Blake Lively mumbles and model-struts in her Gucci commercial: awful or hot?

A month ago, we saw the first print ad for Blake Lively’s latest campaign – she’s the face of Gucci’s new perfume, Premiere. The ad (above) is nothing special. It’s not a particularly eye-catching shot, but it’s not horrible either. It should have been in color, and I dislike the way Blake is being sold as some kind of “classic Hollywood blonde”. Also: photographing Blake in profile is always a strange endeavor considering some of us remember her old nose, and it’s jarring to see her nose job put front and center in an ad campaign. Anyway, as I said in the previous post, Gucci contracted Blake for a commercial as well as a print campaign. Blake “demanded” Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn for the commercial, and she got him. And now that I see the commercial… Michael Bay could have directed this junk. Why did they need Refn? I’ll do the real-time, second-by-second analysis below:

*Blake is in a glass cage. She knows why the glassed-in bird suffocates.

*We get it, honey. You can model strut better than any of Leonardo’s other girls.

*God, her body really is crazy. That dress does look really awesome on her.


*I’m meh on her hair. It seems kind of flat.

*For the love of God, CLOSE YOUR MOUTH. Open mouth does not equal “sexy”. You look like a vapid mouth-breather.

*Oh, now she’s model-strutting in the desert. This is the part where I was like, “Huh, why couldn’t Michael Bay do this again?” Because I actually think Bay might have done this better.

*We get it, darling. Gucci Premiere = spontaneous orgasm. That’s the message of the commercial: “Wear Gucci Premiere and you will have an orgasm as you look out of your window and fantasize about model-strutting in the desert.”

*The last shot, where she’s facing and walking toward the camera? Unflattering! All of a sudden, her fabulous body looks really boxy, right?

*WORST VOICEOVER EVER. Good God, this mumbling Valley Girl should never be hired to do voice work. This is what it sounds like phonetically: “Ghuh-chi-premer tha Nuessince forwomn.”

As a palate cleanser, here are some photos of Ed Westwick rocking a onesie, filming Gossip Girl yesterday. Ed Westwick is totally the highlight of this post. That sleazy furball could sell me perfume any day of the week! PS… I have no idea if the onesie is a costume or if that’s just how Ed shows up to work in the morning.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Glimmer Bunny says:

    Ohmygod, Ed in the OnePiece is the best thing ever! Thank you for making my day :D

  2. Riana says:

    I’m sorry but that is not an attractive woman.

    She should NEVER have let them do a campaign where her body wasn’t in every shot. Her body balances out her face, without it…looks like she should be selling wrinkle cream instead of perfume.

  3. Birdie says:

    She really should have closed her mouth, omg. Not sexy at all. Her body is truly crazy, but her face is so average and her voice.. so deep and also: not sexy.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Yep. Her face is just… it’s not that it’s ugly, it just is soooo bland. Her old nose made her look interesting, at least.

      Also, she ALMOST pronuonced “Gucci” right! She just needed to prounce the double “c” (which she did not do), as in Italian it has to be pronuonced. Anyways, that’s about the most impressive part of this thing.

  4. cmc says:

    Her body is SICK and she makes weird faces. That’s all I got from the ad.

  5. tanguerita says:

    has anyone ever seen Blake with her mouth closed?I mean – what is it, the new interpretation of going commando?

  6. dee says:

    Eww at Ed Westwick. That outfit…

  7. Vivan says:

    The only reason why I ever watch GG is for Leighton and Ed and I spitted out my tea when I saw this photo of Ed and his one piece track suit. It’s the funniest ever. As for Blake’s ad, it had potential – the beginning was nice – she looks great, but I don’t like the shots of her spraying the perfume on herself — did you see her facial expression? Who looks like that when they are spraying perfume? It’s not realistic. Agree about the scene in the desert – what? and lastly, I cringe when I heard her voice.

  8. Anna says:

    Why doesn’t she ever close her mouth? It’s annoying. Nice body though.

  9. yeah says:

    NAY! She has a great body but her face… And she does mumble!!!!! OVERRATED! She should stick to her league ( some C list Hollywood/TV actress ) and give up this high fashion/classy thing already. It doesn`t fit her!

  10. Migdalia says:

    I was actually just thinking about how horrible she is at narration after watching Savages yesterday. Very flat.

  11. Bernice says:

    “they” whoever they are, have invested years in trying to make Blake happen and I don’t get it. Maybe she should start a cup cake company and forget this citing, modeling, it girl thing.

  12. Turtle Dove says:

    It’s like she was going for the Michael Bay VS commercial from a few years ago.

    Sorry, Blake. This commercial is pure cheese.

  13. Amea says:

    She is really the epitome of a mall girl who got lucky, isn’t she?

    And her new nose looks worse than the old. It looks too long for her face and the tip of her nose looks like the bulb on the end of Rudolph the Reindeer’s nose. It’s like she didn’t finish the nose job, they stopped when they got to the tip.

  14. Kimlee says:

    Her body not really all that in clothes is look a lot better, but in swim wear she is actually very boxy. Make me wonder if she wears Spanxs underneath her clothes to get her a shapce.

  15. raincoaster says:

    I think that dress is padded in the boobage and Blake, no matter how you dress her up, has a bad case of Prettiest Girl at the County Fair face. Her face just does not convey sophistication; I wonder if it would if she could act?

  16. Talie says:

    She wanted Refn because she’s hoping he’ll cast her in a future project. It’s the same reason Biel worked with Aronofsky on a Revlon commercial.

  17. Tiffany27 says:

    If we all wore the spanx celebs wear we too would have SICK bodies.

  18. Crystal says:

    Lord. What kind of flawless body ???
    I love that dress.
    Her voice is annoying, what’s with the mumbling ?? I’ve never seen her in anything, is that how she usually speaks ??

    She’s really not as ugly or old-looking as some of y’all make her out to be. Her face is average. I mean, I’m not a fan but I just don’t get the hate people have towards her.

    I don’t think she’s the best actress or really beautiful but 75% of hollywood is awful at acting and average looking (without make-up and photoshop)so, that can’t even be the why y’all hate her. she’s completely harmless and plays the game well.

    Which, given any other career, would be amazing for a woman to do. but Blake? shit all over.

  19. Sadie says:

    It’s a sad day when Blake Lively’s commercial has 10x better acting then the Goops.

    Kaiser please review the Goop’s new Hugo Boss commercial. Her walk at the end and that smirk on her face will make your day, I promise.

  20. Lady_Luck says:

    HAHA thank you for the Ed Westwick pics – it saved the day! :D

    Yes, the ad is terrible, it is very cringeworthy, and this woman (as much as I neither like nor dislike her) comes across as very amateur and out of her depth. Charlize Theron or some other oscar heavyweight would have been a better chosen candidate.

  21. Lady_Luck says:

    p.s she comes across as sooo uncomfortable and self-aware when staring out the glass window. That’s the bit that makes me cringe even more than the vapid mouth breathing.

  22. TheOneAndOnly says:

    I agree riana and bernice Kim ALexis was recently quoted apropos an HBO special on supermodels then and now that paraphrasing we want our jobs back; referencing the fact that celebs and d-listers have hogged mag covers and ads – this girl is not sexy, alluring, attractive – and why ads featuring the Kim Alexis, Paulina Porizkovas, Christie Brinkleys,etc.were so much better back in the day – why does hollyweird insist on shoving these non-descripts down our throats?
    I agree crystal re the averageness to awfulness of much of hollywood, but since that’s the case, why do they still pull down the dollars and why does so much of the public support such subpar stuff?

  23. bns says:

    She is just not high fashion at all. There’s nothing remotely interesting or compelling about her.

  24. Raven says:

    If she isn’t photoshopped, she has a gorgeous profile, less so the full-on shot. I’m surprised because she always looks so common in regular photos

  25. Shelly says:

    I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I have a secret thing for Ed (or Chuck Bass actually). He is the only reason I tune in to Gossip Girl. Well, for him and Blair. But anyway, I think he’s hot, which is completely embarrassing, as he’s very tiny and way too young for me.

  26. Emma says:

    People are so jealous of this girl. Trying to convince themselves she’s ugly, average and that her old nose made her interesting looking LOL. It’s hilarious. I can’t help but laugh at you all scrambling to hate on her so you can feel better about your lackluster selves.

  27. CT says:

    hahahaahah omg that commercial is AWFUL! And her voice over *dies*

  28. ToastedSkin says:

    oh man those pics of Ed are hilarious. Clearly that’s all him, Chuck Bass would never be caught dead in something like that. I’d still tap that though, even in that onsie.
    I didnt have as much of a problem with the voice over as I did with her acting. the open mouth thing was a turn off.

  29. Shannon1972 says:

    Every time I see a Gucci commercial, all I can think of is the parody James Franco did of his gucci commercial on Funny or Die. The first time I saw it, I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face. Hopefully, the Blake parody comes soon!
    She’s a very attractive girl, but she really does need to shut her mouth. When did that become sexy? It’s like duck face. It must stop.

  30. Lili says:

    This photo just reminds me of the cover of Zoo magazine with Lana Del Rey. Same angle, same serious pouty look, almost same setting.