Is J-Woww angry that Snooki’s pregnancy has eclipsed their spinoff show?

This week’s tabloids are full of Snooki news, mostly in relation to the finally confirmed pregnancy of doom. However, In Touch diverts momentarily from the plan by talking about J-Woww’s recent health scare involving a ruptured ovarian cyst in February. Apparently, this happened while J-Woww was working out at the gym, and she “nearly pass[ed] out on the treadmill from extreme pain.” Yikes.

However, the serious vibe doesn’t last for long when it comes to “Jersey Shore” spinoff gossip, and Star has heard from some insiders on the “Snooki and J-Woww vs. The World” set who say that J-Woww isn’t happy at all with the direction that the show is taking now that her co-star is knocked up. Somehow, I doubt that J-Woww is really going to throw down over this, but let’s run with it:

Gym, tan, catfight! As Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “J-Woww” Farley begin filming their “Jersey Shore” spin-off, Star has learned the former BFFs are feuding furiously over Snooki’s surprise pregnancy.

Despite her denials, Snooki, 24, is pregnant by her boyfriend, Jionni LaValle, as Star reported more than a month ago. And it has thrown a wrench into the plans for her upcoming MTV series with her former bestie.

“They are having to redo the creative direction of the spin-off because of the pregnancy,” an insider explains. Instead of following the girls as they party their way through New Jersey, sources say, the show will focus on Snooki as she prepares to welcome her own little meatball — and J-Woww, 26, isn’t happy about it.

“Jenni thought the show was supposed to be about their friendship, and now Snooki is causing so much drama because of the baby,” an insider tells Star. “She’s fed up with Snooki getting all the attention.”

And sources say she’s making her feelings known on set. “They’re just fighting all the time,” one source tells Star. “When they’re on camera, they act like nothing is wrong — but there’s so much animosity between them when the camera’s down. It’s uncomfortable for everyone.”

[From Star, print edition, March 19, 2012]

This doesn’t sound like J-Woww, who is easily the most civilized “Shore” cast member, at all. In fact, she’s quite boring these days and hasn’t been in a fistfight with anyone since Season 3 (NSFW video clip here) when Sammi pulled out one of J-Woww’s hair extensions. Ever since J-Woww started dating Roger a few seasons ago, she’s really settled down, and I’d bet anything that she’s sort of relieved that now Snooki won’t want to go out partying all the time. Still, a calm J-Woww and a pregnant Snooki won’t exactly make for riveting television, right?

Meanwhile, the print edition of Us Weekly provides updates from their pregnancy pseudo-exclusive that we already covered, but Us now has several new details. Among them, Us Weekly has done an “appraisal” of Snooki’s engagement ring (the one that looks like it came out of a Cracker Jack box) and values it at $55,000 while also stating that it contains 5 carats of diamonds. Really?

Us also confirms that Snooki and Jionni are currently living with his mother, so perhaps that’s how he was able to save up enough money for a ring while he’s still in college. Snooki also says that she first denied being preggers because she wanted to reach the 3-month mark and get through the greatest risk period for miscarriage before announcing. That may be so, but she’d also agreed to an exclusive with Us, and mama wanted to get paid. Jionni popped into the interview to say that he wants to get married at Disney World, but Snooki wants to get married at her church and throw a huge Jersey reception afterwards with “bombs going off.” Jionni conceded that a fair compromise would to be get married at WrestleMania. As for the child’s name, Snooki says they have settled upon “Jionni Jr. for a boy. We haven’t thought of girl names yet. I want something italian and normal. Not like Blanket. Or Lamp.” Oh, such wit.

Meanwhile, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola has told Mark Malkin that she can’t wait for Snooki’s baby to arrive. Furthermore, Sammi says that people shouldn’t pick on Snickers because “It’s not like she’s 16 and pregnant.” Well, at least there’s one positive to this whole mess, right?

Here’s some more “pissed off” J-Woww for you. I think she’s just not photographing very well in these photos, and she’s probably thrilled to pieces for Snooki.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. Snowflake says:

    another b.s. story. i watch jersey shore, and jwwow’s not like that.

  2. Lauren says:

    Snooki is pregnant.. Snooki is getting married.. I guess the Maya’s were right. It really must be the end of the world.

  3. says:

    J-Woww is probably just happy to even have a show.

  4. Kellybean says:

    Jenni just looks cold in those pictures, hence the bitchface. BTW, what did she do to her face? It looks different… People need to stop messing with their faces, especially younger people.

  5. Skins says:

    Uh, J-wow, nobody tunes into the show to watch you.

  6. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    They live with his parents? You’d think she’d have her own place since she makes $100,000 an episode.

  7. LeeLoo says:

    I wish these girls would ditch the spray tan and this Jionni character sounds like a boy. Marry at Disney World…really?

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Let’s hope that Ryan Gosling doesn’t get engaged soon, else, there could be a chance of double-booking a la that movie I only know from The Flop House, Beach Blanket Battle Tyrants, also known as I, Harpie: We Need To Talk About Taffeta.

    • Lindsay says:

      To be fair they have AMAZING weddings and staff in Florida, California, and Hawiii and all they do is plan weddings for Disney. They have one at Epcot and each part of the wedding takes place in a different country. And of course true fairy tale style weddings with a Cinderella style carriage pulled by horses. In about a year you will be able to have your reception in a room that looks exactly like the ball room in Beauty and the Beast. If you love the whole Disney princess thing there really isn’t anyone who can do that level of fantasy
      in that price range. They aren’t cheap but everything is already there and ready you don’t have to pay someone to create it and rent a bunch of stuff to create the setting. Also, for as many as they do they are good about giving choices and adding personal touches. They have their own wedding dress line. (I am giving him the benefit of doubt, they are both idiots, his plan could be getting married on a roller coaster.)

      I have no idea how WrestleMania is a compromise between the two ideas.

  8. ethosdino says:

    Jenni is probably angry because since she already serves as a mother for Snooki, she’s probably going to have to take care of the baby, too.

  9. Asli says:

    I don’t think Jenni’s upset about this, she’s probably juat happy that Snooki is getting her act together.

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    I doubt it. Jenni doesn’t seem like the type. She & Snookie have been good friends throughout, and I’m willing to bet she’s happy for Snook.

    Heck, she’ll probably end up being the baby’s godmother.

  11. hillbillygirl45 says:

    I do NOT blame this poor little baby, it didn’t ask to be brought into this world….but, I still think it would have been a good idea to spay Snooki, or clip Jionni. Gonna be a tiny little troll-doll, ain’t it?

  12. That girl says:

    I dont think jwoww cares that much either way. I’m sure they are friends but I’m positive she’s not consumed by her distain or happiness for her chum. She’s probably just walking her dog.

  13. Gene Parmesan says:

    J-woww is the only one with a modicum of something called style. Has Snooki always though that fireworks going off are actually bombs?

    • BetsyD says:

      You can’t be serious with this comment.

      J-Woww wears lingerie out to the clubs, and oftentimes could easily be mistaken for a middle-aged prostitute representing the faces of meth.

      This isn’t to say any of those kids have any style, or that in a contest between her and Snookers that she is better/worse, but her interpretation of ‘style’ is alarming.

      On the other hand – your question about the bombs made me laugh.

  14. Gaia132 says:

    I’m guessing Snooki doesn’t know what birth control is… Dumbass.

  15. Hootie Hoo says:

    Jenni would be more than supportive for her friend. She is that way. I like the girl myself and she has matured a great deal over the seasons.

  16. truthful says:

    Why do folks that watch the show think that Jwoww is “not like that??”

    this show was supposed to be something totally different and I’m supposed to beleive that J is happy w/Snooki NOT partying and getting all of the attention with her baby and future husband??

    I beleive that Jenn is pissed and disappointed–this show will be all about Snooks and her bunn and her man.

    not abut their normal, partying, meeting hot guys and Snooks being a barrel of laughs–its all about Snooks incubating now.

    This show has changed direction totally.

  17. Palermo says:

    The people who were “fans” of Jersey Shore will probably not be that thrilled to see this boring spin off. My guess is it won’t make one season.

  18. Mary jones says:

    Just gross. There are women who try for years to have a baby. But its’s usually pieces of trash like this who get pregnant the easiest. And Snooki isn’t Italian shes Chilean.

  19. Jover says:

    I am stupid what is WOW about j-whatever her name is; squirrels hiding nuts in my background are more interesting than these fence posts.

  20. impppy says:

    okay, I honestly like J Woww, kinda, and Snooki, as, for THAT SHOW, they were the most “completely honest” out of all the women. On the main note, I have had an ovarian cyst burst and I cannot tell you how excruciating that is! The pain is compared to giving birth! I hope J Woww feels better soon and Snooki keeps herself in line for that baby.

  21. Nal says:

    Honestly jersey shore has beem focusing on partying meeting different guys, to be honest that trend has gotten boring so with snookie being preggers n engaged a little animosity with jwoww I think this up coming season will be great