Beyonce bounces by Bergdorf’s with braids & baby Blue: beautiful and B-tastic?

Hmm. I’m starting to get the feeling that various celebrities are getting antsy in the wake of the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes media explosion. Some of these celebrities want ATTENTION. NOW. They want things to be the way they were before. Pay attention! Of course not – that’s not what this is about at all. It’s just Beyonce – with a new ‘do – out with her more-than-six-month-old baby Blue Ivy. They were having a Girls’ Day at Bergdorf’s. For real. The header photo came from some random person who tweeted the image. Someone else ran into Blue and Bey and tweeted, “It’s cool. Just shopping next to Beyonce at Bergdorf, baby on her hip. No entourage. She winked at me, no s–t.”

So what of the aesthetics? I think Blue Ivy is a cutie – we haven’t really seen her face since Beyonce and Jay released those photos just before the Grammys. Blue had a full head of hair back then, and it’s come in even more now. Blue’s also gotten so long! I think she’s going to be a tall girl. Isn’t Jay pretty tall? Speaking of taking after her daddy – that’s who I see in these photos. Blue really does look like Jay so much – I’m assuming Blue will look more like Beyonce as she gets older, though.

Should I say anything about Beyonce’s braids? I don’t really like them, but I do find them fascinating. I wouldn’t be able to A) Sit still long enough to have that done to my hair and B) be able to function once the braids are in. If I’m going to go with any braids – a rarity in any case – it’s one loose French braid down the back. But even then, I always think it makes me look like Ichabod Crane. Ugh – I can’t even look at Bey’s braids now! They just look SO heavy.

Photos courtesy of WENN and Twitter.

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  1. MK yarwood says:

    That baby is precious. And barefoot!

  2. marie says:

    Blue is a cutie!! Also, while I would never be able to sit long enough to get braids (and they would not look good on me AT ALL), I think they can be really pretty. Honestly, I’m fascinated by them..

  3. A says:

    I still don’t buy that she gave birth to a child.

  4. Amy says:

    Somewhere, in the Caribbean, a woman is living the high life.

  5. Tillie says:

    I don’t like B’s new hair. Blue looks super cute!

  6. paola says:

    those chubby arms are so very cute!
    oh yes, the baby’s arms are cute too :D

  7. Dahlia Verlaine says:

    Looks like a totally diffrent baby :-O

  8. Kim says:

    Loving BIC’s chubby cheeks , leaving thread before the deniers show up.

  9. cmc says:

    I love the braids! It’s a gorgeous look. I’ve never been able to sit still long enough for them either :) Blue is a very cute little baby.

  10. Christine says:

    Busted pile of weave on top of her head. If she let them down, the ridic factor would decrease by .5. Blue is beautiful.

  11. po says:

    Ive sat for 6-7 hours for zillions. It’s not that bad as long as its at a home instead of a beauty salon. I like to watch a couple of movies. It makes the time go by quicker.

  12. lisa2 says:

    Bey looks so young in those picks.. Blue Ivy is adorable. Look at those cheeks. I want to pinch them so bad.

    I think she is going to look like her father. I see a lot of him in her from that side view. I would love to get a very clear picture of her. I think she is one of those girls that looks like daddy.

  13. francesca1 says:

    That is a very long baby!

  14. Dee Cee says:

    What happened to JayZ mini me?

  15. Blue says:

    Why is she is bent on suffocating that child? Let her breathe dammit!!!

  16. Ainsley says:

    I wonder if all the attention Solange has been getting for her hair and clothing is making Beyonce jealous. It seems like she is taking over her sister’s look. Beyonce’s been wearing really bright colors and patterns that are different than her usual style. She’s trying to look like a more natural, earthy person rather than having sequins, feathers, and diamonds all over.

  17. celine says:

    i think the baby is toooooo cute. glad we can finally see the face.

    bey is holding that kid so wrong, why does nobody tell her that.

  18. eric says:

    The baby looks just like the surrogate, also much older than 6 months.
    The braids on Bownce head look like a limp dead octopus, , please someone tell her to cover up those elephant trunk legs, she should not be wearing dresses above the knee.

  19. Crystal says:

    Blue is so cute. Look at those cheeks. I’m a sucker for a chubby baby. Her hair is curly now. Awwww, I wonder when she’ll get her first relaxer. You know natural hair is Beyonce’s kryptonite so that baby’s hair won’t be kinky for too long.

    Beyonce looks nice and the hair makes her look a bit younger. She used to rock braids all the time during her DC days but it seems that Solange has inspired her recently. She’s even started dressing differently.

    I love the braids on her. She gets hate for rocking lacefronts 24/7 so I can’t see how y’all could hate on this hairstyle.

    Actually, knowing Beyonce this is probably a braids wig or some sh*t.

    I have braids in too, though mine are bigger. It’s too hot and braids are less hassle than my natural hair and I don’t feel as fake wearing them as I would wearing a weave. I like being able to get up and go in the morning. It makes me feel like a teenager in the 90′s again, stanning for Janet Jackson in ‘Poetic Justice’.

    I used to want to be Brandy too cause her braids were always on point in Moesha. I’ve never been brave enough to get micro-braids though. My edges are falling off just thinking about them tbh.

  20. tru tru says:

    Just precious, looks just like Jay.

    I’m sure the braids are only temp, geeze. smdh.

  21. Aubra says:

    She best master the art of the celebrity baby clutch or that tpoor little piggy is gonna suffocate!

  22. Kayla says:

    WWhy are you acting like beyonce wears feathers or diamonds or sequins everyday, she wears that on stage then sticks to jeans and tops for her day to day with slight variations, she’s also rocked braids before for almost 2-3yrs straight she wore braids maybe her sister inspired her to revisit this style I doubt she’s jealous of the attention her sister’s getting. Blue is a cutie! Those arms & cheeks! I love chubby healthy looking babies, she is holding her wrong but she’s a first time mom and she’s bound to make mistakes so I’ll let her be on that.

  23. Kayla says:

    How exactly does the “surrogate” look that you know for a fact the child looks like her?

  24. johnnybadboytapia says:

    when I had mine i sat for 7 hours it’s a very long process.

  25. spinner says:

    She sure looks uncomfortable with the baby. It looks like she’s not used to carrying her. How awkward. Also, that is a long baby for only being 6 months old.

  26. Maritza says:

    The braids would look better if she had them loose. Blue Ivy is adorable!

  27. lisa2 says:

    I just read the comments.. So she is only 6 months old.. Gosh she is so big.

  28. Madpoe says:

    Baby looks 1 years old.
    I just looked at Posh’s baby then Beys.

  29. Ms. Candy says:

    Babies these days tend develop and grow faster from I’ve seen..
    Bey is not trendsetting anything with the braids neither is her sister, that style has been there way before they were born and it will be around after their gone.,

    Now Blu oh so pretty, adorable as heck.. Love them little chunky thighs and cheeks… She is such a cutie..

  30. MissM says:

    the baby does not look like a 6 month old. Looks more like 9 to 12 months… is it just me?????

  31. maggiegrace says:

    That is NOT a 6 month old child.

  32. natalina says:

    thats baby’s got jay-z’s head

  33. RHONYC says:

    cute Jay Jr! lol

    she looks like a regular young mom, you guys…not like ‘BEYONCE – THE SUPERSTAR’ for once. give her a break.

    i remember in the 90s rocking the same braids/extensions when my kid was that age. she’s in that ‘i-don’t-give-a-f*ck’ mode that i think all moms get around this time in a baby’s life. she’s just chillin’ & caring for her baby.

    vanity be damned. go B! ;-)

  34. zee says:

    That baby is not 6 months look at the size of that head almost as big as the mother she looks like a toddler and she looks like jay-z twin I feel sorry for her she is ugly kid. Why does it also look different to the first pix she released I mean the nose was pointy with a well formed bridge but now its flat?

    • Emily says:

      You just called a 6-month old ugly.

      She happens to be an adorable baby. I normally don’t get the baby love, I’m not a baby person, but with this baby, I get it. However, even if she weren’t adorable, I don’t see how it’s in any way appropriate to call a baby ugly.

    • lena80 says:

      Is her “flat” or should I say common black feature bothering you? You just called a child ugly…take a whole stadium of seats.

    • jaye says:

      Well aren’t YOU a horrible little troll.

    • overit says:

      I never understood why saying a baby is “UGLY” is off limits? if a grown person can be considered ugly than so can a baby…. With babies it matters not because they are BABIES… We change soo much through out life and every child goes through that “Awkward faze” …. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so sure a “baby” can be UGLY… I mean the baby isn’t about to get married or go to the prom so their looks are irrelevant …… She is very ADORABLE to me.. but lets face it… every baby is not pretty PERIOD…Some are ugly… not the way they learn and do things is always sooooo cute… but looks nope !!!! But blue ivy is cute…also braids go all they way back to Africa so no she is not trend setting… I wore those in the 90′s… they work good for black women who want to enjoy swimming and beaches and not have to deal with “Difficult” hair… * and I am only referring to my hair* .. just in case the natural hair folks got ofended

      • MissAwesome says:

        I really don’t see why its cool to call anyone ugly? Why can’t people just let people live there lives? First people said the baby was fake and it turns out to be real, then they say the baby isn’t hers and it turns out to be hers, now we have to call the baby ugly? What a total hater move. What do you guys want her to do? You want her to hold Blue over the balcony of her house like Michael Jackson did?

  35. ramona says:

    Is it me, or is she holding that baby extremely awkwardly?

  36. Johnny says:

    Bless her heart… Blue is certainly the offspring of Jay Z!

    Beyonce, time for a manicure, dear.

  37. Nev says:

    the holding in front of the paps is a little extra. cute baby though.

  38. ummmm says:

    IS that really BLUE? REALLY! That face does not resemble anything close to what we were shown early on. IM just not seeing it. Very strange.

  39. TheOneAndOnly says:

    Good one amy and spinner and yes ramona i’ve noticed that she simply doesn’t know how to hold a baby naturally;probably because you have to act like there’s another human being in the universe besides yourself.
    Doesn’t anyone find it interesting that no one even talks about her useless craptastic “music” so she shills her baby for money and attention is what keeps her newsworthy. My GOd i listened to that awful Girls run the world song once, and then i went back to listening to Tina turner and Esperanza Spalding. Does that noise even qualify as music? Just asking.

  40. Stacia says:

    Cute most of her genes from mom.

    Hate the braids from circa 1995.

  41. The Original Denise says:

    Cute and chubby with a gorgeous head of hair!

  42. Amy says:

    That hairstyle makes my neck hurt. I can barely tolerate a pony tail without getting a massive migraine. I can’t even imagine functioning with this mess of braids on my head.

  43. the original bellaluna says:

    BABY CHEEKS!!!! BABY FEET!!!!!!!!! Nom-nom-nom. And I’m loving little Blue’s hair!

    That is all.

  44. jazzmin says:

    This post is bringing out all the closeted racist. Is nice to sit behind a computer and say what you really feel about another race’s looks, hair etc huh?

  45. Esther says:

    It’s not that uncommon for a baby to be bigger and taller for their age. My nephew always looked older than what he was when he was a baby and now as a child he’s just tall he took after my brother who’s 6’10″. It just doesn’t seem that weird to me that she so much bigger for being 6 months because I see then more often.

  46. Mooshi says:

    Maybe she didnt like the first baby she adopted and she traded it in for another model.
    She needs to lessen that grip on her head before she smothers the poor kid to death.

    Wait………maybe thats what happened to Blue Ivy #1


  47. sbuttrflyy says:

    Attention AA ladies…
    Follow my lead and stay away from this site with its ignorant racist women who do not understand your hair, your culture and look for every opportunity to bash any AA woman that is featured. They worship skeleton figures, bland stringy hair and basically their own kind. They even talk terrible about little innocent babes! Please do not support this type of closeted racism and do not let anyone make you feel badly because you do not look like them.

    • Mooshi says:


      LMAO, omg you just gave me the giggles from hell with that outlandishness.

      Tell that to my multi-racial son who’s hair is perfect gorgeous long black ringlets by day……….. and DON FRICKEN KING scarey right after he wakes up!!

      HAHAHAH, matter of fact I’m going take my white butt upstairs to tell my FRO-headed child to come down and read what you wrote so we can BOTH have a good laugh!!


      • thethinker says:

        “Tell that to my multi-racial son who’s hair is perfect gorgeous long black ringlets by day……….. and DON FRICKEN KING scarey right after he wakes up!!”

        I don’t think Don King’s hair is scary. It’s just an afro.

        Point is, even comments we think are innocuous could reveal our prejudices.

      • lena80 says:

        I don’t agree with or condone the stringy hair comment, which by the way is a prejudiced remark not racist one…learn the difference

        BUT, there is nothing outlandish about her observations, you know the other 95% of her comment? AA women have a LONG history of being told that their hair, features, style of dress is bottom of barrel. Your inability to sympathize with the history only goes to show how comfortable you are with your white privilege. You can give birth to a bi-racial league of nations if you want to, and you still will never be able to relate to AA women’s struggle. You are willfully ignorant on the matter and I would advise you to educate yourself on the matter being that you have bi-racial child who will more than likely hear and/or experience a degree of racism in his life. HaHaHa your a** over to google and educate yourself because your white privilege is showing and you need to tuck it back in.

    • RHONYC says:

      yeah, cause ‘bland stringy hair’ ain’t racist at all. lmao :-D

      • Mooshi says:

        @RHONYC “yeah, cause ‘bland stringy hair’ ain’t racist at all. lmao”

        You are so on target.

        The land of politically correct CrazyTown has always made me laugh so hard I almost hurt myself.

        In PC CrazyTown people can get offended by ANYTHING. Its a riot to watch!

      • Mooshi says:


        Actually I “hahaha’ed myself to my multi-racial child and he wanted me to ask you this.

        “Which part of me (him) is supposed to be mad?
        Maybe my white DNA and my black DNA should argue each other over it. Mom? is there anymore pesto salad left?”

        As he ate the pesto salad he read this thread, laughed at all of us and snarked at how uptight people are. So, there is your answer.

        And lady I dont need to “tuck in” anything.

    • Crystal says:

      Don’t waste your time on these assholes. What you said is right of course but they love staying ignorant and their racism just seeps out in Beyonce/Rihanna posts. When she wears a weave they call her out for self-hate and now she has braids in they call her ‘ghetto’ and say her braids look ‘dirty’.

      And of course when you call them out on it they mention their ‘black friend’ or ‘bi-racial son/daugther/neice/nephew/cat’ to prove that they’re so progressive. And they love to pull the ‘PC’ card, which is nothing more than a concept dreamed up by their people who like to pretend there’s a conspiracy at work when they get called out on their racism/privilege. God forbid you’re not an asshole who says ignorant/racist things. They’d rather complain about having to be ‘PC’ than racism. It hurts them when you tell them they can’t say stupid things, they don’t like being told that. And anyone who thinks ‘bland, strigy hair’ is racist, isn’t worth your time and wouldn’t know racism if it spat in their face.

      Thankfully the regular commenters on CB are quite sane but this post is full of stranger b*tches who’ve obviously come from to troll this post. I get Beyonce hate but I’m not here for all of the subtle racism that comes along with it.

      • Mooshi says:


        Now quote ME on something I said that was racist.

        I will patiently wait for you to search the posts on this thread. (you’ll find nothing).

        If you lack the ability to find humor in yourself and the world around you, I feel sorry for you.

        And being that I am NOT racist I will damn well bring up my beautiful multi-racial child and his afro hair any damn time I please….whether you like it or not.

        Get over yourself.

      • Crystal says:

        I’m sorry, who are you?? I don’t remember mentioning you in my post so you can take stadium full of seats.

        Mention your child if you want. Zero fucks are given.

        You’re not racist, ok. Funny how we live in a racist society yet noone will admit to being racist. Ha. Do you boo. No fucks are given.

        I can have a good laugh, sure, but seeing as I’m a black woman living in this racist world I will get worked up over racism and people calling braids ‘dirty’ and ‘ghetto’. If Angelina Jolie had a head full of braids it would be ‘cool’ and ‘innovative’ but Beyonce wears it and she’s ghetto. Sit down. As a black woman people have called me ghetto, called my hair nappy, cussed me out for self hate if I wear extensions and made fun of my features (lips, ass) even though they love those same features on white woman. I’m sorry I’m too ‘PC’ for you and I can’t laugh at subtle racism but I’m sure you wouldn’t laugh at sexism and misogyny would you ??? Maybe you would. Who knows? Who cares tbh?

        Don’t like my post. Use your mothef*cking mouse and scroll but don’t tell me to get over myself ’cause you don’t know me like that. I come on CB for escapism but I can’t even escape racism on a bloody gossip website. Why would I laugh at the world around me when the world I live in is a racist, misogynistic one where my husband is called a n***a lover for having a black wife?? Nope nothing funny about that, but I’m glad the world around you is funny !!! Laugh away.

        You can fly on a bird and get the f*ck up out of my face now. Get over yourself.

      • Mooshi says:

        I re-read your post and I did find YOUR racist comment.

        ~~Crystal said “And they love to pull the ‘PC’ card, which is nothing more than a concept dreamed up by **THEIR PEOPLE** who like to pretend there’s a conspiracy at work when they get called out on their racism/privilege.”~~

        Please explain Crystal to all of us at CB who exactly “their people” is? Are you making a snide remark about white people? Well well well. Seems YOU are the racist pulling the PC card.

        And then to make matters WORSE you rant about “their people” using their bi-racial kid or friend hide behind (how utterly inflammatory, hateful and down right MANIPULATIVE!!).

        I would have to say, Crystal, your post is the MOST racist on this thread.

      • Crystal says:

        @ Mooshi

        Are you trolling or are you just a dumbass. I’d like to think you’re a troll because I can’t believe that this level of ignorance exists in the world. You can choose to be whoever you want on the internet yet people choose to be stupid. It’s mind boggling.

        Awwwwww boo hoo. Poor white people. So oppressed in society. It’s so sad that society treats white people as second class citizens, they don’t see themselves on TV/Magazines/movies, their presidents are asked to show their birth cerificates, they get called cracker, they don’t have a ‘White History Month’. LOL. You’re hilarious. You think I’m racist for saying the truth…white people love to use that ‘PC’ bullshit the same way men do. When men get called out for being sexist assholes they cry about having to be too ‘PC’ these days and thats the same thing white people do when they’re called out for being racist.

        You think I’m racist. HA !!

        White people do hide behind their ‘Asian best friend’ or ‘Black boyfriend’ when they get called out on their racism. ‘I’m not racist, I have a black friend…’ as if this means shit. Please. You think my post is the most racist (did your bi-racial son tell you that ??) yet you didn’t think to call out those who called the braids ‘ghetto’ and ‘dirty’. You’re probably one of those people who think being called racist is worse than racism itself right ??? I can’t with your bullsh-t.

        Racism is a power imbalance and a system that privileges 1 group based on race (wanna guess which race is the most privileged? I bet you won’t be able to get it, it’s a tough one). White people have power whether they want it or not. You’re born with it. You may think life sucks because you had to go to a state school or your manicurist doesn’t speak english or you grew up poor but you’re still white. And in society that gives you more power than anything else.

        People may not think they’re harming anyone by making fun of african braids but it’s f*cking ignorant. There’s always people like you who don’t want to acknowledge what real racism is because you feel you’re being blamed for your privilege. The dictionary (written by white people funnily enough) won’t tell you shit about racism because it’s more complicated than that.

        Don’t even know why I’m wasting my time with you tbh. When it comes to racism folks like you can be blind as a bat or they just don’t care. Unless of course, they can make it all about themselves. Despite all the privilege y’all have in society, you can still manage to talk aout race and make yourselves the victims. It takes a special kind of stupid to do that.

      • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

        @ Crystal:Thank you for providing such an insightful post. Individuals like Mooshi, and the like, do not realize their privilege as white people in our society. Similarly, they do not realize how they are enabled by the systemic subjugation of non-white individuals. We must continue to educate them on this lack of knowledge on a regular basis … (For instance, why oh why do ppl not know what the word “racism” actually means? It is not a term to be used flippantly – it refers to a “power imbalance” as was so eloquently noted by another commenter.)

    • Emily says:

      Quite a few people did call out the commenter above who said Beyoncé looked “ghetto” (wtf). That doesn’t make the racist comments okay, and I can understand not wanting to see that shit, ever. But we’re not all the same.

      • Mooshi says:


        I haven’t made one racist comment. I love and appreciate all races

        YOU however have
        1. repeatly made hateful comments on this thread about white people.

        2. You have also called several posters in this thread @ssholes.

        3. You have accused white people of hiding behind their ethnic family members/friends to hide their racism

        4. You called me stupid.

        5. Accused me of being priviledged because I am white. (Im a struggling single mother of an Asperger autism child so when you said that I almost peed I laughed so hard).

        Funnier still is that I never even commented on Beyonce’s hair or looks at all. I happen to like her braids.

        Your racism is the most obvious on this entire thread. You dont veil it or anything… just throw your bigotry out there. Do you think its okay for you to be such an angry, mean bigot?

        You are drowning in anger. I feel bad for you. If you could let that go, you would find we, as women have more in common with each other than you can imagine. I would hate to live in your angry world.

      • mln89 says:

        @mooshi- there is no excuse for your willfull ignorance. there are entire fields of sociological study dedicated to race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. and there is plenty of information out there. you are already online, it’s extremely easy to take your ass on over to google and look up “white privilege”. because trust me, if you’re white and live in america, you f**king have white privilege. this is the same way that hetereosexuals are more privileged in american society then lgbt people, and men are more privileged then women. while you are at it google kyricharchy and intersectionality. the fact that you may be working or middle class does not erase your white privilege.

      • mln89 says:

        look i’m going to do you a favor and do some of the research you should have done before trying to have an EDUCATED and INFORMED discussion on the topic of white privilege. if you want to respond to someone like crystal who obviously knows what the f*&@ she’s talking about, EDUCATE yourself. here are a couple of links:

      • lena80 says:

        @ Mooshi,

        Mad about what? Who said anything about anger? Not me. You were told about your white privilege, it exists it’s a real thing. You are willfully ignorant/uneducated on the matter. Your child is well a child, so why would you think he would 100% knowledgeable on that subject? Oh yeah…he’s multi racial so he must magically know. The fact that you laughed at what could have been teachable moment for you and your son is sad. Ignorance is bliss right?

        You clearly do not understand or want to know what racist means. People of color can not be racist it’s impossible. We can be prejudiced, but we do not inherently have a monopoly on institutional power. Let it sink in.

        Crystal pointed out several things that SOME white people have exhibit/expressed. I don’t know if that applies to you, and I hope it doesn’t, but please do not negate her statements by saying they are racist, because unfortunately, there is truth to it and she’s not racist (which she cant even be) for pointing it out.

        As far as white privilege goes, regardless of your financial situation, you are born with it. I understand that you may not be familiar with concept or what it means so I would urge you to educate yourself on it. It’s real, you have it, just read up on it to gain a better understanding. Your son will more than likely experience things as he gets older so you should have basic comprehension of it so you can sympathize. Don’t continue to willfully ignorant on the matter.

  48. GrandPoobah says:

    For all the (likely) non-black folks talking about how heavy her hair looks-braids are not heavy. At all.

    I had loooong braids when I was in elementary school and they didn’t slow me down in the slightest.

    Rolled up into a huge bun like that they MAY be a tad on the hefty side but still-it’s synthetic hair, not lead piping.

    And they are not “messy” or “dirty” or “ghetto” (what is WRONG with some people?). If anything, braids are an extremely neat way of keeping all of your hair in place, they are ridiculously easy to clean and many many women wear braids who are well-to-do.

    It’s just an easy way to wear your hair without a ton of daily maintenance.

    Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, Baby Bey is sooooooooo cute. Looks just like Jay-Z only in mini-adorable-baby form. I bet she’ll look like Beyonce as she gets older too-my face changed a lot when I was a baby (according to my mom).

    And I like the braids. Lots of black moms get braids so that they don’t have to worry about their hair as much. You can sit and relax for a few hours but still watch and take care of your baby while you’re getting your braids put in.

    • Janet says:

      Depending on the kind of braids, they can be very heavy. My cousin’s braids were so uncomfortable she had to have them taken out after two weeks.

      BTW, I hope folks wearing braids understand that leaving them in too long can play hell on your hair. One of my co-workers lost all her hair around her hairline from braids being put in too tight. Her hairline now starts halfway back on her head. She has to wear a wig all the time now.

      I’m black and I’ve never worn braids. Just chopped it all off in a short pixie cut that’s practically hassle-free.

  49. TG says:

    I don’t like the braids on Bey, I think she looks tacky and cheap. It looks like a serpant is sitting atop her head. Others might look good with that look but I am not feeling it on her or at least from viewing these grainy photos. Little Blue is adorable and so long.

  50. Birdie says:

    The baby looks so different from the first time we have seen her. Very different face.
    To the height issue, just look at Maxwell Drew, she already looks like a six-month-old.

  51. Lindsey says:

    I like the braids. I find it interesting the whole gossip blogger response to her braids; some folks are acting so brand new. It makes me chuckle.

  52. Reece says:

    Chunk Monster!!! Mom’s braids look cute btw. :P
    Although, Baby Blue is going to pull at her hair and the earrings. She right at the age where everything goes in the mouth.

  53. Mingy says:

    Blue looks just like her big brother in Trinidad!!

  54. crtb says:

    Don’t like THOSE braids. BOX braids are so over. I happen to love braids and have worn them for years. There are many ways to braid hair.

  55. Emily says:

    I’ve been thinking about this, and I just realized I was an idiot to even have to think about it. My hair feels heavier when it’s down than when it’s in a braid or up in a bun. I don’t see why it should be any different for Beyoncé.

  56. G says:

    Google Shanell Scott…Jay Z’s baby momma/Trinadad model…and her son looks a little like Blue does here.

  57. thethinker says:

    Beyonce’s little one is gorgeous! Her hair is lovely too.

  58. MizzVJJ says:

    Is it racist if I say she looks awful?

    • Newmrs says:

      Awful no. ghetto yes. She looks ok to me. When it gets hot, especially in the south, girls and women wear braids. I think the baby looks like her but has jays head and cheeks

    • lena80 says:

      @ MissVJJ,

      absolutely not because she does look at awful at times. It’s the “coded” language that some people use towards people of color that sets some people off, and when you point it out to them and they blatantly blow it off as if its not real or applies to them is what creates the problem. in previous Beyonce posts some people like to state repeatedly that she is turning herself into a white woman because she wears blonde wigs and she has fair skin so she’s bleaching, etc.. now today she’s dirty, ghetto, etc…because she has her hair braided. And when AA women’s historical racial connotations of how they look are brought up, its laughed at or brought to the attention of a minor to negate it, a child who would not even have a firm grasp on anything like that. It’s nothing more than subconscious racism OR prejudices

  59. Dominique says:

    I’m a black women. I wear braids. I think people simply don’t realize how prejudice they really are. I grew up around mostly non-black people and some treat my hair with either a sense of fascination or disgust.

    I work as an engineer in a professional setting. There is not a single thing trashy or “ghetto” about me. I just wish for a day where we can stop the ignorance that’s being passed on from generation to generation. It’s truly disturbing to me. I’m grateful my parents taught me how to act and that I was exposed to different cultures growing up because I would never insult or use the words some people here do.

  60. Myria says:

    Oh no I really hope Blue Ivy doesn’t inherit J-face. Hopefully B’s kung fu is strong and this photo is just a bad angle. Love the chubby though, so cute!

  61. KLO says:

    BLue is beautiful. Such soulful eyes :D

  62. Gina says:

    I don’t like the way she is wearing her braids in this set of photos; it ages her I think.

  63. Naye in VA says:

    They way the braids are pulled on top of her head, yes they are probably heavy and pulling at the back of her scalp. I dont like the style at all.
    when i had braids in december i rolled the front into like this Janelle Monae bun and did half up half down on the rest and my forehead was sweating lol.
    And i work in a professional environment and have gotten many compliments on all the ways i wear my hair (im natural too, but currently have a head full of Indian Remy) and i love the versatility and protection that braids offer. Its not “ghetto” hair is just one of the many ways my culture expresses itself

  64. dorothy says:

    That baby looks older than 6 months.

  65. alalala says:

    I’m not a black woman but I think braids are beautiful, just like any other hair’s beauty when they are well taken care of. I personally think whoever wrote this article is ignorant for making the comment about how heavy the hair looks and how she couldn’t sit and braid. Well, fine. Who cares how you look in a braid? B is the beautiful and she still is, if not more, with that hair style.

  66. kellymick says:

    Her dress is a little too short for a new mom, I think.