Marc Anthony wanted to reconcile with J.Lo, but she loves Casper and rejected him

Some of you e-mailed this to us as a tip, and it’s somewhat interesting. It seems like a common occurrence in the celebrity divorces we’ve seen lately. The husband wants to reconcile for whatever reason, and the wife is like “it’s over, I’m good.” We’ve seen this with Heidi Klum and Seal, with Sandra Bullock and Jesse James and Sean Penn and Robin Wright. (There are plenty of mutual reconciliations, cases where only the wife wants to reconcile, and mutual divorces too of course.)

Last week Marc Anthony filed for divorce from Jennifer Lopez. We didn’t cover it, because it seemed somewhat inevitable given the fact that while they’ve been separated J.Lo has moved on to a new much-younger boyfriend who has been traveling with her, living on her dime (if 10k/week is a “dime”), and appearing in her ridiculous music videos. Anthony apparently didn’t think it was inevitable, and he allegedly tried to get back with Lopez before she said “It’s over, I’m good.” I thought that Anthony had a new piece too, some hot model type. Anthony even got a tattoo for his new girlfriend. He was still hanging all over Lopez during their joint press appearances for Q’Viva earlier this year, so I guess he wasn’t over her and wasn’t ready to move on.

Marc Anthony held out hope for a reconciliation with Jennifer Lopez, but decided to file for divorce when she told him … she’s madly in love with BF Casper Smart … TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story … Marc filed for divorce Monday — nine months after the couple announced they were splitting.

But sources extremely close to Marc tell us, he didn’t make the decision on his own — he had a heart-to-heart with J.Lo a few weeks back to see if she really, truly wanted to end the marriage.

We’re told he said he wanted to give the marriage another try, but Jennifer confessed … she was deeply in love with Casper … and wanted to pursue that relationship.

We’re told Marc was blindsided … he had not idea things were so serious — and he was hurt.

So that’s why Marc filed divorce papers this week.

[From TMZ]

I hope this means that Casper no-so-Smart is just a distraction for J.Lo so that she can distance herself from her marriage, since she needs to be in a relationship at all times. She’s made every indication that she’s serious about this kid, though. Even her manager has said that Lopez is stupid in love, basically. If she didn’t have another “man” lined up, would she have gotten back with Anthony, since she’s incapable of being alone? She might have. I could see it.

Anthony and Lopez at a press conference in January

Here’s Lopez out with Max yesterday in Sherman Oaks, CA. He’s totally giving his mom a hard time! Credit: DMac/Goodwin/FameFlynet Pictures. She’s shown out with Casper, Max and Emme on 4-5-12 at The Grove. Credit: LG/FameFlynet Pictures. Header image is from 5-23-11.

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  1. Marjalane says:

    Again- the I.Q. and emotional maturity of the average 14 year old.

    • sara.typhoid.mary.martin says:

      Her lil’ boy is Marc’s mini me! Whoa! I love seeing the boy throwing a hissy fit at Jello, need a lil caption:
      “mom, i can’t stand your stoopid human dildoyfriend!, he steals me lolipops ‘n candy! Break up with this bustard! Now!” (stomps feet against the ground while Jello holds both his hands)…LOL

  2. Franny says:

    Her outfit from yesterday needs different pants. Wouldn’t she have that uncomfortable feeling where your pants are too short and they just swing around your ankles? Tall girls know what I’m talking about.

  3. Original Lucy says:

    I think Marc thought of them as some sort of Hollywood power couple…sort of the Hispanic Brad and Angie, and didn’t want that to end. Notice how JLO only has a smile on her face with casper…men and women with that “its all about me” attitude should not have children…

  4. Liv says:

    Weird, she has absolutely no chemistry with her kids and rarely shows true affection for them..

  5. carrie says:

    he’s not engaged with his girlfriend??

  6. Hautie says:

    I have always wonder if this breakup was more of a financial issue.

    As in, when Lopez married Marc she was knee deep in cash. She had multiple projects going on and had a huge cash flow.

    But she shut down nearly all of those projects. And most of her cash flow stopped. And lets be real, Jennifer had most likely out earned Marc when they where first married.

    But that all stopped. Yet, she kept on spending cash, she most likely could not replace with new income.

    Then Lopez started doing Idol, she got her brand reinvigorated.

    She was able to get her cash flow back up. And I suspect that is when their marriage hit the skids. And I bet she had a pre-nup that protects her own income.

    So it might be cheaper for her to divorce. Marc might be too much of a liability to her.

    • Vesper says:

      There have been a few blind items circulating that involve Anthony being physically and verbally abusive through out much of their marriage. Apparently, it became obvious to people when Jennifer started to do Idol.

      I can see the rumours being true. In every single pic with Jennifer Anthony’s body language indicates a man who is very controlling and possessive. He gives me the creeps.

      • Violet says:


        I don’t believe for a minute that Marc Anthony ever laid a finger on JLo, and suspect those BIs were planted by JLo’s PR team in a bid to generate some sympathy for her.

        Firstly, if he’d laid a finger on her, JLo would’ve walked out on him long before now since she has a history of walking the moment she feels at all discontent in any way.

        Secondly, JLo is a professional dancer and she’s physically bigger than Marc. In a fight, she would completely kick his butt. If the BIs are actually true, then it’s more likely that JLo was abusing Marc than the other way around.

        Thirdly, JLo is a total control freak, which is one more reason she’s been so successful in her career and why — with the exception of Marc Anthony — she goes through men like toilet paper. And why her latest is a boy toy whose every move she pays for and controls.

        I think @hautie’s theory is right on the money, pun intended. JLo likes the thrill of hooking up with new guys, and was probably bored being married for so many years. Now that she has lots of her own money again, she can afford the Caspers of this world.

      • Lissa says:


        ITA! I think J.Lo let him control everything because she felt like being dominated and obsessed over after her failed relationship with Ben Affleck but I seriously doubt he hit her, if he ever did hit anyone it was probably Dayanara Torres who was stupid-in love with him and submissive enough to put with it (hey, she endured years of being married to him while he publicly obsessed over J.Lo)

        I doubt he’d hit Jennifer and if he did, it was probably the excuse she used to throw his @ss out for good.

  7. Blue says:

    I don’t think it’s the end of them forever. They might get divorced and she marries Casper (seriously) but I think they will be together again.

    • Lissa says:

      I disagree. I think the only one she’d get back with is Ben. She did not get her way in that one and for a control freak like her, she may still want an opportunity for a redo.

      • HadlyB says:

        Agree. She probably doesn’t like/love him anymore but it KILLS her she didn’t drag him to the alter HER way .. it still bothers her and the fact he married a plain faced girl like Jen G also gets her panties in a wad.

        I am sure she would marry Ben, dump him just so she could say she did — to prove to herself but I think that will never ever happen.. even if Ben gets a divorce from Jen G, he would never go back to that type of lifestyle — no matter what kind of pussy was involved.

  8. Eleonor says:

    Am I the only one that think the last interesting album made by JLO was the one with Que Hiciste, co-written by Marc Anthony?

  9. Toot says:

    I’ve read rumors that Marc wasn’t that great to be married to (possible drug use and abusive), so I’m not surprised that Jennifer isn’t looking back, especially if Casper is making her happy.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      She just wants to be the center of someone’s universe (besides her own) and be doted on. Since Casper is basically on her payroll to follow her around and adore her, she prefers him over Marc, who actually had a hand in building their empire and was probably too busy working to constantly shower her with the adoration she (thinks she) so richly deserves.

  10. Tiffany says:

    Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful woman.Why oh why is she with this clown. Uggghh!


  11. one hung dude says:

    j. low. didn’t wait long to give up the poon to another dude she’s old enough to be a mother to and that’s what makes her j. hoe.

  12. Leticia says:

    I think Anthony and Lopez will do a Richard Burton/Elizabeth Taylor thing and remarry/divorce a few more times.

  13. the original bellaluna says:

    I think Marc is her “yo-yo” guy. When her sh!t falls apart, he’s the one she goes back to. How many times were they together before they actually got married?

    She may spend some time with that little boy, maybe even marry him, but I think this is not the “forever and ever, Amen” end for Marc and J-Ho.

  14. jane says:

    Ah, toddlers. Reminds me of my 2yr old rite now and he ALWAYS does that to me just because he knows he can, and I’m very petite; he’s almost twice my height.

    Mark and J.lo – Sometimes, it’s best to just let it go…

  15. Liz says:

    I never thought Marc was much of a looker, but Casper is down right hideous! What is with celeb women marrying someone for a few years just to have a few babies and then once the faze passes they want their independence and a quick divorce. Meanwhile J-lo is in her early 30′s and not getting any younger, why does she want to play this game again? Marc might be able to pull off the whole I’m old and I date allot. With J-lo its just going to get more juvenile. Both of them have a horrible track record when it comes to “love”.

    • RomanianPrincess says:

      @Liz: I think she is in her early 40s, not 30s (I seem to remember being thoroughly amused at her age mirroring his when they got together: 42 and, at the time, 24). She does however look great for early 40s. Maybe it’s the young d… (according to an old Romanian saying, “the old hen makes a great soup if the carrot is young” xD)

  16. Kim says:

    She really needs therapy. She isnt even divorced and is on to the next man, way to young for her. She obviously has ZERO self esteem. Her poor kids. She should be focusing on them but is so selfish she is focusing on herself and her happiness with her toddler boyfriend. Pathetic!

  17. mar says:

    Casper Smart or Marc Anthony-

    I choose jumping off of a bridge!

  18. tete says:

    lying.They were waiting for o’viva or whatever it is called to be over before filling the divorce. She let him to file a divorce cause she doesn’t want to look desperate . It was said he cheated on her with Jada and before that with the hostess. It is a move on her part to look she has the upper part to let him to file a divorce. She let david and victoria to go to his cermony too so he will be percived good with the public. I admire her ego she is always like that with men. Her decision to marry him is to show she is fine and to look the better hand after ben aflack enagagment cancelation, for her to go marry him just after that is her typical move for the upper hand imo.
    She is tough and strong and fighter above all emotions that way. The problem is she is probably like that in relationship that is why she always goes from breakup to breakup.
    It is all about looking professional for her. I must admire her for that cause it is not easy to act like that.
    It is great also they are handling it in good ways. I hate to see former couples fight over money , custody or seeing them bashing eachother in public.

  19. hina says:

    I think she is very selfish, her children need both parents and she should have given Marc another chance. He is far better than this little boy she is dating, he is just after her money and connections.