Beyonce & Jay-Z allegedly renting a Hamptons estate for $400K… for one month!

I could have sworn that Beyonce and Jay-Z already owned real estate in the Hamptons…? But maybe not. They have property in Manhattan… and New Jersey, right? But they don’t already have a summer home in the Hamptons, I guess. Which is why they’re renting one of the best properties in Bridgehampton, according to Page Six. Allegedly, Bey, Jay and little Blue Ivy have shelled out $400,000 for an 11-acre Bridgehampton rental… for one month.

Could little Blue Ivy make her first appearance in the Hamptons next week? Sources tell us the 6-month-old’s parents, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, are renting a 31,000-square-foot home in Bridgehampton — known as the Sandcastle — for a staggering $400,000 for August.

The 11-acre property on Halsey Lane was built by Hamptons super-developer Joe Farrell. It’s currently on the market for $43.5 million.

The sprawling estate is fit for the king and queen of Hip-Hop, lavishly equipped with a two-lane bowling alley, virtual golf, skateboard half-pipe, a rock-climbing wall, a full bar and recording studio.

It also boasts a 60-foot heated pool with an underwater stereo system, a tennis court, a spa facility with gym and a combination squash, racquetball and basketball court with moving walls and retractable hoop — plus an eight-car garage.

In addition to a 2,800-square-foot master suite, the place includes a separate two-bedroom apartment. The estate also has what’s called a “children’s performing area,” according to the listing on — perfect for baby Ivy.

After 18 months of construction, Farrell moved his own family into the house in 2009 but has since rented it out for a short time each summer at record-breaking prices. The Jonas Brothers were rumored to have been interested in it but settled on another Hamptons rental instead.

In 2010, Sandcastle was famously rented for $500,000 for two weeks by Tampa, Fla., single mother Cheryl Mercuris, a direct-marketing whiz who wanted to plant herself in the Hamptons in order to bag a billionaire mate. She didn’t find the man, but she had some great parties, we are told.
She rented the palatial home again the following summer for the month of July but declined to reveal how much she paid.

Reps for Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Farrell Building Company and Corcoran didn’t get back to us.

[From Page Six]

If this was Gwyneth Paltrow or Kim Kardashian or someone like that, I think I would be preparing some kind of diatribe involving the words “famewhores, elitism and peasants”. But considering it’s Beyonce and Jay… I think I’ll give them this one. They work hard for their money. Jay’s been on tour for months, and he and Beyonce are probably really looking forward to a quiet August. My only complaint is minor – considering the real estate market these days, they should really consider buying, you know? It’s a buyer’s market, and wouldn’t it be nice to have a summer property for Blue? You know Auntie Goop and Auntie Kimmie would just love to visit.

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  1. Rhea says:

    Well, it’s their money. They can do whatever they want with that.

  2. marie says:

    meh, it’s their money to do with as they please. I’m jealous, but I can’t hate them for it.

  3. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Good for mr. And mrs. Camel

  4. Chatcat says:

    Well hell, they rented a Uterus for 9 months and God knows what they paid for that!

  5. Bookworm says:

    Meh, why would you expect anything less from them?

  6. paola says:

    with that money i wouldn’t go to the Hamptons but faf far far away..let’s say french polinesia or st barths or some exotic place..

  7. Sadie says:

    I thought they were suppose to be in England to perform at the closing ceremonies. That means they’re paying $400,000 for two weeks. It’s their money and they like living large so have fun I guess. Plus their bestie Gwynnie is there.

  8. nunya beeswax says:

    Lol at Chatcat. Fckn conspiracy theorist.

    Anyways, Bey & Jay can afford it so…

  9. hoya_chick says:

    The shoes she has on in this photo set look really cheap….yea I’m feeling extra bitchy today, and what?

    I think they have a place is Westchester County in NY . It’s like in Scarsdale. Where all the rich people who have NYC apts also have sprawling country estates. I think that’s where they got their marriage license (why do I know this? I read something once and it in my head for life lol). But I’ve never heard anything about them having a Hamptons house. Good for them, I guess. It’s their money.

    Also, the Jonas brothers cannot afford $400K rental can they?! FML

  10. RHONYC says:

    this place is fuggin’ tremendous!
    awesome property big enough to house the entire fam, kids…the whole 9!

    love the master ‘WING’, outdoor shower, pool, bowling alley
    & indoor SKATE PARK!!! like whoa!

    ball on, babies…ball on. ;-)

  11. Blue says:

    Ugh, that is so gross. Yes it’s their money but why do they have to be so tacky.

  12. Rux says:

    I live in New York City and the whole real estate fiasco has not even made a ding in the market here. Prices are still exceedingly high and it is still a seller’s market especially in the Hamptons.

  13. lucy2 says:

    That’s a crazy amount of money, but those two do make a fortune every year.
    I bet they won’t even be there the full month though.

  14. Shannon1972 says:

    Could really cares less what these people do with their money. It’s their business…not sure why this is news.
    No new Robsten news today…? ;)

  15. ramona says:

    That is a giant baby.

    The implication that a six-month-old needs a “children’s performing area” is plain stupid.

  16. lolita says:

    I mean I get that its their money and they have pots of it and they can spend it however they want but I just feel like its a bit wasteful yknow? There’s luxury and then there’s waste

  17. says:

    Good for them. I guess they can afford it with all the money they saved with Beyoncé doing and cutting her own hair (weave/wig), because she’s just like the rest of us.

    Those shoes should be burned.

  18. TheOneAndOnly says:

    These two are among are most disgusting reprehensible one percenters – the odium we visit on wall street tycoons should also be visited on them; They have no intellects or personalities because they are narcissists, and their “music” is disposable pop junk – there are so many true female artists out there that put fakeoncy to shame starting with Esperanza Spalding; No one likes to admit they’ve been played and I believe that’s one reason why their stans become so bitter and defensive when these two gross entitled dolts are criticized in the slightest. btw, my son told me that Jimi Hendrix’s LIve at Berkely gig from may 1970 is going to be coming out on dvd – now that’s music.

    • Mike says:

      A lot of anger I see. U should consider talking to a therapist sweetheart.

      • TheOneAndOnly says:

        Please, so any criticism of any celebutard is either jealousy, anger, or the all purpose “you’re a hater.” If they had substance, donated their own money to charities relative to their incomes, and if their “music” was any good, they’d be tolerable, but that’s not the case; these two are too vapid and empty to waste real emotions like anger let alone hate on. They just need to disappear and take their money with them.
        BTW, mike they don’t give a rat’s ass about you or I or anyone;lets be honest the only real use they have for the black community is to make themselves richer than they already are; and who trademarks their supposed child’s name – nothing like treating your child as another commodity.

    • lena80 says:

      @ theoneandonly

      “lets be honest the only real use they have for the black community is to make themselves richer than they already are”

      What in the seven gates of hell is this comment supposed to mean? You are entitled to your opinion about THEIR MONEY, however this comment is pure ignorance and rather offensive. I don’t even listen to their “music” that often, but for you to label what their “real use” is and how it relates to the “black community” is down right ignorant. Please explain how these two people living their lives have anything to do with the black community as a whole? What a disgusting generalization.

  19. DANDILION says:

    Far from the spotlight with the old money retiring atmosphere of any vacation spot that Kim might want to dare to visit.. I’d say..

  20. DANDILION says:

    That baby is almost the size of a two year old? Amazing tall child.. Beyonce is 5’7″ Ivy is 6 months?

  21. Kayla says:

    Lol you people exaggerate way to damn much! How does she look like a 2yr old she’s about the same size as Jessica Simpson’s daughter who is a good 4 months younger, what happened to the road trip holiday they, gwyneth & Chris were taking or the move to London this summer. I’ll take this with a grain of salt

  22. Viv says:

    I really wish they would spend money like that on some needy people – some of whom they can find right under their noses in the US. I am all for living lavish but I have had enough stories about the fabulous life of baby Blue and her diamond encrusted crib. I find that there are things that I just cannot enjoy immensely due to their price tag.Now don’t get me wrong I spend way too much money and am lucky to be able to do so. I think that riches should be enjoyed but I find it hard to swallow when I encounter people who weren’t born with riches on their tenth Birkin bag and the 8th Lamborghini. Go ahead and buy a few of this and that and live in five homes, but if you have the means to travel the world and see how many others are unfortunate some of that should really make you think. For the sake of my morals I hope I would not be able to enjoy a $15.000 bag if there is a homeless person on my block.

  23. Hanna says:

    That baby is big (!) for a 6 something month old…
    400k is hella lot, not for them though. Good for them.

  24. Mar says:

    That is one huge 6 month old.

    They work hard and smart so I can’t hate.

  25. Diva says:

    I wish people stop acting like Jay Z and Beyonce aren’t famewhores too.

  26. Micki says:

    I got muscular cramps only reading about all the sport facilities…

  27. Kelly says:

    Anyone know if they donate to any charities? Of course it is their money and they can do what they want with it but in general, I find them offensive when I read how they spend money.

  28. hmm says:

    celebrities’ clothes always look brand new. must be nice to have an outfit for every day of the week.

  29. paola says:

    Asli hi!!! I missed you :)

    I wish i had that kind of money and i’d go live on the polinesian shores for ever, i might even just survive on fish and coconuts without a worry in the world.

    about comment 8.. you know some people will never be convinced on something, not even with tons of proves!!! and chatcat is damn right, beyoncè rent a uterus so why not spend 400k on a house!! It seems appropriate for jz’s and beyonce’s standards