Lindsay Lohan crashed Francesca Eastwood’s party, threw a crackie hissy fit

When I come into work first thing in the morning (“come in to work” = stumble to the computer while I’m still half-asleep), I spend the first 20 minutes of my workday checking all of the main celebrity news sites. So I saw this People Mag story first thing – “Lindsay Lohan Has a Mellow Night Out with Pals”. The basic gist was that Lindsay had been out Tuesday night at Bootsy Bellows with a “select group of friends” (like she’s SO selective), and an “onlooker” claimed, “Lindsay seemed really mellow and like she just wanted to chill out.” The whole thing reads like a press release for Cracked-Out Sobriety, and of course I didn’t believe it, but I didn’t see anything else around, so I just ignored it. But now Us Weekly has a completely different summary of what went down at Bootsy Bellows –and it’s not pretty.

Lindsay Lohan isn’t okay with sharing the spotlight at her favorite Hollywood night club.

A source tells Us Weekly that the Liz & Dick actress, 25, appeared to be back to her old, headline-making antics at Bootsy Bellows on Tuesday night — and put a wrench in E! reality star Francesca Eastwood’s birthday bash.

“Francesca was celebrating her birthday with around a dozen friends in a private area when Lindsay came over and started screaming that Francesca should leave,” the source says. “She was yelling ‘I’m a star, she’s a nobody, get her out of here!’”

The source continues, “One poor guy came over and tried to calm [Lindsay] down and she acted aggressively. At that point the security told her to leave and it was totally embarrassing. She is acting like some bad ’80s film star, and it is hard to watch because she needs help.”

But before Lohan embarked on her journey home, she and her party made one more cringe-worthy snafu.

“Lindsay’s friend was driving and they sped out and almost hit one of the valet guys,” a witness tells Us.

[From Us Weekly]

Does anyone have a problem believing any of this? This is, after all, the girl who crack-screamed, “MOVE THAT CONE, I’M LINDSAY LOHAN.” Why wouldn’t she also crack-scream, “I’M A STAR, SHE’S A NOBODY, GET HER OUT OF HERE”? To Clint Eastwood’s daughter. Because that always goes over so well. By the way, I have no real idea who Francesca Eastwood is beyond the daughter of Clint and Frances Fisher. Apparently, she just turned 19 years old. Happy birthday, Francesca. I’m sorry you had to deal with a crack monster on your birthday.

Real question: why do clubs still allow Lindsay inside? I realize she has the cracked-out instincts of a cat burglar, so no bouncer is going to be able to stop her, but still – once she’s inside, all you have to do is grab on to her busted weave and toss her out.

My favorite photos of Lindsay in 2009, courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Reece says:

    I’m sorry but the enormity of my eye roll to everyone involved in this story cannot be described, only seen.

  2. Sirsnarksalot says:

    Isn’t this (Clint’s daughter) the girl who burned and chain sawed a Birkin Bag for attention? Either way Lindsay’s continued self delusion and megalomania continues to entertain.Keep doing those rails in the bathroom Linds!

  3. RocketMerry says:

    “OMG, like, seriously, who does she, like, think she is? I mean, I’m, like, famous and stuff… I mean, I worked with Herbie! I’m, like, super cool and, like, a star, and… is this the line for where you, like, go and do lines?”

    Presented by: a hot minute in the mind of a Lohan.

  4. G says:

    She’s just mad that Francesca replaced her as Tyler Shields “muse.”

    Really, does this woman have no other interests besides going to clubs?

  5. Anon says:

    Kaiser, your style is so great! You make me laugh with your stories about the Crackie.

  6. Ha Ha says:

    I would say that Ms. Lohan looks like a 45 year old woman that has had a rough life, but that would be insulting to 45 year old women. Where is the relevance… better yet, why is she relevant?

  7. Incredulous says:

    You have to be pretty cracked-out to have a go at Clint Eastwood’s family. He’ll get that Clint look he gets and say “I find that completely unacceptable.”

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Clint’s pretty powerful in H-Wood, isn’t he? (Or was, prior to this whole reality show fiasco.) I mean, he’s directed and produced, as well as acted, correct?

      Talk about making some powerful enemies. The Cracken really just doesn’t get it.

      • Incredulous says:

        Yes he is. He has a habit of making good movies on time and under budget and being pretty unfussy about things.

        Plus, look at how long his career is. The man is a blue chip in Hollywood and they are rare.

      • skuddles says:

        bella, I believe Clint is still VERY powerful in HWood. I’ve always heard he’s one of the most respected players around. So yeah, super stoopid move on Blohan’s part. Daddy will not be pleased to hear the Cracken pulled rank on his baby and tried to ruin her birthday party.

        Gotta love Lilo. She’s the gift that keeps on giving (and I’m not just talking about the STD’s) :)

      • Tiffany says:

        Clint is so powerful because he does it all: act, direct, produce. His films are always Oscar caliber.

        …Which made it all the more embarassing when I literally ran into him at Whole Foods. I was getting meat from the counter, turned around and SMACK–right into Clint Eastwood. It was not the “meet cute” that I had been hoping for. He is super tall, I can’t believe I didn’t see him before plowing into him!

  8. Jacq says:

    What’s a nineteen year-old doing in a club? Don’t 18 & up clubs suck? I liked whoever it was in the Gaga video post who referred to LiLo as a “bottom feeder”

  9. dorothy says:

    Not surprised. However, I can’t imagine why any club, bar or restaurant would allow Lohan entrance. I wouldn’t think they would want any association with her at all.

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    Kaiser, you big silly! Her weave is part of her crack disguise – when a bouncer goes to grab it to toss her out on her crack, it detaches! BRILLIANT! (Not really; she just doesn’t have any natural hair left on which to attach it.)

    And an even better question is “What is a teenager doing celebrating her 19th birthday at a BAR?”

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I left you a message over at the Kennedy thread. If you have Facebook you can message me at pax park. That’s not my real name so I feel comfortable posting it for everyone to see (although some people here already know my name from reading the article I wrote for orderofthegooddeath). If you aren’t comfortable doing that, let me know. Also, I invite everyone else who I talk to regularly here to do the same if they’d like (@originaltiff, @originalkitten, @skuddles,et. al. you know who you are :) )

    • Madisyn says:


      This SLAG just doesn’t know when to quit. I believe every bit of it.

    • Genevieve says:

      I’m sorry…” grab on to her busted weave and toss her out”….KiLLED ME. Ranks right up there with “Ragey McIWILLSTABYOU” for Alec Bladwin, hehehe ;)

      At this point, I honestly wish EVERYONE would stop reporting on any of her antics. To people like Lilo, even bad press is better than no press. I truly believe that this poor drug-addled girl is headed for the morgue…and sooner rather than later. Maybe if everyone stops reporting and paps stop shooting pics of her, she’ll disappear into obscurity. We’re feeding the monster at this point. It’s not helping her.

      I know, I know. I’m delusional to think this will ever happen. You guys can start throwing rotten vegetables at me, I’m prepared, lol.

      *grabs raincoat and umbrella*

    • Madisyn says:

      Hey Mort

      Thanks for the sweet comment. Miss you too. YOU guys know where to find me. I’ll email you. As for Belle, she NEVER reads her emails, best you get your message across here. If need be, I’d be happy to forward your email to Belle.

  11. Stubbylove says:

    I just love the fact you keep using this great picture of her in the pink fur with the f*ckup eyes and ducklips – it’s perfection & NEVER gets old.

  12. lucy2 says:

    Drunk, screaming, almost running someone over? Yeah, I totally believe it. Just another typical mellow evening for Lindsay. Wonder what she stole on the way home.

    No club should let her in, or host a party for anyone less than 21.

    What exactly is “acting like some bad ’80s film star”? Dressing like Madonna and still using a payphone? I don’t get it.

  13. Mia 4S says:

    OMG! Why couldn’t the Eastwood reality show have been filming this?! Why?! The ratings would be through the roof! Finally something worth fame-whoring and they aren’t filming!

  14. neelyo says:

    I think Lohan’s hissy fits and tantrums should just be referred to as ‘crack attack’ going forward.

  15. Boo says:

    “Elizabeth Taylor would never tolerate some celebrity DAUGHTER stealing her thunder, and neither will I! And anyways, I blew him LOTS of times before you did, bitch!”

  16. Bailey says:

    This girl…she is so out of tricks. Give it up.

  17. HillbillyintheCorner says:

    She’s at this Bellows place cause she is banned from most of the old ones….
    Its her office..were she does all her business, her living room were she entertains and her dining room where she drinks her meals…only thing missing is the bedroom and thats still back a the CM …
    Why is a 19 yr old in a nightclub celebrating her birthday….Come on people this is Hollywood and a celebrity brat ….were else would she be….they are sneaking into nightclubs by the time they are 14….
    The question someone ask how many night does she spend at a nightclub needs to be changed to how many night doesn’t she spend at a nighclub…Not many thats for dam sure…..

    • janie says:

      Also, well at least in DC, clubs are 18 to party, 21 to drink. I celebrated my 18th and 19th birthdays in clubs. But it was so easy to drink without an ID if you knew someone who knew someone ;)

      • the original bellaluna says:

        There are some 18 and up clubs in LA/H-Wood – with separate bar areas that require ID upon entry – (I went to more than a few of them when I was 18), but if they have become more common in SoCali over the years, I’m not aware of it.

        (Of course, I’m a shriveled old crone now, so…)

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Omg! Did you ever go to Florentine Gardens way back in the day? Hilarity!

        I always had a fake id, so I spent a lot of nights out when I was 18 and up. Yikes!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        OTiff – Yes, I went to Florentine Gardens a few times (quite a drive from where we lived – Mexico was closer)!! I didn’t have a fake ID, but I had a 22 year old friend who rolled her hand-stamp onto mine. That’s the time I told the bartender (who had the unmitigated nerve to question ME about my “faded” stamp) “Well, don’t you wash your hands when use the restroom? If not, I want HIM to make my drink.” He re-stamped my hand. :) And Denny’s afterwards…good times.

        We had a few in SD County that were 17 and up, and they were okay, but one or two of them tended to be more gang-related.

  18. TheOriginalMaxi says:

    I don’t get why everyone thinks she’s so talented. I watching Confessions of a Teenage Drama last weekend, and she was awful. She’s a horrible actress, and she was nothing special in mean girls

  19. logan says:

    Come on Clint, get all Clint Eastwood on Miz Crack-a-lacka’s a@@. If anyone can black list this dim wit it would be Clint.

  20. Chatcat says:

    This headline could have simply read “Lindsay Lohan crashed __________” with Kaiser then asking all of us to fill in the blank with our comments. None of us would have to use our imaginations or anything, because when it comes to the Craken she hasn’t left anything to imagine. Jeez.

  21. some bitch says:

    She’s a star? What, is it still 2006?

  22. Masque says:

    I will never, ever, ever, ever get tired of the pink fur coat photo. It brings me so much joy.

  23. swack says:

    Is the gal in red Clint Eastwood’s daughter? If not, who is she?

  24. Theresa says:

    I bet I know what happened, and why this is probably true… Can see Lohan entering club (perhaps targeting said club because she knows Shields is there) and wanting to join their party. Not sure if she would have to ask permission (especially if it’s a private party) or if she simply tried to walk in on it uninvited, playing the “I know Tyler Shields” card. Bet she was stopped dead in her tracks from joining in. She insists, continues to be blocked and then ends up throwing the “Imma star she a nobody kick her out if she donwannaletmehangwitdem!!!!” tantrum.

    Maybe Shields is just getting her back for dumping his tacky photo shoots for pervert Richardson. Guarantee you there won’t be any more Shields/Lohan collaborations in the future!

  25. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Francesca looks EXACTLY like her Mom.

    I am also with you all who LOVE (ahem!) the-pink-fur-coat-duck-lips-cracked-out-eyes picture! Never gets old…

  26. CAM says:

    I wish this was captured in her (Eastwood’s) reality TV show. It’d be tough for Lindsay to deny throwing her tantrum then.

  27. DANDILION says:

    Most repeated question that night.. What was that nasty, delusional guttersnipe doing in here?

  28. Peachy says:

    Thanks for going ahead, and making my day.

  29. heb says:

    Way to get yourself on DIRECTOR Clint Eastwood’s black list you cracked out mess!!

    Not like she could ever land a Clint Eastwood movie but still

  30. DanaG says:

    Lindsay just makes friends where ever she goes doesn’t she? I guess she really doesn’t want her career back cause I bet papa Clint wasn’t too thrilled to hear about it. Poor kid. I do wonder why anyone let’s her anywhere at some point she is either going to start a fight, pass out or hit someone with her car or all three of the above.

  31. eljeran says:

    I dont know if I believe this story but LilO sure is ugly these days. DAMN. the lip injections and the bleached hair, she looks like a 45 year old desperate trailor park cougar. And it is rather disappointing that Clint is letting his family become Kardashians. I thought better of him.

  32. eljeran says:

    If I was a club owner I would TOTALLY let lilo in the club. its like free entertainment.

  33. ZenB!tch says:

    Did Crack-crotch know who Francesca Eastwood is or does she just go out of her way to ruin any random girl’s b-day party?

  34. d says:

    Someone needs to make a fake Lindsey Lohand twitter account that totally makes fun of her self-aggrandizing ways. Just for the lols. If I wasn’t drunk right now, I’d come up with a few sample twitters of fake lindey fake obliviously tweeting about her fake hollywood life and fake superiority.

  35. ViloDeMenus says:

    I know she’s barely working, but how other than stunt casting is she even allowed on a set by now after all her crack antics. It says more about who’s hiring her than her own behavior. Who goes in a breaks up a birthday party screaming at of all people Clint Eastwoods daughter? The clubs are just happy for a free mention, they look at it as free advertising for the hicks coming into town hoping to see a star. What a laugh that is.

  36. jak415 says:

    I am so tired of this chick. Please lindsay, can you move to south korea (or North korea!) with your sister?

  37. TG says:

    @Kaiser – “cracked-out instincts of a cat burglar, so no bouncer is going to be able to stop her” – Too funny and too true.

    I can’t believe ANYONE would associate with her. I would not want her low-class to rub off on me.

  38. serena says:

    ‘I’m a star’…. what? She’s just a cracked-out monster. Poor Francesca, while I can’t stand her either, nobody should have such a birthday..

  39. mln89 says:

    does lndsay ever do anything besides clubbing? she needs to grow up and get a life.

  40. SolitaryAngel says:

    I have no more f*cks to give about LiLo either, but YIKES doesn’t Francesca look just like her mother! Poor thing.

  41. John says:

    WHY do the clubs let Cracksay Lohan in?! She looks like a carnival stripper mixed with a little Sharon Stone!

  42. Sara says:

    There comes a point where a mother that truly cares about her drug/alcohol addicted child must cut them off completly unless they choose to get help. It is one of the hardest things a parent has to do. But if you dont, you are just part of the problem as you are enabling them.

  43. tru tru says:

    THIS whole post had me laughing so hard, all I can do is agree!!!

    when a arch enemy is having a celebration, purposely let Lindsay
    know, there is free booze and she’ll
    handle it from there!!


  44. kellyinseattle says:

    I feel sad for her. I know she’s obnoxious , but it’s never good when someone becomes and addict. I think the birthday girl has her dad’s eyes..she’s pretty.

  45. TTT says:

    She does look 45, not being catty here.

    I think the media picks on her far too much.

  46. Ron says:

    Stop using that header picture already. I know you think it funny, but it SO VERY VERY TIRED already. Nothing else? Really?

  47. KayC says:

    Sick of this bitch. She’s not relevant. Definitively not a star. When will she go away?

  48. eljeran says:

    why does she always purse her lips in every photo? does she think that looks sexy or something? she looks like a dumbass. How did she become such a loser?

  49. Lily says:

    She looks so old. At least 20 years older then she is. Guess all the party life has caught up to her. She is pathetic. Doubt she makes it to 40 with her life style. Too bad no one can help her. She has become a laughing stock to many. No looks now, no talent, just a pathetic soul lost in the abyss. I’m embarrassed for her actually. Wish she could turn it around, but I don’t see that happening.She’s always had a sense of entitlement and no one has ever told her No. Even the judges let her slide. No lessons learned for this gal. Very sad.

  50. ItsJustMe says:

    That pink coat looks like it stinks.

  51. Jazz says:

    This is probably about Tyler Shields. Crackie probably f***ed him, now he’s with Francesca so Crackie threw a bitch fit.

    “I’m a star!” Please! How cringe worthy. Girl has no shame.