      Almost forgot my favorte example. My health teacher had a friend who was morbidly obese. His docter gave him a list of foods that were safe and a list of foods to avoid. During a visit my teacher noticed 2 giant frosted cakes in the house, one half eaten. When asked about them the guy says “Cake is not on the list, so its okay.”

      It sounds like an urban legend or something, but I believe its because that sort of thing is so common. We all know someone like that.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        People need to learn to read labels and not just choose food stuffs they think are “okay.”

        Blueberries in and of themselves are healthy; add them to non-fat plain yoghurt and they’re still healthy. Cover them in sugar or add them to those unhealthy cereals like mentioned, and it’s like “counter-acting” the health benefits.

        People also say “well, it’s fruit (or juice)” and add 100+ calories per 8 oz glass to their caloric intake.

        Fun fact: watermelon, cucumbers, and pickles are WW “free foods.”

    • badrockandroll says:

      And what the hell happened to personal morality and integrity? That is what PD is missing so badly.

      No, she isn’t holding people down and force-feeding them her junk. That is not what many people are angry about anyway. By not disclosing her own medical condition until such time as she endorsed an expensive drug as a “cure”, she falls into a category that no other celebrity chef comes close to. PD would not have made nearly as much money had she endorsed other diabetes options, such as dietary choices, portion control and moderate exercise. In fact, she derides these things on her television show, even though they are just as effective for diabetes control, are viable for all economic classes and also can improve other health conditions.

      PD lost me years ago when she became associated with Smithfield, a company that is as morally bankrupt as she has proven to be.

      Until such time as Bourdain endorses Nicorette and says that there is nothing wrong with smoking and makes money from tobacco products, there is no comparision between the two chefs.

    • Mourning the Death of Music says:

      In Anthony’s defense, he quit smoking years ago. :)

  11. Blondey says:

    I like watching the Food Network for its “food porn” quality. It’s nice to “ooh and aah” over the decadent dishes and dream a little. Watching “skinny” chefs, gives me the impression that their food isn’t that tasty at all. Give me the Barefoot Contessa over Giada any day.

    I rarely run to the kitchen and start adding a stick of butter to anything I cook – I know better. No more than I run to the mall after watching Fashion Police to buy some crazy get-up that Rihanna wore to an awards ceremony.

    Paula Deen used really poor judgement – and will likely see a rating drop. Dr. Stork is an idiot, if he really thinks we are looking to Mario Batali for our daily eating plan. What happened to FitTV – apparently no one watched it?

    Now leave me alone while I watch Andrew Zimmern and munch on some fried cockroaches…

    • duncecap says:

      Watching “skinny” chefs, gives me the impression that their food isn’t that tasty at all.

      I cannot overstate how much I hate this stereotype. Its like saying only people with calloused hands make good surgeons or something. Cooking is JUST a craft. Skinny or fat chefs would be equally good at it. Some of the top fashion designers wear surprisingly durable, workmanlike outfits. Some of the best doctors treat themselves horribly.

  12. the original bellaluna says:

    Kudos, bodhi, for picking up on that. I LOVE those pix where they’re both stuffing their faces!

    My little one LOVES Shrek, and I can actually hear the lines she’s saying with her mouth full, and just prior. “Harold, you’ve forced me to do something I really hate. STOP THE CAR!! My diet is RUINED!”

  13. Turd Fergussen says:

    1. Since when are chefs required to make only healthy food? What, so because PD is diabetic she’s held to certain standards, but it’s okay for a thin french chef to cook up foie gras?
    2. Whether you like fat people or not, this is America, and people should be allowed to eat whatever they want. Unfortunately, with Obamacare about to kick in, what we all eat will soon be under scrutiny, since the government will be providing and doling out health care and all of a sudden, they have a stake in what we’re eating.
    3. I’m tired of all these people who are “disgusted” with PD. If you don’t like her food or her or her show, don’t tune in and for the love of God, don’t cook her recipes. This is not difficult. The truth is, there’s a market for it, whether anyone likes it or not.

    • Zelda says:

      This is an aside, but as someone who lives in a country with socialized healthcare, I can assure you that it has no effect on food regulation. Whoever told you it would (Fox News, I presume?) is just trying to scare you. There is no evidence–from any country with socialized medicine–that this will happen.

      What you will see is a decrease in the number of people declaring bankruptcy due to medical costs and illness-related loss of income.

      Medical insurance–if you can even afford it–is simply not enough.

      • Turd Fergussen says:

        No, I didn’t hear it from FoxNews because I don’t watch FoxNews. Nice swat, though.

        If the government is running and paying for my healthcare, then yes, I think they’re going to be concerned with how much I weigh, what I eat, if I smoke, if I drink, if I do drugs, etc.

      • Zelda says:

        Sorry about the Fox News assumption–But the use of the word “Obamacare” suggested as much to me. It’s healthcare, pure and simple, though I guess it would be harder to demonize in the media if that were the description used.

      • some bitch says:

        I am seconding this as another bitch living in a country with civilized…. I mean socialized healthcare.

        Nobody’s ever said diddly about what I or any of my family members eat EXCEPT when it actually pertains to health.

      • It is ME!! says:

        I’m an American with government run health care (military), living in a country with socialized medicine (Germany).

        Let me tell you something: IT’S FANTASTIC. I am saying this as someone who did not have health or dental coverage the first 13 years of her life.

        I don’t have to worry about if an ER trip is going to bankrupt my family. And to those who say the quality of medicine is lower in countries with national health care systems, I can tell you from first hand experience that the German care I have received is excellent.

        Oh, and no one tells me how to eat. And Paula Deen’s food is crap. People should listen to their bodies and their doctors, not Paula Deen, not FauxNews, not the media. Enough with the “American exceptionalism” crap. We are not number one in everything.

        P.S. Why is government run health care okay for Congresscritters, but not good enough for the people, the average Americans that pay their salaries and pay for their health care? Chew on that for a sec!

    • badrockandroll says:

      @Turd Fergussen:

      If the US government gets involved in what you are eating, they will be alone in their efforts. Other governments that provide healthcare for their citizens are not (well beyond regulations for the agriculture/ food production industries, and PSAs like you shouldn’t drink if you are pregnant and the like – I believe that the US government has been doing this sort of stuff for years now)

      And take a look at your private health insurance: aren’t there premiums for your family health history, if you have no pre-existing health conditions like diabetes, or because you are a non-smoker? It seems to me that private enterprise is already concerned with how much you weigh, what you eat, if you smoke, if you drink, if you do drugs, etc.

    • Boots says:

      I live in a country with socialised healthcare and no, the government doesn’t control what we eat or drink. We’re free to become as obese as we like.

      But don’t let that get in the way of your nonsensical fearmongering.

  14. Rio says:

    I’m originally from Savannah and I can tell you, she’s actually not all that popular in her hometown. NO locals eat at The Lady and Sons (unless they’re taking their out-of-town friends and family), the congestion the line causes on Congress Street is a traffic hazard, and my friends who have worked their say it’s an utter nightmare.

    The shame is that Savannah has some really top-quality restaurants– organic, locally sourced, healthy– and a great farmer’s market, but all anyone thinks we have is greasy fried chicken and limp green beans.

  15. machiavelli says:

    Remember the cooking show Two Fat Ladies (?)

    I couldn’t watch Paula for more than a few seconds. I just couldn’t.

  16. Seagulls says:

    For the bazillionth time, it isn’t the fat – it’s the carbohydrates. Still, her shilling for a pharmaceutical corporation is in very bad form

  17. Ari says:

    Chef!? Seriously!? She is not chef.

    • BerMan says:

      True, but she is a chef when she cooks in her own kitchen and in ‘her” restaurant(s). But she is not accredited with years of professional chef training. In fact most of the Food Network T.V. hosts are in the same category. So buyer beware.

  18. JoJo says:

    UMMMMMMM. The fact that people are making this an issue is not only downright absurd but frightening to me. Just how DUMB are we? So … we should now blame Paula Deen for cooking high-fat, southern food? She made us fat? She didn’t warn us that it wasn’t good for us? Oh yes, it’s Paula (and other chefs’) fault – we aren’t smart enough to realize that we shouldn’t eat this type of food on a daily basis. Oh no – my my – it’s not our fault we’re fat. It’s Paula Deen’s! Come on America! What – are we going to now require that all chefs begin their show with a DISCLAIMER and an “EATER BEWARE” warning that eating this chef’s food could make you fat and cause health problems?! Ugh – it’s just so silly. I’m so tired of it. I mean, take responsibility for your weight and health – don’t blame Paula Deen or anyone else. And also – who the *F* cares if she got diabetes from eating her food. I don’t see any reason that she had to TELL everyone about this. I mean … it’s obvious. Eating that type of food every day wouldn’t be healthy, but that’s her choice. She isn’t forcing America to cook her meals and eat them every day. AAAGGGHHHH …

  19. SpunkyPR says:

    I don’t think everyone’s blaming Paula Dean for obesity and unhealthy eating, the fact is, she’s only saying something because she’s pushing a drug. She could have (and probably would have) remained silent about her illness (she’s not responsible for telling anyone) and gone on like nothing’s wrong. The fact that she did come out and announce that she has diabetes and that she was waiting for something to give back to people is what is so downright wrong. She came out with her story only because she has something to sell. Let’s forget about blaming her for unhealthy cooking and instead treat her like a kardashian because honestly the only reason she’s talking is because she’s getting paid.

    On a side note, she is not a chef but a cook. She doesn’t have a culinary degree and as much as I hate Bobby Flay, he did graduate from one of the Culinary Institutes in NY.

  20. dragonlady sakura says:

    I think some of this black lash is getting out of control. I’m not even a Paula Deen fan, but seeming to put the blame on her shilling fatty foods are kind of crazy. I’m overweight myself. I’ve always had issues with food. But I sure didn’t get fat from eating salads all day and exercising. It was only AFTER I had a health scare that I changed my diet and started working out. Sometimes, stubborn people like me need a little brutal reality to get themselves straight.

  21. Diabetes Advocate says:

    I’m not going to get into a debate of her business strategy or personal decisions.

    But I have to say, PLEASE don’t go making statements about diabetes treatments unless you have actual knowledge of them. Diabetes (yes, even Type 2) is a very complex metabolic syndrome, and it’s not just as simple as saying “gain weight, get diabetes; lose weight, cure diabetes.” It doesn’t work like that. While eating more healthfully and losing weight improve the metabolic symptoms of diabetes, they don’t eliminate the cause of it, which is a flaw in the body’s ability to use insulin.

    Victoza, the treatment which Paula Deen is now promoting, is a replacement treatment for an additional metabolic hormone which is deficient in individuals with diabetes. The development of drugs like Victoza is part of a recent trend of focusing on factors beyond just insulin, and it’s going a long way toward improving control of blood sugars for individuals with diabetes, and preventing deadly complications like neurological damage.

    There’s actually quite a large problem with individuals with diabetes refusing necessary treatments such as medication, and suffering poorer health as a result. So what I’m saying is this — Think what you want about Paula Deen’s contract with Novo Nordisk (and by the way, that is how you spell the company’s name), PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T make blanket statements about medications for diabetes that cast them in a negative light. If you do, you’re just as responsible as someone promoting unhealthy food. For many people with diabetes, medications are JUST AS IMPORTANT as exercise and a healthy diet. I hope you might consider editing your posts, as they’re very concerning in this regard.

  22. Hg says:

    It’s called moderation, people….eat the fatty foods in moderatIon and like anyone looked at Paula and thought it couldn’t be….and why is it that no one is bitchin about the fat male celebrity chefs…oh that’s right the men are always allowed their cake and eat it too….

  23. Miss Beca says:

    Can I just say how much it bothers me to hear people talking about “bad” food? Food is not “good” or “bad”. It’s just food. Is butter bad for you? not if you have a pat once in a while. It’s only damaging to your health if you eat a stick a day. Anyone who’s ever been on a diet knows that.
    It isn’t Paula Deen’s fault that i’m heavy, any more than it’s taco bell’s fault. I made my own choices, and now I’m making choices to live better and healthier. But that’s on me–not on the stupid television.
    Also, please don’t catagorize people you don’t know as “disgusting” or “pigs”. I teach high school, and I fight every day against that behavior. It’s just as unattractive coming from adults.

  24. Magsy says:

    Wow are there people out there who believe celebrities? Trust them? Their number one job is making $$$$$$. Paula is no more hypocritical than most people on tv. It’s all phony baloney, we’re the dummies that buy into it.

  25. Rebecca says:

    I’m tired of the Paula Deen bashing. I have never heard of an instance where she force fed her recipe to anyone. Most of us are sensible and independent enough to make our own choices about what we eat. I have heard her mention that her recipes are for special occasions, not for everyday living. Many of her recipes are what my grandmother and mother served. Some of the recipes originated out of poverty during the depression. Gravy and biscuits were cheap to make and they were better than starving. Due to our lifestyle today, we cannot eat some of these foods often. Our grandparents got by with eating them because they did hard labor in the fields from sun up to sun down. Besides, I’m sure there are other recipes out there that have just as much calories and fat as Paula Deen’s recipes. Bash someone else for a change. Another problem, since when is it okay to continue the southern bashing? If other cultures were criticized it would be “politically incorrect;” but it is okay to bash the southern way of life and an overweight southern woman. She is not making up her way of speaking. Many of my relatives speak like Paula Deen. Those of you who are making fun are showing your prejudices. As far as the perks she’s getting from letting people know what medications she’s on, I don’t think that is any different than physicians who go on extravagant vacations that are paid by pharmaceutical companies because they have written a large number of prescriptions for that pharmaceutical company. She’s not doing anything different than what many politicians and much of the general public would do. As a diabetic, let me reassure you that it takes time to go from fear and disbelief, reading through tons of literature and changing your entire life to discuss your diabetic condition with others.

  26. Bitch-a-rooni says:

    She looks like a big fat f-ing Dorito. How could anyone ever take her seriously?!

    I agree with all the bashing where people are angry that she is whoring herself out and cashing in on her diabetes. Zero morals.

  27. Bitcharooni says:

    She looks like a big fat f-ing Dorito. How could anyone ever take her seriously?!
    I agree with all the bashing where people are angry that she is whoring herself out and cashing in on her diabetes. Zero morals.