LeAnn Rimes did manage to get pap’d on vacation after all: desperate & typical?

Yeah. I totally spoke too soon when I wrote Wednesday’s post about LeAnn Rimes actually managing to go on vacation without getting pap’d constantly. Here are photos of LeAnn throughout the week, on vacation in what the photo agency describes as “on the dock of cabin… in Los Angeles.” Are LeAnn and Eddie actually in LA? Does LA have woodsy areas by a lake-looking body of water? Because I have a conspiracy theory – LeAnn and Eddie are on vacation *somewhere* and LeAnn just arranged for this photo shoot with a particular photographer and she’s pretty much bankrolling the whole exertion for everybody, paparazzo included. Anyway, I just thought I’d admit it – I was wrong. LeAnn hasn’t changed her crazy, famewhore ways one little bit. She still demands paparazzi attention even when she’s on vacation, and even if she pretty much has to pay the photographer to take her photo.

Anyway, I think these photos span three days of pose-harding on the dock. I spy at least five wardrobe changes or variations – LeAnn had to make sure the photographers got different shots in different outfits! There were two bikinis in the mix (although it didn’t seem warm enough for bikinis, but whatever), one pair of jeans, one jacket, and one star-spangled crop cover-up. I’m sure all of you eagle-eyed LeAnn/Brandi-watchers will have the details on which items LeAnn has copied from Brandi. I eagerly await your analysis.

Oh, and is it just me, or is that an especially sketchy bolt-on situation happening here? That fluttery bikini makes it seem like LeAnn’s bolt-ons have migrated higher on her chest and then off to the side. It’s almost enough to make me feel pity for Eddie. Almost.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Sue says:

    What’s up with the leather jacket and bikini? And I’ll she wants everyone to think she is preggers with the hand on the belly pose……

  2. I.want.shoes says:

    THANK YOU for not posting pictures of her ass hanging out of her bikini.

  3. Thinkaboutit says:

    Who wears a jacket over a bikini…and on top of that, at a cabin???

  4. Debra says:

    Thanks for not posting the pics of Leann’s muppet friend spread eagled and humping on the dock (gag)

    I don’t think Leann paid for these paps, notice not one picture of her smiling and loving up on Eddiot, this looks like the real Leann

  5. GG says:

    The brown jacket over bikini is copycat to Brandi’s pose in an invitation to a Las Vegas party she is hosting later this month. Waves to all :)

  6. TheOriginalTiffany says:

    I hate her ridiculous ass.

    FYI, there are tons of woodsy lakes in the LA area from Arrowhead and Big Bear to Pyramid, Cachuma. There really are a lot within an hour or so drive.

  7. brin says:

    Guess she can only afford staycations now.

  8. daisydoodle says:

    she needs to just stop…

  9. Rhea says:

    So many bikinis, so little time for her… 85% of her wardrobe seems to consist only that. -_-

  10. Genevieve says:

    Yep….desperate and predictable.

    Leanne’s shoulders back, hips thrust forward pose have become as synonymous with her as Angelina’s “The Leg” pose is to AJ.

    But, HEY….at least she kept her horsey mouth shut in ALL of the pictures. WOW, that has to be a first!

    Good job, Leann. But before I render too much praise, let me check online and see if your bikini is a direct knock-off of one that Brandi G. has worn lately. :D

  11. margaret says:

    at least she has gained some weight and isn’t scary skinny.

  12. Jezi says:

    I don’t think she expected this photographer. Why I think that is because, like someone pointed out above, there were no huggy kissy pics with her and Eddie. Which is how I believe their real relationship to be when they aren’t posing for a photog that they paid for. This wasn’t the typical photographer and the pics aren’t edited or photoshopped. Plus they got the most unflattering pics of Liz spreading her legs and Eddie smiling with glee while Leann had a pursed lipped situation going on where you could tell she was not happy. Plus she changed bikinis in one day. I think she realized that she was being photographed and then began her usual posing. Plus where are the boys? They were on this vacation to but yet again, no where to be found. The nanny should be the one sharing custody with Brandi instead of Eddie.

  13. Natalina says:

    She’s tonguing food or something out of her teeth the whole time. and her girlfriend is just horribly disgusting, ehh i imagine she smells bad for some reason. leann is looking baaaad

  14. Natalina says:

    AAnd you can tell when someone is trying too hard when the weather is not suitable for bikinis (evidenced by the sweatshirts and jackets) yet they still HAVE to wear them….LAAAAME, she knew this pictures were being taken

  15. DetRiotGirl says:

    LA actually has nearly every kind of terrain you could ask for within driving distance. I think that’s part of why the movie industry originally settled there back in the day.

    Isn’t that star spangled crop top the same one Katy Perry wears in the ads for her movie that I keep seeing on the bus? Maybe Leann will start copying her now too. I think that’d be kind of fun, actually! She could totally dye her hair green and sing about how she feels like a plastic bag. Lord knows she has enough plastic in here to sing that line with more conviction than KP!

  16. sylvia says:

    she has one thing going for her and thats the fact that they don’t need a gps cause they just look up her huge nostrils to see where they’re going. next record to hit the garbage can is the one she is so proud of where she tells the AMAZING story of finding her TRUE LOVE. girl is seriously mental

  17. sapphire says:

    I posted this on the previous thread, earlier, maybe someone knows-is there any PR, publicity or buzz from Curb about her album that will supposedly drop this fall? Noonw seems to be talking about it except her.

    • claire says:

      And her tweets about it are getting more and more embarrassing. Curb needs to put a muzzle on her.

      I don’t know if this album will have any success or not. The topics are so crass. But the one song with Rob Thomas might have a chance.

    • hoya_chick says:

      Lol the pop sugar article had this little golden nugget: ‘LeAnn will take her music on the road tomorrow, when she kicks off a string of Summer concerts at a county fair show in Oregon.’…..so her promotion for her album is a county fair in Oregon? No offense to Oregon county fairs. Hahahaha so funny. My oh my, how the mighty have fallen. Didn’t Kaiser predict this is her last post? Comparing her to Jessica Simpson and performing in chili cookoffs? No one buys or cares about her music. She ruined her career for a douche and being a deranged stalker. I don’t feel bad for her. Look at Tori Spelling. Her relationship with her husband started out the same way, but she handled it differently in the media and now most people don’t even remember the affair where as Leann turned everyone against her because of her subsequent actions.

  18. sapphire says:

    And she loks like he teeth still hurt.

  19. beclove says:

    The Daily Mail comments on this set of pics are hilarious. Especially the one about Liz’s tattoo.

  20. JudyK says:

    On vacation…gimme a break. Her life is a vacation. Put some damned clothes on.

  21. Ms. Candy says:

    I get that LeAnn isnt liked because of her actions with Eddie but if she copying Brandi and Katy P then so everyone else that has those swimsuit… IJS
    those pic looks like they were taken unexpectedly

  22. mln89 says:

    i still don’t understand why leann thinks she looks good being this unnaturally thin. she looks a stick with two balloons hoisted on her chest. i like the pink bikini she’s wearing though. her friend liz’s lips look absurd.

  23. Jennifer12 says:

    No way paps were tracking Leann through LA to find out where she was vacationing. No, she got the paps to come along but I don’t think anyone is taking direction from her anymore. I think she is in a bad mood and glaring at the paps because she didn’t like what she knew they were capturing on film. As such, she forgot to pose with the boys which was probably her original plan. She is changing bikinis nonstop, wearing makeup and having her hair done…. she called them, alright. She just didn’t count on what would happen.

    • surfing2day says:

      I`m thinking a little different to you Jennifer. I think Leann looks mad because the paps aren`t there (but they really are) I don`t think she hired them to come, but gave enough hints to the regulars where she was through her posts, and pics on twitter. Liz did her spread eagle, jokinly calling out to them, not knowing they were already snapping away. Once Leann notices they are there she went into ass to the camera, change bikini mode.

    • why? says:

      I agree that she called the paps.

      Remember this story?

      “LeAnn Rimes called the paparazzi for a photo op, but she gave them the wrong time ” -Celebrity Bitchy April 23, 2012

      Those photos of Eddie and Leann arriving at the wrong time to the soccer game were taken by Fame/Flynet. And guess who was at the lake with Leann, her hubby, and their “pals” over the weekend? Fame/Flynet. So Leann definately set up this photo and knew that she was being photograped the whole time.

      Besides if you check out what she wrote on twitter she is still insisting that she NEVER saw or noticed the paps, just that she had a feeling that she was being watched. Which is odd because based on the photos she definately noticed them. So why would she lie?

      I also agree that Leann didn’t count on what would happen. I think Leann is upset because she didn’t anticipate that Lizzy would put on that show for Eddie and that Eddie would be so public about his desire for Lizzy. Lizzy saw the paps because there are photos of her looking directly at them, so her show for Eddie was deliberate. So just like Leann did to Brandi, Lizzy is publicly making her feelings for Eddie known. After being regulated to the background of Leann’s staged photo-ops, she must have refused to be silent anymore. Eddie must have had a say in the photos that were released seeing as how we are seeing the photos of him and Lizzy, which supports what Leann said on Chelsea about how she and Eddie set up the photo-ops.

      • brin says:

        I love this scenario @why?. Et tu, Liz?

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Yup, that’s exactly what I’ve been saying. Paps don’t go chasing minor celebrities around to find out where they’re vacationing. Leann controlled herself for a period of time, and then needed to call the paps, etc, again. However, Eddie and Liz aren’t as amenable to her pulling their strings anymore, even with her paying for everything, because they know she needs them more than they need her right now. “Look at my HUSBAND and our FRIENDS and our WONDERFUL LIFE!” Except the kids are trying to entertain themselves at the end of a dock or in the house and Liz is showing off her ability to do situps, etc, and trying to steal the show. Issues entering, stage left.

  24. Nibbi says:

    all ive gotta say is that when you guys use the term ‘pap’d’ in your headlines i always envision the celebrity chez the gynecologist, feet in the stirrups.


  25. Mela says:

    She is in lake tahoe. I almost believe she didn’t know about these pics because they aren’t GSI pap pics and Lizzy the skank putting on a show for her hubby would be embarrassing and infuriating for any wife, even a homewrecker like her. Good god, what a great “girlfriend” Lizzy is, trying to sleep with your husband. You couldn’t pay me to have Leann’s life. One day she will wake up and realize he never loved her.
    I would love to know if Brandi thinks there is something between Eddie and Lizzy.

  26. Prinny says:

    She’s definitely put on weight. She’s still small but not as muscular as she was last year. I don’t think she’s pregnant, probably just slacking with her gym time. Ed looks like he’s been slacking too.

  27. mela says:

    I just read Leann’s latest on twitter.

    Leann is SUCH A F ING LOSER, nuff said

  28. Holden says:

    Is that a leather jacket with a bikini? WTF?

  29. Rita says:

    When I look at the life of Eddie and LeAnn I think it looks terribly boring. They hang-out with the same two people every day and take them on vacation with them. It’s as if LeAnn and Eddie are continuously on vacation because they have absolutely nothing of interest going on in their lives.

    Also, LeAnn’s going to need another round of full-body lypo suction. She’s putting on weight big time. Naturally thin she is not.

  30. Memphis says:

    If she did call the paps she found the only one willing to walk away from the Tom and Katie show to go photograph a nobody .. Actually he did a great job of showing what a pathetic, sad and lonely life she really has.

    No kids (or in Leann’s world -props)around her telling her “love you Le, you’re the best bonus mom ever!” (like she would have us believe.) No Eddie being the devoted husband who is so overwhelmed with passion for her that he can’t keep his hands off her (so much so she made a cake to show everyone!) and her BFF making obvious ‘take me big guy’ moves on her husband.

    yeah, I’m guessing that photo shoot didn’t work out the way she hoped it would.

    But it really didn’t show us anything we haven’t seen before… well, except for parts of Liz I wish I had never seen!

    Bartender…a round of eye bleach for everyone, on me ! ;)

  31. Betty says:

    I cannot comprehend how a woman that got implants look so manly.

  32. johnnybadboytapia says:

    wow that bitch leann is cray!!! but i love that pink bikini! Can some please tell me where i can buy one!

  33. Ramona Q says:

    What an insufferable looking group of redneck-chic douches.

  34. Celeste says:

    Memphis and Mela both raise good points.
    I for one, am glad to see photos that prove her relationship is a sham. What a pathetic life she leads.
    I bet there’s a box in Leann’s closet with everything that resembles all things Brandi. Her dress-up box.

  35. Happymom says:

    What a classy group! Well, water seeks its own level . . .

  36. KellyinSeattle says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s completely disrespectful to worn a torn up flag? People DIE for her freedom to be papped…and her freedom to run around in a bikini…does she have to rub everything in?

  37. why? says:

    Leann definately called the paps.

    These photos of them on the dock/at the lake were taken by Fame/Flynet. Remember when Leann and Eddie and the paps both managed to show up to Eddie’s youngest son’s soccer game late in April? Check out who took those photos. Fame/Flynet. So the fact that she already has a relationship with Fame/Flynet because she used them in April for Eddie’s son’s soccer game, makes it very obvious that this was just another staged photo-op.

    The lack of pda between Eddie and Leann at the lake shouldn’t come as a surprise. There wasn’t much pda between them in the bike ride photos they set up with GSI either. Maybe Eddie told Leann that he would be in this staged photo-op, only if he didn’t have to participate in the excessive pda with her just like he did for the bike ride.

  38. why? says:

    More indications that Leann called the paps.

    Check out the photo of her handing the hat off to someone. She is looking right into the camera. So then who took that photo? Is that a photo she posted to her twitter account? If not then how did Fame/Flynet get a hold of that photo?

    She didn’t set up any staged bikini photo-ops for 4th of July. If she had no clue that the paps would show up at the lake, then why would she pack the shirt with the flag on it?

    She is on twitter posting over and over how she didn’t know(but had a feeling) that the paps were there, even though you can clearly see her making faces at them and looking directly into the camera. So why would she lie? Why didn’t she just say, I saw the paps, shame on them for taking photos of us during our private moments? She is trying to hide the fact that she called them.

    She hinted several times that these photos were coming. On Monday a fan asked her about a photo from 2009, and Leann mentioned something about how there were “tons” of paps outside, posting the comment immediately after the photo of herself in the boat on the lake. In the photo she posted of Eddie’s son with his friend, she said something about how the boys would be hanging on the dock as grown men just like their dads. But the problem, when have we ever seen photos of Dave or Eddie hanging out on that dock? So she was referring to the photos of Eddie and Dave from Sunday, which she knew were coming.

    Leann has deals to get free bikinis. Inorder to get those free bikinis she has to be spotted in them. Hence the bikini changes like she did for her birthday.

    Notice how just about every media outlet who reported on these photos ran the same story about Leann changing her bikini. There were at least three other stories that could have came out of these photos. According to FoXNews that wrote about how Leann is in cahoots with the paps, the only way all these media outlets would run the same story is if that was what they were told to do by Leann and the paps she hired to take the photos.

  39. why? says:

    It duplicated the post, so I deleted it.

  40. vanessa says:

    Maybe her friend is queefing on command? That would explain the lifting of her body, the smiles on the hub’s faces, and leeann’s jealous face because she didn’t think of it first. :D

  41. Cam S says:

    I don’t understand the following:

    *** If it’s cold enough to wear a jacket, then why are in a bikini?

    *** I FIND IT REAL HARD to believe paps hunted her down at this location.

    *** Why does this other couple GO EVERYWHERE WITH THEM??? Even on their honeymoon?? I have close girlfriends, but you guys- that is ODD BEHAVIOR.
    Does Eddie never want to be ALONE with Leann, what about “family time”?

  42. tru tru says:

    she is pitiful, just SAD.

    does she sing anymore?? Eddie is costing her.

  43. Snowpea says:

    Oh my gosh, these people look like the trashiest, dreariest, shallowest bunch of losers I’ve ever seen IN MY LIFE.

    Who is that slapper with the red hair and the inflated lips? Holy cow, she is UGLY!

    I know that when I go on holiday up the coast with my kids and old friends we HAVE A BLAST! We make cocktails, swim, play cards, chat, talk politics, build sandcastles with the kids, take a nap, have barbecues, go bushwalking.

    And then you’ve got these losers, all with half a brain cell between them, lying around looking bored out of their brains.

    Honestly, I am so glad I AM NOT LEANN RIMES! It almost makes me feel sorry for her. One day she will wake up from being dickmatized and go “Where did it all go so wrong?”.

  44. why? says:

    “As she snapped away at the view from the cabin, LeAnn’s husband relaxed on the porch in the shade wearing striped swimming shorts and a baseball cap. LeAnn later joined him and looked on as he browsed through her snaps on the camera.The couple who have been married for just over a year, were also joined by Eddie’s two sons Mason Edward and Jake Austin.” -via Dailymail

    So the boys were on the dock with Leann and Eddie and their “pals” on Sunday. So the only way a media outlet wouldn’t post the photos of the kids or take photos of the kids while they were on the dock with Leann and Eddie was if they had very strict instructions from someone(ie-Eddie Cibrian) not to do so. And yet Leann claims that she had no idea that the paps were there. When have the paps or any media outlet ever refrained from taking the photos of the boys? Did Eddie do this to hide the fact that he was drinking in front of the boys seeing how he was slammed when he was photographed drinking in the presence of the boys on Leann’s birthday?

    • surfing2day says:

      My thought on why the paps aren’t posting pics of the kids any more is because through the therapy sessions that Brandi and Leann are doing “for the kids” Brandi has expressed her ire for Leann’s paps taking pics of the kids.Leann wanting to show the therapist she’s the best bonus mom told her hired paps the kids are off limits. This theory shows me more that she is involved with paps. I don’t think eddie really cares as long as he has Leanns credit card and his Don julio.

  45. surfing2day says:

    Here’s something else I was thinking. Before any pics of this vacation came out,when everyone was thinking maybe this one time Leann didn’t call the paps and was having a real family vacation, I wondered if she might have been waiting to see what was posted after Brandi came back from her Paris trip so she could then have her pics posted to deflect Brandi’s publicity.

    After reading other posts, I do now believe she knew the paps were there, because she told them to be.

  46. why? says:

    Since people have pointed out the chemistry between Eddie and Lizzy and the lack of pda/chemistry between Leann and Eddie while at the lake, I won’t be shocked if Leann sets up “Eddie loves me and isn’t cheating on me because he holds my hand or makes out with me at the airport” staged photo-ops. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Maybe that was the real reason she was complaining about her flight being delayed. She can’t be late for the appointment she set up with the paps.

  47. Melissa says:

    Ugh. The face. Rough!

    Even worse, she thinks she looks hot in a bikini. All I see is a 12 year old boy trying on his mom’s bathing suit.

    If they only made hip implants, let me guess who would be the first in line!

  48. lindy loo says:

    She truly is one unattractive woman.

  49. erika says:

    OH MY teen-trash-hick-hobag-hooker queen!

    that…that thing…the pink, lace, cotton, pinky, bikini…oh god.

    that pink bikini is very disturbing to me. please be safe, lock your doors.

  50. nomorerimes says:

    LOL! Just read on another site that her tickets for last night’s gig in Oregon were selling 2 for 1 again!!!! HAHAHA!!! Any future possible concert goers–IF you really want to see this irrelevant person–hold off and get your tickets 2-for-1. Save some money–or maybe you will reconsider wanting to see LR and her flushable career!
    If anyone hears of a concert review-please report in here! LOL!

    • Theskinny says:

      There is a review in an Oregon paper. Said she was a better singer than Patsy Cline (something about more range) but she talks too much and bores the audience with it. lol

    • nomorerimes says:

      Correction alert: The tickets for the Oregon gig were not 2 for one! They were 50% off–but doesn’t that end up being the same thing?? Not much on math but sounds right to me? Am I?

    • why? says:

      Leann must have been reading your posts about her tickets being 2 for 1 because she tweeted this: “I have a lot of fans on Twitter that came to last night’s show….thank you for a wonderful time.”

      For someone who claims that she doesn’t care what people think of her why is Leann keeping track of everything that is being said about her? You can always tell that she is reading what is being posted because she takes to twitter to fix it and she is so obvious about it too like she wants everyone to know that she is reading what they are posting about her. So because someone was saying that her tickets were 2 for 1, she thinks she can fix it by claiming that a lot of people from twitter was at her show. How much did she have to pay these “fans” to be there?

      Maybe she should take our advice and close the twitter account! But then again what will she do while Eddie is out with his mistress Lizzy!

      Since she is tweeting about IN N OUT, I hope that she didn’t set up a staged photo-op there. She is bragging about how her “friend” told her about it. Once again riding the coattails of other celebs as an attempt to sell her album

      I hope she isn’t using In N Out to fuel pregnancy rumors.

  51. NerdMomma says:

    Truly, a star is born. This Liz person is just as fascinating as she can be. How huge of a famewhore do you have to be to try to ride Leann Rimes’s coattails? I saw her spread-eagle pics, and I just can’t wait to hear the stories that are sure to come out about her and Eddie.

    As multiple people said above, what a sad life these people have.

  52. Zooyork says:

    I find it so ridiculous and transparent that LeAnne,Liz, and Eddie are always in bikinis / bathing suits, but never go swimming… because they don’t want to ruin their hair and makeup.
    I think it’s patehtic that someone would put on a bikini, with NO intention of going swimming.

  53. Mela says:

    Did anyone see that cringe worthy “wedding story” of Leann and Eddies wedding on her twitter?! It’s all SORTS of ugly, sick, twisted crap!! Leann looks absolutely down right fug, especially during her vows she had a combination of her donkey laugh/hyenna cry/ugly tears going on. Eddie’s best acting is in some of these pictures where he is crying at the sight of Leann and her donkey face in her wedding gown. Her wedding photos be the most unflattering pictures I have ever seen of Leann.

    But, the most unsettling part is the inclusion of the two innocent sons of Brandi, being brainwashed/forced into celebrating the marriage of two people who tried to destroy their family and mother Brandi. Cherry on top was creepy Darrell Brown hovering over Brandi’s two sons as they are lighting some sort of candle ritual for Leann and Eddie. Side note: Where was Lizzy at the wedding? was she screwing Eddie just yet? How drunk was eddie in the last pictures?


    • brin says:

      Yeah, they were drunk and cursing…you know, all the appropriate things you do at a wedding. *eyeroll*

    • Cam S says:

      @ Mela
      Thank you! I hadn’t seen any of the wedding photos.
      Eddie is quite the actor huh? I’ll never doubt his abilities again, cause he SURE WAS ACTING HIS PANTS OFF during that wedding ceremony.

      I really hate saying this, cause it’s so redundant but Leann is not pretty. Very manly features, even on her wedding day showing off that boney chest plate she was rockin. She is a 3 that believes she is a “10″ because she bought herself hot guy. Delusional

      • claire says:

        I’d cry too if she was walking towards me. She doesn’t look like a woman, and not even remotely close to what she looked like when they started their shenanigans. But, hey, he’s a pretty big douchebag, she’s a huge douchebag…maybe it is true love!

    • why? says:

      Why didn’t she post the “Wedding Story” in April? Leann is so pathetic. Posting their “wedding story” on her twitter account is nothing more than just an attempt to fix the “Eddie is cheating with Lizzy” talk that generated from the photos of them at the lake on Sunday. If Leann has to go through such extremes to prove that her marriage is solid and that her hubby isn’t cheating on her, then she needs to just divorce Eddie.

      Eddie was crying at his wedding to Brandi too, so once again Leann single white females Brandi. If her marriage to Eddie was as solid as she claims, then she wouldn’t have to borrow details from Brandi and Eddie’s wedding. Eddie is a fraud. He didn’t even care or attempt to protect his child when the pap from x17 got all up in his son’s face, so the fact that he is “crying” at their wedding means nothing. What did she do to make him “cry”? Tell him that Lizzy wouldn’t be able to attend the reception?

      With much as Leann brags about her friendship with Lizzy on twitter and in these staged photo-ops, you would expect that she would be at the wedding. But then again if Lizzy had been invited to the wedding, there wouldn’t have even been a wedding in the first place. We already know that Eddie was having second thoughts about marrying Leann because Leann had to spend the entire time with him before the wedding so that he wouldn’t run off.

      X17 has photos of Lizzy vacationing with Eddie and Leann in Aspen in December 2009, so Eddie has been sleeping with Lizzy since 2009.

    • why? says:

      Considering that Eddie told a court that he didn’t want his kids to experience ANY TYPE of public exposure and he had such a huge fit about his sons being on RHOBH, shouldn’t Joe B remove EVERY photo from his WEBSITE that includes images of Brandi’s kids? Didn’t Eddie call into Bravo requesting that they remove any images of his kids because he was concerned about them being “teased” and “bullied”(or at least that was what Leann’s “source” told Celebuzz) and yet he has no problem with the fallout that will result from his kids faces being plastered on the WEBSITE of a man who is using the images of these boys to promote his business? Did Joe B even bother to ask the boy’s mother before he posted the images of them on his WEBSITE?

      When Brandi wants to have the kids on her show, Eddie and Leann have real consequences for her. But where are the REAL consequences that Joe B, Eddie, and Leann should face for plastering the faces of the boys on the WEBSITE to promote Joe B career and Leann’s “Eddie isn’t cheating with Lizzy” campaign?

    • Ming Lee says:

      i saw the wedding pics and would have to agree with you, they aren’t very flattering towards leann. i think she was very skinny here so it totally reflects in her face. not sure why she would flaunt her chest bones either, especially on such an important day where the photos will be around forever.
      where is lizzy was my number one question too.
      releasing this now is just a manipulative and calculated way to try and prove people wrong. she obviously reads the blog comments about herself and the fact that everyone had something to say about her not smiling even once. and the lizzy crotch shots just top it all off.

    • beclove says:

      Thanks for posting that link Mela. I love the pic where Leann looks like she is creeping up behind Ed. Looking at her makes my damn blood run cold. And hmmmm to the one with the older boy – was this where Ed was springing the news on him? Heard they had no idea old dads was getting married until they rolled up at the ceremony. I hope this isn’t true. But it probably is.

  54. why? says:

    Leann tweeted, “Two hrs of writing thank you’s for my new album. Had to find the right words to express my love and gratitude”

    I’m sure that Rielle H had the very same problem when she wrote thank you’s for her book too. What good came from Rielle Hunter using a book to gloat about her affair with a married man who denied that he was the father of her child?

    Leann also tweeted that she was giving TMI when she asked the bus driver to pull over so that she can use the bathroom. First of all, her bus doesn’t have a bathroom? This is what happens when she spends all that money on lavish vacations for her gigolo and his mistresses. Secondly, Leann is the Queen of TMI. Why would she be embarrassed about asking a stranger to pull over so she can go to the bathroom when she went on The Talk and told thousands of people that she used the bathroom in a lobby when she had diarrhea because she was embarassed to use the hotel room she shared with a still very married Eddie Cibrian?

    Note to Leann: TMI is writing an album about your affair with a married man who called you a speedbump; tweeting that you allowed Brandi’s kids to listen to your album in which you detail your affair with their father and trash their mother, giving interviews to ENews and GR(who trashed the mother of your stepkids on tv) about the album that details your affair with a married man; and then writing tweet after tweet gloating about how great this album is and how wonderful Rob Thomas was in supporting this nonsense.

  55. why? says:

    Leann is claiming that Eddie, the man who didn’t even care enough to protect his 5 yo child when a pap from x17 was all up in the boy’s face and hovering over the child, wrote her a letter before their wedding. Keep in mind that Leann was tweeting from Eddie’s twitter account to make it look like Eddie was sending her lovey dovey messages, so we all know that Eddie didn’t write that letter. So we have 3 choices to pick from. That letter Leann is claiming that Eddie wrote was written by Leann, DB, or Mateo. So I take it that Eddie must have written Brandi a note before their wedding! Shouldn’t Eddie be creating new memories with Leann instead of borrowing from his memories with Brandi? It’s as if Eddie is trying to hold onto to Brandi through any means necessary. Poor Leann, she just goes right along with it because she is desperate. Leann just needs to admit that her hubby is a cheater and has been cheating on her since day 1. Or at least take a page out of Kat Von D book and just walk away. If Eddie hasn’t stopped cheating on Leann by now, then he never will. No amount of photo manipulation via Joe B is going to change this. But at least having Joe B feature their “Wedding Story” confirms that Eddie is indeed cheating with Lizzy and that Leann is definately reading what people are posting about her!

    • claire says:

      Giving gifts and notes before the ceremony is a tradition! It’s not unique to any of the people in this crazy triangle!

      Totally agree with you about how that TMI comment was dumb. She just wanted to let it be known she was on a bus to head to a show, for all those naysayers that say she doesn’t work. (Because 2 shows means touring to her) That’s why most of what she says comes off so awkward. It’s never genuine. It always has some weird other motive, and she’s so transparent, she can see the motives loud and clear.

      • why? says:

        Remember this story?

        “Pal: LeAnn Rimes’ Wedding Was Just Like Brandi Glanville’s!”:”Deja vu “I do’s”!When LeAnn Rimes wed Eddie Cibrian on Friday, the Malibu, Calif. bash had a few insiders reminiscing about an oddly similar wedding — Cibrian’s vows with first wife Brandi Glanville back in 2001!”
        -Source US Weekly(April 25, 2011)

        So in Leann’s case giving notes before the ceremony had nothing to do with tradition. And everything to do with her need to be Brandi. Since Leann went so far as to use the same dress designer that Brandi wore when she married Eddie, then we know that Leann only did the note writing before the ceremony because it was a detail she probably copied from Brandi and Eddie’s wedding. Besides, Leann has a very bad habit of single white femaling Brandi and is very public about it.

      • claire says:

        Yes, I know she copies. A lot.
        Saying she copied the gift giving/letter so adamantly is like saying she copied Brandi by having rings to exchange because Brandi and Eddie also exchanged rings.

      • why? says:

        If you know that Leann copies Brandi a lot and then went so far as to copy several other details from Brandi’s wedding to Eddie, then you know that saying that Leann copied the letter and gift exchange isn’t like saying that she copied Brandi by having rings to exchange because BG and EC also exchanged rings. Leann used the same designer that Brandi had for her wedding and you want us to believe that her gloating over the letter and the gift giving had nothing to do with Brandi and Eddie’s wedding? She copied the letter writing and gift giving from Brandi’s wedding, why are you so adamant to convince everyone that she didn’t and trying to make excuses for what she did by using the “everybody does it” card?

  56. Jennifer says:

    She is such a transparent famewh***. Carrie Underwood, a much more popular (and working) celebrity, doesn’t even put out as many pics as does Leann.

    Leann has tried so hard to stay relevant. Of course, those same pap pics and twitter pics reveal what a trashy, desperate, insecure, fake, and tasteless thing she is.

  57. nomorerimes says:

    And gosh–just think–SleazeAnn turns 30 next month! (Don’t know how much that is in horse years!) So I imagine we’ll be seeing a lot of this trashy, irrelevant little nobody! AND she said she was going to take all of August off work. (Like she works soooo hard!?!) But the plus side (if there is one)is that she’ll be paying out a lot of money to the sites to post all her happy, happy little celebrations with all her happy happy little(paid-for) friends, her happy happy moochers of a family and then there is Lizzie too! Her wealth is going out for a lot of publicity–negative or positive–she doesn’t care!
    Like the Boy Scout motto says–Be Prepared!

    • Theskinny says:

      All but one September gig has disappeared as well. Guess she is also taking that month “off”. One concert per month does not a tour make. Obviously her new thing shitfire is getting released sometime in October since that is when the dates pick up. How funny it will be to see her release a new album yet still have to give away tickets. The Karma train is now boarding.

  58. claire says:

    speaking of tasteless….the person on twitter that says they are fans of Brandi, and hate LR, and has a twitter name that starts with R., is really not doing anyone any favors by tweeting nasty messages to totally innocent fans of LR, nor saying things like they hope Eddie shoots Leann. That is just horrible. Many people across the world dislike this woman – but that goes over the line. If any of you on here are friends with that person on Twitter, you might consider having a talk with that person. Not only is it creepy, it’s possibly criminal.

  59. why? says:

    Leann is just so desperate. Leann performed at her recent concert wearing a see through shirt, short shorts, and high heel shoes. What was she trying to prove by dressing like this for a concert? That she is “sexy” and therefore Eddie isn’t cheating on her with Lizzy? And she could have avoided all of this by not inviting Fame/Flynet to the lake with her. Didn’t she learn her lesson the last time she, Eddie, and Fame/Flynet showed up at the wrong time for Eddie’s son’s soccer game?

    Seriously Leann, just admit that Eddie is cheating on you instead of constantly trying to manipulate the media and public into believing that your marriage is solid.

    It’s just sad that she has to use a see through shirt, shorts shorts, and high heels to validate her marriage to a man who called her a speedbump.

  60. why? says:

    Poor, poor, poor Leann. While her peers in the industry are walking the red carpet for the Teen Choice Awards, she is reduced to tweeting about Brandi’s kids and setting up staged photo-ops of her and her “friends”(It could be Lizzy, but by the way she keeps tweeting about her “friend” it could be GR/Kim K/Rob T) on a beach. I see that Leann is still on the “Eddie isn’t cheating with Lizzy” campaign. So she thinks that she can erase what happend last Sunday at the lake, by setting up staged photo-ops of them on a beach today?

    Can you imagine what this staged beach photo-op is going to look like? Leann, just admit that Eddie is cheating and that your album is facing some huge problems that can’t be fixed by milking your friendship with Rob, Kim, Sharon, and GR. The money you are putting into this staged beach photo-op could be used to rent a bus with a bathroom the next time you go on “tour”.

    Why did Leann even bother to tweet what time she and Eddie got home from her “tour”? Probably to brag about how her hubby “loves” her and isn’t cheating on her because he went on tour with her. Please don’t tell me that she set up staged photo-ops at an airport after she got slammed for whining about how her flight was delayed.

    So what type of staged photo-op will Leann slam the internet with because she can’t stand the fact that Katie is still getting all of the media’s attention?

    Beach BUM with “friends”
    Airport on Friday
    Airport on Sunday

  61. why? says:

    So Leann’s staged photo-op for the weekend was…Dining out at a Malibu Restaurant(probably hinting that she was headed toward the beach to hang out with her and Eddie’s friends).

    She put on quite the show for her BFFs at The Dailymail too, even doing the phony donkey laugh. Why is she still doing damage control on the staged photo-ops from last Sunday? She thinks that donkey laughing now will erase how upset she looked in the photos from the lake because Eddie and Lizzy didn’t follow the script?

    And of course she wore the shortest shorts and the most revealing shirt that would barely cover her stomach in the staged photo-ops she set up with DM. She is really working hard to fuel pregnancy rumors and convince everyone that her hubby isn’t cheating on her because she is “sexy”. It’s a shame that Leann has to resort to wearing short shorts and tiny shirts just to convince everyone that the man who called her a speedbump isn’t cheating on her with Lizzy.

    Why is she setting up all these staged photo-ops this month when she is going to have a huge mega media blitz in August for her birthday? So while her peers in the industry were walking the red carpet, poor Leann was setting up a staged photo-op with DM!For what? Well more staged photo-ops means more backlash. She needs to stop listening to her “fans”, she gives them “gifts” so of course they are going to sit on twitter and tell her she looks nice when she shows off her legs. Eddie must really be lusting over Brandi’s legs.

    On another note, Leann tweeted a bikini company that she couldn’t wait to wear the new goodies! She makes it so obvious that she sets up these photos of her in the bikinis.

  62. Theskinny says:

    Just saw a pic of Brandi, Jen, and Adrienne going to Kyle’s boutique opening. Gorgeous and chic and confident!! Contrast those 3 ladies/friends to white trash Leann and skanky Liz and her nasty husband and that shady looking weirdo Darrell. Eddie downgraded his social circle AND his wife!! Geez! Brandi must be relieved to get him and his crappy taste in people out of her life. Now if she could get them out of her sons lives. (Seriously that pic of Darrel around her sons gave me the creeps). https://twitter.com/#!/AdrienneJanic/media/slideshow?url=pic.twitter.com%2Faci4F0DI

  63. why? says:

    The manner in which Leann distributed her staged “EC isn’t cheating with Lizzy because…” photo-op to her mouthpieces is quite interesting. GG and DM posted just the photos of Leann, while JJ and x17 posted photos of both Eddie and Leann. And only x17 posted the photos of Eddie and Leann holding hands, JJ has them walking seperately. Remember the days when Leann wouldn’t rest until ALL of her mouthpieces posted the photos of her and Eddie engaging in pda? So Leann can only afford to pay one of her mouthpieces to post the “Eddie isn’t cheating on me because he is holding my hand” staged photo. Wow.

    As usual Leann is looking at Eddie for him to affirm his love for her and he is acting like it’s just another job, like he wants to get it over with as soon as possible. If Eddie wants Lizzy to go on vacation with them in August, Eddie has to play the “devoted” husband. He did manage to look at Leann once, so I wonder if Lizzy was off to the side of Leann. You know that Eddie doesn’t go anywhere with Leann unless he is drunk or Lizzy is present.

    Leann is going out of her way trying to erase the staged lake photo-op by bombarding the internet with photos of her dressed in skimpy clothing/donkey laughing and of her and Eddie dining out on Sunday. She is spending all that money to manipulate the media and public when all she has to do is divorce her cheating hubby or admit that he is a cheater. But then she has a severe case of “I don’t want to hear I told you so-itis”, so she is going to keep setting up these “Eddie isn’t cheating because he holds my hand and…” staged photo-ops.

  64. why? says:

    Leann has done it again. She saw the posts about how her album must be having some huge problems so what does she do? She has “someone” from Curb tweet about how they heard her album, thought it was fantastic, and that Leann is a talented vocalist. Funny how these comments about her album only come AFTER someone has pointed out that Leann isn’t being honest to her fans about how her album really is doing. Well at least we know that she is indeed reading these comments! Why does she make it so obvious that she is reading the comments? If only she would take our advice and actually close the twitter account and stop the staged photo-ops! Oh I forgot, Eddie is cheating on her so she has no other choice but to keep up with the tweets and staged photo-ops.

    Oh no, now she is on twitter bragging about how she can’t wait to share her and Eddie’s NoH8 photo. If she had any common sense she would not post that photo. Seriously, if she thinks the backlash is bad, then imagine what is going to happen when her photo is released. Since when is it the job of NoH8 to promote Eddie and Leann’s marriage by allowing them to do poses as if they are having sex? So now Leann is hoping that this NoH8 photo of her and Eddie will convince people that Eddie isn’t cheating on her. Imagine all the backlash she is creating for herself and Eddie by posting that NoH8 photo, especially when she set up another staged photo-op on Sunday. Why does NoH8 support Leann who made an album about her affair with a married man, an album that she admits to allowing Brandi’s kids to hear, an album in which she trashes Brandi? Great job at promoting the end of hate by using a woman who is nothing but hate.

  65. why? says:

    Leann tweeted that someone from Curb said this about her album: “this is one of the days when we’re happy to be in the music business & those are few and far between these days.”

    So in other words, DB and Leann threw some money at CURB to make them accept Leann’s album. So did she pay them as much as she pays Eddie?

  66. claire says:

    I think it’ll be interesting to see if she can sell this one. It’s getting praise from her label, so that’s interesting. Even if the songs are good though, and her regulars will buy it, can the rest of the public get over the content and her atrocious personality enough to support it? Even before she did so much damage to her reputation in the last couple of years, she wasn’t selling many albums. I’ve seen on country music boards, people who say they like her, consider her career to be in the can, and don’t think she can sell albums anymore. Not a lot of confidence there for her – should be interesting.

  67. natalina says:

    looks like a boring vacay

  68. why? says:

    It’s not surprising that her record company is giving this new album a lot of praise today, rememeber what happened with her last album? Didn’t Leann even try to save face by saying that her Ladies and Gentleman album didn’t do well because Curb didn’t do a lot of promotional work for it? If they want to convince people to buy this album and put money in their pocket, then what they should be doing TODAY is telling Leann to lay low, close the twitter account, stop staging photo-ops and tweeting about Brandi’s kids, stop gloating about the album, and do not release the photo of her and Eddie posing for NoH8. Bombarding twitter with positive posts about their support of this album is good in theory, but what good does it do when Leann is turning people off with her antics on twitter and in her staged photo-ops and offending people by using NoH8 to promote her marriage to Eddie?

    Leann also tweeted that DB was meeting with Curb concerning her album, so it’s no telling what strings he is pulling to get Curb to support her album so publicly. We all saw how DB got Leann a Grammy nomination for a song that completely flopped, so badly that it had various blogs pointing out that there was something wrong with the nomination process for selecting nominees for The Best Country Female Vocalist for the Grammys. And we all saw what he did to the blogger when she wrote the article about Leann encouraging her fans and friends to bully Brandi(he contacted her EIC, took to twitter to write about how the blogger’s EIC agreed that her article went too far, and that he was going to sue the blogger).

    Leann isn’t going to allow this album to fail because in her mind that would be like saying that her relationship and marriage to Eddie is a failure. So she is going to do everything in her power to ensure that it appears to be a “success” even when it’s doing very poorly.

  69. nomorerimes says:

    I’ll bet LR is in a tizzy–People mag has Taylor in a couple different articles and Mariah Carey is going to be the new AI judge. Did LR try to convince them to hire her again?? Too bad, LR! And more bad news later this year when her cd flops!

  70. why? says:

    So according to the fluffpiece that x17 wrote about Leann dining out with Eddie, Leann smiled at them as she and Eddie entered the establishment. So the only reason x17 was the ONLY one of Leann’s mouthpieces to get photos of Leann and Eddie holding hands was because Leann hired them to do so(I thought that she had GSI give them photos, but no she had x17 take their own photos of her and Eddie). How pathetic. Why would Leann keep setting up staged photo-ops with x17 after everyone saw how Eddie didn’t even bother react when the pap was in his son’s face, and thus indicating that Eddie wasn’t concerned about the pap being a threat to his son because he and Leann personally know him and have a deal with x17.

  71. why? says:

    You know that Leann’s marriage to Eddie is OVER when she has to imitate the cover of one of those romance novels to convince everyone that she and her hubby have an “amazing” sex life because she is arching her back while Eddie grabs her head to kiss her, since the cake topping of her and Eddie in bed together was a complete fiasco.

    I don’t know which is worse, the fact that NoH8 is backing Leann and Eddie knowing full well that she and Eddie don’t represent what they stand for, or Leann and Eddie’s NoH8 photo which just shows how much Eddie doesn’t like Leann. Leann is SO proud of this photo, she even made it her icon for twitter! How can she look at Eddie’s face in that photo and keep telling everyone that her marriage to him is solid? I wonder how much he had to drink the day of the photoshoot. Was he thinking about Josie or Liz the day of the photoshoot? I’m starting to think that maybe Liz was at the photoshoot with them. What a great message to send to Eddie’s kids!

    So how does NoH8 plan to deal with the fallout from their association with Leann and the fact that they allowed her to use them to convince people that her husband isn’t cheating on her simply because they do poses that suggest that they are having sex or about to have sex?

    So which one of Leann’s mouthpieces will be the first to write a fluffpiece about this photoshoot? x17, People mag, GG, DM, or JJ. Because this wasn’t just another vanity project to honor Leann’s marriage and album.

  72. why? says:

    You would think that NoH8 would be scared to Leann; but apparently that too only exists so that Leann can validate her marriage to Eddie.

    Can you guess which one of Leann’s mouthpieces was the first to write a fluffpiece about Leann and Eddie’s NoH8 photo because the media was too busy with other things(ie-Katie and Kristen) to pay attention to Leann’s attention seeking antics? It’s the very same media outlet that Leann hired to write a fluffpiece about her appearance on The Talk and her interview with GR when the media didn’t jump on those stories after she tweeted up a storm about them; on Sunday to get candid photos of Eddie holding her hand to convince us that Eddie isn’t cheating with Lizzy; to write a fluffpiece about the birthday cake she designed for Eddie because she was getting a lot of backlash; to sing happy birthday to her outside of Nobu; and the very same media outlet that Leann gave two exclusive interviews to about being a judge on XFactor and Maya Angelou’s daughter. X17.

    When NoH8 agreed to allow Leann and Eddie to pose, were they anticipating headlines like this: “Leann and Eddie Sex It Up In Stunning NoH8 Photo”? Since when is NoH8 about “SEXING IT UP” and being stunning? Why does Leann and Eddie’s names come before NOH8? What a great way to raise awareness for NoH8! Make it ALL about Leann and Eddie and their pose of them simulating sex just like the birthday cake topping.

    x17 makes it so obvious that they are on Leann’s payroll. If they are going to lie, shouldn’t they at least make their lies believeable? Despite the fact that Eddie is drunk, looks uncomfortable, and you can sense the disconnect between Eddie and Leann, x17 wrote that the photo was sexy, sultry and stunning. Only someone being paid would walk away from Leann and Eddie’s photos thinking that.

    Note to x17: Just because Leann poses for NoH8 and sings with the GMCLA, it doesn’t make her a big supporter of gay rights. If Leann was a big supporter of gay rights, then why did she hire you to write a fluffpiece that starts off like this “No one can deny … LeAnn Rimes and her hubby Eddie Cibrian KNOW how to take a sexy picture.”? .

    • lori says:

      I too was surprised to see that NOH8 would show images of a person who publicly promotes sexualized images of herself with her two young step-sons. Gross, you would think a campaign to legitimize homosexual marriage wouldn’t promote child abuse.

      • why? says:

        Desperate times call for desperate measures. Kristen’s affair is getting more coverage than Leann and Eddie’s “Say yes to Hate” photos, so what does Leann do? She tweets up a storm about her “pain”, cancels ALL 3 of her concerts, and then bombards the internet with back to back stories about it every 30 min.

        Hopefully Leann is smart this time and won’t set up staged donkey laughing photos of herself and Eddie holding hands in the parking lot of Nobu after dining with “friends”(Lizzy)!

  73. why? says:

    Poor Leann. She went through all that trouble to have x17 write that fluffpiece about her and Eddie’s “SAY YES TO HATE” photo and the media and several of her mouthpieces still ignored her. So what does she do? She then turns around and posts the photo that she posed for without Eddie. And promises her fans to post Eddie’s photo that he took by himself really soon. NoH8 must be trying to photoshop out the cup or bottle of alcohol in Eddie’s hand. Or the woman he was hooking up with while on the set of the phootshoot.

    Leann just can’t stand the fact that Kristen S is getting all of the attention. With all the “10 Cheaters in HW” articles that are being generated by Kristen affair, NoH8 and Leann are really creating a bad rep for the NoH8 campaign, especially with Leann is bragging about her album that details her affair with a married man.

    Leann is just plain creepy. She is trying way too hard to look like Brandi in her “Say yes to hate” photos. They are doing several tricks in these photos so that it doesn’t actually look like Leann. So why is NoH8 supporting Leann? Did she give them a “donation” or something? NoH8 thinks that equality can only prevail with Leann and Eddie’s names attached to it?

    Kristen S should pull a Leann. Call up NoH8 and do “SEXING IT UP” photoshoot. We all saw how well that has worked in convincing people that Eddie isn’t cheating with Lizzy!