Jennifer Lopez is “closer and closer to finally ditching Casper Smart”

Last week, both In Touch Weekly and Star Magazine devoted their cover stories to Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, and how shady Casper is, and how J.Lo is embarrassing herself by dating him. In Touch claimed Casper was going to some sketchy “appointment-only” massage in the backroom of a peep show (re: “handie”), while Star Mag went even further and said that Casper was probably at the peep show because it’s a popular gay cruising spot. Jennifer threatened to sue, and it looked like she was going to stick by her man… except not, because shortly after she threatened to sue, there were a couple of suspicious-looking reports about how Jennifer is going to dump Casper.

Well, now ITW and Star have their chance to retract and retreat in the face of J.Lo legal tsunami (which still hasn’t come, by the way). Except that neither publication is backing down. In Touch stands by their story, and one-ups it with a new report about how Jennifer is “testing” Casper now:

Some friends believe the exotic massage episode served as the wakeup call Jennifer Lopez needed to dump Casper Smart, the 25-year-old backup dancer, who never gained the trust of her inner circle.

“Her mother and her sisters were not fans of Casper from the beginning,” says a friend of Jennifer’s mom, Guadalupe, and sisters Lynda and Leslie. But when it comes to men, “Jennifer couldn’t care less about their opinion.”

But a source who knows Jennifer says she cares very much about her image. Although a rep for Casper denied he made a trip to the appointment-only exotic massage parlor in Hell’s Kitchen, claiming he was getting a tattoo, evidence Jennifer just can’t ignore suggests otherwise (he was photographed sporting the tattoo back in May), and multiple source confirmed his appointment to In Touch, including the masseuse herself, a Korean native named Bibi.

The source suggests that Jennifer is simply pretending to stand by her man for the time being. Casper has no idea, the source believes, but Jennifer is actually “testing him,” having him watched to see how he behaves. It’s a scenario Jennifer’s pals have witnessed before.

“Her taste in men is awful,” the source tells In Touch. “She meets a guy she likes, and within days, she offers him the world.” And when the cracks start to show, “She never admits she’s wrong or that she’s embarrassed.”

At least not right away. Jennifer may be stuck with Casper during her tour, but despite her past admission that she’s a fool for love, it seems in this case, she’s finally wising up.

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

God, her taste in men IS awful. I think that whole quote is gold: “Her taste in men is awful. She meets a guy she likes, and within days, she offers him the world. She never admits she’s wrong or that she’s embarrassed.” That about sums it up.

As for Star… they actually printed the words “Star stands by its story” (this is the gay cruising story). They even quote an “eyewitness” who denies Casper’s version of events – that he (Casper) was just getting a haircut in a salon adjacent to a peep show/gay-cruising spot/handie emporium. The eyewitness says, “I followed Casper from his hotel to the peepshow and back. He didn’t go into any other nearby buildings. He was inside the peepshow door for 10 minutes.” The eyewitness is the paparazzo who took the photos, in case you couldn’t figure that out. Still, I believe the paparazzo. Anyway, Star’s summary of the situation is a lot like ITW’s. Their source said: “Since Casper’s choreographing her tour, she’s trying to make the best of things for the moment. But each day she’s closer and closer to finally ditching him for good.”

Except that you know she won’t. We can hope and pray and try to embarrass and shame her, but she still won’t dump him.

UPDATE: CB pointed out this recent Twitter photo of Casper wearing an AC/DC shirt, where he seems to be like “Yo, dog, I’m AC/DC.” CB thinks that this means Casper is trying to tell us he’s bi. I think Casper is too dumb to realize that AC/DC is slang for bi.

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  1. Rhea says:

    Sigh….yes….She won’t dump him right now. It’s too fast. At least not until he puts a ring on it.

  2. chia says:

    Hey, I’m pretty smart, and I didn’t know AC/DC was slang for bi either.

  3. HappyMom says:

    It’s not happening until some other loser crosses her path (I mean, sweeps her off her feet).

  4. Jennifer12 says:

    What’s the difference? She’s only going to get another crap boyfriend/husband. Or decide to marry this idiot to show the world that she knows what she’s doing for the billionth time. The problem is that her crap taste didn’t matter before she had kids. She seems to have had no problem introducing her kids to this idiot as their special stepdaddy before she even separated from her husband.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      My opinion is that Benny Medina has had enough and probably hired the paps to follow this guy and get dirt on him. Or even PIs posing as paps, which would explain why Casper didn’t spot them. (Of course, he’s also dumb as a rock.) Jennifer has made so many questionable decisions and, at 43, is starting to need a different phase of her career. She’s already lost AI. My bet is that Benny has a smart plan in action and may even find Jennifer a guy. And she really needs the help (cough P.Diddy, COUGH Ojani Noa).

  5. Madhubala says:

    Let’s bloody hope so. Not a JLo fan but she’s really let herself down by fooling around with this idiot.

  6. Chicagogurl17 says:

    For the love….there is nothing wrong wih being single and finding yourself or being lost in your own bs, spending all your free time with your kids, rather than dating one!

  7. Jay Elle says:

    Maybe he’s selling their drugs…

  8. Jezi says:

    Why is it that we see more pics of her with this kid, then with her actual own? She’s going to stay with him until she has another guy waiting in the wings. Then she will trot him in front of her kids.

  9. Sara says:

    I have always said she has the worst taste in men. I think she needs to never marry again. Just be in relationships here and there and have fun.

  10. LMB says:

    He claimed he had a haircut??? He doesn’t have any hair to cut!

  11. Sirsnarksalot says:

    Here’s the big problem for her…he’s her employee and was promoted to head choreographer. If she dumps him she still has to work for him and if she dumps and fires him she will get sued for sexual harassment. You made your bed Jenny and you’re gonna have to lie in it until the tour is over and that’s not for quite a while. This is why you don’t shit where you eat, so to speak. I’m guessing her people are trying to shame him into quitting cause there’s really no other way out for her without a BIG payoff.

  12. Helvetica says:

    Casper is a total downgrade from Marc Anthony.

    I will never understand why she is into this twit.

  13. polk8dot says:

    This woman is getting more pathetic by the minute. I will never understand her attraction to these douches she parades around, but then I am intelligent, independent and still have my dignity. She clearly signed all of hers away, or more likely never had any to begin with. It’s becomming more and more apparent that she IS NOT the smart businesswoman, NOT the great mother, NOT the talented actress, singer, dancer that she’s spent all these years trying to convince us she was. It was ALL clearly in marketing, in PR, in Benny Medina’s work, that she was able to pull the wool over all our eyes.
    But, as she ages, her choices, though not different from her earlier ones, now stick out in the limelight, actually bringing more attention to her awful tastes, her non-existent self esteem, and her grossly inflated sense of worth, talent and achievement (I realize that the last two sound very contradictory, yet somehow they are both meshed together in her). The older she gets, the weirder she comes across. Couple more years an she’ll become a walking caricature of Mrs. Robinson.
    I believe that, like with many other celebs, we have been sold a bill of goods on her, which had nothing to do with reality. As the real Jennifer keeps coming out, we realize how her image was all artificial, and based on the needs of the moment.
    I even wonder if she married Mark Anthony and had kids simply because at that time in her career (bottomed out) it seemed like the best thing to do to actually somehow keep herself relevant. I mean, there must be a reason she’s never with her kids, and that sounds like as good one as any. They were props; while she needed them she trotted them out for the papps to see; now they are not needed anymore, so back to the warehouse they go. What a pathetic mother she made. Who knew she’d prefer her boy-toys to her own kids? I guess for her, too, image is everything, and the boy with a milk still on his lip somehow fullfills her fantasy of that image.
    She’s become so sad, so pathetic, so pitiful…. Dumb bit@h….

  14. Jennifer12 says:

    I’m not trying to be funny here- Eddie Cibrian would be the perfect mate for her. He would go wherever she wanted to go, she deals with cheating, she already has kids and so does he, she doesn’t care if Eddie has no career… think about this. Send Eddie a memo: JLo is less stalkerish than your current wife, pays for everything, low standards, already has kids and has a higher fame level and is less disliked than Leann. Is there enough on Leann’s Amex to send JLo flowers?

  15. lee says:

    is it just me or does he resemble Jon Cryer?

  16. Dorothy says:

    Dear Celebitchy friends,

  17. yolo says:

    I wish she would be closer and closer to dumping that head wrapped look with those gi-normous hoops. Ew.

  18. J.Lo has gone cray cray with fame (a la Madonna, Britney Spears, etc.) she will do whatever she has to do to be the star that she is in her own mind.

  19. G says:

    Closer? She’s getting closer? WTF would it take?

  20. JRenee says:

    Guess she’s going to hang around until she catches him red handed or gets a replacement. Is she ever alone? Sad and pathetic.

  21. trollywood says:

    Dumping Casper smart?

    Yes. It would be.

  22. HoneyWest says:

    Yes, She needs to dump this freelaoader, 2bit hustler, golddigging user right now, but she won’t dump him until the tour is over, its too fast! I guess he’s going to be around until she catches him red handed in the act, which has happened already. He has landed in the dog house twice with her. By her dumping him now I don’t see it happening now, until she replaces him. Well she will do whatever she has to do to be a star in her own mind. She’s not stalkerish kind of gal, she is less disliked, low standards, has kids, and has a higher fame level than some stars do. She’s a comodity for public consumption. The older she gets the weider she comes across. She’s getting more pathetic by the minute, I will never understand her attraction to these trash bags she parades around town. But then I’m independent, intelligent, and have dignity along with it. That proves she has low self esteem with baggage that comes with it. But as she ages her choices stick out in the limelight and you see her, you see her awful in taste in men, they’re disgusting. As we see the real Jennifer coming out the reality of it is the attention she needs to keep her image alive and her ego. We see her and her boy toy more than her own kids! Whats up with that? Closer to dumping him? What would it take? Talk is cheap Just do it!