Agyness Deyn just now realized new hubby Giovanni Ribisi is hardcore CO$

Agyness Deyn

Here are some photos of English model Agyness Deyn walking around in Los Feliz on 7/30. As you can see, Agyness is suspiciously rubbing her belly, which led one of our photo agencies to conclude that she might be preggers, which might be a decent explanation for her sudden nuptuals to Giovanni Ribisi in late June. Honestly though? I doubt Laura Agyness is knocked up at all, and I think she and Giovanni just fell into sudden, mad love and decided to get hitched just for the hell of it.

Certainly, this remains an odd coupling, and it still kills me inside that Giovanni is a Scientologist since he’s such a bloody talented actor. In fact, I think he’s probably the best talent that the CO$ could ever hope to retain (sorry, Tom), and since Giovanni is 2nd-generation CO$, I will cut him a bit of slack and conclude that he’s probably stuck without a way to leave the cult without having to say goodbye to his family forever. On that note, there’s an interesting story in this week’s issue of Star that points towards “Scientology troubles” between the (formerly?) happy couple. Apparently, Agyness had no idea that her lovely new fellow was all hardcore CO$. And now she’s all like, “Oh hell noes!” Really:

Agyness Deyn Giovanni Ribisi

British supermodel Agyness Deyn knew actor Giovanni Ribisi a mere two months before she dashed to the altar with him on June 15 — and her Catholic family isn’t happy that she married a serious Scientologist. “Agyness now realizes they don’t know much about each other,” a friend says. Her parents worry that Giovanni, 27, could turn Agyness, 29, against them if they speak out, says another insider, who adds: “Marrying a man she just met was completely out of character for her.”

[From Star, print edition, August 20, 2012]

See, this is why you’re not supposed to marry someone that you’ve only known for two months. Especially in Hollywood, where there exists a fairly decent likelihood that you might, you know, accidentally marry a Scientologist! Seriously though, all Agyness had to do was perform a simple internet search on Giovanni — even his Wikipedia page confirms that he’s very active in the CO$ hoopla. Damn that Xenu.

Giovanni Ribisi

Agyness Deyn

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, Twitter, and WENN

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  1. Cam S says:

    Guys don’t kill me for sayin this, but is that what passes for a “model” in Great Britain? What does she model, gloves?
    I refuse to accept that Giovanni is. A cult member. (covering ears and humming)

    • Rll says:

      They make her up to look totally androgynous, she was a thing for about 12 months, 3 yrs ago

    • Seagulls says:

      She was all over (American) Vogue for a few years there and seemed really popular on both sides of the Atlantic.

      • thinkaboutit says:

        Yep for a while she was HUGE, Anna’s favorite. Oversaturated some even said. Her look was unique, fresh and modern, and a welcome departure from the sullen skeletons that came before her and unfortunately are still around long after Agnes’ peak.

    • Wif says:

      Modelling is often not about being the most naturally “beautiful”, it’s about having a look that is malleable so you can get a number of different looks from the same model.

      I just googled her images, I like her work.

    • Not a fan, but not everyone in Co$ is a maniacal whackadoo. Maybe he’s more like one of those “squirrels” in practicing instead of a Muscavige follower. He’s second gen so wouldn’t that mean his family has been practicing since before Muscavige’s time on the throne? And maybe practicing a Co$ that isn’t about enslavement, show me the money, and torture?

      Co$ is still a bit crazy, but maybe he’s on the Less Crazy Train.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I googled her look. She has the same mixed bag of poses as LiLo (the slack-jawed open mouth pose, the lip-bite and the closed-mouth non-smile). She’s neither the most beautiful or the most versatile, so I’m not sure what all of the fuss was about.

      • thebutlerdidit says:

        Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Giovanni is full blown crazy pants. A relative of mine does tv production, and did a good bit of work when GR was on Friends. He lives it, preaches it, and unlike the Friends’ regular cast, was mostly unsociable, and rude to production team. I like his acting, too.Boo, Co$!

      • Nyan says:

        To thebutlerdidit, I don’t know who told you that about when GR was on Friends because everyone in the cast has praised him as an actor and as a genuinely nice person to work with. So did all the crew. They wanted him to appear more often but at the time, he was making a lot of movies. Everyone who’s ever worked with him has nothing but positive things to say about him. It sucks big time that he’s a $cientologist, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s extremely talented and seems to be a decent guy.

    • Hubbahun says:

      I’m a Brit and I’m with you on that one!!

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      Most people, if you shine a bright light at them and take a photo, you get passport-photo levels of horribleness.

      Models are the people who manage to still look good when you blast them with photons. If she has good bone structure and good skin, she might be exactly what the fashion industry wants (today.)

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I’m going to get stoned now… she may not be all that but she is prettier than Liberty Ross. I am cutting Liberty some slack assuming she is not looking her best right now with her issues but uh… not classically pretty. Still, the UK brought us Kate Moss so they have different standards than we do, I guess.

      She’s still to pretty for Giovanni Ribisi. Oh and I had no clue he was CO$ either.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      She’s high fashion. They don’t seem to go for the same kind of Amazonian look that the Victoria’s Secret girls have.

      TBH I think Lily Cole, Sophie Dahl, Liberty Ross etc are all interesting looking and attractive, but none are beautiful. But they’re unusual looking and very tall and that seems to be the draw.

    • polk8dot says:

      @ ‘an English SUPERMODEL’ ????
      WTF? I thought that you have to be recognizable first, then somewhat popular, then saught after, then get exclusive, elite contracts – only then you might be called a supermodel. Or you might not. Depends on how the public takes to you.
      This girl is not beautiful in the least, just totally average. She’s got a boyish figure, but her legs are big thick stumps, and go into the X-shaped category. Overall, there is nothing amazing, breathtaking, spectacular or even eyecatching about her. Supermodel, my left ear!
      And when did it become a thing to start referring to any and all wanna-be models as ‘supermodels’ the moment they get into a relationship with a celebrity? It is amazing, the number of supermodels now in the world, that nobody ever heard about of even seen pictures of before they started dating someone famous. I bet Cindy and Linda and Naomi et al are screaming their heads off at the tv and print media when they see how egalitarian, how plebeian, how every-day their former accoladed titles have become.

      Must feel the same as Dustin Hoffman or John Hamm when commenting on the current ‘TV fame stars’ as opposed to ‘movie stars’ of yore…

  2. Aussie girl says:

    What she didnt notice the e-meter nexted to the bed? I thought this was an odd couple when I first heard the news a while back. He is an Awsome actor but is a tad bit of a weird guy. He interviews terribly. Because he is so deep in the cult I don’t buy that she didn’t know how hard core he is in CO$.

  3. ds says:

    I found out he was in COS when I googled Beck…I got surprised with both. He’s an amazing talent though. Good luck to them with the Xenu

  4. RocketMerry says:

    Duh! Oh, Agy…
    Well, now all I can hope for is that she can get him the heck out of there.

    Side note, seriously, this obsession that $ci-crazies have with Catholic women is disturbing.
    Also, I have no problem believing that the co$ has a list of potential “catch” celebrities that need to be turned into $cies, by any means possible (including marriage). Sick people.

    • Bad Irene says:

      Marrying celebs to get them into the CO$ sure does throw new light on the marriage between Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson doesn’t it.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I could be way off, but I think targeting Catholics has to do with the fact that indoctrination is strong in Catholics, and/or the lapsed/recovering factor.

      Disenchantment can lead to all manner of things. Including a willingness (however reluctant) to explore CO$.

      JMO, fwiw.

      • RocketMerry says:

        Yep, could be that, and also if you think about it, so many things in co$ are designed to closely remember the Catholic rituals (confessions/audits, cristhening and confirmation/all the different co$ levels…), just in a deformed way.
        Kinda like many Satanic rituals were/are designed as reversed Catholic rituals; I guess being a Satanist really influenced and inspired Hubbard when he invented the co$? Eh. Shivers.

      • gg says:

        Anton LaVey fabricated his little satanism cult in the 60s just as Elron Blubber was planning his cult. When LaVey was inventing his rituals, he just figured he’d take Catholic stuff and turn everything upside down, toss in a little Lovecraft sci-fi, easy peasy, thus saving him a lot of research. It wasn’t evil, it was just another way of making cash from inventing a religion. Which, well, I guess IS the real evil.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I thought Anton LaVey’s religion was just an excuse for a sex cult. Kind of like Crowley before him except I think Crowley almost believed his own hype.

        I don’t know enough about CO$ rituals to notice they were Catholic based. I’m officially Catholic but I never went to Catholic school. I did finally notice they had a sort of cross when the TomKat thing blew up.

        I grew up in Hollywood where they have all their HQ and I was just told by my parents to AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! So much so that I think I ducked my head and never noticed the $cicross. I do recognize the logo.

        I did wonder why Tom kept trying to convert Catholic girls. I thought it was because of his background. Remember, he almost became a priest so he is totally into this kind of thing (being high up in whatever thing he is into).

      • Bodhi says:

        I guess that could be it, I’m a lapsed cradle Catholic, but I have less than zero interest in $cio. But I also have a BA in religious studies, so maybe thats part of it, lol!

        I do find it very, very interesting that they have such an interest in Catholics…

      • gg says:

        @zen – you’re right, it was. Co$ isn’t catholic based though. Their thing is mind blanking exercises. I’ve never read about them doing any rituals, and auditing is most of their time spent, and it’s one-on-one I think. All the easier to slip “special treatment” in at anybody’s whim. Sinister bunch.

  5. Launicaangelina says:

    The first movie I ever noticed him in was Suburbia and really the only thing I remember about the movie was his full frontal. Lol

    I always thought it sucked that he was a Scientologist. Besides being talented, he just seemed kind of cool. But now, any time I learn anyone is affiliated to CO$, I just can’t see or think of them in a good way. They’re permanently marred to me.

  6. lafairy says:

    first : Agy stop lying so bad about your age!! There is no wayyy you are 29 more 34/35, you admitted just partially your lie! but girl you know people got eyes…

    second: run!

    • LAK says:

      It is IMPOSSIBLE for someone to lie about their age if they are a British celebrity who were/are born on British soil.

      We have something called a birth register where ALL babies have to be registred within 42 DAYS of the birth. It is the law. It a government record that goes back to 1800s.

      It is free and open to the public, and available online too. And can’t be altered. It is indiputable proof of all our ages.

      • lafairy says:

        As she did lie successfully for many years about her age, we can saftly assume that IT IS indeed possible for british celebrities to lie about their age then:

        she admitted to lie about her age and to shave 5 years from her actual age…. I tend to believe that she is more well into her thirties than just the 29 that she is admitting.

      • LAK says:

        @lafairy – most people aren’t vigilant enough to check birth records. If someone says they are a certain age, and look it, only the people who grew up with them would bother to say otherwise. And even then, said people either don’t have the clout or don’t care enough to make a stink.

        Most modelling agencies don’t really check those records.

        Also, in the world of entertainment, it suits the various agencies not to reveal the truth if the person is making them money.

        If Agyness Dean is the name she is going by, who would connect the much older Laura Hollins? Also, even when it was known that she had changed her name, she gave a reasonable explanation rather than a sinister one ie she’s into numerology and thought it luckier than her birthname. She outed herself but only AFTER she retired from modelling. And if you google the birth registery for Laura Hollins, they match up to her true age.

        Unless of course she isn’t Laura Hollins and that’s another alias she is going by……

        …..But seriously, if you suspect any brit. Celeb is not being truthful about their age, just look it up on the registry. Agyness Dean only proved that people tend to take these things at face value, and given that attitude, one can get away with rather a lot ;)

  7. mk yarwood says:

    Ummm, nor is Ribisi a tender, young 27. Sheesh.

  8. Belly says:

    Well, now we know just how much actual conversation was had while they were falling in love!! Now they’ve come up for air, poor girl is finding out what exactly she’s gotten herself into. Hope she gets herself out quick smart.
    Does anyone know what kind of ceremony they had for their wedding?

  9. silken_floss says:

    Giovanni is was born in 1974, so that makes him about 38 yrs old. Star needs to get thier shite straight :/

  10. DanaG says:

    I find it very hard to believe his beliefs didn’t come up. Sure I bet they couldn’t keep their hands of each other and barely spoke but Giovanni has never hid his beliefs. And his whole family in in the church surely there were signs? It’s a good question about the Catholic thing. Nicole and Katie were both catholic too. Now Agnes is either going to have to become a Scientologist or he can’t talk to her or try and make her more important to him then the Church. Nicole managed to do it for awhile with Tom although it didn’t end so well.

  11. Jennifer says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who was wondering about her modeling..I did NOT know he’s a 2nd gen. COS though. Hmm.

  12. putchka says:

    Giovanni, great as Phoebe’s brother on Friends. What the hell is the matter with these people? I mean how stupid can they be???? Are they so lacking in personality, self awareness, education that they fall under the spell of a lunatic? There is something missing in their souls, which unfortunately, makes for good acting.

  13. Julie says:

    I have no idea who this woman is but she needs to file her divorce papers today!

  14. RHONYC says:

    wait?! what?!

    is he standing on a box in those pics w/ Aggy? when did Giovanni get tall??? like wtf ? *scratching a bald spot in my head* 8O

    and, he’s down with Co$?


    okay, done.

    at least there’s still a Santa. *clutching blankie, sucking thumb*

  15. the original bellaluna says:

    Such a bummer. He’s always been so great at weird/creepy characters.

  16. Tania says:

    She may very well be pregnant. She is considerably larger than she usually is in that full body shot.

  17. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    The article got his age wrong – he’s 37 not 27.

  18. TheOriginalKitten says:

    “See, this is why you’re not supposed to marry someone that you’ve only known for two months”

    Well, my parents were married a month after they met and have been married 44 years so ya never know..

    As far as Ribisi-I don’t like an actor based on their religion so I couldn’t GAF is he’s a Scio. Still a talent and I’ll still watch him in any movie. Certainly wouldn’t marry him though ;)

    • marie says:

      I agree, he’s talented enough for me that his association with CO$ doesn’t taint his acting..

    • Aussie girl says:

      Great link. It’s one I will share with others :-)

    • RHONYC says:

      oh TheOriginalKitten, i love it!

      GAF is my current life mantra in 3 precious, simple letters.

      can i borrow it? can i, can i, huh? :-P

    • Genevieve says:

      My parents were married after 3 mos, and from completely different socio-economic backgrounds. Yet, their marriage lasted for 34 years, until my mother’s death.

      I tend to really dislike all the thumping about “Agyness is a model?! Is that what passes for one in GB?” YES, she is, was and will probably continue to dabble in modeling like many other American models after their retirement. A beautiful girl, I’ve always thought.

      Well, oops…she didn’t know Giovanni was a Scibot. Yep, that could create some ripples in a marriage, lol. Before hubby and I got together and I was out there dating, I would google the man’s name to see if anything came up as far as criminal records, etc. After the first disastrous marriage, a girl can’t be too careful. But maybe Agyness just isn’t that savvy.

      I wish both of them well…but if someone tried to shove CO$ down my throat, I would be all “Hell NO!”, too. :(

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Aussie-are you referring to the Oatmeal link? I love that site so much.

        @ RHONYC-GAF is all yours baby! :D

        @ Genevieve-I don’t get the snark about her appearance either.
        She looks model-y to me. People don’t think THIS is pretty?

        Tough crowd.

        I feel like religion is something you DEFINITELY discuss before you get married. I can’t imagine just glossing over that, ya know?
        My initial instinct is to say that CO$ would be a DEFINITE dealbreaker for me, because I feel like it’s not the kind of religion you can practice on a personal level. It just seems so pervasive, like if my hubby is a Scio then I have to be a Scio and we have to have Scio friends and our children must be raised Scio and on and on. I mean, who knows, maybe that’s not the case in this particular marriage? Maybe he’s not trying to convert her? I’m just skeptical because that ALWAYS seems to be the case with Scientology-it seems so domineering. Ugh.

      • gg says:

        You know, most couples dating only a few months, are too busy making like bunnies to talk about religion, or else they gloss over their involvement until later. It’s usually not an issue, unless the new spouse turns out to be a closet $cilon.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      My uncle proposed to my aunt on their third date, and they’ve been married 37 years.

  19. Blue says:

    Do they just call every one a supermodel now? I mean I know she was a thing a few years back but supermodel she isn’t.

  20. lucy2 says:

    It’s a shame he’s CO$, I like him a lot as an actor, but he was born into it, didn’t chose it, which I do think makes a difference – however I would still run as far and fast as possible.
    If she didn’t know about it going in, she’s a moron.

  21. TG says:

    I would be embarrassed to tell anyone I was a model if I looked like her. It is like all these teenagers claiming to be cheerleaders when they can’t even do a backhandspring.

    • thinkaboutit says:

      You should be embarrassed you wrote that because you’re clearly uninformed. She was the star of American Vogue for a while, an instant icon. That’s not exactly pretending to be a model! Even if her ride at the top didn’t last, she was THE face for a moment. Most models, even ones with longer careers, would kill to be the industry darling that she was for a brief moment.

  22. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    She looks like the long lost Willis sister.

    • LAK says:

      She isn’t a Victoria secrets/sports illustrated type of beach bunny model as preferred by the American public, but she is/was a seriously cool high fasion model.

      her look is very much in demand in Europe. Ditto Liberty Ross. Conversely this is also why heidi Klum and Tyra Banks [yes i know she also had Naomi problems] didn’t make it big in Europe. Too beach bunny for our tastes.

  23. hmmmm..... says:

    Giovanni is going to be 38 years old in December….he’s not 27! He was born in 1974….

  24. pato says:

    now that she has a normal weight she looks pretty. I like that couple, too bad he is with that cult.

  25. GoodCapon says:

    She had no idea? Yeah right.

    I think she’s really pretty, but she definitely has some angles.

  26. Katyusha says:

    Doesn’t the fashion industry determine who is a supermodel?

    I don’t understand when some people say, “she’s not a supermodel…” I don’t think that’s something the general public decides.

  27. Olive says:

    I had to re read that like 8 times. 27??? Yea maybe ten years ago….

  28. Sarah says:

    Why does she dress like a 9 yr. old??

    • Christian says:

      Because she’s a model in this day and age. They all dress in toddler clothes from the 90′s.

      It should be noted that it is in Scientology’s doctrine that you can flat-out lie about being a Scientologist in order to court or manipulate others.

  29. benny says:

    Don’t models exist anymore? Seems like everyone who ever made a living at modeling is automatically labeled a “supermodel.” To quote Edna Mode, there’s “nothing super about them, just spoiled stick figures with pouffy lips.”

    Anyhoo, she should get out of that marriage, fast.

  30. carlino altoviti says:

    In fact, some people born and raised in CoS came out and they have also created a website

  31. Melanie says:

    She reminds me of Téa Leoni.

  32. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    She looks a lot like Tea Leoni :)

  33. iseepinkelefants says:

    Too bad she wasn’t an actress instead of model, I know it would only be one role but she’d make a convincing Princess Diana (granted the nose isn’t the same but Diana had a unique nose that should have been ugly yet wasn’t. Harry has that nose).

  34. AnnieGrey says:

    Loved Ribisi for the longest time. Anyone remember, My Two Dad’s? Played a love interest for the daughter. Too cute and tiny!

  35. Mari says:

    WTH?? Giovanni is not 27, he’s almost 40

  36. Mario says:

    Scientologists believe that GLBT people don’t really exist that its just a conspiracy created by non-cult members to manipulate people, just thought I’d throw that not so fun fact about them out there. I’ve also noticed that they tend to treat people they marry as property and prisoners, so why would you want to marry one?

  37. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I thought it was common knowledge. GR’s twin sister married Beck when she got pregnant–two other well-known SciGuys.

  38. Pauline says:

    Asking a Hollywood celebrity if they’re a Scientologist should be standard procedure before marrying them, along with HIV testing. Agyness Deyn has no excuse for not knowing, especially in the Google/post-TomKat era.