Enquirer: Demi Moore texted nude pics to Ashton Kutcher recently, Rihanna freaked

A new still from Demi’s film LOL with Miley Cyrus, out May 4

This story is in Mike Walker’s column in the National Enquirer. For Demi Moore’s sake, I hope this isn’t true. Given what we know about how she regularly tweets bikini photos of herself, along with the fact that we’ve heard for months that she’s still hopelessly hung up on Ashton, this isn’t much of a stretch. You can easily imagine her taking some well-lit, well-angled photos of herself and sending them to Ashton in a moment of weakness to show him “what he’s missing.” It’s sad and desperate, but she was with the guy for 9 years and she’s not ready to move on. It happens.

Walker adds a twist to this story, which kind of makes me think it’s too good to be true. Supposedly Ashton’s latest hookup, Rihanna, (who issued a half-assed denial recently that convinced no one) found the nude photos of Demi on Ashton’s phone and chewed him out for it. Have we even heard that Rihanna was on the Two and a Half Men set before this point? You would think that TMZ or Radar would have picked up on that.

My exclusive… The buzz leaking from [the] “Two and a Half Men” dressing room says RiRi freaked and fled in fury after she “stumbled across” sexy, near-naked pics Demi had texted to Ashton – “After their breakup!” Said my backstage source: “Rihanna exploded, telling Ashton in no uncertain terms that she does not want to get involved if there’s the slightest chance of anyone getting abused – physically or emotionally.” Wow! So Demi’s still relying on nude-ish pics to keep Kutcher on the leash? Don’t think so, girl!

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, Mike Walker's column, April 16, 2012]

I don’t know, it sounds too far fetched to me, but it could be true. Also in the “far fetched” department is a story in this week’s Star that claims that Chris Brown told Ashton to stay away from Rihanna, only he told Diddy to tell Ashton to step off on his behalf. What grade are they in? “My friend told me you were dating his ex girlfriend, and he doesn’t like it. He’s going to send you some angry tweets if you don’t stop seeing her.” I shouldn’t joke, we all know that Chris Brown is capable of more than just angry tweets, although he’s probably too chicken to hit another dude. Here’s the Star story, for what it’s worth:

Chris Brown… “sent a message to Ashton,” says a source close to Rihanna, who had been quietly seeing Chris while dating [Ashton]. “He warned Ashton via their mutual friend, Diddy, to keep his distance from her. At first, Ashton took it as a joke – but Diddy told him that Chris was dead serious and really worked up about the idea that Rihanna has moved on.”

Ashton, 34, was already unhappy that his relationship with Rihanna has been revealed. In the wake of his messy split from wife Demi Moore last fall, “It’s the last thing he needs. And now Rihanna thinks that Ashton could cut off all contact with her because of Chris’ interference, which she thinks is absolutely what he wants,” says the source…

Rihanna was so angry after learning of his challenge to Ashton, she called her jealous ex and told him to back off, said the source. “This fling with Ashton is a way for her to forget about wanting Chris back.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, April 16, 2012]

At first I didn’t buy Ashton and Rihanna as even a casual hookup couple, but I’m slowly being convinced. They may be over at this point, as OK! Magazine recently reported. Maybe this crap with Chris threatening Ashton (through Diddy, I can’t even) is what ended it. Rihanna seems kind of unhinged lately and I could see her getting with Ashton. I could also see him bolting at the first sign of trouble. If they did have some kind of hookup relationship, I doubt Rihanna took it seriously anyway. She’s all about being “hardcore” lately.

Rihanna is shown at the airport in Tokyo on 3-31-12. She’s since gone back to brunette. Ashton is shown outside a Laker’s game on 4-3-12. Credit: WENN.com

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  1. Gene Parmesan says:

    Regarding that story. I dont think Rihanna would have cared much. she seems like a ‘hit it and quit it’ kinda girl like she obviously wasnt expecting much from Kelso

  2. Ravensdaughter says:

    Let’s hope the story isn’t true and that Miley and Demi’s film does well.

  3. Lisa says:

    What the hell is Rihanna wearing?

  4. paola says:

    Watching at demi now it’s like witnessing a train wreck. just get a grip and start running in the opposite direction from ashton!

  5. Kaboom says:

    Am I alone in this or would anyone else like to see Ashton of all people punching out Chris Brown under the eyes of the paps?

  6. wunder says:

    My god, woman, just MOVE ON!

  7. Pretty Kitty says:

    Rhianna’s hair looks god awful

  8. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    They’re all a bunch of a-holes (Ashton, beat-her-down Brown and RiRi). Brown is the beating type, so why not the cheating type? Besides, didn’t the whole beat down take place when RiRi found messages from another girl on Brown’s phone? So I buy that Rihanna would look at her man’s phone. I also buy that she would bed Ashton (I mean, come on, she slept with Shia LeDouche and he’s far nerdier). Finally, I can totally see Brown sending ASSton a message via Diddy (because Brown’s g/f would find out about a text).

    Yep, sound true to me 😉

  9. Alexis says:

    You can’t just have random hookups anymore as a star, as this makes clear. I love how a rash of fake tab stories have come up following what was at most a couple hookups that both understood to be no-strings-attached. I enjoy that one clip of Rihanna being asked about it — she was mad and embarrassed as hell to be talking about it. And what’s worse is that she’s being made to look desperate somehow (about a guy she’s not all all proud to have hooked up with!) — that’s the tab script for all women.

  10. imabrat says:

    Sad. If true, how very sad. I don’t think it’s goina work sweetie.

  11. dempressed says:

    I feel sorry and sad for Demi at the same time. who hasn’t been through a long term relationship (let alone where there was marriage involved) and not been devestated at its end? she and Ash shared a really tight bond in their weird celebrity way. I’m sure he was a champion in the sack too which is why he felt compelled to share his manhood with others leading to their relationships demise. it will take her at least a year. it has NOTHING to do with their ages. nothing. but if you look at that video of Demi dancing in Vegas to Snoop Dogg in 2010…he looked kind of over her then so it might have been a long time coming :(

  12. Marjalane says:

    Sometimes Rihanna’s face looks an awful lot like Whitney Houston’s did ten or fifteen years ago; Pretty, but always a little wasted.

  13. Jayna says:

    Most of his stuff is so made up.

  14. palermo says:

    Demi Moore is so pathetic. I would not lower myself to that level for any man.

  15. dorothy says:

    I hope it’s not true. It’s so pathetic.

  16. logan says:

    Oh, the rich and sorta famous crack me up. As Phil from Duck Dynasty (good show by the way on A&E) would say, “Lookie here, Lookie here, what we have here are a couple of nerdy folks who don’t have much to do with their time. Hand em a shot gun and lets go huntin.”

  17. LeeLoo says:

    The sad thing is, I can see this story totally being true. Demi’s desperate enough, Ashton’s douchey enough and both Rihanna and Chros Brown are crazy enough.

    Ashton needs to not be a pansy and just cut Demi off completely. I don’t know what’s stopping him. He obviously wants her to leave him alone and at this point he’s won the PR game with Demi acting crazy for months. He just needs to sever ties with her completely.

  18. dahlia1947 says:

    WOw i hope it’s not true. Move on woman.

  19. nikzilla37 says:

    Ashton DEFINITELY ran at the first sign of trouble. LOL Poor Rihanna, she is so messed up in the head.

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    I truly hope Demi pulls herself together, for good.

    I know it’s hard when a relationship ends, and when cheating is involved the hurt runs DEEP.

    Personally, I believe cheating is a passive-aggressive way of ending a relationship for someone who doesn’t have the balls to just end it.

  21. The Bobster says:

    Have you ever watched a horror movie where you hoped the monster would eat them all?

  22. CS says:

    So he’s no longer hot-n-heavy with Lorene Scafaria? :)

  23. straight talker says:

    this all seems to be so much of a mess. . What with all the exs involved Chris,Bruce. .Chris left the girl now wants her hanging around!!!Ashton wants riri but can’t seem to shake desperate demi off (god she is clingy )and Bruce wants to step in to protect demi and tell Ashton to stop seeing riri. . .all in all Ashton meeting riri has caused everybody’s emotions to be in turmoil. . .and yet they both are supposedly single. . .and ppl sudnt care what they do. . . Funny!!! Eh!!!

  24. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    Where is demi’s therapist?? She obviously has almost no pride or self esteem. Sending nude photos to a man who obviously wants NOTHING to do wth you and who pities you? has she no one in her life to shake her and tell her how utterly pathetic she is?? I’ll be happy to smack her and bark at her to “Snap out of it”! Isent this what they call “dickmatized”??

  25. Sugar says:

    This whole Ashton RiRi Demi Chris P diddy saga sounds like an episode of Knotts Falcon Dallas Dynasty Creat Landing : / Cliffhanger Friday

  26. Del says:

    Would like to see Chris Brown take the beating of his life if this story is true. How dare he? He doesn’t deserve Rhianna or any other woman for that matter. Stupid woman beater!

  27. carlino altoviti says:

    Gloria Swanson had more class than Demi walking her “Sunset Boulevard”.

  28. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I can see a pregnancy in the works with this situation.

  29. MyCatLoves TV says:

    A man Ashton’s age doesn’t want to see nude photos of a woman pushing middle age that he has hit on the regular for nearly ten years. I can see him not getting horny but, rather, getting a kick out of it and sharing a laugh over the photos with his friends. This is not a good move by Demi. And before you think I’m insulting women Demi’s age, I am older than Ms. Moore and with age is SUPPOSED to bring some wisdom. But love makes us crazy. She needs an honest best girlfriend who can set her straight before she makes stupid mistakes like this. IF, of course, this is true.

  30. lisa says:

    Ashton has obviously moved on. When he left Demi he left, and he doesn’t seem t be looking back. I would think after her rehab stint she would be more confident and now just working on her recovery. Doubt this is true, because if it is then Demi is not recovering at all. But again when have the tabloids been correct.